Paul Wilson: Stale Yale Yaba Hacks One Up for Sprint-T-Mobile Merger

Master of the Obvious smallI’m glad to see, finally, folks are starting to pay attention to the “proposed” Sprint – T Mobile merger…

You heard it here first, before any media outlet latched on to it, that the merger would be fought to the death with the FCC but that the two partners would come out victorious and it would be approved.

That’s documented, Harley can go look up the dates of my stories before he starts his “Zzzzzzz old news” shuck and jive.

Finally, the media is catching up with your well-coiffed Scribe and voicing concerns over the “what ifs” and/or the “it’s about times.”

But what Yale served up today is weak sauce and I have to call him on it.

YY – and I call him that because we’re tight – says that “While the financial outcomes might be great for stockholders in a $32 billion or so deal, Kansas City could lose a lot. Then he goes on to state the obvious, since he’s quite skilled at that, “This merger bus is being driven by Sprint’s majority owner, Softbank.”


14-08172012-502e9a52a2eebHere’s a news flash, Yale, Sprint’s next breath and every move is driven by Son and Softbank. Where have you been for the last couple of years?

Yale’s first concern is that we soon could be saying goodbye to the Sprint name at the Sprint Center.

“It’s believed to be history if a merger occurs.”

Prior to becoming the “Sprint Center” the yet to be named arena was seeking, and got, $2.5-million for its naming rights. That made it the single most expensive rights fee for a center that was not the home of a professional sports franchise. And I promise you the contract has a rights of succession clause in it, whereby if the T Mobile merger takes place they can rename it whatever they want.  T-Mobile Center?

paul wYou may see something like the “T Mobile Mostly Softbank Formerly Sprint Can You Hear Me Now Center” by 2015.

Next, Yale ponders the chance that CEO Dan Hesse may not be in charge of a newly merged company. “So there goes a powerful and longtime civic leader.”

Yale, that ship has already sailed.

Because as soon as Hesse gave an interview stating if that if the merger happened he’d look for other things, other interests, other avenues for his life and career.

The day those words came out of Hesse’s mouth, the deal had already been cut for one of the single most outstanding executives in this city to chart a new course after an ultra-soft parachute landing.

Best of luck to you, Dan, you’re a fine man and it will be Sprint’s loss.

Then YY tackles his last point — “Kansas City could be in danger of losing jobs after the merger, especially if the new CEO wants to move the corporation’s top dogs to California (closer to Japan, home of SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son) or T-Mobile USA’s headquarters in Bellevue, Wash.”

sonYale, is this all you’ve got?

I said months ago you would see the gradual decline of Sprint employees in Kansas City. As attrition comes I stated they would be replaced in other locations, not here. Specifically, that, “Son’s not flying his G5 over his palatial estate in Cali to come all the way to KC just to yell at a few Sprint execs.”

In his final lines Yale states, “If the city loses jobs because of the merger, that could put a damper on a lot of excitement that now surrounds Sprint’s future plans.”

Wow, that’s profound.

I left Sprint in a layoff. I just assumed it was always party time and the city loves to see blood running in the streets when a major corporation lays off thousands of employees.

I’m sorry, but I hereby crown you, Yale Yabahacka, Apostle of the Obvious.
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27 Responses to Paul Wilson: Stale Yale Yaba Hacks One Up for Sprint-T-Mobile Merger

  1. the dude says:

    I knew that guy from the Hotels commercials looked familiar for some reason.
    We should promote him to Colonel Obvious.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    It is a fact you lose IQ points reading Yael’s column.

  3. Jack Springer says:

    Sprint is already moving out of Johnson County … that decision was made when the yahoo’s from Japan bought the business. Why would they want to fly to Kansas. The only airport in the state is in Wichita.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    (Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I know how his name is spelled….)

