Glazer: Chiefs Pound Out Must Win @ Buffalo, Appear Playoffs Bound

glazeHuge win for our Kansas City Chiefs today, a must win…

Now the Chiefs are 6-3 and will be looked at as at least a wild card team this winter. The 17-13 win at Buffalo put them right in the mix. A win over Seattle this coming week would nearly seal the deal.

It was a hard fought defensive struggle, but Dwayne Bowe – with his best game in two years – helped KC win the big one. Bowe had 8 catches for nearly 100 yards – no touchdowns but some real circus catches on the sidelines that kept the Chiefs alive in the second half. He even fumbled twice on one play, only to get the ball back for a much needed first down. Bowe seems a bit slow, but he can make the big catch at times as he did today.

Quarterback Alex Smith was off and on. Our O line got pushed around most of the game, so Smith had little time to throw, but he made the big plays when he had to and as usual did not turn the ball over.

And our defense played well again.With the NFL’s surprising best pass defense the Chiefs are getting closer to their goal of being a balanced team and playoff winner. Ron Parker was outstanding again as a pass defender making several big plays.

Stephon Gilmore, Dwayne Bowe


Where did these guys come from?

We still can’t get the big, deep plays from Smith or any receiver, but Charles made a big 40 yard touchdown run that jump started the offense in the 4th quarter to save the day and Alex scored the game winner himself on the ground.

Again credit Andy Reid and Bob Sutton for an important KC win today.

Looking good, Chiefs!

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31 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Pound Out Must Win @ Buffalo, Appear Playoffs Bound

  1. Kerouac says:

    Bills 364 total yards… kcindy 278 total yards
    Bills 253 passing yards… kcindy 151 passing yards
    Bills 111 rushing yards … kcindy 127 rushing yards
    Bills 21 1st downs… kcindy 16 1st downs
    Bills 1 sack surrendered… kcindy 6 sacks surrendered
    Bills 30:42 time of possession… kcindy 29:18 time of possession
    Bills 3 turnovers… kcindy 1 turnover
    Bills 6-44 penalties.. kcindy 3-19 penalties

    The best team doesn’t always win, as today affirms… but the better team clearly is the Bills, even with their two best offensive players injured (f jackson and watkins).

    2013’s 9-0 fraud going 1-7 in the end and getting humiliated was no surprise; kcindy doing the same 2014 is a foregone conclusion – ‘wait till next part 46’, 2015.


    • admin says:

      Interesting, K.

      It did feel like we got a little lucky there at the end, then again…

      • Kerouac says:

        Kerouac hates being a killjoy (though admit do find it humorous those bloggers who hyperventilate in narrative form at another blogger with an opinion different from their own) – but – fact is, Chiefs ‘were’ lucky. Being able compare/contrast every version they since 1963, am not so naive call them anything other what they are 2014: mediocre – at best.

        That the rest the NFL is mediocre as well, does not mean KC is on the same level with the ‘best of the worst’ as it were, because they are not. They’re one of the also-rans in a league full of said; a look at what ‘legitimate’ Superbowl teams engender is evident, every late January/early February ‘Championship’ exercise.

        So, it really doesn’t matter whether they real off 9 straight wins vs dubious opposition (as they did in 2013) and manage make it to post season, let alone have already lost 3x as many through 9 games 2014. They will be going home for yet another off-season, sans Lombardi Trophy. ‘On any given Sunday’ the preliminaries is not the same as on any specific one, post season.

        BUFF gave Sunday’s game away – KC didn’t win due superiority, rather happily partook of the good fortune bestowed upon them.
        That BUFF could and probably should have won the game going away is apparent to any unbiased viewer.

        Upshot – the odds KC winning let alone playing post season nigh on nil. Even when they do they always lose and often get waxed – a story has played out every year since 1970. Cast characters changes yearly, results never do; Chiefs are a proven mediocre.

        If the Chiefs ever have a ‘team’ rather smattering of talents here and there, legitimate and legitimately able to contend something more than preliminaries regular season, Kerouac will happily say so. As it stands, he’ll leave the lights on for them… ad nauseam.

