Glazer: Time to Support Another Another NFL Team Besides the Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City ChiefsThere isn’t much use in going over last night’s dress rehearsal for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs debacle…

To put it mildly, THEY STINK.

There were no bright spots. Nothing to brag about.

“But hey Craig, it’s only the preseason!!!!!'”

Please, I’ve seen enough of this clown show to tell that the Chiefs will struggle to win a couple games. It takes talented ball players with a purpose and a desire to win to be successful in the NFL that doesn’t exist here.

Sure there are a few very good players, but once this team is 1 and 5 or so, they’ll just let down, and start thinking about next year or their next job. Can you see this mess beating anybody?

Look, Chiefs coach Andy Reid knows he is in big trouble.

You better believe that he went all out to get his first string to score a couple touchdowns. Yet they scored ZERO touchdowns again. They have ZERO for the entire preseason.

And yes, that matters.

Reid is trying to figure out a way out to cover up not having any decent offensive lineman, but he can’t do it. The quick pass only works so many times.  Or Jamaal Charles slants a few times. Then it’s a lot of third downs inside your opponent’s 45 yard line that go nowhere, as we saw.

Kansas-City-Ciefs-FansI can’t imagine Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith lasting more than half a season with no line and being sacked at a record pace.

Losing right tackle Donald Stephenson for four games sealed this teams fate.

The Chiefs WILL soon be talked about soon as one of the NFL’s worst football teams.

There’s NO hope this year. None.

Look, Patriot’s QB Tom Brady couldn’t win 8 games with this group of players. No way.

At least Alex Smith can run the ball, that helps here and there.

Don’t you love wide receiver Donald Avery? How many third down balls will he drop or pull up just short of the first down marker this season – like 15?

We have no talent past Charles, tight end Travis Kelce and one or two others on offense. Our defense has no talent period. There isn’t one standout defender right now.

nfl_g_belcher_gb1_576How do you like all the arm tackling so far?

They made Matt Cassel look like Peyton Manning. The Vikings?

OK, I promised not to get into last night’s game = it was too ugly to watch.

The big question is,will Andy Reid be on the chopping block by season’s end?

And the answer is, YES.

images-2It’s hard to imagine the Chiefs winning more than a few games and the fans will be screaming all season long.

“Reid’s too old.”

“Andy has health issues.”

And what about general manager John Dorsey? Oh boy.

Reid will likely get his third and final season from Clark Hunt. But Hunt and Dorsey have to take much of the blame for not having any money under the cap to buy even one good player. Christ.

Look Chiefs fans, this is another repeat of 2011.

Remember that phony western division title of 2010? You know, the year we were lukewarm early but by season’s end couldn’t beat Shawnee Mission East. Same as last year really, fast start with a weak schedule and back up quarterbacks followed by the same harsh reality…all we got is Jamaal Charles.

How’s that under 8 1/2 wins looking now?

A lock, huh? I think so.

Beth Guinta makes dresses, including new Chiefs ones for football season.I’m sorry for the fans that we have such a poor front office that allows this to happen over and over and over. You have to do much better in the draft to build a team and we stink at drafting.

So then we need to find guys from other teams to come here and help, but we aren’t good at that either. So we continue to fail.

Hey, the Kansas City Royals will give us something to smile about in about five weeks. Thank God.

So pick another team to follow this year because the Chiefs will just make you want to throw things at your TV.
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4 Responses to Glazer: Time to Support Another Another NFL Team Besides the Chiefs

  1. chuck says:

    It’s brutal. They are slow and when they are not slow, they are either injured, on suspension or out of position.

    I know it is only pre season, but this team looks really comatose.

    Matt Cassel is TERRIBLE and the Cheifs made him look average. Making Matt Cassel look average is water into wine and loaves and fishes sh*t.

    Just brutal…

    No way Dorsey and Reid are gone though. They get a free pass right through next year.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Quote from that bastion homer-ism, ‘(N)arrowhead Pride’ :

    “Charles didn’t play, Bowe didn’t play, Stephenson didn’t play, Hemmingway didn’t play, Mays didn’t play, Devito didn’t play, Berry didn’t play”.

    Translation for the uninitiated: “Otherwise, Chiefs win.”

    Back to reality, were some positives for KC if you look (squint, squeeze & suspend your disbelief) hard enough:

    * They scored on offense (a td pass), defense (a safety) & special teams (an xp & fg)

    * OT Fisher showed improvement (from fish out of water to a fish merely swimming upstream)

    * QB Bray finished up nicely (rather than dying out completely; he wasn’t helped by teammates dropping passes, including one by the former All World (but now merely local legend), TE Kelce

    * Didn’t hear the name CB Ron Parker mentioned as often as previous games (to be fair, didn’t hear the name Sammie Parker mentioned often, either)

    * HB Davis didn’t fumble (but did drop a pass, so looks to be in mid-season form)

    * Media (over)hypes and future Hall of Fame designated LB Ford & TE Harris were quiet (triple teaming by the Vikings proving effective, appears)

    Parting shots: trade QB Daniel and his $ (Bray 2nd & Murray 3rd string, youth if not expertise qualifications each); trade for acquire otherwise a veteran OL, S & WR not presently on the roster; trade $uccop (he ought to bring an mediocre veteran talent at one of the aforementioned positions; Chiefs also need to cut $alary in order afford anything beyond what currently inhabits the roster.)

    Upside: 4 wins low end & 7 tops remains Kerouac’s guess, 2014…

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