Hearne: Does ‘Size Matter’ When it Comes to Stereotypes? Ask Jason Whitlock

18f47zeue0bkujpgHere’s a topic that’s always long on human interest…

Penis size.

While I was wrapping up a column about former Star scribe Jason Whitlock‘s failed recent attempt at courting mega controversy – the one about Canadians like KU one-and-doner Andrew Wiggins being lazy and unmotivated – I backtracked over Whitlock’s far more successful PR stunt two years back.

The one with former Knicks star Jeremy Lin.

By tweeting that Lin would be nailing “some lucky lady in NYC” with his shrimp cocktail sized Asian penis, Whitlock lifted his name out of the dustbin of life and drew fire from media of every size and stripe. He even garnered a demand for an apology from the Asian American Journalists Association.

So proud was Jason that he added it to his homegrown Wikipedia page.

Unfortunately his attempt at recreating the firestorm by dissing Wiggins and Canada in the midst of the LeBron James media frenzy was limited to a handful of sports blogs and some Canadian media. None of whom took his “critique” very seriously.

Ah but the Lin diss, that one was huge…no pun intended.

It got me thinking…

We live in a world where we all must carefully watch our every step.

In terms of political correctness, that is. Especially when dealing in racial or ethnic stereotypes. Even white dudes (like me) are keen to seize on and take offense at the use of words like “cracker,” if only in retaliation for the minefield they feel they must walk when dealing with African Americans, Latinos, Jews, women – you name it.

e5a359b7db1c4b6c9f7b226504d3fad67e0c7045e56e92b90cd3a5e0390bef36What’s good for the goose, right?

Deep down though, don’t we all secretly either know, wonder or suspect, that there may be grains of truth buried in some of those verboten stereotypes?

So I decided to look into Whitlock’s infamous inference about Asian men having small dicks, and lo and behold…

The most interesting “study” that I came across – revisited on the website 11 points.com came from research published in the scientific journal, Personality and Individual Differences.

Setting aside the more mundane aspects of the two-year old study, the key “difference” focussed on by 11 Points and Britain’s Daily Mail, had to do with penis size.

And you know, and far be it from me not to share it with you guys.

calmos-01-gGuess what? Whitlock may have had a point.

“A fairly controversial psychology professor out of Northern Ireland published a report where he analyzed penis sizes in 116 countries — based on other people’s studies and reported data, he wasn’t walking around Senegal with a tape measurer and an incredibly convincing shpiel — and drew some conclusions,” 11 Points columnist Sam Greenspan writes.” Some of what’s in the report is thought-provoking, some is borderline racist and some you just lightly skim so you can study the chart of penis size data.”

penis-sizeOkay, here we go:

“The 11 countries with the largest average penis size. Since it’s definitely the point that inspires the most curiosity I figured I’d lead with it. The 11 countries with the most endowed men are: The Congo (average of 7.06 inches erect)… Ecuador (7.0)… “Evil” Congo (6.82)… Ghana (6.81)… Colombia (6.7)… Venezuela (6.7)… Lebanon (6.62)… Cameroon (6.56)… Iceland (6.5)… Sudan (6.48)… and Jamaica (6.42).

“Yes, sub-Saharan Africa and northern South America are very well represented. And Iceland gets the ‘How the hell did they sneak in there?’ award.”

Which brings us to Whitlock’s Jeremy Lin slight:

images“The 11 countries with the smallest average penis size. And now, the other side. The 11 countries smallest in the pants are: North Korea (average 3.8 inches erect)… South Korea (3.8)… Cambodia (3.95)… Thailand (4.0)… India (4.03)… Taiwan (4.24)… Philippines (4.27)… Sri Lanka (4.29)… China (4.29)… Japan (4.3)… and Hong Kong (4.41). 

“Technically North Korea and South Korea tied at 3.8 but I gave last place to North Korea because, ya know, American media devil. Also, I assume North Korea’s study was heavily skewed because the average man had, like, a 3.5-inch penis then Kim Jong-Il brought the average up by reporting that his was 14,917 inches long.”

Getting down to the “meat” of the controversy, what Whitlock somewhat obviously was doing – aside from his favorite pastime of pimping readers – was cocking back as an ostensibly well-endowed black man and taking a shot at stereotypically undermanned Asians.

In other words for the most part – per the study – Jason appears to be on the right side of the big dick/small dick stereotype and study.

However, he was on far shakier ground in calling out Canadians for being lazy, since just about everybody who’s ever worked with or around Whitlock knows him to be one of the laziest sports media guys in the game.

