Whinery: Simple Solutions, A 4th of July Primer for All That Ails

steve-jobs-simple-2I offer this as a Public Service Announcement –  and not just to toot my own horn – however I do know a little bit about the “Operation of Government”…

Having a Bachelors in Political Science, Masters in Public Administration (with emphasis Public management) and – the biggest MISTAKE OF MY LIFE – a law degree, I can tell you that running a country is not rocket science. However in the Estados Unidos we are running an EMPIRE, which is an untenable situation.

Fortunately there are some SIMPLE SOLUTIONS to what plagues us as a nation.

1.  Obamacare – Have it EXCLUSIVELY cover the uninsured and those who cannot afford coverage – that was tough, I know – and the rest of the population covered by their employers, unions and otherwise. Leave well enough alone.

2.   The Poor–  HELP THEM! Stop spending trillions- with a capital “T” on blowing up other people and their countries. There’s a novel concept, I know.  Wars are unwinnable and stupid. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll have pretty much guaranteed that our “culture” – to use the term loosely – will Lord over everything..

The_Po_Folks-370x2393.  The Wars – JUST STOP!

4.  Public School– Focus on the 3 “Rs”… Readin’, rioting and arithmetic. I don’t care if Tina has two Dads and neither should you! Common Core/ Common Crap… whats the difference. We  are a country of differences… deal with it!

5.   The Drug War –  STOP throwing junkies in prison if they haven’t harmed anyone but themselves.  Addiction is a public health issue where “hard drugs” are concerned. Marijuana is safer than alcohol and cigarettes. Next!

6.  Student Loans – Design a program where those of us who help the “poor and unfortunate” can work off our debts that way. Then maybe we can afford to buy houses, get married and have kids and become part of the bedrock of society.

hecka7.  Governmental Surveillance – A refresher course for those who take oaths to protect and defend the constitution in the form of the text of the 4th Amendment of the BILL OF RIGHTS.

“The RIGHT of the PEOPLE to be secure in their persons, houses and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath of affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or place to be searched.”

Brought to you, by the way, by the OLD, DEAD, WHITE GUYS- who knew what they were talking about.

8.  The Environment – Think about the future, asshole. Yeah, I’m talking to you Monsanto! Food, water and air are sacrosanct, so leave them alone.

Screen-Shot-2013-09-26-at-2.37.29-PM9.   Male/Female relations. Women;  allow men to be nice to you. Men;  women are more than a life support system for a vagina and boobs! Try talking to each other again. There’s more to life than “texting, drinking and screwing.” It would be so nice to pick a girl up for a date again and get to know them before getting mired in the “Penthouse Forum Letters” section.

10)   Immigration – Learn to speak English and watch the NFL. Bam! You’re an American

That’s it, I’m done. Happy 4th of July in the “Land of the Slave”

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12 Responses to Whinery: Simple Solutions, A 4th of July Primer for All That Ails

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    DSW…….Good stuff! So simple and yet……….so hard. Maddening.

    I have one more for your list of simple solutions. Do you know anybody, and I mean anybody, that doesn’t constantly bitch and moan about politicians? No? Me either. Well here’s a thought: STOP voting for them over and over again!

    My personal policy is that I never, ever vote for an incumbent. Sure, might cost you one or two good ones, but the overall effect of NOT having career politicians and political family dynasties far outweighs anything else.

  2. mike t. says:

    ah, were it only that simple. were it only that simple….

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Solid advice.

    Those old, white guys had different beliefs, agendas and religions. But they worked together to bring forth this great experiment in representative democracy.

    One of my forefathers sat at that table in the hot June of 1776. Brought Jefferson along too. Later he left the US after the Whiskey Rebellion, only returning to give Washington’s eulogy.

    They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, something no politician I see today could hold a candle.

    Cue Danny O’Keefe, So Long, Harry Turman

    These are strange times we live in
    Hard games we play
    Wager very carefully
    And play’em as they lay

    But don’t play no cards ain’t in your hand
    So long Harry Truman
    Goddamn it’s hard to find an honest man

    • Semi-selfish Libertarian says:

      Our forefathers drafted one hell of a constitution.

      Everybody have a safe and happy 4th!

  4. mike t. says:

    “They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, something no politician I see today could hold a candle.”

    man, ain’t THAT the truth, orphan.

