Glazer: Dear Diary, Adios Legends, KCK — I’m Out of Here!

Craig Glazer & Club Closing headliner Eddie Ifft

Craig Glazer & Club Closing headliner Eddie Ifft

I brought my brother Jeff and some of the staff on stage Saturday night to say goodbye…

It was kinda sad. Stanford & Sons at The Legends was a nice place in a poor location. The crowds were decent Saturday for our final shows. Hey, even TJ Miller the co star of Transformers and HBO’s Silicon Valley took time out to send me a congrats on moving email, and said that he “will’ come in and do the new club late summer.”

That was really nice of him. He also told me he’s loaded with offers on most everything from TV to commercials to movies – he’s on overload – must be nice. and that T4 has grossed $100 million already, that helps his career for sure and even helps Mark Wahlberg – they all like those big money hits.

15251856-standardI was very tired Saturday night, so I left halfway through the last show.

We’re packing up today and moving everything to 119th and Metcalf at Rosana Square. Of course most of what will be there in the end will be new things that we buy.

I just hope we can get it all done in the next six to seven weeks. I believe we can.



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24 Responses to Glazer: Dear Diary, Adios Legends, KCK — I’m Out of Here!

  1. jimmy says:

    I am not seeing Transformers but I am glad TJ Miller is doing well. I have kind of accidentally followed his career since I first saw him in She’s Out of Your League. He just keeps popping up in movies and shows. When I first saw him he seemed like a pretty bad actor but somehow had good comedic timing. He grew on me in Our Idiot Brother and Extract but he absolutely kills it in Silicon Valley. He has the perfect balance between stoner idiot and software developer genius. It’s good to know he is doing well and growing as an actor.

  2. harley says:

    mazel tov….la haim….best of luck.
    I know I get on you about subjects…but I’ve always admired your
    spirit…never say die. You’re the best p.r. guy ever!!!!
    despite all the things you’ve been thru…you’re still rolling!!!
    Was out south Friday night on 135…kind of quiet…but anyone can
    see this move is a stellar move on your part.
    was invited to woodside on Saturday…but it rained…so I got a rain check.
    anxious to see your new place…it will be a grand slam because theres so
    many people out here looking for entertainment.
    good luck….
    your secret fan and friend
    b and r are smiling!!!!!!!!

  3. SteelyDanMan says:

    TJ Miller is hilarious; a rising comedic star in my book. Tell us the exact date, Glaze. I’ll be there.

  4. bschloz says:

    Congrats Craig!… Welcome back to JOCO. Got the feeling you are going to do real well at 119th Metcalf. I’ll be looking for that black sports car next to the Hobby Lobby!

  5. CG says:

    Thanks you guys. I appreciate the kind words and will also pass along to TJ how much he is liked in KC. One of his parents is from this area, the other from Denver where he was raised. He was not only close with me but my little brother Jack. When Jack was killed two plus years ago, boy time flies, TJ flew in on his own dime to do a memorial show for Jack. Quite a guy and a good friend.

    I hope OP will do great, these next few weeks will be a bitch getting her ready, but I know we’ll get there. The toughest part is what to serve in the kitchen/restaurant…we have not had a full menu since 2002 in Westport…food service is always a tough the end I think it will all work out. Wish I could push a button and make it September 25th, knowing we will be open before then and all is well, but I can’t.

    Its been a long road in comedy, since 1980…Stanfords opened as a hot new restaurant bar in 1975. Wow. 40 years. I was a young, young man then. Boy the stories, the people I met, the ups and downs, its a wonderful tale of life itself that in a way fits us all.

    I think this will be end game in KC. I think..we are working with Dan Lowe of Red Legacy to open a comedy club/restaruant/night club in the Virgin Islands with him in 2015. He is building a large Legends type area on the water where the ships come in…tourist ships..captive audience, sounds dreamy.

    • harley says:

      one thing glaze…those cruise tourists are only on shore til 5 pm then they’re
      gone. As long as you can get the other visitors/residents on the islands
      you can do good. But remember…they probably have a different type
      of humor since many are not from u.s.
      anyway good luck.
      Only thing you must have…without a doubt is the flower pot bread and
      the incredible butter. by the way who’s your chef?…shawn used to have
      some exceptional chefs at his place.