  5. harley says:

    zzzzzzzzzzz…boring….old news.
    mr. wislun (as in whistlin’ in the wind)….you lose again!
    sorry but long before you were becoming the “man” of kcc and long
    before you tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the thrifty and penny wise
    publisher of this blog….this subject was talked over many many many times..
    discussed privately/discussed among business leaders/discussed among
    traders and equity firms and even thoroughly discussed in the press and
    The well coiffed scribe started writing here in april of 2013…but I can
    recount a breakfast meeting in summer of 2012 when this entire
    scenario was discussed in meetings/breakfasts (one with a former ceo of
    sprint) and among those in the telecommunications industry. That’s over a
    year before you spoke about your “so called first breaking news tip”.
    Please go to or one of the many online telecommunications
    blogs/site etc. to see that long before you claimed to have made your claim
    this merger and its anticipated outcomes was talked and written about.
    In fact….hesse (spelling?) reiterated the merger and its possibilities
    and possible outcomes of the mergers in the industry in the media going
    back to sept/oct of 2012…long before you even thought of becoming an
    investigative reporter for kcc.
    Please mr. wislun…you have tried to doubt the great Harley before and
    shall we describe it as a “face plant” of sorts.
    Do some research…maybe start with the 10 months before you came on
    board on kcc. Please…because we already have one writer on here
    eating crow…it would be hilarious to see another one have to eat
    crow in public also.
    specifically in oct. of 2012 the ceo and others in the industry were
    talking about the merger of the two companies in the national press
    and there were even major headlines reading “SPRINT T MOBILE
    MERGER STILL POSSIBLE”……I emphasize still. Many in that
    industry had discussed the ramifications and I do believe that public
    officials had discussed in public the possibility of this merger and
    the effects it would have and whether it was possible.
    Isuggest you also do research into the congress’s public hearings going
    back to 2010 on this issue specifically.
    I appreciate the ink…but I feel you lose again mr. wislun.

    your friend

    • harley says:

      wislun: not one point has been refuted by you in all my comments
      about the facts you falsely used in your stor.
      all you do is attack people personally.
      where’s the stories/releases/printed items/public records that
      what you said was true.
      why not? because this story is pure b.s.
      sorry…b.s. doesn’t make it on here.
      emailsi received have more facts that prove youwrong.
      eat the crow already.
      and we can moveon to your next phony story and unsubstantiated
      beware…Harley and his crew are watching.
      you better be spot on when you write something on these issues.
      we will proe you wrong again.

  6. harley says:

    also…you’re late to the party on this story. Where’s the jewelry guy?

  7. harley says:

    anyone with any brains would have seen the ramifications of a sprint buyout
    and merger possibilities long before wislun.
    lets get serious…since sprint built that campus…sprint has beenthe subject of
    millions of rumors about mergers/acquisitions etc. Long before hearne started
    this blog sprint has been the subject of rumors.
    When they bought the naming rights to sprint center…someone I recall
    said what happens if they change names.
    wislun…this is nothing new.
    Having lived in joco for many years..having many friends work at sprint..
    I recall 10 years ago this same conversation going on.
    the ramifications are huge. rename the center t mobile center…big deal.
    hopefully they keep the jobs here in joco…
    but lets get serious here…this talk goes way back to 2012 and before that.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      You brainless wonder.
      Go back to your references and find me ONE PERSON who gave this merger a breath of a chance. You can’t. Everyone doomed it to fail…. but me.
      Somewhere out there is a tree working tirelessly to provide you with oxygen; you owe it an apology.
      How’s that IRS scandal that never was working for you Mr Always Right. Yet another of your TOTAL fails.
      The only time youre right is on well understood fact or as a result of your vague comments that you can use pro OR con.
      Carry on, we all await your next rambling offering, I have Dramanine, I’m ready.

  8. mike t. says:

    “Somewhere out there is a tree working tirelessly to provide you with oxygen; you owe it an apology.”

    omg… I soooo want to use that on my boss.

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, you idiot, there not a telecom blog I don’t read. There isn’t a story I dont research to the death before I comment because I make DIRECT statements of fact, predictions, I dont pussy foot around the issue like you.
    So I dont know why I did this, other than to show youre even WRONG when you put up your own documented “facts”, but I went to the blog you asked and did a search, here’s the page, you dolt:

    T Mobile is mentioned all over the place by Hesse PRIOR to ’12. You don’t even read for content. EACH TIME HE MENTIONS IT, is was in his and Sprint’s OPPOSITION to the AT&T merger with T Mobile, it had NOTHING to do with Sprint interest, so youre WRONG AGAIN, asshat.