  5. harley says:

    oviously all of you have never ha t0 make adecision that would affect If not the world…but thren millions of people.
    Mr. whiney…your solutions areat
    imple…easy to follow….Leo like connections that intodays environment would never
    work nor would they even be considered in todays toxic political world..
    1. that is what obamacare does. It howevers moves Medicaid patients who ae
    bankruptcying the medical system to a government system that according to the
    ama save the nation billions of dollars. zNo more hospital room visits and overpriced
    specialists who charge the government million more so they can still make
    million with the government cutting payments for unneeded surgeries and tests.
    50 million uninsured….we had a answer…but the repub statew stood in the
    way of fight the law. The states that did found huge savings and better care.
    Mo/ks. …both now in serious financial straights had thd rights to
    take gov. money to move those people…they refused. Take a map of the
    povery nd low mortalityvrates in America and exclusively they are repub.
    states…any correclation here mr whiney? The program undoubtedly needs
    work…aways did but it worked in mass..why not in America? because the
    repubs were so bent on not giving credit to obaama for a new program that
    started the way to a better health system that they forgot their own poor
    and uninsured constituents.
    2.the pooor….of course it hasen’t worked…we needed to move our
    resources to the problem at hand…and no president including many repubs
    didn’t. The problem begins at home…point blank. Develop a nationa l proram
    to teach American kdis…but eve problems we see…no other nation in the world
    has turned out more doctors/scientists/math teachers/inventors…no other nation
    ahsv developed morev positivie items for he world from computers to software…to
    satellites to new medicines than students of the u.s. school systems. It needs work
    but it was not the government to blame ..it was society that failed our kids…
    still the smartest…most innovate and brilliant in the world…andwe still bitch
    about where and what they’vedone.
    3.stop the wars…stop our leaders like chaney and bush from lying into wars..
    precute them…jail them…execute them for the thousands of deaths and injuries
    theyinfliceed…that getridof wars…speakto each other…solve problems..feed
    the hungry…grow the world…but no wars…and it was have one…prosecute and
    jail and hand those responsible..that will end all wars.
    4;drug war: simple…legalize pot…enforeit…tax it…no kids…but keep the
    other drug illeal…meth/haroin…etc…they destroy lives…surge into the
    countris and areas of the contry and clean out the ources…eliminate that
    Mexican suppy…we havev 500000 solders at arms to taem….go get them..desroy
    their operations and wreak havor on them…all within one week/11111
    5.environment: solve this fast witheconomic sactions…pollute anv pay///the
    last thing we give our kids and its geing ruined. you destroy out land…our
    animals…our nature…you pay and pay bg….no more cheeerleadervkillin
    extinct animals….it hursts their pocket…
    6.Immigration: the corps in u.s. need cheap laer and its not here now.
    follow the laws in allowing them in. guard the borders with national
    guards…give amnesy to those heare to collect thei social secrutyand
    wages withhodlings worth 30 billion a year….give them the chance our
    grnd partents had…lets them became part of America…but don’t
    lets them sit in limbo. Our families dreamed of America…so do these
    people…using existing laws and oferely acceptane leet tham in to ameica.
    but enforce the alws we have on hand now.
    Make they pay their fai r share…no tax braks or subsidies..so special
    kcicbacks…end citizens united…fair treatement for men and women.
    We all love this nation and it an be healted easily with common sense
    and the pride that we’re all in this together.
    whenerys idears are not different…they’re common sense…and it someone
    would enact them we solve these prolbles very easily.
    We all love this nation with all her faults and problems…we can sit and
    come to a conclusions to solve thes problems with common sense.
    But the politicians with their money grabbing/power grabbing ideas won’t
    let us…because it americans ever sat dwon an decided to fined true answer
    to all that ails us..we wold through each and every one of these politicians
    out of office.
    They have taken us for a ride. They have cheated us. Both sides…and all we
    get is the shaft on all the important issues that divide this nation.
    Its time for the people to revolt and say ‘this land is my land amd te;; the
    politicians that we want answers…we want them to solve thes4e problems and
    we want them solvecthem now…NOT LATER…without the poilitcs and the
    hate and anger that they so easly create for all o us.
    god bless America…the greatest nations every created!!!!!!!

  6. GT says:

    Well it took half a lifetime to “come around” for some of us. Let’s hope this next generation is not as hard headed. “Viva la revolucion.”

  7. Stephen Pack says:

    “the rest of the population covered by their employers, unions and otherwise. Leave well enough alone.”

    The millions of full-time workers who have over recent years faced at best stagnant wages and annual 10% increases in insurance premiums plus expanded cost sharing would object to that unsustainable path being considered “well enough.”

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