Glazer: So-So Chiefs Disappoint in Loss to Carolina Panthers

nfl-apThe Chiefs continue to be, well, the Chiefs…

Not much to get excited about, huh? If you fell asleep early you might not know that on FOX TV last night our boys went down 28-16 to the Carolina Panthers.

Wounded quarterback Cam Newton had little trouble throwing the ball against our defense. Newton was coming off ankle repair surgery, so he couldn’t run or even throw with his normal ability. In other words, our defense is so bad, knowing Newton couldn’t run at all, they still couldn’t slow him down.

Kansas City’s first string offense, led by quarterback Alex Smith, played the entire first half with no touchdowns and only two long field goals.

Smith looked decent, but not dynamic. He’s just a good quarterback on a below average team – nothing really special. And without Jamaal Charles our offense was next to nothing. The two young backs D Thomas and K Davis did little to impress. Dwayne Bowe was at his best with five catches but no scores.

The Chiefs look like what they are, an average to below average NFL team.

I’ve seen nothing thus far to hint that they might win more than 6 or 7 games.

Their defense is terrible and the O line’s not much better.

Bright spots:

The one dynamic player we’ve seen so far is tight end Travis Kelce.

Again he caught a nice touchdown bomb, this time from rookie QB out of Georgia, Aaron Murray, who looks to be winning the three spot in the quarterback race behind Chase Daniels. Kelce reminds me of Aaron Hernandez, minus the murders of course.

Dwayne Bowe looked like he was ready to play. Which is good, because outside of Kelce he’s the only true NFL level receiver on the team.

We hit two long field goals.

chiefs-cheerleader4Dark spots:

Offensive tackle – and 2013 No. 1 draft pick – Eric Fisher struggled again. I like him, as mentioned before met him. He’s a great guy. I don’t see him at Left Tackle.

Carolina ran over our defense three times in the red zone for touchdowns.

Our first string defense couldn’t stop their run attack even though they knew it was coming and were boxed up inside to stop it near the goal line…TWICE. Jonathan Stewart ran right up the middle breaking tackles and walking into the end zone. Not good.

Cam Newton and his back up Derek Anderson had no trouble throwing against our non existent secondary. The few times our guys showed up, they got flagged for pass interference or holding.

Nobody on our defense – outside of linebacker Joe Mays – really stood out. Derrick Johnson, our star linebacker showed why he is good but not great. Early in the game, Cam Newton threw a ball right to him, fairly soft, but Johnson dropped it. A sure touchdown INT. I’ve seen this from Johnson too often. DJ is a solid linebacker but far from great.

artworks-000076121494-25lqb6-t200x200Hey, it’s only preseason right? Wrong.

It’s a rebuilding year (or two) for the Chiefs coming up. Unfortunately, I just don’t see enough talent out there to say our Chiefs will be competing for a Super Bowl anytime soon.

Like in this decade.

There are a few good players no doubt, but every team has a few. We just don’t have enough. There just are too many holes, way too many to compete in the NFL.
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20 Responses to Glazer: So-So Chiefs Disappoint in Loss to Carolina Panthers

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Christ. It’s Daniel, not Daniels………for the umteenth freaking time on this blog.

  2. harley says:

    how about dem royals mr. scribe. I thought they were history!!!!!
    your predictions are dog sh*t…..and this is preseason…you’re the only
    one who cares. and yes Charles was out…he what 60% of our offense ina game?

  3. Jess says:

    First of many knee jerk Glaze pieces……let the games begin.

    • the dude says:

      Yeah, the Glazed one still does not understand that winning or losing preseason games means diddly squat.

      • chuck says:

        I don’t know dude, I think the Glaze is right. Pre Season or not, this team is the definition of average facing a BRUTAL schedule. The NFC West is the toughest division in the NFL in the last 20 years. Plus we have to play Denver twice and will at best split with Sand Diego. In addition to that, I keep hearing the local Radio Dudes telling us we are going to beat New England on Monday Night Football. Bul*l*hit.

        Not only that, I also hear the 810 and 610 guys, when they project wins and losses, tell us that we are gong to beat St. Louis. Gimme a break, the Rams are now fully loaded and will kick our asses. That division is too, too tough.

        6 wins.


        • the dude says:

          Yeah, odds are they will suck old man balls this season but to bank it all on preseason games is complete hooey.

  4. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Newton had three 3-and-outs, sacked twice for 19 yards lost, was 4 for 9 and 65 yards passing with ZERO touchdowns. What the hell game did you watch? It’s all pre-season crap, but your statement is ridiculous. By that measure, the Panthers couldn’t slow down Murray as he was 5 for 9, 81 yards and a TD.

