Glazer: Critical Weekend for Chiefs & This Week’s Picks

glazeThe big win last week over Buffalo made the Chiefs a top wild card team in the AFC

And a win Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks – last years Super Bowl Champs – would make them something much more, a Super Bowl Contender. That might be wishful thinking, but hey, if the Royals can do it…

If the Chiefs can get to 7-3 their games with Denver and the Chargers will be for the division title. If not they will battle for the wild card.

Can the Chiefs stop Seattle’s big running game and stop QB Russell Wilson?

I think Wilson is over rated.

mizzou-cottonbowl-uniform-2014-650pxThe Chiefs are balanced, but not having a big time wide receiver or downfield passing game may start catching up them. It’s just a question of if the Chiefs’ defense is really as good as it looks and can Alex Smith continue to work off short throws to the tight ends, Dwayne Bowe and the backs. I think it will be very close. I hope our guys win. But I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it either way.

As for college, well that nice little team K-State looks to be out of the Big 12 title race. They’ll still land a decent bowl, as will Missouri who still could still slip into a division playoff with the nation’s probable top team at season’s end. Kansas is better but will get rolled by TCU, the likely Big 12 champ.

Now on to the picks…

swami vivekanand


Mississippi State +16 over Alabama tease with TCU -22 over KU

Marshall – 21 over Rice




Happy hunting!

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18 Responses to Glazer: Critical Weekend for Chiefs & This Week’s Picks

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Not sure what K’rac’s outlandish prediction will be for the final score, but I’ll probably agree with it. I think KC’s hot streak comes to a crashing halt this week. Not a gambler, Chiefs as a slight favorite? Ummmm…. “I’ll take Seattle for $1000, Alex.”

    Good luck on your picks this week, CG! Been a rough year to date.

  2. Garch says:

    CG with yet ANOTHER iron-lock bet this week!

    Fly out to Vegas and tell them you want to bet the house on that Mississippi – Alabama game!

    (heh-heh– Ole Miss BEAT ‘Bama 23-17 back on Oct 4)

    money in the bank!

  3. Kerouac says:


    – eric ‘the over-hype’ berry not making another tackle’ (or unsuccessfully trying to cover the Chargers Antonio Gates (again), even though that’s the Seahawks Russell Wilson has left berry in his wake)


    ‘The Portable Glazer’ (as in CG condensed):

    “Would”… “might be”…”wishful thinking”… “may”… “question”… “if”… “can”… “hope”… “wouldn’t bet the ranch”.


    SEATT – “BILLIONS and BILLIONS of points” (nod the late Carl Sagan)

    @ KCindy – “anybody here, seen my old friend end zone, can you tell me where it’s gone?” (nod the late passing game, and Dion – neither has ‘scored’ since 1970)


    • Lance the Intern says:

      Wow, Kerouac… I think I speak for every Chiefs fan when I say that I hope you keep making these predictions.

      • Kerouac says:

        Here in Kansas City, we spell relief ‘wait till next year’… always.

        Baseball and football…. makes no difference…. like dual Hoovers trying out insufflate the other ad nauseam. 1985 – do I hear 30? 1970 – do I hear 46? Do, x deux.

        The desperation has reached such heights of despair, locals try & claim Championships before the final game is played… a baseball game the ‘World Series’, a football before even getting anywhere further than week 10. If we can’t win our way there, cannot beat em’, we’ll try and will it so. No. Cigar. Again.

        Result – he who laughs last, laughs best – and Kerouac’s sides still ache result guffaws the outcome that other loser’s venue, Kauffman. As predicted the Lays Potato Chip of Blogdom, an Royal demise – nailed it. So too KCindy # 2, Chiefs. When this latest exercise in futility ends for local fandumb, genuflect the foot of the master, Kerouac.

        KCindyfandumb was even more certain 2013 than now – ‘this is our year’ – ‘we’re goin’ to the Superbowl!’… ticket in hand, some did, color disappointment red. 2014, it will be another year post season excuses, “well we woulda, coulda, shoulda won” & “yeah but yeah but yeah buts”, and of course “if only’s” & “if not for’s” and “what might have been’s”… someone pass the Kleenex.


