Paul Wilson: Race Baiter Alonzo Washington Sells Out for a ‘Happy Meal’


Alonzo Washinton

All local “activist” Alonzo Washington is missing is the “Reverend” title…

That would maybe make him a mini-me Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Because from appearances, it’s all Washinton dreams of but nothing he will ever truly be. He’s just another Judas for the cause that sold his son’s freedom from the slave master McDonald’s for a $20 gift card.

Everything in this gentleman’s world comes down to racism.

I’ve attempted to meet Washinton on five – count ’em – occasions and he wimped out each time. Then in a final act of cowardice, he blocked me on Twitter.


Because he doesn’t have the intellectual integrity to debate the issues with me and stay on topic.

The genesis of this column is that McDonald’s has a policy; if you’re not eating in their dining room, if you’re not buying their food, they will only let you hang with your homies for 20 minutes.

My question is, if you’re not there to expand your waist line, why are you hanging out at McDonald’s in the first place?

Most businesses have a term for that; its called loitering.

Worse yet, it’s not conducive to business when Fred and Fanny Fat Family come in to eat only to see a dining room full of young scholars just hanging out.

Let me axe you something: how is that racist?

Now I’ll provide the answer to my own question:

photoBecause its Alonzo and to him everything is racist.

Here’s a smattering of his Tweets from yesterday:

“They made my son get out of the Legends McDonalds over some bogus 20 minutes to eat rule. My wife & I challenged it”

“We knew they was only enforcing this rule with Black youths! We protested & got our son & his friends gift cards!”

 “Success in fighting segregation @ the Legends McDonald. They sent my son some gift cards 4 their mistake!”

Let me get this straight, you little coward, McDonald’s doesn’t want your kid loitering in its dining room – doing nothing but hanging with his pals who aren’t eating and aren’t buying food –  and it was McDonald’s that made a mistake?

Here’s what you’re doing, Blowhard Crime Tweeter, you’re teaching your kid rules don’t matter. You’re teaching your kid to use his skin color to intimidate and get his way. I guess if he’s speeding and gets stopped, it’s a racist cop that writes the ticket only because he’s black and therefore, those rules don’t apply to him either?

 Then Washington goes on to Tweet the following:

“The plaza is now a segregated location in KCMO. The cops is making it that way like they did back in the 60’s!”

Guess what, same story, different location.

A few weeks ago I was on the patio at Cafe Trio (see photo) and you know what the bright lights were behind me? Powered generator lights the KCMO Police had to bring in because there were so many young scholars hanging out at the J.C. Nichols Fountain that they couldn’t keep track of what anybody was doing.

I left my table to walk down into the middle of it and see what was going on. What did I find? Thirteen patrol cars and more cops than I could count.

Why were they there? They had just broke up a huge fight.

As I got closer, one young scholar, about 6 feet from me was yelling, “You hear what white bitch be sayin? They’s a whole lotta black kids down here.”

All while she and her partner were well within ear shot. Then he turned and saw me. He looked shocked then repeated it to me. I asked him, “Take a look around. How many white couple do you see? One. How many old, fat white dudes do you see here? Me. What was the rest of the crowd composed of? Young black kids. Sounds like decent math to me.”

I left with nothing more to say, as he offered a fist pump and said, “You coooooool man, I like you.”

You know what the cops would have done if that was 150 white kids causing that level of disruption? They wouldn’t have been bringing in lights, they would have been bringing paddy wagons and hauling them off.

I talked to a number of police at the scene and asked why they were there and what they were doing. One told me, “This is like carrying a can of gas in one hand and a match in the other, it’s just a no win situation.”

And its not.

blog-christmas-giftcardWe can’t enforce our own laws because if young black kids are at the root of the problem that would be racist.

Alonzo, you brainless wonder, I’m so grateful you brought the evil empire of McDonald’s to their knees and your kid got a $20 gift card. My kids got a $10 card once because their order was way late and messed up.

You know what that tells me? Your racist cause and your integrity has a relative value of roughly 10 dollars.

