Jack Goes Confidential: ‘And So It Goes’ – Geriatric Dramedy Aiming for the Social Security Set

michaeldouglas_dianekeaton_andsoitgoesThe pickings have been slim for older audiences so far this year…

Sure we’ve had LAST VEGAS, CHEF and JERSEY BOYS, but nothing to match previous geriatric breakout hits like THE BUCKET LIST and THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL.

This weekend marks yet another attempt at super serving the Social Security crowd.

In director Rob Reiner’s new dramedy AND SO IT GOES, Michael Douglas plays a self centered, cynical former real estate hot shot, But now widowed, he unloads most of his upper crust holdings and moves into one of his own apartment units in Vermont.

His neighbor? Also widowed and now aspiring lounge singer Diane Keaton.

Irritation all the way around—coming especially from Douglas’ grumpy side.

That is until his estranged son suddenly shows up trying to drop off his young daughter before serving a drug related nine month jail term.

Of course Douglas had no idea that he even had a grand daughter and now tries desperately to get Keaton to help with the forced-upon-him parenting.

Do we see a romance in the making here? What do YOU think?

Hey, sparks still fly between these late-in-life lovers……

But with Rob Reiner in charge, one would have hoped for at least a touch of edginess. Unfortunately, no such luck.

What we get instead is a totally predictable helping of cinematic meat and potatoes.

and-so-it-goes-image-rob-reinerNot that the movie doesn’t have its engaging moments. And Douglas’ zingers throughout definitely make for some good laughs. Not to mention Rob Reiner’s cameo as Keaton’s back up piano man sporting an incredibly bad rug.

Is all of that enough to win over audiences en masse?

I don’t think so and don’t foresee much box office action during the theatrical window for this nice little elders love story. It may enjoy a better after life on VOD or DVD.

AND SO IT GOES, also featuring (the real) Frankie Valli, is new this weekend citywide—scoring a PG-13 rated C+

(Reviewed at AMC 30, Olathe)

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3 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘And So It Goes’ – Geriatric Dramedy Aiming for the Social Security Set

  1. the dude says:

    I fell asleep before I could finish rea

  2. chuck says:

    Diane Keaton is an unabashed and enthusiastic supporter of Woody Allen. The man married his daughter. Molested his children and probably first realized his attraction for his current wife (Did I mention that his wife is his daughter?) while changing her diapers. He molested his children. It is just so clubby out in TinZel Town. Lunch at Cleo’s, some paper napkins, a pencil and WOW! we gotta a HIT!

    Diane Keaton was so bad in the Godfather she almost ruined a masterpiece.

    • Woody is a great guy Chuck. Did you see my hologram at the American Billboard Music Awards? I am the most famous pederast since fuc*in Nero. I paid 34 million dollars to parents of children who slept in my bed at “Neverland” and I still get standing ovations.

      What a country!

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