Glazer: Scribe Rubs Eyes, Sniffs Crow, Holds Out Hope for This Year’s Chiefs

NFL/Holy Cow!

Talk about role reversal, last night the Kansas City Chiefs looked like a contender while the New England looked like pretenders. Go figure.

The Chiefs not only won the game at Arrowhead in front of a loud, sold-out stadium, they destroyed the Pats. This was one of the first regular season victories over a top name team for KC in years!

Is the magic back? Are the Chiefs for real?

The Chiefs looked every bit the part of bottom feeders after the loss to the Tennessee Titans in game one. Not only that, after a terrible offseason with five starters gone and several more hurt, I ranked them at the bottom with the other two horrid teams in the NFL, the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jags.

But hey, hold on.

After just two more games, just about in our media – led by me – said the Chiefs were done. The win in Miami was good – but not great – against a very average team at best. And after all, these were still the New England Patriots, right?

Well, maybe not – probably not.

This Patriot team is awful.

They have no offense, worst in the NFL. They have no receivers, the running game is nowhere, their line looks like ours did in game one and Brady looks old.

KANSAS-CITY-CHIEFS-FAN-VIDEOThat said, the Chiefs ran over these guys. 41-14.

The game was over at halftime. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith looked like the old Tom Brady. ,Jamaal Charles was outstanding, as was Kniles Davis and Travis Kelce. Even Dwayne Bowe looked solid. The Chiefs defense played their best game in a year led by three turnovers by Tamba Hali and crew. Sean Smith looked like an all pro. Wow.

Baby_Andy_Reid_Costume_PictureChiefs coach Andy Reid proved last night that he is indeed a special coach.

Reid’s patch work offense and defense made the Chiefs look like Super Bowl contenders.

Again, is this going to be the Chiefs year this season? You know what, with all the teams falling down in quality, injuries, locker room issues and refs deciding games, maybe these Chiefs really can win some games.

The Chiefs play the Niners next week there and then San Diego.

Those are two games that looked like sure losses a few weeks ago. Now maybe not. There are lots of problems in that SF locker room and some say they hate their coach.Who knew?

1ht_eatcrow16__01__630x420Will I be eating crow with the Chiefs the way I did by saying the Royals would not make the playoffs?

I bet the under at 8 1/2.

Meaning if KC wins 9 games, I lose. Can that now happen? Are the Chiefs a postseason team now? I think the next two weeks will answer that question.

Was this just a case of a a team with heart and soul going up against a fading star with no help from Brady’s other players? Or has Andy Reid really done a 180 with these guys?

I have to give them credit, I expected the Chiefs to be 0-4 right now.

Even Eric Fisher is looking good. What a turnaround and so fast, I’m impressed. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady looked like their favorite dog died last night. It looks like the end of an era for New England.

But is this the beginning of one for our Chiefs?

I suspect we’ll find out pretty soon.

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22 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Rubs Eyes, Sniffs Crow, Holds Out Hope for This Year’s Chiefs

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Oh look……….the wind changed direction again. Geeezus.

    • CG says:

      No it didn’t guys. I have to report what happened. I made it clear where I stood. When things go the other way I can’t say they didn’t. I said ‘could I be wrong’ thats not changing postions its saying MAYBE I CALLED IT WRONG. I say over and over I said early on they sucked. Everyone later agreed. We will see what happens. If I was wrong, I was wrong. When you predict things you aren’t always right. I still see KC as a team with lots of issues and no I don’t think they will be .500 but they are looking much better than anyone expected at this point. That’s all.

      • harley says:

        glaze might be right but if he’s not he’s wrong which means
        he wasn’t right but he could have been wrong but he also
        could have been right had things happened that went
        wrong when they should have gone right but you know that
        when things go wrong they don’t go right and you appear
        wrong when you think right but everythings going wrong.
        Its then when you get things right but they’re wrong and
        you try to make excuses why they went right and you were
        wrong so you trying looking right when you were
        wrong all the time.

        HAVE BEEN RIGHT!!!!!!!


        do you have curbside service for “black” crow to go.
        Kerowacky was wanting to pick some up after the royals

  2. harley says:

    you’re the Rodney Dangerfield of sports glaze.
    you’ve become a joke when it comes to sports.
    the wind changes and so does glaze.
    and you’re wrong..
    brady has no receivers….his te and Edelman couldn’t get open because
    he didn’t have time….pats had 2 rookie off linemen and Edelman couldn’t
    get open and the te after all the injuriesisn’t the same one from several years
    the chiefs coaches are incredible…great play calling and with the
    vrious players and theway they now use Charles and the receivers and
    the 3 te set….this is one hard offense to figure out. and don’t forget kelce!!!!!!!!!
    so go eat your crow…but don’t tell chuck its “black” crow. That would set
    the ole guy into a tizzy.!!!!!!!

    • CG says:

      Really. I’m the only one in the media who posts his picks for ‘betting’ nobody else does. YOU DON’T. Easy to point fingers Harley when you have no skin in the game. My four year record is pretty darn good. I’ll stand on that. The fact the Chiefs won doesn’t make them great. The league is topsy turvey this year, everyone knows that…so lets wait and see.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Local media.

        Know a sports talk radio guy in Philadelphia who went on a tear one year. Could not miss.