And from my point of view, that’s about $10 too much.
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71 Responses to Paul Wilson: Race Baiter Alonzo Washington Sells Out for a ‘Happy Meal’

  1. the dude says:

    $100 in Mickey D’s gift cards the clownzo cashes in that gift card as soon as he possibly can. What a race baiting tool, he should run for congress after that other race baiting tool Cleaver retires.

  2. Not quite says:

    Christ, what an asshole. I made it to “let me axe you a question” before I lost interest in this expanded version of an Internet comment.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Ahhhhh, I’m so sorry, Not Quite; I guess I won’t be axin you anything , then….

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Martin Luthor King, Jr had an epiphany, it was not a black-vs-white problem but a haves-vs-have nots.

    We had the contract to supply eps beads to the largest foam cup manufacturer in the world. One of the tests constantly performed was how long before a cup of coffee would leak.

    IF the cup wasn’t leaking by 20-minutes, that batch was rejected.

    That was pretty much aimed at old, white guys.

    Alonzo is all about self-promotion. He misrepresents racial issues in the same light as white supremacy folk. Because keeping poor whites and poor blacks thinking “those” people are holding me back.

    I believe the proper term for those who like Alonzo is Judas goat.

  4. harley says:

    again wislun…’re wrong again…and i’ll prove it again.
    1. elderly couple in Virginia were asked to leave because they were there sitting
    too long. They told there was a 30 minute rule. This has happened before
    at mcdonalds. Black kid gets 20 minutes. So the rule really is racial unless this
    disgusting chain gives elderly longer to be kicked out because they walk slower
    than black kids and need the time to get to their car…an extra 10 minutes.
    There’s no rule. Its just management hassling customers who take up space.
    Question: was the restaurant packed …did the black kid create a commotion…
    or was it because the kid was black. As a reporter..thats what you should have
    asked. And your comment was racist too. You used the word “homies” when
    its not just blacks…its a war the restaurant has on seniors too. So who’s the
    racist? you are!!! you used a racist word…”homies” in referring to the black
    kid. Is the kid and friends good kids. McDonalds will suffer..if not for their
    mcribs (which are grossly disgusting) then for their tactics.
    Was the mcdonalds full..or was it pure and simple attempt to get the
    “homies ” out of the restaurant. You showed your colors and again..had
    you done research (which you never do) you would know this is not
    a policy of the restaurant chain…never has been …never will.
    go to the one at 95th and Metcalf..its the same seniors there eating
    breakfast and talking for hours on end.
    Again wislun…you lost this one with your language and lack of
    research…its not a policy at mcdonalds…they can’t enforce that rule…but
    they can call the cops on the seniors (which they have done)…
    or go to hyvee…same situation….it obvious why they asked the kids to
    leave…seriously doubt if they were seniors theyd do the same.
    plaza: you had pre conceived idea about that situation. Yes there are lights
    and police…but few people outside the racists on tkc and chuck and his
    kkk associates and the kcc old men realize its a problem. Maybe go down to
    the plaza…its been packed lately. sorella hotel…bars…stores…nice nights
    they’re packed. You and your KLAN OF HATERS make it to be a bigger
    problem than it is. Fights? always been fights at plaza. When they were
    white boys at winsteads or in the bars…no big deal. Now…they’re black its
    top story on tkc and kcc.
    The police…lets get serious. They are racists point blank. Its been a problem
    in kc and suburb departments for years. Blacks don’t drive thru leawood
    at night…especially side streets…even the intelligent affluent ones.
    But as an older man you better understand this is what we face.
    we’ve forgotten these kids and seen the pols steal the money and give it
    to their tax break friends. Problem is not going away. In your lifetime you
    probably won’t be seeing the end result of what the pols have done…because
    by that time you’re in a nursing home.
    Alonzo: self promotion…yes. ego…yes. But you must give credit to this
    guy for doing something! Regardless of what you think about this guy
    personally..he’s the only one out there trying to change the situation as
    it stands. Is it working…maybe…crime is down in kc/murder down.
    Does he deserve credit…at least some for making people aware that
    crime still is out of hand. Noone cares…except guys like you who in between
    courses of meals gets up and strolls to talk with the police officers about the
    crowds. The kids are black. Blacks have moved into many parts of real
    estate near the plaza. They too pay taxes. Are they right in congregating.
    They can’t be stopped…its public property and they comprise 30-40% of
    kcmo so they have rights. Never met Alonzo…but have heard racists like
    you take him on. He’s trying…and probably because of that you hate
    him and rage against him. You never even met the man. And truth be
    known he probably has no need to meet you. You’re only another old
    white guy without any knowledge of the real situation on the plaza who
    talks a lot of b.s. but does nothing. I’ve been down there often this year…
    and to be one worries about this problem. it’s not mentioned…
    but old white guys like you try to whip up problems and make them
    get out of hand. Plaza has had this before..they’ll face it again as will
    suburban malls and shopping areas as minorities spread out in our city.
    wislun…you didn’t need to walk down to see what was going on.
    You read tkc and kcc …you know…you’ve seen the tv reports..heard
    the racist comments about t5he kids down there on tkc and kcc.
    It should have been nothing new to you…but you said it was.
    We’d better understand whats happening now. You can bitch and write
    your useless stories and use your racist comments like “homie” and express
    your outrage but that isn’t solving the problem.
    you just don’t get it.
    the tsunami I talk of repeatedly is happening. It’s coming. Either we deal
    with it or we face the problems that are ahead.
    Alonzo may not have the “writing” skills you have (which I have outlined
    in other comments are severly lacking in research)…but the guy tries
    to make a difference. Had he helped the police solve some murders/crimes…
    don’t know. Check on that wislun. Then get back to me with the FACTS!
    yes facts..something you seem to gloss over quite often.

