Sounds Good: Survivorman @ Czar, Turnpike Troubadours @ Crossroads KC

Holy shit, Motley Crue is at the Sprint Center this weekend?  Sorry, I’m too lazy to find the umlauts.

Anyway, the only silver lining is that after this tour, they have promised to stop.  That’s right, this is a “farewell tour.”  We can only hope.  I mean, are there really 20 some-odd-thousand people lining up to see a 55 year old dude in leather pants croak out Kickstart my Heart?

Denis Leary was right all along:

“Motley Crue would never fucking overdose man, never! You could put them in a room with two tons of crack. They come out a half an hour later, “Rock on man! ” Fuck, they’re still alive. Fuck! They’re probably gonna make another double-live album now, God dammit!”

See these shows instead, people…

Wednesday, July 30th

“Survivorman” Les Stroud at Czar Bar in KCSurvivorman In Concert

Okay, so this is kind of weird.  You’ve all seen the show Survivorman, right?  The one where the guy gets dropped off in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than a harmonica, a knife, and a couple of cameras to record it all?  Well, that dude is at the Czar Bar tonight, starting off his national tour.  I’m not really sure what he’s going to do, but I’m told that it’s going to be “an intimate night of music and lots of stories.”  The Czar Bar is listing the show as “Survivorman in Concert,” so… yeah.  And it’s like $25.  I bet he starts a fire with two sticks on the stage and drinks his own urine.  All part of the show, folks…


Friday, August 1st

Turnpike Troubadours at Crossroads KC

I saw these guys most recently at the Wakarusa Festival in Arkansas, and they put on one of the best shows of the whole damn deal.  Though they get labeled all the time as “red dirt,” that’s a little narrow in my opinion.  They’re a little more Americana than that, though some of the ripping fiddle solos might beg to differ.  Either way, the Troubadours’ blend of gritty lyrics and straight-forward arrangements won even me over – and I’m a guy that normally shies away from whatever Nashville is calling “country” these days.  Check out Whole Damn Town and get your whiskey face ready.
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8 Responses to Sounds Good: Survivorman @ Czar, Turnpike Troubadours @ Crossroads KC

  1. the dude says:

    I would pay $25 to watch Survivorman fight Bear Gryllis over a glass of piss.

  2. legendaryhog says:

    There is no way this is Motley Crue’s last tour. They make too much fucking money on these tours, which I don’t really get. Is there a single band out there with less musical talent that made as much money? KISS, maybe. They are equally as talent-less and have made a shitload. Or maybe the Crue tour will just keep going on forever.

  3. Paracelsus says:

    Good God. Look at Nikki Sixx in that picture. You tell me they haven’t propped him up Weekend at Bernie’s style and painted in his eyes.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    If anyone is being propped up, it’s Mick Mars. With his chronic case of ankylosing spondylitis, I don’t know how he walks upright. All that being said, the only truly talentless dickbag in that band is Vince Neil. Tommy Lee can really play, Mick Mars can really play. Nikki Sixx is just average as a bassist, but is a talented songwriter. Vince Neil, has NO redeeming talent. Can’t sing at all, and is fat and lazy.

  5. newbaum turk says:

    I would only go to the Crue show if it was free. Vince Neil is sooooo bad he ruins the show for me. Read his book. He hates the band and is only in it for the money. It shows in his pathetic performance.

  6. musicfan says:

    Not that you give a sh** what I think, but it’s great to see Turnpike Troubadours getting a mention here. Last year I saw them 5 times, more than any other band (out of 50+ total concerts). Friday’s show will be my sixth show of theirs this year and I already know I will be seeing them at least two more times before the end of 2014. They’ve been a favorite of mine since I first saw them at Knuckleheads almost four years ago–the songwriting and musicianship are both top-notch. It’s hard to choose the song(s) I like the best (there are so many good ones), but “Good Lord Lorrie” ranks right up there:

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