        He stopped after one Sunday night a listener call need THE pick to turn it all around.

        But those folks could go down to the corner bar and place those bet. Nobody in the Paris of the Plains is handling proposition bets.

  3. mike t. says:

    I think it was some of both – Chiefs well-prepared, good game plan, ability to execute, energy and emotions way up for MNF and a very loud Arrowhead crowd, and a Pats team on the decline, starting two rookies on the O-line, a rattled Brady, no running game.

    I think the next two games will tell a lot as well. I think we can beat a SF team fraying at the seams, but I don’t like our chances against Rivers in SD.

  4. b12 says:

    Holy crap. I feel like I’m compelled to stick up for CG every damn day.

    The dude puts stuff out there. It’s called click bait. You read it and remember it.

    At least he puts something out there today saying “I called it wrong.” He owns what he says, no matter what you think of it.

    If he hadn’t, he would still be called out.

    He’s not posting anything most of us aren’t thinking anyway (except for the impending movie deals and random strippers, etc…).

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    Andy Reid at the end of the first half again screwed the pooch with clock management. That is the Ghost of Past, Present and Future.

    The “experts” said the Chiefs had the toughest schedule in the league. Post-season it was deemed the easiest. Catching teams when they have a blip or stumble or crashing is part of the season. Dame Karma likes to play payback.

    AND whoda thunk 80,000 Bible-belt, redneckin’ fans would cheer a Muslim while he prayed.

    Will pointing to the sky and dropping to a knee be viewed as excessive celebration?

    • Lance The Intern says:

      The NFL is now stating that the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was a mistake….Apparently, the referee saw him fall to his knees but didn’t see him lower his head in prayer.

  6. bschloz says:

    HOW SWEET IT IS!!! ehh Kerouac
    Chiefs look like they have some material to work with.

  7. bschloz says:

    That Kniles Davis plays a mean trumpet. 🙂

  8. Jess says:

    Eats crow until the next loss, then they suck again…(In best Glazer voice “Like I always said”)

    But, whatever happens this season last night was freaking sweet

  9. Kerouac says:

    A blind squirrel found an acorn in KC last night & in the process 1-15 became 2-14. Ugly record theirs a given, other ugliest thing on Monday Night was: officials their striped ineptitude/home cooking, and the garish accoutrements worn a wardrobe-challenged outfit KC, vying. The pick here: worst uni’s history of football coming in second even worse officiating. Nod the John Housman ‘Smith Barney’ commercial, Chiefs didn’t do things the old fashioned way (earn it), they were’ given it’.

    As for the game, Swiss Chiefs avoiding yet another loss wasn’t the story, rather was the Patriots Tom Brady being caught by age. Time waits for no QB or team (nod the Chiefs nigh on half a century flailing.) The evidence Tom’s demise clear when a young NE QB Garoppolo (who should replace Brady sooner rather later) methodically mutilated KC when he came in. A sooner entrance his and 2-14 would still be 1-15, Chiefs.

    Game highlights: only two plays either team worthy superlative descript, both courtesy the Patriots. A beautiful long TD pass to LaFell and an even better one by Gronkowski, who single-handedly (bodily) carried about half KC’s defense with him into end zone. Not only the best TE on the field, but the best player in last night’s game, even though injured.

    Next week, reality once again informs the Chiefs they have no leg to stand on:

    KC 10

    Keep reading Kerouac… you know you will.

    • harley says:

      you’re full of b.s.!!!!k knows nothing….if you keep picking the chiefs
      to lose eventually you get one right.
      til then you make glaze look like seth Rothstein.
      best player of the game….Charles…what game were you watching?
      superbowl 45 replay?????????????????
      come on k admit it…you’re grasping at straws…
      hold on til Harley takes o er kcc once and for all…
      now go back to your Ouija board!

      • Kerouac says:

        That’s it, vent, chortle – get it all out of your system – KCinderella lives to disappoint fandom another day, and season (the endings are always chuckle-worthy.)

        KC Chiefs ~ born 1963, died 1970


  10. Waffle House says:

    Mssr Glazer
    We would like to offer you a contract to be the OFFICIAL CORPORATE for our 10000 Waffle House cafe’s. Nobody WAFFLES like you sir! We will even promote a special menu item in your honor.

    The Glazer
    2 eggs on your face
    served with a side of Crow
    And a glass of Regret

  11. CG says:

    You know someone has to stand up and answer… in football picks or any guessing there is no sure path….simple as that. But throwing stones at me isn’t a path either. Anyone is welcome to make picks here and see if he is better than me…

    • harley says:

      you’re the greatest bettor in the world in your own funny/unscientific mind.
      no facts/data/information to back up your picks.
      You’re betting flipping a 1sided coin.
      everntually every sucker hets his day.
      right now ….you be at about 30%….someone vegas would comp a free
      room at the ramada in and all you can eat buffet at golden corral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. harley says:

    glaze…keerowacky will now like some of that “black” crow for dinner.
    You two can share one. Cook it medium well.
    Two phony sports experts.
    And throw in some succotash as as side order.
    Because you both SUCK when it comes to sports.

    • i still listen to treetop in the mornings says:

      i like what you did there at the end there, with the stuff.

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