    • the dude says:

      Look fool, restaurants have the power to kick loiterers if they are loitering and not buying anything. Doesn’t matter the race or creed, they have the right to kick you out if you are not spending money.

      • harley says:

        how about women staying in stores hours buying nothing?
        probably not good policy for companies to do this.
        sure they need to turn over tables but mcdonalds has
        lots of seniors who eat there. they can get pretty
        mcdonalds…worst restaurant ever…try the mcribs..

    • the dude says:

      And no, this clown is not trying to help anybody BUT HIMSELF.
      But you are clearly so daft and dense you can’t tell the difference between a scumbag grifter and someone trying to actually help people.

      • harley says:

        prove this statement…had Alonzo helped the police
        in any crimes…helped get witnesses…helped solve
        any crimes…reduced crime…
        get the facts dude and prove your point.
        are you like wislun…making incorrect statements
        to suit your purpose.
        have you met Alonzo…or are you just repekating
        the same old lines of hate from tkc and kcc.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Response to Harley ;

    • mike says:

      There is a big difference between spending money and hanging out and spending nothing and hanging out.

  5. Goose13 says:

    Bragging he got gift cards. Way to promote obesity. All he cares about what he can put in his pocket. Lucky some KCK cops were not around. I am white and I am scared of them. They don’t put up with any crap. Alonzo is about Alonzo. The only color he cares about is the color of money.

  6. harley says:

    KANSAS CITY, Mo – Activist Alonzo Washington blogs daily about local crimes all over the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. He receives tips about crimes on a weekly basis and passes his information on to local law enforcement. Washington has never taken any cash rewards for tips that he has given to the police that have resulted in convictions, located fugitives, solved murder cases and other crimes.

    maybe you need to think twice about this guy…he’s helped police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    may not be an author like wislun…but he’s dong something.
    I’m waiting to hear from his critics about his work. come on dudes…lets
    see what ya got.

  7. Ken says:

    I think that the comments on Alonzo are a little “harsh” as it seems to me he does a lot of good in this community.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Ken, he sends one meaningless tweet after another that serves no purpose. If he cared about his community he would do something that addresses the root cause of its breakdown. But his concern is focused on promoting himself, his lackluster comic book image and seeing his name in print.

      How does tweeting fifty times a night, “someone gonna get shot tonight and the cops don’t care” solve anything? The Plaza is trying hard to become the next Bannister Mall but all he wants to do is excuse the acting out and label the cops and shoppers as racists for not wanting to be verbally or physically hassled by thugs who are only there for one reason, cause a disruption.