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Your reports are more jaded when the Chargers are in the crapper. Still a lover of football can find solace in the words of another whose team is a perpetual coulda been a contender status.

          Lies, damn lies and statistics according to the guy whose name is on the Sports Complex here.

          I’ll take lacrosse over football anyday. A game where women beat on the players they feel are dogging it, what’s not to like?

          Throw in the Natives called it the little brother of war.

          Shout out to fellow Temple Owls Jaiquawn Jarrett, Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians for finding football success far from Broad Street.

          Ron Parker also brings it home for those non-relevant football programs.

          NY Times article, Is Football The Next Tobacco?

        • admin says:

          Anybody else notice that Star sports columnist Sam Mellinger echoed K’s stats today about how bad Buffalo beat the Chiefs?

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      Hahahahahahaha……..Oh, K-dawg. You certainly are entertaining on a Monday morning. Lay out all those stats about why the Bills should have won. Stats are for losers, my friend. Case in point:

      Chiefs vs Broncos this year…
      Denver total yards 325 KC…..380
      Denver 237 passing yards KC…247
      Denver 88 rushing yards KC…133
      Denver 19 first downs KC….28
      Denver time of possession 23:46 KC….36:14
      Denver turnovers 0 KC…..1
      Denver penalties 11 for 71 yards KC…..7 for 62 yards

      If you are going to hang your hat on stats determining the “best” team, at least be consistent about it.

      You’ll excuse all of us if we don’t put a lot of stock in your sports acumen. When you are wrong 6 out of 9 times, your credibility begins to wane.

      But hey, your writing style is entertaining. Unoriginal, but entertaining.

      “You’d be surprised how little I knew even up to yesterday.” – J. Kerouac

    • Lance The Intern says:

      Kerouac is just upset his beloved Sand Diego Chargers are ranked 31st in defensive DVOA and could very well miss the playoffs this year.

      Sand Diego — “Wait ’til next year part 52″….2015.

  2. harley says:

    2 bullshit artists on one page>
    kerowacky: he’s like a loud pig. He’ll keep snorting and huffing and using
    every line of b.s. until he’s right. Again..he said the chiefs would lose..they
    didn’t!!! He just keeps spitting out b.s. until his head explodes from
    beingstupid. He’s never right…lets get that straight…and Harley makes him
    look like the fool he his.
    KEROWACKY: If you don’t want to look like an a-hole…follow Harley…he
    is always right. This weekly crap you put out about the chiefs is as bad as the
    stuff you predicted for the royals. You said the royals would go nowhere…wrong
    kerowacky!!!! You keep predicting the chiefs will lose!!!! Wrong 66% of the time..
    worse than a blind dog. Keep picking against the chiefs…eventually a loser like
    you will get one right. But til then stfu you idiot.
    GLAZE: the jinx is now in. Glaze go back to flip flopping ways. You too
    have jumped the rail. After belittling the chiefs you flip again. You[re
    a circus performer with all the flip flops. You thnk you know sports…well
    you run at about 40% because your teases are not available but they’re
    made up. And your math is very very fuzzy how you come up with
    this 70% with make believe numbers.
    So for Harley…this is tough…we have shoedog and his horrible predictions
    about everything from sprint to jewel thiefs. We have hearne who doesn’t
    know the first thing about anything he writes unless its attacking the star.
    Glaze is like a blind dog picking football scores…and of course
    kerowacky who doesn’t understand any kind of sports. Stats are for
    losers kerowacky and you continue to look like a loser.
    Fun to read your articles but you’re on the losing side every week.

    • admin says:

      Funny, but last time I checked Kerouac pre scooped Sam Mellinger’s column today about how bad the Chiefs got beat…

      but still won

  3. CG says:

    K you are a wonderful writer, no question. I usually agree with you K. However I’m not flip flopping. I did think this would be a terrible football team, win maybe 4 or 5 games.Why, the end of last year and the fact we were a phony 9-0 as you and I pointed out. By seasons end we stunk it up. Losing almost every game the second half of the season. We sucked. The offseason looked bad, we lost key players over money. Our draft looked to be an F, again. Preseason we stunk. Game one we really stunk. EVERYONE agreed with you and I that KC was off to a long and losing season.