    How about a dose of reality when analyzing the game? Chiefs had more total offense than Carolina. How is that possible when they could “do next to nothing”? This without Charles in the line-up.

    Hey, the only stat that matters in the NFL is scoreboard. Understood. But until the scoreboard STARTS to matter in a few weeks, I’m not going to get worked up about our number 3’s versus their number 3’s.

    • chuck says:

      Those are excellent points, but watching the game, they just don’t look good at all. They look slow, out of position and like a 500 team.

      Just my opinion.

      • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

        No argument, Chuck. I’m convinced they are going 8-8 simply based upon the schedule. My point was the silly statements in CG’s article. Cam Newton was made to sound like Superman and KC had no answer for him. KC literally had better stats in all meaningful categories than the Panthers. But again, scoreboard is all that matters. The fact that KC had nearly 100 more yards in penalties was a killer. That can’t happen because their margin of error for wins and losses this year is going to be very thin. They don’t have the horses to overcome a lot of mistakes.

        • mike t. says:

          good point about the penalties. going to be tough early in the season. you can only hope the defense wins the takeaway battle. the great equalizer!

        • CG says:

          Not silly, Cam threw off one foot and beat us time and time again when it mattered. The man is well known for running over defenses. He had a bad injury is recovering we still couldn’t stop him. The Chiefs to be honest are not average at all. THEY STINK. And bad. I was being nice. There is not any hope for the post season, none. They are a bad team with little talent, poor drafts including last years F draft by Drosey and Reid. YES I COULD DO BETTER. They should have dumped Bowe to save cap space to get a player or two. Reind,Dorsey and Hunt dumped out this year like Pioli did in 2011 due to tough line up against us. A mistake.

          You won’t be on any Chumps bandwagon by December. I never say its a sure thing when its not. Hey I thought the Royals wouldn’t make the playoffs and said so, but I didn’t say they stunk. The Chiefs stink and bad. I will bet the under 8 1/2 wins and collect for sure. 6 wins maybe, 7 would surprise me, 8 shock me and 9 I am done writing sports. Won’t happen. My betting record is the best in this city. Follow it.

          • Jim says:

            He completed 4 freaking passes for 65 yards and zero TDs! Time and time again? Lol Ok.

          • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

            True. You didn’t say the Royals stink. You said they suck.

            May 23rd article:
            “Both franchises have suffered the same fate since those World Championship seasons. ”

            “They suck.”

  5. CG says:


  6. Kerouac says:

    Another losing performance by a 4 to 7 win Chiefs team. Starting units critiqued, the offense has now scored 6 points total in two games, o vs CIN (with Charles) and 6 vs CAR (without him.)


    Offense/QBS: this won’t take long, befitting 16 points; take away the kickers 9, and it’s a 1 td tribute. Even said wasn’t all that: Murray looked good on one play vs the scrubs – ditto Kelce – emphasis vs scrubs. The illusion was shattered on Murray’s next series, when he looked like a 5th round rookie, throwing a bad INT; doesn’t appear especially accurate, and if he’s 6’0 feet tall then the Chiefs need a new tape measure. Smith ran hot & cold, Daniel is still a Dachshund in cleats & Bray is still tall; who wins the #2 and #3 QB spots is still a toss-up, my opine.

    OL: a Fisher of men he may/may not be, a proficient starting-caliber NFL LT he’s not, at this point. He is in bad company, though: none of KC’s starting five looks more than mediocre, individually or as a unit. Run Alex, run.

    TES: Kelce scored another td vs the scrubs, ballyhooed Harris once again was quiet & Fasano was once again Anthony. The Chiefs should (and perhaps will) use Kelce some at WR too… he isn’t really tight end size (listed 260, probably closer to 245) and runs more like a WR. He still needs to show he can produce vs more than backup players.

    WRS: Bowe knows he’s all they got, and so do the Chiefs… the rest are unremarkable. If KC could mix a Hemingway’s size with Avery’s speed and Hammond’s moves, they would have a legit #2; look toward the 2015 draft.

    RBS: Chiefs can lose with Davis & Gray just as easily as they lose with Charles… least they have depth, likely needed 2014 as Charles is one play away from his next knee, shoulder, ankle, etc. injury.


    Defense: Pro Bowlers left, Pro Bowlers right – everywhere you look, a pro bowler in sight: Hali, Johnson, Houston, Poe, Berry. That ballyhooed ‘Dog’ defensive front that comes flush with ready made QB sacks will be great; the Chiefs really did a fabulous job disguising it all game; perhaps we’ll get to see it next week (pacing themselves.)