      He managed to loosely connect himself to Baby Doe, other than that, he sits and tweets nonsense all night that you’d think came from Harley. In fact, Harley and Alonzo have never been seen at the same place at the same time…. Coincidence?

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Go argue with Webster, not the short kid on the sit com, the one who wrote the dicksionary, Harlis; he doesn’t think it’s racist.
    Maybe your fervent defense of Blablonzo is because you two are intellectual equals.


    plural noun: homies
    an acquaintance from one’s town or neighborhood, or a member of one’s peer group or gang.

  9. Veronica Hornsby says:

    “The cops is makin it that way”? The cops [are] making it that way would be correct grammar. Don’t go all activist and public when you can’t even speak proper GRAMMAR. Respect.

  10. Mr white says:

    You spell better then CG but your articles are stupid. Please start fu$$ing strippers and report on that

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Mr. White, I’m sorry I have disappointed you. In the future, please note each story on KCC is proceeded by an authors name. In my case, they always say “Paul Wilson.” My suggestion would be when you see that name, since you have relative certainty it will be stupid, just move on to the next story. I write these for my enjoyment anyway. Oh, once in a while I care what some of the regulars think, but it’s normally just to get the voices out of my head.
      Thanks for the spelling compliment. There won’t be any stripper action, however. I’ll leave that to you.

  11. chuck says:

    Dead on the money Paul.

    Dead on the money.

  12. Alonzo's Mower says:

    Did you hear about his mower?

    He started complaining to Briggs and Stratton (“thousand will see,” ha ha) but was unable to comprehend they only made the engine.

    Go to his Twitter feed and scroll down to June 9. It’s really funny.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      I have a hard time reading, “Ima bet there more killin this weekend, the hoodnet is sending me tips but the racist cops don’t care.”
      The twit tweets fifty times a night and just whistles in the dark.
      He’s a joke.

  13. morbo says:

    Homies and axe… yeah pretty racist.

    Alonzo Washington and Paul Wilson should be homes as they both sound like a couple of assholes.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Oh, that hurt; I may never write again, homie. I am an asshole, I’ll give you that. Thanks for reading, I have nothing further to axe you. Morbo is an odd name, are you related to Shaniqua?

      • morbo says:

        Of course you will write more as racist morons love displaying their idiocy.

        And your ignorance of the name “morbo” is expected. You have Google at your fingertips, but why spend a moment educating yourself when you can just show more of your ass.

  14. Harley's Wrong says:

    IRS scandal big time in the news, 13 months after Harley said it would die. Nothing wrong with being off by a year, Mr Always Right.

    • Lois Lerner says:

      Don’t worry Harley. In the Facist, Bread and Circus Amerika, where Liberal Government Union Brown Shirts flip their naughty fingers at the Congress of the United States while the Attorney General looks for evil white people to prosecute, I just told the American people, that the fu&king dog ate my home work. And you know what? They are going to take it, they are going to like it and nothing will happen.

      Now everybody in Harley’s new demographic, get out there and vote for a living!!

      • Stomper says:

        Geez, Chuck, the mere mention of race or politics seems to awaken some of your inner demons to spew their “autopilot” rhetoric. How many personalities have you got in there?

        • chuck says:

          Does that mean you are going to, as usual, “demonize” the messenger when you dissagree with the “rhetoric”?

          • Stomper says:

            I just wish more facts would work their way in to your discourse. You do appear lucid and rational on most other topics but whenever race and/or politics come up, you fall back to the standard “bread and circus amerika” “new demographic” etc. with multiple aliases, and almost infinite links to your favorite websites. It’s like your “evil Chuck” awakens and takes control of what otherwise seems to be a clear thought process.

          • harley says:

            the rhetoric of chuckles the sad clown is not
            only disgusting but its vile. Go back to
            tkc with your filth chuckles!

          • chuck says:

            What “facts” are you missing? Unless you are so naive as to believe that the IRS’s dog ate the emails, then what is it you want to hear?

