Whinery: Why I Must Defend Israel

Putin Views Russian Arms On Display At ExpoLet me get this out of the way…

I’m a Jew that has Zionist sympathies. I’m also a “recovering” Neocon.

In other words, I’m biased…just like a lot of you.

However, looking at the current mess in Israel – and applying a classic legal test – given the Palestinian’s refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist, what is there really to talk about that might prevent this carnage from taking place?

So I’m backing Israel in this conflict until further notice.

What’s really going to be funny here is when Israel cuts a deal with Russia.

Go back to the Oslo Accords – the 1993 “peace agreements” between the government of Israel and PLO – why didn’t Yasser Arafat buy into that deal? There would be two states by now.

The answer  is, because his FUNDING would have dried up if he’d cut a deal with the Jews.

So why shouldn’t the Jews kick ass and take names?

Glenn-beckNo one respects us and we’re always portrayed as the bad guys.

I don’t want to see innocent people die – who does? The Jews didn’t start this fight but by God we will finish it.

We are a people who – even if we deserve the scorn heaped upon us – deserve to EXIST. No people are bad enough to be exterminated.

The Jews are so isolated right now that our best allies are Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck and Vladimir Putin… With friends like this?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

Just let me tell you, we Jews love humanity and this planet’s plane of existence. However, we are killing “innocent” women and children and I weep! But what else can we do when our enemy wishes us extinct?

In the “Anglosphere” we live in, we’re oceans and miles away from our “adversaries,” yet our enemies can still take out our airports!

As an informal spokesperson for our people I say this; please allow us to exist…or none of us will.

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17 Responses to Whinery: Why I Must Defend Israel

  1. the dude says:

    No mention of illegal settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights? I agree that moderate Palestinians need to kick the radical terrorists out but Palestine has been beat down so much I don’t think they can at this point. When Stewart starts openly mocking Israel it does not look good PR-wise for them.

  2. Stomper says:

    Good effort counselor. There’s the passion your last piece was missing. It’s easy for us to sit on this side of the world and pass judgement but when your enemy, who has sworn to exterminate you and your family is a few streets over with a rocket launcher aimed at you, it’s a different ballgame. Yep, Israel has some dirty laundry here as well but when you’re in a street fight with life and death consequences, Marquis of Queensbury is on the back burner. I, too, am biased.

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    I back Israel. Israelis are not perfect but they have the most stable government in the Middle East. It’s not even a comparison between their the Israeli MO and the Hamas MO. Hamas breeds terror. Israel wants peace and wants more tourism from Jews, Christians and Muslims. Israel is tolerant.

  4. chuck says:

    That is all really nice fellas.

    I like it when we are all so thoughtful and civilized.

    Islamic fundementalists, on a cellular level, from cradle to grave are taught and steeped in hatred for the West and all things Occidental. The fact of the matter is Whinery, the only, the ONLY thing that 300 to 600 million of the world’s Muslims understand, is bloody fuc*in constraint. The idea that nations under threat within and without from the “Religion of Peace” can engage in useful dialogue that will lead to peace has been proven wrong for 1300 years. In 732 AD, if Charles Martel, on foot, facing superior numbers does not slaughter 90,000 Moors at Tours, the world is a different place. Very different. I read yesterday that the Turks are comparing the Israelis to Hitler. The Armenians, all 2 million of them starved and slaughtered in WWI might think that somewhat ironic. Those zany Turks.

    One more time, like Martel, ya gotta kill the goats, the camels, the families, burn the Mosques, see the movie, eat the ice cream, wear the T Shirt get in the mud and see the truth, or Israel will be no more. This conflict, this 1300 year conflict is not EVER going away. War is a terrible waste and I am sickened by our conflicts in Nam and Iraq. That said, the Iranians, a terrorist nation of 80 million governed by a theocracy are GOING to get a nuke. One more time, they are going to get a NUKE! They will use it. Bin Laden and his ilk through the years, have made no bones or pretense and insist that they love death and want to be martyrs.

    There will be war. Israel is not just important because of our alliance, she is the canary in teh coal mine. You know what that sound is? Thunder.

    Martel and his army, walked through the battlefield at the end, and killed every one of them.

      • Skip Coryell says:

        All over the world we’re seeing Muslims rioting, kidnapping students, torturing and killing Christians; it’s reached genocidal proportions. But yet, some of the more open-minded people reading this are appalled that I just questioned the integrity of Islam, the supreme religion of peace, born of the prophet Muhammad, peas be upon him. (I never could figure out why he liked peas so much.)

        Okay, America, can we just cut through all the crap for a minute and talk some sanity. Islam is not a religion of peace; it’s a cult perpetrated by a false prophet who was undoubtedly insane or demon- possessed. Take your pick.

        And now, some of you are thinking, “Oh no. Skip is asking for trouble now. A terrorist sleeper cell is coming to his house and will kill him without a doubt.”

        Really? Has it come to that? Have we, as Americans, come to the point where we’re afraid of desert nomads who raise goats and camels for a living? Okay, so they’ve got an AK-47. So what. I’ve got an AR-15, and a Glock, and a shotgun … lots of shotguns and pistols and rifles and crossbows. And I’ve got bullets up the wing-wang. I even reload my own. (And all my friends and relatives are like me.)

        Question: Why should I be afraid of Muslims while I live deep in the heart of America?
        Answer: Because Muslims also live deep in the heart of America. And more are crossing the southern border everyday.

        But wait, there’s more. Doesn’t America also have drug lords, mafia bosses, bank robbers, rapists, serial killers and, dare I say it … politicians, all living right amongst us deep in the heart of America?

        Sure. Of course we do, and all of us feel free to rail against them, pass judgment and demand justice. So why then are we silent when millions of Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims all over the world? The answer is this: We are cowards.

        Ironically enough, we’re not afraid of the Muslims; rather, we’re afraid of being called bigots. We’d rather die than be called a “bad person.” Now isn’t that the height of arrogance.

        Fellow Americans, it’s come to the point where we have to either crap or get off the pot. Or, in other words, “It’s come to Jesus time.” If we don’t return to our roots, to the courage that founded America, then it will eventually be too late.

  5. Nick says:

    Any person/peoples have an innate right to self-defence. Period.

  6. harley says:

    we can forgive ….we will never forget.
    take out hamas…the Saudi family who pays for this military experiment…
    take out all the terrorist organizations that scream for your extermination.
    its full blown war this time….we can sit and wait for another attacks
    in the future….take them out now.
    they don’t want totalk…theydont want peaceful coexistence…their
    mantra is simple…Israel can play patty cake with these terrorists….its time for
    action now….and if they don’t get the message….go fullblown to save the lives
    of the Israeli people,
    we can forgive…we can never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. artemmis says:

    Sweet 14 yr old Palestinian An Franq, hiding in a Gaza attic , enters into her diary —

    “Today the soldiers from israel murdered 16 of my classmates at school today —

    why are these people so hate-filled against us they murder little children?”

  8. KCMonarch says:

    A thousand years from now will mankind still be slaughtering one another over silly superstitious beliefs?

  9. harley says:

    what would your god say.
    if you are muslim….what would your god say about what is going on.
    catholic….what would your god say?
    jewish….what would your god say?
    they would be crying because this is not the way it’s supposed to be.

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