Glazer: Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You The Best Chiefs Team in 20 Years


Justin Houston

Hardly anybody has been talking about the Kansas City Chiefs this season…

Even here in KC, where the media led by yours truly decided they were done this year after one game. Until in today’s Kansas City Star the team’s bandwagon has been mostly rider free. Mostly because of the World Series and the Royals obviously.

But hold it, this Chiefs team at the moment is the best we’ve had in 20 years.

That’s right, head coach Andy Reid has worked  magic!

He’s even got me believing and I’ve had nothing but horrible things to say about this organization for year…until now.

Okay,the Chiefs beat a weak New York Jets team at home 24-10 – not overly impressive,

And hey, they’re 5-3 and just a game back of Denver.

Plus they get to they play Denver and the Chargers at home.

Seriously the way the Chiefs are playing this team can beat anyone.

They have the best defense in forever and a balanced offense. One reason they were slowed a bit on offense yesterday is the health of quarterback Alex Smith. Smith was a bit banged up and needed some rest from running the ball so much and he got that.

I look to lose my under bet and the Chiefs to win no less than 10 games now.

Things have changed sf I’m actually excited to watch them play now.


They were not a good team. I know you hate to hear that, but they had no defense. This year Justin Houston is for real, last year he wasn’t at season’s end.

Chargers1MAINIt’s a crazy year in football both in the pros and college – nobody is dominant.

I mean the best team in the NFL is Arizona? Denver can’t win the big one on the road in cold weather. New England, who KC walked on four weeks ago, is now the team to beat? Mark Sanchez is back? Huh?. Colt McCoy leads Washington to a win at Dallas on Monday Night Football. What?

In college Missouri is alone atop their division again as bad as they’ve played at times. And K-State is now in the final four conversation. Yep. Florida State and Mississippi  State continue to win but don’t dominate. Looks like maybe Alabama again.

It’s been a really tough year to bet on football.

My worst ever and I’m not alone.

Looks like the rule changes and parity have finally changed the game forever. Anyone can beat anyone it seems – OR COVER – hah!
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18 Responses to Glazer: Ladies & Gentlemen, I Give You The Best Chiefs Team in 20 Years

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    I’m sure you’ll forgive us amateur football analysts when we don’t put a whole lot of stock in your predictions. Less than 2 months ago, the Chiefs were going to be 0-7 or 0-8 at this point in time. The worst team in the NFL. Your under 8 1/2 was already a lock. Even the Oakland Raiders were better.

    To predict 0-8 to now expecting 10 wins? Wow. Just wow.

    Personally, I still think your under 8 1/2 could work out for you. I had KC at 8-8 going into the season and I still think that’s very realistic given the balance of the schedule.

    • CG says:

      Things change and while my picks this year have been not so good, I went 3 years with outstanding numbers. This year is a strange one, we all can see that.

      • CG says:

        yes the next two will likely tell the tale.

      • harley says:

        your numbers over the last 3 years have been horrible.
        You need to go back to school for math refresher course.
        Right now…a blindfolded bulldog could make better
        We’ll get you a shovel.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “this Chiefs team at the moment is the best we’ve had in 20 years.”

    – what a depressing realization, if true… it isn’t

    “Okay,the Chiefs beat a weak New York Jets team at home 24-10 – not overly impressive”

    – no, to put it mildly… the Jets were even using their 3rd string QB, just called up the practice squad, and KCindy still had to hang on at the end even prevail, as numerous times short-manned NY went deep into KCindy territory. THose forays having been with a DEN/Manning, GB/Rodgers or IND/Luck at the helm example, defeat snared from the jaws of victory Kaycee’s the result.

    Domination? Gesundheit. Playoffs? As Jim Mora wouldst say, did: “Playoffs?”

    “And hey, they’re 5-3 and just a game back of Denver.”

    – the standings W/L can be/is misleading… in essence, KC is two games behind Denver because they also lost to them earlier this season. To wit, the Chargers are listed in 3rd place one game behind KC, but in essence are 1 back, because SD beat KCindy earlier – the wacky world of also-ran NFL football, 2014.

    “Seriously the way the Chiefs are playing this team can beat anyone.”

    – even the watered down, parity-addled NFL 2014 (where all the teams are mediocre, some just less so), still be better ones than others. That KC cannot beat DEN or SD the recent as well extended past with any regularity at all, is affirmed by the record book… that an gullible KCindy fandom (bless their ‘hit me in the head again’) is won’t believe otherwise is what is known in the parlance as ‘sucker born every minute’, season case the Chiefs.

    “They have the best defense in forever.”