            This egregious and outrageous behaviour from the most powerful government agency within US borders, is no laughing matter in my opinion. There are, in fact a preponderance of Liberals in National and State government employ who, in my opinion support this unethical and criminal behaviour. The President LIED when he said there was not a “smidgen” of curruption. The Attorney General has abrogated his duty with respect to this matter in the most partisan and dispicable manner. The press, for the most part, has again given the White House a pass while the IRS is engaged in criminal Obstruction of Justice by way of the very liberal culture that permeates that same organization, just as it permeates the entirety of the Federal government.

            If you are less than appreciative of my views on race and the entitlement Hip/Hop/Holocaust culture of murder, rape and assault, try to think of the dead, raped and assaulted who if they are still able, might have a different opinion than you. If every now and then, when someone speaks for the dead it makes folks uncomfortable, too bad.

        • Stomper says:

          Thanks Chuck. With regards to the “IRS Scandal” allow me to offer my take. Administrations have been using the IRS to do their bidding for generations, I’m not saying wrongdoing is acceptable, but you act like this is the first time it has ever occurred. Secondly, the IRS is charged with collecting taxes and seeking out those who would do whatever possible to avoid paying. Alleged “Non-Profit Organizations” , “Churches” and etc. have been trying to hide behind that label to avoid paying legitimately owed taxes when in reality, they are nothing more than political fund raisers. The advent of the Tea Party created a plethora of these shams and when the outmanned IRS agents actually caught a few with their hands in the cookie jar, Fox News and their ilk started crying foul. Tax exempt status requires an absence of political activity. My view is the IRS was doing what they should be doing to catch these frauds.

          With regards to your views on race, your position seems to be that all blacks are genetically predisposed to violence and crime. Nothing else factors in. That’s my problem with your view.

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            The IRS operates on their own agenda but are always willing to put the screws to people for political reasons.

            Reading my friend Janis Ian’s autobiography is was sickening what the IRS agent put her through. Under a couple of Presidents too.

            We have come to a point in politics where, like in sports, our “hero” may be an asshole but he is Our Asshole.

            I’m harder on the people I support because they say they represent me. The other side I expect to put a shaft to me.

            Bush II’s policies were horrible and the Dems railed. Obama carries on those policies and the Dems are quiet or support him.

            Chuck, I never think of you as racist. A bigot perhaps but I know some of the back story on that and I can understand your position.

            I do go into a coma sometimes trying to fact check the links you post. But that is probably not much different than mine.

          • chuck says:

            Fair enough Orphan.

            Fair enough.

  15. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks for all the emails over the past few days reminding me to forego trying to show Harley how off base he is. I was again sucked in when he offered a telecom link to prove his point, when because he didn’t read it, actually proved ME right.

    The best line from all the emails; “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep; you, sir, are a lion. Harley isn’t even a sheep.”

    I’ll go back on ignore. Thanks to my dedicated fans, readers and dis3iples.

  16. Libertarian says:

    I have a feeling we will never see the words ‘Alonzo’ and ‘solution’ in the same sentence.

    He and his ilk are nothing more than spotlight whores.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Dead effing on target, Lib! You always bring it, even when you disagree with me.

  17. Goose13 says:

    Alonzo lives off of others people’s death, fear and pain. Going back a few years, he was blogging about the Shon Pernice case, saying that Renee ran off with a fireman, which was such bullshit. A total lie. Just to get publicity for himself. That is Alonzo, making it about him. That is what Alonzo does.

  18. jimmy says:

    I’m a bit late to comment on this article but this section in particular stood out:

    As I got closer, one young scholar, about 6 feet from me was yelling, “You hear what white bitch be sayin? They’s a whole lotta black kids down here.”

    All while she and her partner were well within ear shot. Then he turned and saw me. He looked shocked then repeated it to me. I asked him, “Take a look around. How many white couple do you see? One. How many old, fat white dudes do you see here? Me. What was the rest of the crowd composed of? Young black kids. Sounds like decent math to me.”

    I left with nothing more to say, as he offered a fist pump and said, “You coooooool man, I like you.”