      • CG says:

        Harley some good points. For most cruise ships the shows will be in the daytime like one at noon and one at 2, 90 minute shows, so they have time to get back to ships. Some stay over night, it varies. The locals, which are now 90,000 strong are mostly English speaking and many are Americans. But their are other tourists who stay there for the weekend or week as well.

        As far as menu at new Stanfords, in progress, we are interviewing several young food guru’s to see which is best. If someone has a great food guru or manager have them call us at 913 400 7500 our ears are open. All else there is pretty much things we have designed and are ready to finish.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, I’m sure you know this cause you’re far closer to it than I, but last time I talked to Naster, all he’s doing now is the cruise ship circuit and loves it!

    • CG says:

      Yes he did his last ‘club’ show for his career with us last year..where he started to doing stand up in 1980, well at Stanfords in Westport, 35 years ago. Dave was the one who talked us into doing stand up in Westport on Sunday nights to get comedy started in KC…good guy, very funny…he would have been a big name star had luck fallen his way sooner, but he did well. I wish him the best. He is fine.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Chelle and I came with him and Nancy, his girlfriend at the time, to his annual “Thanksgiving” show he did for you several years ago. I was helping Nancy get a business off the ground and met him through her. He’s just a genuinely nice guy.

  7. jed says:

    even though harley rambles on and on i have to agree with him on u being the best pr guy. u even have a couple mensch qualitys but arent a true mensch.

  8. Goose13 says:

    CG, this may sound crazy, because I have no clue about kitchens, but you have a culinary school right down the street at JCCC. Just an idea. Don’t know if it is a good idea though. Just wanted to throw it out there. They might give you a direction on where to find someone.

    • CG says:

      Goose that is a ‘great idea’ … Jeff and I did the old Stanfords menu…and it had the flower pot bread, but that takes a lot of new equiptment..we’ll see…right now they are demoing building inside so we won’t start the ‘bling’ til week after next…

  9. Jack Hanrahan says:

    Craig, good luck on the new location! Bet you and Jeff will have a big winner there. You guys know how to run your comedy venues far better than the national comedy club chains. That’s a given and you guys should get more credit for that. I’m a fan of Shawn and what he has done out there at Rosanna so far to adjust to the market as it always evolves. Having Stanford’s join the lineup there is a smart move for all.
    JO Co closes up “shop” pretty early on most weeknights so getting everybody out by 11 pm should work well. Goose 13’s idea about JCCC culinary is dead on….I’ve used JCCC grads and interns at my venues and always felt like I got a great deal on the talent and the critical “attitude” key. Please give your Father my very best regards. Stan Glazer should have been our Mayor along the way…. See you at Grand Opening! Cordially, Jack

  10. harley says:

    haren….your censored my story abot tye hisorry of Westport and the companies
    dwn there…wy….it had more relevant information about the once great
    area we call Westport…w hyicensor it…why trty to hid the truth about
    what it one was??????????????????????????????/ yousaid you never
    censored the stories….you are a lair…put it back on…it will prvoe
    that Harley knows this city better than anyone…maybe that’s what you’re
    afraid of…Harley knows all…..print it…nothing weong with it…if there
    is send it back and Harley will make it right….y

  11. harley says:

    every comment I write in perfect correct…wny censored my work…let the
    people read of Harleys knowledge…I was youngbut I know what the
    story was…..let it ride haeanre.

  12. mark smith says:

    you need a Dick Tracy decoder ring to read one of Harley’s comments.

    • CG says:

      Yep same response last year to cover story on me and my Hollywood career. Hey there are trolls and haters everywhere. Less so here now that Hearne has a better handle on incoming comments. When I write for Tonyskansascity I get those same few guys doing the same thing. We have Chris Tucker in and they call him out as a nobody…what can I say. Same b.s. a different day with them. My favorite hater comment..”you were at Legends” … yeah not much media on that one over the last decade huh. I rest my case.

      • harley says:

        do not screw with out M.O.T…..ever again!

        • harley says:

          for those unfamiliar with m o t….that’s member of the tribe….we’re sick of the hateful/moronic/lies you
          put out.
          we have head all the b.s…we’re not goig to allow it any
          more…get ready….wevprotect our own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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