        Another underwhelming performance today by the local football overhypes, the Seahawks dominating start to finish as their own unforced errors & the refs only thing slowed them down all day:

        372 yards to 298, 206 rushing to 190, 178 to 108 passing, 25 1st down to 20, time of possession 35:57 to 24:03 – DOMINATION.
        Another week of no td catches by any KCindy WR – 10 weeks of naught – NFL record looming now.

        To recap: best QB the field Wilson, best RB Lynch, best offense SEAT, best defense SEAT. Most penalties/yards 50, SEAT 50 – kcindy only 6 – home cookin’.

        Upshot – Swiss Chiefs still battling the Chargers and Raiders for runnerup/also-ran status AFC West, still lagging behind the 1st place DEN Broncos, who’ve already thumped them once and will do so gain, per the usual.

        Thursday Night, it’s the Raiders who put the hurt on KCindy:

        @OAK 950
        KCindy 11

        A football as human lifetime is a terrible thing to waste; 1970 ~ tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…


  4. chuck says:

    R. Wilson has been in the tank passing for 3 weeks. The cure for that malady is not the new, improved and rejuvenated Chiefs Secondary. The Chiefs bottle up the “Beast”, put a spy on Wilson and pull out in the 4th Quarter for a 21 to 17 win.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    “I think Wilson is over rated.”

    I was personally offended by this. I have a lot of readers, get great comments in huge numbers. Im an all round good guy and have references!

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      What?! I’ve clearly been too easy on you, PW! Going to have to go all H-Man on you in the near future. In preparation, I’ll check my intellect at the door.

      Hey, safe travels to STL. Look forward to the commentary.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Thank you, aka. Im going to try to get Cavin Sense to go with me, Im down with the swirl, I can do it!

  6. CG says:

    PS THATS MISSISSIPPI STATE OF COURSE HEARNE DROPPED THE STATE PART SORRY…you knew that already of course…the big game this weekend, hey I love Bama and expect them to win, but I sure like a number one team and points 10 hummm that might even do it.

    • corndog science says:

      I don’t know about TCU -22 with snow falling. I’d have taken the home dog assuming TCU takes the game off and wins comfortably. I like the +16 MSU part of the tease though.

      I like the pic against Ari Gold Zona Cardinals as Drew Stanton is Mr. Right now for them against a Detroit team that can put up big offensive numbers that he can’t match.

      I’d take Iowa -3 on the road against the Illini

      and USF -10.5 against SMU.

      0-8 SMU is easily the worst D-1 football program in the country and they are in total shambles, plus USF is not entirely crappy they have just played good teams and are 3-6.

      • CG says:

        Well said lets see good breakdowns.

        • balboni's corndog science says:

          SMU almost got their first win of the season. South Florida must not like the cold. They won but did not cover.

          KU almost won and covered. MSU looked overmatched but only lost by 5 meaning anyone would have won with the point spread or using it with a teaser.

          That’s 3-1 since I never tease. (it is all just for fun anyway)

          We’ll see how the NFL games shake out.

  7. KCMonarch says:

    If Glazier tried to pick his nose he’d probably poke his eye out.

    • CG says:

      WELL the last few weeks we are doing better. As I have written before three years at over 70% way up there in national pix! This year has been hard on everyone who does what I do. I don’t see anyone else in KC picking with the points anywhere do you? And none of you do it weekly to show me up. Why? It’s too hard. This season has been upset after upset like yesterday. TCU having trouble with ‘Kansas’ wow. Auburn beaten by an unranked team. Our number one went down but in a close game to new number one Bama.

      I am asked what I think of many games in college and pro on radio and online, because I’m pretty good. But even the top teams and me get beat sometimes. As this season proves. I often go to Vegas for big bets, but this year nobody is dominant in pro or college so its pretty smart not to go…tough year.. Happens.

      • KCMonarch says:

        Well then Schleprock, you do continue to astound with your consistent ability to defy the law of probability. It ain’t easy to carry an 80% losing ratio this deep into the season.

        Is Bama the new number one?

  8. Garch says:

    CG reads off his picks while doing warm-up at his strip-mall comedy club.

    They’re a laff riot!

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