    – as we speak they rank 5th in the NFL, and only 2nd best the AFC; must be new KC math… strength of opponents as always tells the truer & richer tale. Am glad that you prompted me keep posting on your blogs CG – otherwise, someone might get the idea that I’m skewering you/your takes… would Kerouac do that? Never.

    “and a balanced offense”

    – no tds to any WR (none above journeyman level talent wise) through half the season is balanced? An short passing game the TE’s and RB’s (the old Paul Hackett ‘sideways offense’ throw it to Anders a cloud of dust/3 yard gain, ‘cept the 2014 team has a little more speed at RB)

    “It’s a crazy year in football both in the pros and college – nobody is dominant.”

    – because everybody is nigh on a carbon copy the other in talent if not methodology… oh, for the days the 1960’s Packers, even the early 60’s Chargers and mid 60’s Bills, late 60’s Raiders& Chiefs as Rams/ Colts same NFL – great teams chock full o’ great players, not the modern underwhelming pursuit of mediocrity.

    Reason why Kerouac watches football today more out of habit than regard, as it is a far cry what was yesteryear. “Progress”… as an great, prescient mind said “is the injustice each generation (football) commits with regard it predecessors” – Cioran

    Sans highlights any, lo-lites from yesterday’s exercise in futility, KCindy:

    Good luck, fortune: a batted passd from the QB Smith caught upon the ground by a TE – who, though touched down short of the goal line was awarded it nonetheless courtesy the officials … all donations kindly accepted when you be the team that favor forgot 45 years ago, da Chiefs.

    The overhyped Twiggy Thomas was caught from behind on a return… so much that alleged world class speed. He is fast, not as fast as he is quick, more so. Quicker than McCluster was for example, faster too – but not near fast some are won’t to believe, and yet be as dynamic terms results. Kerouac suspects that Twiggy will be snapped two sooner or later, his dripping wet 165 -170 lb. frame almost demands it.

    As mentioned earlier, still no td passes to a WR; in an unbalanced offense, a balanced player would appear unbalanced, as a Swiss Chiefs defense vs the true dregs the NFL would appear good… they are not. Season’s conclusion bearing it and Kerouac out as it has the better part half a century now, embrace them as if they were Royals… dismiss them as they prove be frauds, in the end as every since 1970.

  3. Kerouac says:

    Correction the SD/KC mention… but the gist applies as to reading the standings. Too, just as SD looked unbeatable earlier as KC looked the opposite, the twists and turns the never be any great teams NFL 2014 affirms yet again & again.

    KCindy still looks be on pace Kerouac’s predictions 4 wins low to 7 wins high… am also becoming more convinced the Raiders are a team on the rise, record not withstanding. They almost beat the ‘World Champion’ SEAT Seahawks yesterday, again affirming just how meaningless the W/L records and game be today circa 2014, modern NFL.

  4. Kerouac says:

    Put another CG, afore Kerouac departs this mortal blog coil for awhile: do you believe this 2014 team the Chiefs would beat the 2013 one?

    Or the 1995 or 1997 one?

    The 2003 or 2010 one?

    They might battle the 2010 one to a tie, otherwise, the present one would be made mincemeat.

  5. Kerouac says:

    And this: if they played today, @KC or @NE, does KCindy win let alone stand a chance vs the Patriots?

    And our survey sez. . . . no

  6. Kerouac says:

    23 skidoo, you

  7. admin says:

    Geez Monarch…

    I’m with you on Harley and the K writing too long at times, but I think using “tl;dr” in response to every single comment is, you know, overkill.

    You just learn that and it’s the word of the week for you?

    (I know, I know, tl;dr)

  8. Hot Carl says:

    Proclaiming them the best Chiefs team in 20 years is something you do when the season is over not after they beat a Jets team with one win. They could very easily suffer some bad losses to some crap teams and you’ll come out looking like a clown again.

    Suffice it to say that this Chiefs team is exceeding expectations at the halfway point of the season. Nothing to get too up or down about with 8 games left in the season.

    • CG says:

      Good point Carl. I did that for shock value, but at this moment its true. Could change. The next two game will tell us a ton on this team…the Bills and the Seahawks…likely a split..but 2-0 means playoffs and 0-2 maybe not…even 1-1 likely playoffs…this team looks like a ten win team thus far…lets see. The key is the Chiefs have played much better than we all thought.

  9. PD says:

    Chiefs still have @ Pitt @ Arizona & Denver where they will be underdogs each game. Favored slightly at Buffalo and probably a very small dog vs Seattle plus facing a Chargers team going for revenge on the final game of the season won’t be easy. If the best Chiefs team in 20 years finishes 9-7 or 10-6 which is likely, they still likely miss the playoffs… schedule is brutal although playing Oakland twice helps, but they look much better now. Still could be 8-8 with this gauntlet.

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