Glazer: Does, ‘I Told You So,’ Sound Too Harsh, Chiefs Fans?

i-told-you-soWell Homers, time to say give the Glaze a little credit…

Nobody – and I mean nobody – in the local media, save maybe Bill Maas, thought the Chiefs were one of the NFL worst teams.

Except for me, of course.

After the preseason I saw that they had nothing on offense or defense. Discount the preseason if you will, but today those unimportant preseason details came into sharp focus.

Right, Lefty?

When you have precious little talent and zero winning ways you actually do need to step it up in the four preseason games.

The Chiefs tried but couldn’t.

And they got killed at home by another bad team. the Tennessee Titans.



enhanced-buzz-24814-1351698789-6Oh, and now they’ve lose their only real defender of some merit, Derrick Johnson – out for LIFE – and starting defensive end Mike DeVito. So with arguably the league’s worst D, now it’s that much worse. Yikes, again.

The Chiefs are now a team in search of ONE win.

Yes, they are now are in the lead for worst record in the NFL.

I said if they lost to Tennessee to look out. They likely will go 0-6 or 0-7. Even Oakland is better. Again nobody you can name – besides me of course – tagged them as total losers. I didn’t like doing it, but I did.

How’s that 50 to 1 looking now?

The Chiefs will have the worst NFL record, which at the very least looks pretty possible, huh?

The under 8 1/2 bet is already over.

They have nothing. I believe Jamaal Charles is hurt, so he was used sparingly. No matter, he did nothing.

Your scribe knows about the NFL just a bit, huh?

sluggerrrI am writing this in midday so I don’t know how Denver will do tonight, but I think they’ll beat the Colts.

The Chiefs season is over now. I mean over. Done. No hope. Find another team. Only go for the tailgating. It’s a wrap. Head coach Andy Reid has one more year, so does GM John Dorsey. 

Then some young guys will come in from somewhere.

Lets go, Royals!

Let’s have some fall fun, because that’s not gonna happen at Arrowhead.


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18 Responses to Glazer: Does, ‘I Told You So,’ Sound Too Harsh, Chiefs Fans?

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Get used to hearing this tune, over and over and over.

    No pot of gold this year at the end of the DeWayne Bowe.

  2. mark smith says:

    When you get done stinking up the joint with your self congratulatory flatulence, here’s a little critique…This post made you seem like a petty douche bag. More 15 year old punk kid saying “I told you so’, than any semblance of someone to be taken seriously. Your post was the internet equivalent of flipping a booger at the slow fat kid in class. It’s a good look on you.. FYI, very few people predicted the chiefs would have a winning season.

    • admin says:

      Well, Craig did take it to the extreme from the get go, mark

      And he did get a bit of a spanking on his pre season analysis.

      So yes, he’s far from the humble sort, but he’s sticking to his guns.

      Let’s see if the Chiefs win five or six straight if he flip flops!

    • mark smith says:

      and by people I mean Sports writers….real ones.

      • admin says:

        I hate to tell you this, Mark…

        But there’s no such thing as a “real” sports writer or movie critic.

        They’re just regular folks – whjo happen to be GOOD WRITERS – who are interested in sports.

        Same for food and music critics…and I could name some pretty good examples.

        They’re just people who have an interest and write. If you like ’em, more power to you. If you hate ’em – hate away.

        Craig is just one of many who have an interest in sports and likes to share his views.

        Pretty simple really, except that like the people you refer to as “real” sports writers spend a lot more time trying to figure everything out that most of us.

  3. artemmis says:

    Glazer starts off with yet another money-losing week on his football bet predictions from Friday..

    won his Mizzou & his 2 teaser bets ,but lost the other 3 bets — for a “coin-flip” 50% rate.

    anyone actually betting would have lost money —

    the teaser bets are “even-money” i.e. – bet 100 to win 100

    the point spread bets are bet 110 to win 100,

    so the bettor would have ended up with a net loss of $20 – if he bet to win $100 on each wager.

    but… I’m sure he’ll still claim he picks 90%, or whatever ,winners.

    And , yes, we all knew the Chiefs would regress this year.

