Mancow: Calling Out Bogus ‘Pink Floyd’ Album & Setting the Record Straight on Jimmy Page and The Kinks

Pink Floyd publicity shot

Pink Floyd The way they were


What’s this about a new Pink Floyd album? Their first new album in 20-years entitled “Endless River” slated for an October release.

HOW DISRESPECTFUL is this rubbish!!!

Last I checked, vile anti-Semite Roger Waters is no longer in the band and Richard Wright and Syd Barrett are dead. If these are leftovers from The Division Bell sessions, then just make them a The Division Bell special-edition release.

In my opinion, the Pink Floyd heyday was Atom Heart Mother through The Wall, and those were mainly gestated by Waters.

The two Gilmour- led Floyd albums were conceptually dehydrated and littered with Hallmark greeting card lyrics.

He should have put them out as solo albums.

The tours/concerts sure were fun tho’ despite the three remaining members hitting their strobe light cues while looking like well-fed bankers.


Jimmy Page Never a Kink

In other music news…

The Kinks are refuting a new BBC Radio 2 documentary that once again alleges the myth that Led Zepplin‘s Jimmy Page played the distinct guitar tone solos on their 1964 hit, “You Really Got Me.”

My pal Dave Davies says: “BBC tells lies about the Kinks in their new documentary. I, Dave Davies, invented the distorted guitar sound and played the solo on ‘You Really Got Me’ and Ray Davies played rhythm guitar. We never used ANY other guitarists on any Kinks hits.”

So there…
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11 Responses to Mancow: Calling Out Bogus ‘Pink Floyd’ Album & Setting the Record Straight on Jimmy Page and The Kinks

  1. Bob says:

    Fascinating post, Mancow. It is evident you put a lot of effort into it.

  2. Libertarian says:

    Actually boycalf, from ‘Obscured by Clouds’ on back is the really good Floyd material, in particular ‘Umma Gumma’.

    Dark Side on forward was commercial overkill.

    But hey-you’re the “DJ”.

    • mike t. says:

      I like Ummagumma through Dark Side, with some highlights from The Wall and Division Bell. but we’re really talking about three distinct periods after all. Piper at the Gates… and Saucerful of Secrets, then Ummagumma through Obscured by Clouds, the Dark Side and on.

      the remaining members can call it a new album if they want. I don’t mind. it’s like when the three remaining Beatles and Jeff Lynne took Lennon’s “Free as a Bird” and called it a new Beatles song after some massive work on it.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Jimmy Paige was too busy kidnapping that 14-year-old girl and having sex with her.

    • admin says:

      I missed that one Orphan…

      In case anybody else did, here’s what Rolling Stone had to say about it:

      “THE BACKSTORY: Lori Maddox was a part of the Los Angeles groupie scene beginning in the early 1970s. According to Maddox, Page became infatuated with her and had a roadie bring Maddox up to his suite at the L.A. Hyatt House. “[He was] wearing this hat over his eyes and holding a cane,” she remembered. “He looked just like a gangster. It was magnificent.” The pair went on to have a torrid affair over the next few years.

      THE TRUTH: Maddox was, amazingly, just 14 when she met Page, though Page did what he could to keep the relationship hidden. Even in the swingin’ Seventies this kind of thing could put you in jail. But with no TMZ or Us Weekly, Page got away with it. He eventually dumped Maddox for the of-legal-age Bebe Buell.”

  4. rkcal says:

    Well, that’s settled then. Whew.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:
    • chuck says:

      Kinda interesting Orphan.

      Seems to me, that Michael Jackson, the pederast scum who created an army of catamites and paid 34 million in hush money to their parents might warrant a mention, especially after he spent all that money trying to look white. But maybe the mention of such a great man in the company of guys who are mean to their wives and have unpopular political beliefs wouldn’t fit the narrative.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        chuck, I have many of the same feelings on MJ. I also wonder how much Joe’s physical and mental abuse pushed the kid over the edge?

        And don’t forget Rosie O’Donnell killing and endangered hammerhead shark just for the thrill of it.

        And probably the dirtiest of all the pond scum, Rock Hudson. Who gets a day full of movies on TCM.

        When the myth becomes legend, print the legend.

        • chuck says:

          Michael Jackson was the nastiest faux music genius in history right down to his white skin and Lee Marvin nose. When he looked in the mirror, he saw the fully formed golden calf who would be worshipped by the chickens unto death.

          The only thing that would have made the standing ovation his hologram recieved at the Billboard Music Awards any more appropriate, would have been the camera panning that crowd in Woody Allen masks.

  6. PB says:

    Mancow’s posts almost make me appreciate Glazer’s stuff.

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