    But Andy Reid and Bob Sutton, who I felt should have been let go after last season, Sutton that is, pulled off a miracle. They put together one of the NFL’s best patch work teams I’ve ever seen. 6 wins 3 losses. And this team is really better than that record. I have to give them credit and say ‘I was wrong.’ It’s not so hard to say. I’m glad they are looking post season. I used to love this team, so did you K. Lets see where this goes before we all get on top of each other. We have stunk since 97, can this be the turning point? I hope it is, I’d like to be a fan again.

    • Kerouac says:

      “this team is really better than that record”

      – Parcells just threw up in his mouth…


      CG, Kerouac isn’t concerned with what other people think – height of egotism or knowledge won through nigh on 60 years experience, know what I see and when see kcindy, be clear – they’re ‘not’ a good football ‘team’, to be generous.


      How can anyone refer a team NO offensive td passes through ‘more’ than half the season as ‘balanced’? Cannot, good conscience; Chiefs are as an incomplete set of Topps trading cards, like every other so called ‘team’ modern day NFL.

      kcindy is like the 1972 MIA Dolphins – without Warfield or their ball-hawking defense, which is to say like every other team since has tried to claim they are best. Csonka, Morris and Kiick MIA’s offensive trio better too kcindy’s RB duo. Griese leaps and bounds superior Smith. ‘That’ was a balanced team, one that fired all cylinders.

      Other side the ball, a defense near the bottom statistical category takeaways is not ‘best’. Last season, 9-0 kcindy too was considered ‘best’… 1 – 7 the end and 45 points allowed a single post season game shattered the illusion; no one then would have believed that could happen… it did. So much for the thin shadow an also-ran become dead team walking casts regular season, meaningless.

      Why would 2014 be different? Because we ‘want it to be’ does not suffice, just as it did not for the Royals, beaten by the better ‘team’ in the end. Oh, that it weren’t so, wake the echoes Dawson, Taylor, Bell, Lanier, and Robinson et al.

      Oh woe to be a fan kcindy… she is a fickle lassie.


  4. Kerouac says:

    To all the above, what speaks loudest of all…


    Have yet see anyone refute Kerouac’s statements of fact… will not, cannot

    In unison now, sheeple/kcindyfandumb:

    ‘Wait till next year, part forever’


  5. Kerouac says:

    Otherwise, be just a going through the motions – a rigor of a rite, more so generations of wrong – game after year after decade after half century… sadly, that is all kcindy be.

  6. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Awwwwwe, poor K-doggy. Can’t have a real debate. Can only throw the verbs before nouns tantrum. It’s OK, pal. Sooner or later you are bound to be right.

    Just a helpful tip….
    Your reads would be so much more interesting if you could possibly refrain from using the following:
    -third person references

    Ponies of one trick be so……..well…….boring.

    We all get it. You don’t think the Chiefs will win the Superbowl this year. Newsflash!!! Neither do I!!!! Never said they would. Ever. I’m no sheep. I’m a fan. I can enjoy each and every game for what it is. A game. Knowing the Chiefs aren’t going to win the Superbowl this year doesn’t detract one iota from my enjoyment of said game. It’s 3 hours of cheers and jeers with friends, family and a few frosty libations. If this makes me “sheeple” or “fandumb” in your book, so be it.

    • admin says:

      Good one, Jim

      • harley says:

        jim…my words exactly,
        the k dude is sounding like chukles and shoedog…
        The chiefs are going to the superbowl.
        Glaze say this every morning when you send your hottie
        home and when at night you lay her down…
        the Harley magic could work again!!!!!!!!!!!!
        k wacky….lots of b.s. packed into your comments…but
        at least you have facts to back up your statements. hearne/
        glaze/southy/shoedog/chuck try to baffle us with bullsh(t…
        we’re too smart for them.
        hey.maybe this weekend you get it right…eventuallyyou pick
        a winner!