Whitlock in thinner, strip clubier days

Whitlock in thinner, strip clubier days

Let’s take it a step further…

Because we Americans didn’t come out all that well in this dick measuring contest either…starting with, of all the countries, Canada.

“A poor U.S. showing This was not a good showing for the U.S., which came in 96th out of 116 countries with an average of 5.08 inches. That beat out Ireland, Romania and basically all of Asia — but lost to everyone from Canada (5.48) to France (5.33) to Iraq and Iran (both 5.73). On the plus side, at least I’m making all of them read this in good all-American inches instead of the centimeters of their beloved, logical metric system. We get 40 rods to a furlong and 5.08 inches to a penis and that’s how we like it.”

Click to see results of the study

Click to see results of the study

There you have it.

Whitlock half ass apologized for calling out Lin and Asians for being short hitters, even though it well may be true (and he probably really still believes it).

So while Jason may indeed be hung like a horse, who really cares?

How many hotties do you know that would be interested in unfurling all those fat layers to get to his goods? I wonder.

As for Whitlock’s contention about Canadians being slackers, I say, let he who is without similar sin cast the first stone. 

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11 Responses to Hearne: Does ‘Size Matter’ When it Comes to Stereotypes? Ask Jason Whitlock

  1. chuck says:

    Jason hasn’t seen his dick since High School unless it was in a mirror. He gets his shoes shined 4 times at the air port just to make sure. Jason should be more sypathetic to Asian sterotypes, after all, he has more chins than a Chinese phone book.

    Ok, I’ll stop.

    Seriously, the guy’s career may be back on track, but he has added 150 pounds since that picture with the strippers. He was on PTI all last week and if he isn’t 4 1/2 Bills then those are Amish skolars fu*kin up the Plaza. He is morbidly obese and a very sick guy. I guarantee ya he already has the “Sugars” and if he doesn’t drop some weight by choice, they will be sawing off his legs in a couple of years. Then he will lose some weight.

    My dick is so big, it has an elevator and a waiting room.

  2. rkcal says:

    Now that I know this, what do I do? I suppose this might go a long way towards explaining the U.S.’ fascination with big guns.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’d weigh in on this but I’ve outlived my dick.

  4. the dude says:

    I prefer to measure my gargantuan penis size in terms of chains and leagues.

  5. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck got on it early and took my line; I got nothin.
    Back to the beach….

  6. harley says:

    if they fired Stephen smith for his comments…the top black announcer for espn might
    be Jason. I think he’ll do fine. He is controversial but that cuts two ways.

    • Don Johnson or maybe Dick Feller sez says:

      “Harley, to get his medication adjusted, somebody from Kansas City had to drive down [to pick him up], so it’s about an hour and a half to drive him half an hour away to Butler, where he could talk to a doctor on a television screen,”

  7. Mysterious J says:

    Congrats on your first column focused on penis size since your breathless coverage of Tommy Morrison’s demise! I am sorry to learn that avoiding racism and misogyny is such a “minefield” for you.

  8. CG says:

    As someone who has been around many ladies in life. Yes size matters. Black men are in high demand these days as you can see. While many are average or just like the white guys many more are the big thing. Girls hear the stories and get interested. White guys can be just as big of course but less often.

    In the end getting girls off in bed comes in many ways. Having a big one sure helps, if you do. Being good in bed can also mean toys, what you say, your looks and build etc…it all adds up. But yeah men who are large and not so handsome do get more girls happy I think then guys who are ok looking but not large down there. It’s kinda like a girl with big boobs vs. a girl has little ones. Much is in the head..hah, hah, get it head. No, I mean what you think while doing it.

    Girls talk, their first question about a guy they are dating is … how big is his dick? Always is…then is he hot, rich, whats he do….etc..especially young girls.

    Women can get boob jobs, imagine if there was a safe way men could get penis jobs. Hey one day there will be. Not yet.

    I think sex for most couples runs its course in time. A year, two, three tops…then its other things, like do you get along? Can you stand to talk to each other, so on…in other words true love.

    Me I’m good at true love. I wish I was. My long term relationships are two or three years. I get bored. Even with beautiful women. Maybe they get bored too. Such is life. I’d be married if it all worked out. I’m single.

    • harley says:

      YOUR can’t handle the good ones glaze. they want someone intelligent/
      funny/playful n loving. All you want is the poontang and yes that gets
      old after 2 or 3 years.
      maybe try love…………….

  9. balbonis moleskine says:

    The key with all of this is simply to start measuring mid-taint

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