Hearne: KCFX FM ‘The Fox’ Knocks Off KFKF for Top Spot in June Rankings

Slacker-Page1-400It’s that time of the month…

Radio ratings time, that is, and there’s plenty to digest as we prepare to suffer the cruel temps of July and August that we love so dearly.

So let’s take a look at the Nielsen ratings for June – Monday through Sunday, 6 am to midnight – for persons 12 and older. It’s the broadest and generally considered most accurate ratings measure, although advertisers tend to focus on specific audience demographics such as Men 18-34, Adults 25-54 and Women 18-49.

And for starters, for the first time this year, KFKF-FM as displaced as No. 1 in the marketplace by KCFX-FM.

Now on with the show…

original1)    KCFX 101.1 FM, Classic Rock, 6.7 share (6.9 May), Cume 460,200 listeners

2)    KFKF 94.1 FM, Country, 6.5 share (7.3 May),  Cume 327,000

2)    KPRS 103.3 FM, Urban, 6.5 share (6.7 May), Cume 341,600

4)    WDAF 106.5 FM, Country, 5.9 share (5.6 May), Cume 379,600

5)    KQRC, The Rock 98.9 FM, 5.5 share (5.9 May), Cume 317,200

6)    KBEQ  104.3 FM, Country, 5.4 share (5.2 May), Cume 385,200

7)    KCMO 94.9 FM, Oldies, 5.1 share (4.9 May), Cume 433,200

8)    KZPT, The Point 99.7 FM, Hot AC, 4.8 share (4.1 May), Cume 529,400

9)    KMXV Mix 93.3 FM, CHR (Hits), 4.7 SHARE (5.3 May), Cume 470,900

10)   KMJK Magic 107.3 FM, Urban AC, 4.3 share (4.1 May), Cume 201,300

11)   KRBZ The Buzz 96.5 FM, Modern Rock, 3.9 share (3.7 May), Cume 252,100

12)   KCHZ The Vibe 95.7 FM, CHR, 3.8 share (3.7 May), Cume 437,300

13)   KCSP/KCSP HD2 610 Sports, Sports, 3.6 share (2.9 May) 237,300

14)   KMBZ AM/FM  980 AM/98.1 FM, News Talk, 3.4 Share (3.6 May), 192,400

15)   KJNW 88.5 FM, Contemporary Christian, 3.2 share (4.1 May), Cume 167,700

16)   KCJK Jack 105.1 FM, Adult Hits, 2.7 share (3.0 May), Cume 289.300

17)   KCKC (Formerly Alice) 102.1 FM, AC, 2.5 share (3.1 May), Cume 323,100

18)   KCUR 89.3 FM, News Talk, 2.5 share (2.5 May), Cume 169,300

19)   KCMO/KCMO HD-2 710 AM, Talk, 1.1 share (1.0 May), Cume 69,100

20)   KANU 91.5 FM, Classical, 0.5 share (0.5 May), Cume 56,600

21)   KPRT 1590 AM, Gospel, 0.5 share (0.4 May), Cume 20,600

22)   KTBG The Bridge 90.9 FM , Triple A, 0.4 share (0.5 May), Cume 30,500

23)   KCMO HD-2, 102.5 FM, Sports, 0.3 share (0.3 May), Cume 29,700




I’ll get  to the analysis shortly, but hip hip hooray, The Bridge finally surfaced!

It didn’t surface by much, but even a teenth of a cup is better than no cup at all, right?

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12 Responses to Hearne: KCFX FM ‘The Fox’ Knocks Off KFKF for Top Spot in June Rankings

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Fabulous! Another story where we will be subjected to 10,000 word, repetitively redundant stream of unconsciousness Harley comments explaining how you and Radio Dude can’t find your ratings with both hands.
    In the words of that fabulous KC artist and YJ’s owner, Happy Sunday.

    • rkcal says:

      It’s really sad when we can all see his comment (spelling and grammar errors included) in our heads before he posts. I think that means he wins. Talk me down.

  2. Jess says:

    Wow, whoever thought that switching 102.5 from comedy to sports really hit it out of the park!

    • admin says:

      Comedy at 102.5 was a home run.

      I think it might have faded in time owing to the repetition and the fact that they couldn’t play the R-rated, bad words routines that are pretty much the main thing on most of the satellite comedy channels

  3. Hearne says:

    But 610’Sports needs all the help it can get

    • John Altevogt says:

      610 is ahead of KMBZ and they appear to be dropping in the ratings. What does that say for them?

    • Les Weatherford says:

      I listen to 610 only for the Royals and Josh Vernier, who is an excellent broadcaster. Those two kids whom 610 has on the afternon ought to grow up.

  4. radio dude says:

    KMBZ should be ashamed, embarrassed and totally distraught over this miserable performance. They are ranked 14th in 12+ and if you would include WHB and KLUV in this ranking (don’t show because they don’t buy Nielson report) they would drop another 2 rankings. They are even worse in cume persons ranking 16th.
    This poor performance has two of the best of market signals dedicated to trying to make it work. KMBZ 980 has the second best daytime signal on AM and 98.1 has a 100,000 full C flame thrower that is as good as any other FM in Kansas City, and this is the best they can do?
    To think that Entercom blew up KUDL to give us KMBZ on FM is a waste of a great signal.
    Has KMBZ ever ranked below 610 Sports? This could be the very first time and is possibly KMBZ’s worst performance ever, even when it was an AM only signal. Even with a great sales team dedicated to this property there is a limit to how many direct clients KMBZ can find if they have declining listener-ship.
    Elections and Winter storms can’t come soon enough for what once was a leading Kansas City station .

  5. the dude says:

    What is this radio thing? Is it something you old people listen to?

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