Hearne: Stanford’s to Swing for the Fences in Overland Park

Screen-Shot-2012-11-21-at-12.40.42-PMWhat to expect late next month when Stanford & Sons returns to the big city?

Quite a bit, actually, starting with real food!

“Stanford’s will be a great lead in for what Shawn McClenny’s doing next-door at Fuel and Kanza Hall,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “And we’re going to bring our restaurant food service back. Phase one will be the comedy club and restaurant. Phase two will be our late night drinking and club scene which will happen sometime this fall.”

chris tuckerWhen the comedy starts in next month, “Stanford’s plans to open with hot and big name comics,”Glazer says. “Like my dear friend TJ Miller, Dave Coulier, Carlos Mencia, Pauly Shore and Bobcat. Even Chris Tucker has volunteered to come in. It should be an exciting thing for Rosana Square.”

The $64 million question:

With construction well underway – but subject to unforeseen delays – whether to maybe open Labor Day weekend August 29th and risk people being out of town or tied up with family get-togethers. Or to delay into the first week of September.

That is the question.

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28 Responses to Hearne: Stanford’s to Swing for the Fences in Overland Park

  1. Greedo says:

    Why are there 3 posts on this blog’s front page about or related to Craig Glazer?

    That’s a bit of overkill.

  2. Mr White says:

    That’s the ugliest stripper Glazier has dated yet..But at least she loves Jesus

    • CG says:

      WTF. My girlfriend is THE lead dancer at Whispers and a true beauty. I don’t get the Jesus Ref…but…I’ve been with her 7 plus months. Her stage name is Jazmine, that’s not her real name. I am crazy about her and I feel she is about me. Dating a dancer is always a problem but we are working towards her leaving that biz soon. This 28 year old gal is a real good girlfriend thus far. All I can tell ya.

      • rkcal says:

        uh, Glaze…….he was making a joke about the Chris Tucker pic with the article. You’re turning into a straight man.

      • the dude says:

        Glazer- take this to heart.
        Once a stripper/whooa/porn star, always a stripper/whooa/porn star.
        You can’t change these types no matter what you do.
        You will never have enough money or be able to fix what daddy done broke in the first place to precipitate the problems that led them to do what they do.

        The same applies to politicians, used car salesmen, lawyers and comedians. They are broken people, do not attempt to fix them.

        Run far, far away while you can.

      • harley says:

        she got any friends? I’ve got a huge house…and my girl
        got mad at me tonight cause I burned the lasagna.
        I too love all the woman…its just theres only one whocan take
        care of me day in and day out.
        glaze…someday you’ll find her and when you do…she’ll
        turn your life upside down..
        luv ya….was at zoes place and saw your new location…all I can

  3. CG says:

    As for Hearne giving us several stories…I see your point. Hearne has a habbit of staying with stories he likes or people he likes for a bit. Hearne has always been a strong fan of comedy and most entertainment in this town.
    Hearne wants Comedy back in the ‘city’ so to speak. Improv and Stanfords were out quite a bit from the mainstream on KC. So he is happy to see us back in the fold so to speak. Hearne also likes Shawn and his long term success at Fuel and all his other night clubs at Rosanna Square. He is the only bigtime nightclub success in Area. Shawn is like a bigtime Westport or P and L hot spot without the rest of the noise and clubs around him. I think we will make a good team out there. Us early and him later…
    Hearne is now kinda old guard as am I…he likes entertainment that has a long history in our city…ala Kellys’, Nigro’s places,Shawn’s,Stuart Solemans clubs, and a hanful of others..there aren’t many. Stanfords has been in KC now 40 years. Damn. If the walls could talk.

    Hey my cousin Shane ain’t no slouch when it comes to night spots..his Cashew has been a hit for nearly two decades now.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Forty years is ten-lifetimes in the entertainment business. As much as I bust your chops at times it is an accomplishment and a cause for pride.

      And today comedy is twice as tough. With the internet the good comics are there anytime you want to hear them.

      Hearne’s got space to fill and as much as I try to help, I’ve only had one article he’s used. So he kind rides you hard and puts you away wet to use a sports metaphor.

    • harley says:

      glaze this article you just wrote is so phony its hilarious!
      I luve ya dude but you are out of your league in joco.
      mostof the plaes that open will never equal what sullivans did
      for the first 2 years…
      we wish youluck but you better do some researchbefor makingsome
      really stretchy comments.
      we have numbers and you’re getting a little over whelmed with your
      still you will do well…I predictied this over a year ago to you.
      listen to Harley…he knows what you need to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry says:

    I really enjoyed this thread on Reddit about Stanford’s. It was pretty informative.