  4. Kerouac says:

    The Chiefs season having begun (and ended) today, only question remains: who will they select with the #1 overall draft pick in the 2015 NFL Draft?

  5. mike t. says:

    btw… Chiefs will show up for the Denver game, and by that I mean they’ll look better next week than yesterday. hard to fathom how, but they will. but it’ll still be a massacre at the hands of the Denver Peytons.

  6. CG says:

    Ok, Ok, I was a bit harsh and over the top. I apologize. I was getting a ton of hate mail on my feelings about our Chiefs from the get go. I know this is Chiefs country. I just get tired of our fans being lied too, me explaining how the thing won’t work, then being called out as a jerk, doesn’t know football on and on.

    They just were the exactly what I had said they were. We broke it down for weeks about why they were bad. ALL of it was there to see. In the end the Chiefs have little talent at the NFL level. The fans buy into the 5 all pros and 11 and 5. It just pisses me off. I know last years team was a fake out save Smith and Charles. I know their D was really over rated first six games and then really bad. I will admit Alex did a great job with fixing his offense and no receivers. Last year, won’t happen this year.

    As for bets, yes we started our at 3-3, lots of upsets. A couple winners who didn’t cover, no excuse a medicore start. We will do better.

    So Chiefs fans I’d like nothing more than a team to watch, to follow as would you like this years Royals and last years Chiefs first half of season.

    I was hard on them and was bragging. Cause everywhere I went on radio or online was oh they’ll be ok, 8-9,9-7, playoffs maybe. I’d think what are you watching.

    Then I’d think oh its for media, you have to keep fan interest. I am friendly with Frank Bohall and behind the scenes was very serious about 9-7. So yeah I went a little nuts when I saw what I knew I’d see.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Love ya or hate ya, you are an example of how experts are so very often wrong. Arguably you are just Joe Six-Pack compared to the “pros”.

      Look at yesterday’s games and the experts have a couple of dozen eggs on their faces.

      How will the Red Head keep the natives satisfied this season? Is Todd Pinkston available?

  7. CG says:

    Orphan I’m not Joe six pack. I pick at a 70 per cent win rate. Very good. Yes we started off at 3-3. Happens. Lets see what happens all year. That was one week. As for the Chiefs you have to say yeah he was right and I explained why it would happen. That is what happened. That’s all. Again experts work on this stuff 15 hours a day, I don’t. They are still often very wrong. “Thats why they play the games.”

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Craig, yes you are. Perhaps you chaff at being a normal guy but in this instance you are just one of many guys who do better than the pros. Lots of average guys do better than the talking heads. You are one of them.

      If you are one in a million, there are another 318 guys just like you.


      • CG says:

        I see yes that may be true. So many upsets over the weekend. The spread is a big issue, but some dogs just flat out won. MU only a 3 and change fav? Win big, K State who I liked barely won. Bama and UCLA both struggled last week, nobody saw that coming. It’s a tough biz predicting sports. So much involved and then there is the luck factor, the ‘ifs’ so much…hard to do. I read the expert picks by everyone from Ditka to Bradshaw…all had Eagles but Mike he was almost right, one out of 15…you never know.

        I love Harley…these are all laydown picks by Glazer…as you see there are no sure things.

  8. chuck says:

    The Chiefs are terrible.

    How did they get to this point?

    Poor drafting.

    If they paid Albert the 10 mil, kept J Swartz, drafted Brandin Cooks they win that game withoutt Bowe. I get it that it is easy in retrospect, but these guys can’t even hit clean singles much less home runs. You could tell in the pre season, yes the pre season, that the skill guys were too few and the grunts too slow and overrated.

    4 and 12?

    Actually, the whole team is slow as hell.

    It’s bad.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Losing keystones to your D is the killer. Maybe could have been spoiler’s if the planets aligned perfectly, lightening was caught in the bottle and been a respectable 8-8. Now it looks worse than Custer and the 7th.

      I’m not sure it wasn’t Doug Pederson in Smith’s jersey. It sure looked like when Doug was the Red Head’s pride and joy under center.

      Guess Man Above did not smile on KC nor DC today.

      And the new Rice video! If the NFL saw it as claimed, Goodell needs to resign.

  9. Sheena says:

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