Hearne: KCFX Backs into First in June Radio Ratings


KCFX personality Skid Roadie

It’s not so much that KCFX dethroned longtime ratings leader KFKF…

Nope, the trip to the top of the June radio ratings slag heap was based more on the decline of the local country station than the rise of KC’s classic rocker.

“KCFX didn’t climb in the ratings, it went down some,” says a  local radio insider. “But KFKF went down farther.”

It’s like this…

“That was the third straight month of declines for KFKF,” the source continues. “They went from an 8.8 share in March to a 7.3 share in April, a 6.9 share in May and now a 6.7 share in June. And in the holiday book last year they had an 11.4 share.”

KFKF's Dale Carter

KFKF’s Dale Carter

That said, Country is still king.

Because the total share of radio listeners for Kansas City’s three country music stations actually increased, albeit slightly

The bottom line:

“What it shows is that KFKF is slowly declining and the other two country stations in town Q104 and WDAF are gaining on them.”

Incidentally, KCFX has pretty much held steady from the Holiday Ratings Book last year, while KFKF has dropped more than 4 share points.

People sure must miss that Christmas music.

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9 Responses to Hearne: KCFX Backs into First in June Radio Ratings

  1. radio dude says:

    KCKC is the Christmas music station come early November.
    That is unless the new owners who happen to be Jewish put the kibash on what what normally be a no brainer move for an AC station.

    • admin says:

      They don’t need to put the kibosh on Christmas music, Radio Dude.

      Because in politically correct terms – and in actuality – is “Holiday music,” not Christmas music.

  2. the dude says:

    What is this radio thing? Is this some thing old people like Glazer listens to?

    • radio dude says:

      Dude….get with it. 91% of Americans continue to listen to radio each week, and it just isn’t old folks.

      • admin says:

        I second that.

        My 17 year-old daughters – one tragically hip, the other more “normal” – still want to listen to stations like The Vibe and The Buzz. Even though we have satellite radio with a far broader compliment of specific music that they like.

      • the dude says:

        Huh, so it is some old-timey Glazer thing after all.

  3. randyraley says:

    I think it’s Skid Roadie, but what do I know…

    • admin says:

      Ya got me!

      And I just ran into him the other night at Knuckleheads at the kickass English Beat show.

      Here’s a flashback I’ll share: a column I wrote about Skid bartering beer and pot to the neighborhood kid who mowed his lawn. Think it was spelled Roadie back then too. But as made up names go, who not open it up to creative interpretation?

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