Glazer: Chiefs Keep Getting Better, Keep Losing…

New England Patriots v Kanas City ChiefsTwo of the best back to back games our Kansas City Chiefs have played in 10 years…

Last week they beat New England and  today nearly did the same to a better San Francisco team. It was close. The Chiefs led much of the game.

Kansas City’s running game is the best in the NFL no question.

Knile Davis and Jamaal Charles are crazy good. The Chiefs passing game is getting better, the defense is very good, given it’s a patchwork team. And coach Andy Reid is a miracle man.

This team should be one of the NFL’s three worst instead its decent.

A wild card run is possible – not likely but possible. Hate to say it but I hope not because I would lose my big bet.

201308092053751828611I have to give the Chiefs coaching staff a ton of credit for turning this junk with five starters out of commission into a good football team. Again, a tip of my hat to Andy Reid and Bob Sutton – great job.

The Chief lost 22-17, but played very well and scared the hell of the 49ers.

Denver continues to impress and San Diego is in the race. The Chiefs are now in the NFL’s best division.

P.S. The biggest play of the game was Andy Reid calling time out in fourth quarter only to leave 12 men on field and give the 49ers a first down. That made the field goal easier and took time off the clock – not so good.

Oh well, next time.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Keep Getting Better, Keep Losing…

  1. Kerouac says:

    Don’t be the town crier for the Chiefs, CG… will but leave you looking like Lt. Harris in ‘Police Academy’, megaphone in hand & big stain (kool-aid, this case) your face.

    “Kansas City’s running game is the best in the NFL no question.”

    – no; Chiefs rank 5th in rushing yards, 5th in tds rushing, 8th in rushing yards per game & 10th in average per carry through today’s NFL games 10/5/2014.

    “Knile Davis and Jamaal Charles are crazy good.”

    – if so, 49’ers Gore & Hyde must be insane…SF out-rushed KC 171-90, Gore and Hyde running for 150 of those to Charles/Davis 86 for the Chiefs. Too, the SF duo averaged 5.4 per carry to KC’s 5.1, and on the season the two teams duo’s are nigh on in a dead heat yards, yards per carry and tds considered, KC having 4 more carries for 25 more yards and one more td; thus, Kerouac must disagree with your assessment that KC’s running game and specifically their duo is “best in the NFL, no question.”

    KC’s tandem also has just 13 more yards rushing than the NY Jets Ivory and Johnson, but KC’s duo has also run the ball more often than the Jets too. Strength of opponent considered to date, KC would rank behind both SF and the NYJ too.

    Kerouac’s take: appears there is/are no ‘great’ team/s in the NFL this season, to date. The NFL’s ideal – parity – is a full-fledged success, if the result terms superior football is not. A lot of mediocre action, no matter what team turn your sights to.

    • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

      Gotta agree with a lot of that, K-Man. Hate those definitive statements like “the best” or “no question”, et al. Always room for debate when it comes to sports. Yes, KC has ONE of the best running games, but 3 or 4 other teams are right there with them. However, I’ll take 5.1 yards/rush any day. Notice where SF gashed the chiefs for all their yards? Right up the middle. No DJ & no Berry who are good run stoppers. If I’m every other team that KC plays the rest of the year, I’m using the same blueprint.

      Having said that, HCAR needs to stop out-thinking himself. All those 3rd and 1 or 3rd and inches? Come on. Put your jumbo package in an run the freaking ball! Maddening.

      I like the Chiefs to beat the Jets, Rams and Raiders (twice). Maybe steal another one somewhere. I had ’em at 7-9 to 8-8 this year BEFORE all of the injuries, just based upon their schedule. I’ll be semi-impressed if they still get there. They are exactly where I thought they would be after the first 5 games (2-3). I just thought it was going to be Miami & the Titans they beat, not Miami & the Pats.

  2. Jess says:

    Glaze will change his tune when they win again…flip flopper.

    Win = they are “surprising”
    Loss = they suck

    This is just part of reading KCC

    • CG says:

      No I have to go game by game. I originally thought this team would win just a few games. I convinced most people and media I was right after preseason and game one with Titans. However they have pulled it together and its not about me being right, its about what is happening. They lost, I didn’t say they sucked Jess, I wrote they did a nice job. The Chiefs are now a handful for most teams. I still believe my bet of under 8 1/2 is good, but they may win 7 games. Their opponents are not as good as they looked before the season began either.

      I still see the Chiefs not being in postseason, but are playing better, thats all.

  3. harley says:

    glaze is now officially the “bozo” of sports. He hasn’t gotten anything
    right in 3 years…if youuse the real math he’s at 38% and flip flops ;just like
    the tits at the strip joint he hangs out as.
    You’re old newsin thesports world….wrong again and again.
    You’d be busted in vegasin one year…especially since you’ve been
    telling us that teases were available on games when they weren’t.
    you’ve eaten crow more than a huge vulture…now you are the fool of
    this site.
    Its time for hearne to keep you talking about sex…hotties…woodside…
    comedy etc. NO more sports….everything you write is wrong…
    wrong wrong.
    time to put the horse out to pasture….you couldn’t be more wrong than
    an old lady picking games out of a price chopper bag. AS YOU SAID…
    FOR YOU AND SPORTS WRITING…iiiiittttttttsssss OVER….
    stop the torture…you are wrong again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CG says:

      Whacko Harely…72 Percent winning record before this year for 3 years..on the record…where is your prediction record Harley?

      • harley says:

        wrong….under 40% and it was all a bull sh*t deal since
        some of those games you teased were not able to be teased.
        You can fool some of the people some of the time…but
        you can’t fool Harley……..70% equals maybe 39…..did you
        take math at ASU or were you one of those students who
        went there for the sun and women? Let me guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaah
        now book bobby before the improve takes his open dates.

      • Curtis Blow says:

        Your 72% number is a joke.

        You know that, right?

  4. harley says:

    audience ratings are down for nfl. They may have overexposed themselves with
    too much programming….especially adding that Thursday night game.
    watch for Harleys analysis of what is happening. Real information…not this
    dreamy/made up b.s. that kcc is famous for.

  5. Libertarian says:

    The 12 man on the field penalty sealed the loss for me.

    We had a decent chance before that.

    • Hot Carl says:

      That and giving up the first down on the fake punt. The whole game hinged on those two plays.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    Hey Craig

    I know it is highly unlikely that you code the website but I wanted to point out to you that you need to add a right-click-to-save feature. Every podcast has either a right-click-to-save feature, an RSS feed, or a android app. You will be losing out on people who want to listen to the app in the car or on a tablet or mp3 player because to listen to the podcast now you have to have a streaming podcast if you don’t use ITUNES so it will hurt your listener numbers.

    Here is a link to the Doug (Benson) loves movies podcast which has added an RSS download page to the same libsyn software you are using for your podcast. (RSS stands for Really Simple Script, and it’s name is not a lie.)

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