    Ditto rookie over-hype Eric Fish- er, Dee Ford, who looked like a rowboat caught in a tidal wave. That training camp ballyhoo is starting to ring hollow. Oh sure, 0 sacks & 0 impact plays but made up for it via no tackling or coverage ability long pass completion a Carolina TE (he reminded me of DT vs the pass & run, if not the pass rush.)

    Sure glad we don’t miss Flowers (or Carr too, for that matter.) Parker, Smith, Cooper and Gaines – the whole gang was there last night, if not present…but we were missing Berry, who, had he played, would’ve won the game for us; he’s a superstar you know, multi-time Pro Bowler. One Chief who reminded me of deja vu: the S who was a day late & three steps slow in pass coverage, only an overthrown pass ruining the fantasy that it was Kendrick Lewis being beaten deep once again another td pass; upon closer scrutiny, it was Abdullah, the other starting Chiefs S, 2014, and Lewis backup in 2013 – yikes.

    K’S: Strain a groin, flip a coin, six of one & half a dozen the other. If roster $avings via excising a Succop or Daniel are part of the necessary equation, Cairo comes to Kansas City may become reality.

    KRS: Thomas be nimble, Thomas be fast, otherwise DeAnthony’s gonna get broken in half; fear it’s just a matter of when, not if… enjoy ‘Twiggy’ while you can.


    The rallying cry some quarters KC fandom, “we’re holding back, we weren’t going to show the opposition anything.”

    Mission accomplished.

    That only applies to the Chiefs course, according to the kool-aid drinkers. Embrace fantasy if it suspends your disbelief, but, reality is it’s gonna be a long, Long, LONG season… as in ‘wait till next year’ part 46, the ghosts of 1970 become 2015.

  7. CG says:

    We all want our teams to do well. I have been down on both our pro teams for several years, Chiefs/Royals. Why. I am old enough to remember when both organizations were tops. As of the last several decades that ended and badly. Just want to be a voice to remind our fan base all was not well and don’t be so fast to be taken for a ride by programs that were long time failures.

    As of now I see our Royals are finally on the right track. The owner did spend money on his team, the players are better, they are winning. I am glad, its been so long. Our fans deserve the post season and beyond.

    The Chiefs are not in that boat right now. I hope one day they will be. Hey being bad can’t last forever, can it. In the next few years the Chiefs, like the Royals, will find a few stand out players, build on that and become a contender. Right now they just don’t have those guys. They haven’t for years. I hate to pretend we do when we don’t. That’s all. Our days with the Chiefs being on top will come. I just know its not today.

  8. Kerouac says:

    “Our days with the Chiefs being on top will come. I just know its not today.”

    – the spirit bended if not broken, huh CG… ditto, Kerouac his now concave loyalty.

    There was a time, if a brief moment grand scheme of things, Chiefs ruled the world: Champions and trendsetters, both on as well off the field. Innovation the name their game – Stram’s grand schemes, embracing the concept of ability before player color, the smallest of ‘Supergnat’ to the greatest of Ladd, leg a then new fangled sidewinder Stenerud to that ‘foolish’ man imagined it, Hunt’ed it & finally delivered it, conception to fruition, 1970.

    And then it all fell apart, slowly or suddenly but just as surely… what happened?

    The descent seems to have coincided the time of the merger, the reasons debatable if few: complacency, egos, wear and tear to bodies grown old with time and $ among the culprits an inevitable fall our football Rome. Reality however, hype never matched the product on the field, any consistent way. Coulda been worse, course: could’ve been the 60’s Raiders, perhaps the finest pure collection of talent ever assembled and ‘the best team the AFL ever produced’ according expert’; ditto the Cowboys same: before they became ‘America’s Team’, they were Green Bay’s stepping stool, always a Packer foot in their way.

    Chiefs? Truth be, even halcyon days yesteryear results never matched expectation, the act never lived up the proposed script, as written. Probably as good an indicator any that fans were spoiled by way annual ‘promise’ players & pundits alike, another bill of goods the usual requiescat in pace, in lieu. Allegiance was never rewarded to a fitting degree, retrospect; Chiefs were always a contender, seldom Champion… their epitaph: masters the one-off.

    Even our finest hour, a run that encompassed defeating defending ‘World Champion’ Jets, followed by the Raiders & Vikings, it was more so tantamount the US Olympic Hockey team prevailing 1980, rather than akin the Packers nigh on perennial runs / assortment of Rings & Trophies, 1960’s.

    Now, half a century later come into view, an entire generation 40, 30 & 20 somethings as well teens/adolescents have never known what it’s like call their team, ‘Champions’; a Cubs fan would call a Chiefs same, ‘greedy’… perspective is everything.

  9. CG says:

    K you are a true KC Chiefs fan at heart.

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