    So, did this actually happen or are you taking some creative liberties with the truth? You told off a young “scholar” (i.e. black guy) with your math based argument and he was so taken aback or impressed or whatever that he told you that you were cool? It makes for a nice story and gives you a reason to lay out your argument in your writing but it sounds like the ultimate old white guy fantasy.

    • harley says:

      perfect…this guy has plenty fantasies.
      doesn’t sound real.
      but we’ve seen this before.
      nice comment jimmy.
      this writer can’t prove anything…
      jewelers/sprint/houses/stalker…all one big bag of b.s.
      but he’s a nice guy…don’t attack him personally but many
      have. I choose to stick to his false stories and fake writings.
      lets have a beer wislun….i’ll buy!!!!
      unless you want to hang out with the kkk!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Jimmy, you’d have to know me. I can be a pretty imposing figure, nothing much scares me, there were cops all over the place so I wasn’t too worried.
      Totally true story….just as I said. I’m not Harley, I don’t take poetic license to spice up a story.

      • harley says:

        youcan’t prove a thing AGAIN….
        we caught you with your sprint story…we caught you again
        putting out garbage that you can’t back up.
        prove this guy hasn’t helped the police!
        prove he’s don nothing like you say.
        you can’t…and that’s why you’re looking bad.

  19. dreamwriter326 says:

    So who’s the guy in the photo with the Alonzo Washington cutline? Is that Jr.? Cuz it sure doesn’t look like the Alonzo I’ve seen before (you know, with the Sharpie hairdo and such).

  20. Nick says:

    Alonzo Washington ⇔ much ado about nothing

  21. Orphan of the Road says:

    Breaking News out of KC Confidential. JR will be launching a new site, KC Confidential+. For a monthly fee you can read all of the posts rejected.

    Also a charity ‘rassling match with chuck vs harley in a cage. Perfessor Wilsun will referee and CG will provide the ring girls.

    • the dude says:

      Big John Stud vs the flying squirrel.
      Don’t let harley gnaw on your ankles chuck.

  22. vincent vega says:

    Speaking of the Plaza…I see that the Valet companies are taking most of the parking spaces…meaning the spry sistas will now take all of the handicapped parking spaces…but god forbid the “racist cops” should ticket them….Alonzo will be calling for their dismissal.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Me and wilsun are going South Philly-style, lawn chairs to save out spots.

      • the dude says:

        Lawnchairs FTW.
        I could imagine it getting contentious when lawnchair battles ensue.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Vincent, the Orphan is shooting it straight; were going down where the geezer cycle dudes park, getting a latte and sitting in no parking in our lawn chairs! Just like he said!

  23. Paracelsus says:

    65 comments. Isn’t that some kind of record? Race baiting works for everyone, it seems. 🙂

  24. tony says:

    the most original piece of writing i have ever read on this sight.

  25. Random Black Guy says:

    This might surprise you Mr. Wilson but I agree with your overall assessment of the problems that have plagued the Plaza. For context allow me to state I am a middle-aged black male. I claim no political affiliation, I have a fairly diverse group of friends and I tend to form my own opinions independent of any group consensus.

    From my perspective, the problems on the Plaza have little to do with race (outside of the groups of youths being predominately black) and everything to do with irresponsible behavior on the part of the youths but more specifically on the part of their parents. Unless you’re employed there, or eating at one of the restaurants or shopping at one of the stores I don’t feel it’s unreasonable to say you probably shouldn’t be there.

    I have 5 daughters (all with same and current wife lest any of you be tempted to stereotype), ages 20 – 29. I can’t imagine any circumstance where my wife or I would allow our girls to loiter on the Plaza (or anywhere) just for kicks.

    And as for this notion that people of color are not welcome there, that’s nonsense. I’m not a frequent visitor to the Plaza but when I have been there I have never been made to feel unwelcome. My group usually consisted of me and my wife, sometimes another couple but you and your readers will be pleased to know we made it a point to walk on the sidewalk and we typically avoided fights because we’re old, non-confrontational and don’t behave in that manner.

    This just the point of view of one random black guy.

    For what it’s worth I’m not qualified to comment on Mr. Washington due to my being unfamiliar with him or his work.

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