    – “What is with this place? The owner is a clown. The last time I went there to watch a show, that dumb fuck stood on stage for 15 minutes talking about random bull shit and trying to coordinate where people sat. I love comedy, but the owner of this place ruins the experience.”

    – “I went to Stanford’s to see whitest kids last year or maybe earlier this year? Anyway, we sit in the ‘VIP’ section and he sits right behind us trying to get these women to drink and they’re insistent that they don’t want to. When they refused he just walked to the bar and got six drinks for the two of them and said pick one. And he talked through the whole show. He’s a real jackass.”

    – “I went to school with him, and remember it well. We were in several classes together, and a couple study groups. It was obvious to everyone there was something wrong with him way back then. Starts with the letter “P”. Even the teachers were creeped out. When he went full loon in his 20’s no one was surprised, and we all figured he’d be dead before much longer. We were wrong about the last part, but the rest I think we had figured out.”

    You could move to Hollywood and Vine, Craig, but if your venue’s customer service sucks, and people are complaining you’re the main cause of it, why don’t you get the message?

    • harley says:

      sound like all these comments from redditt are pure b.s….
      most comments in those things are put up by competitors or losers. nice try…
      the guy who remembers him from school…come on …that’s pretty bad one to try to use to prove a point.
      go there yourself and tell us your experience. I’ve been there…its great and now that food is coming back evenbetter things to come.

    • CG says:

      I know that’s why I’ve been doing this four decades, I suck…p.s. I was damn funny even Eddie said,” you should have been a standup comic”…I know its too late now…

    • CG says:

      These hater/troll comments are so stupid no need to comment. Lets make up some more b.s. High school really, funny as I remember it I was popular with many friends. Just not you pal. As for sitting behind some girls during Whittest Kids You Know and doing all that, never happened, the 15 minutes on stage, I do that many times, called ‘stand up comedy’ as I remember that night, got lots of laughs…maybe I’m just crazy though, huh. Hey that’s the nature of comments. Like “Lebron James” sucks. Yeah, right.

  5. artemmis says:

    so..after getting evicted from a WyCo outlet mall..

    they’re gonna try AGAIN at a Metcalf strip-mall?

    thought they already bombed there once..

    • the dude says:

      Well artemis, you know the definition of insanity.
      Keep trying the same old thing expecting different outcomes.

    • CG says:

      Really, evicted huh..I see..we did over 8 years at all our spots…the one at Hooters did well for 9, we just felt moving was in our best interest…so if our 40 years fell short…well sorry about that.

    • CG says:

      Hater you know that’s not true. But be the troll you are.

  6. Richard Cranium says:

    Just a question, but didn’t a “Stanfords” fail just 20 blocks north of where he’s planning on putting in a “new” comedy club? If a club fails so often it needs to hop all over various cities to find an audience, perhaps there’s a recurring issue. Perhaps it’s the proprietor’s lack of ability to successfully run and sustain a viable business. As I’ve said before, failure breeds failure. Good luck with all that…….

    • CG says:

      Uh no/ none of my clubs ever failed. Well Johnny Dares did last the one year but we all know that was the ‘westport’ fall back in the day, still that one I have to take responsibility for not working in the end. Wrong spot at the time. My brother and I have had winners in every location. Westport Stanfords we ran without our dad from 1990 til 2004. Before that we all ran it from 1975 on..30 years. Hooters from 1999 til we moved in 07 to Legends. We were offered a nice deal to move, our lease was coming up so we completed it and moved in 07. Legends lease ran out, 5 years in 2011. We did 3 more one year deals. We felt it was time to move back to the city to increase our numbers. Most clubs last just a few years. Jeff and I have had 3 that were all around 10 plus. All could have continued we just found it time to move.

  7. harley says:

    arty/cranium….so what should they do.
    close up?
    what have you done lately?
    wish them luck…and besides they were on the way backside of a small
    center with no frontage signage…and I saw some shows there and
    it was packed….but it definitely was not the venue for a comedy club.
    take your negativitiy to tkc….and if you got some money…I’m willing
    to take glaze even money to bea big hit.
    stop the b.s….different area…different setup….get some facts right please!!!!!!!!!

  8. harley says:

    there was somefrontge signage but hard…very hard to see…
    when I say frontage signage I mean street level/visible/readily seen…not
    a sign 100feet in the air aboe hooters!

    • CG says:

      Its coming we are still building. Sign likely goes up this week, and the center will have our signs on Metcalf. When we open still a month plus away. That’s all.

  9. bschloz says:

    Never forget seeing Cable Guy at Hooters location. Also saw Tosh there.
    I think I have couple of Business cards from 10 years ago that have handwritten note on back that says Valid for any show. Might try and exchange for TJ.
    Congrats… bring in the talent and you are going to kill it.!

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