    • Kerouac says:

      “I’m a fan”

      – you are what is known the parlance as a mark – a dupe – a paying cu$tomer – a member the ever disabused whom kcindy management appreciate$, as the hundreds of thousands more likewise who make the long trek from cradle, to season, to grave, unrequited. The 10 year old Chiefs fan of January, 1970, be now 55 years grown old, tired of waiting… the 55 year old thence has gone on to that great centennial gridiron in the sky.

      Nod another one-hit wonder died the 1970’s – ‘Ace’ – “how long, has this been goin’ on?” Let us count the ways, days, weeks, months, years, decades & half century:

      1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 (pause, gasp for breath – we are only half way there) – 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 –

      (Begin the new millenium) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 20 – Kerouac has run out internet paper – man, those the breaks…kcindyfandumb averts its gaze the floor in sheepish acknowledgement.


      • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

        Lather, rinse, repeat. Yaaaaawn.

        You know not me nor my spending habits. Your mistaken assumption that you do makes you ignorant, not clairvoyant.

        Keep banging the drum. There may be one or two people on this website that haven’t heard you that you don’t think the Chiefs are winning the Superbowl this year or the last time they actually did. These are both facts that all Chiefs fans are acutely aware. You posting that 20 times a week to remind them of that says way more about you than it does them.

        Guess what, Einstein? 31 teams will fall short of the prize this year. (and every year) I’m the type of person that revels in the victories of the day without concerning myself about a future that may never materialize. I’ll have the joys and memories of today for all eternity. You’ll have the “joy” of ultimately being “right” when another Superbowl has come and gone without the participation of the Chiefs.

        I’ll take my 16 weeks of cheering wildly for the only team I have ever been a fan of you can celebrate your ultimate victory and dance around with your “I told you so” T-shirt on. Your take on all things Chiefs can never diminish the pure pleasure so many of us have each week when the Chiefs lace ’em up.

        Carpe diem, my friend. As one who has experienced how tragically short life can be, I’ll gladly celebrate each and every Chiefs victory without an ounce of consideration for what might happen the following week.

        That make me a sheep? To that I say, “Baaaaaaaah. Baaaaaaah”

  7. Kerouac says:

    The vacuousness trophy case kcindy’s reverberates in its emptiness, Cubs fans as KC’s football AND baseball kindred spirits; and so it goes…

    1970 ~ 1985


  8. Hot Carl says:

    10-6, 6-10…what does it matter when we all know this team isn’t going anywhere in the postseason? Doesn’t seem to matter who the coach is or who the players are, the Chiefs are typically built to squeak into the post-season and then make a hasty exit. I guess I’d rather make the playoffs than not but the result is always the same. No Super Bowl, not even an AFC Championship. It just gets old and has left me completely apathetic.

  9. PucKChaser says:

    What did I post in your silly preseason prediction post?

    DO NOT BET ANDY REID UNDER 81/2. I’m a hockey guy. I don’t even follow the NFL and I know Andy Reid teams don’t finish worse than 9-7.

    The Chiefs over 81/2 was the easiest bet all year.

    • CG says:

      UH Reid won but a couple games his last two years in Philly, was fired. However he has done a great job this year.

      • PucKChaser says:

        A couple games? His last two years he went 8-8 and 4-12. In those years, he did not have a QB of Alex Smith’s caliber. Joe Banner gave him Mike Vick to work with. Please.

        In all other years, Reid finished with less than 9 wins only three times — two of those years McNabb got hurt. The other was his first year.

        Chiefs over 81/2 was the easiest bet all year. Easier than the ML on the Giants for G7.

  10. Goose13 says:

    Any Given Sunday. That is the NFL.

  11. harley says:

    one thing good about kerowacky….the guy always backs his comments up with
    true facts and stats. Okay he is wrong in picking teams…but he has
    stats that help it when he picks the wrong team consistently.
    In fact he is so wrong…I wonder if he understands the old saying “stats are for
    losers” in sports?
    sure buffalo outdid the chiefs in stats…but right now who cares…it’s the
    win. I’m sure kc will outdo a team and lose the game.
    But kerowacky knows how to pull people’s chain.

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