    October 21sr is the FIRST mention Hesse makes in terms of T Mobile being of interest to Sprint in any way, shape or form and even then, he couched it as a long term strategy, NO talks were in place at the time and I know that for a fact from my own contacts.

    It wasn’t till February of ’14 that Son himself said that T Mobile merging with Sprint was on the table…..

    So, once again, the “facts” you use to prove me wrong, you didnt even read close enough to know they proved me RIGHT. SAVE YOUR BREATH, oh weak one, you’re wrong, check your own link yourself. Just admit it for once. You GOOGLE as fast as you can, take what readable at a 3rd grade level, while taking your A.D.D. medication and go off half cocked to prove someone wrong when, in fact, you didnt read it for content, Rain Man.

    Everyone, go look for yourselves, hes WRONG again using his own blog he used to “prove” himself right.

    Take the day off, Harley, watch whats going on with the still proceeding IRS scandal, ANOTHER one you were WRONG ON.

    Stop dodging, just take the bullet. No rabbit trails, no excuses, you FAILED.

    • harley says:

      sorry wislun…in national blogs and papers your boy hesse was talking
      about the tmobile sprint merger in sept. 2012……go to…
      go see the fitch article way back a year before you tried to pull the
      wool over these unassuming readers ….
      in September of 2012…fitch had an article to its people about the
      merger….its able to be googled and its proof that you’re a phony!!!!
      sept. 2012….hesse publicly states that the t moble and spring merger
      is still very much possible….go google it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! headline says
      it all!!!!!! and then go to all your telecommunications blogs…read what
      they said…I can list them for you…butyoure wrong AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!
      let me show you how to do it mr. wislun…you’ve been outed as
      wrong…2012……you read it!!!!
      you waited months to repeat it…
      but I heard and you can read it on public boards and information
      your first option is to eat crow….which glaze just did and now
      I’m receiving emails from people SAYING that its your turn!!!!!
      do you like your crow medium or well done!!!! Or will you
      post a pic of you eating crow raw???????
      hesse specifically comments in 2012 that its very possible that
      theres a merger….not anything else to do with other mergers.
      so now we know you “lifted ” your story from others inside the
      company….now we know you weere’nt the first to speak about
      I suggest you read fitch’s ratings info on this merger…you probably
      already did and regurgitated the facts they spelled out in their
      press and public release and in public in 2012v about this merger.
      NOONE GAVE IT A CHANCE….how about the ceos and officers
      in sprint????????????? hello wislun. You’ve been caught with your
      hands in the cookie jar.
      sorry wislun…you’re out of bounds on this one.
      Harley caught you!!!!!! Harley caught you red handed!!!!!!!
      Your contacts? prove your contacts. Where the proof beside
      you trying to make these readers believe you had insider info.
      please …I was very nice to you inmy initial personal
      attacks….so please refrain from the wrong information.
      remember 2012 election…sports predictions…and eveyr other
      attempt by you to make people think you know the inside info.
      AND T MOBILE……PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your information
      you are making yourself look bad.
      I caught you!!!!!!!!
      At least glaze was man enough to admit he had rushed to judgement
      on the royals. I know of at least 6 instances where I have proven you
      wrong. You hid under the dashboard of your car hunting a
      big time jewel thief (get that story from hearne…its a riot!!!) whoa!!!
      now we have exposed you for being wrong again.

      and now that you’ve been outed…please be man enough to
      say that you were wrong. You’re a professional journalist. Hearne
      should print the following retraction:


      wislun…you are a riot. I love you!!!! you never admit when you’re
      wrong. If you need further evidence go 6to the specific articles
      and releases and statements I made.
      but please..don’t have a heart attack.. we need you at kcc.
      YOU ARE A VERY FUNNY MAN…hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hot Carl says:

    Wilson, do you really care what Harley thinks? He gets under your skin even more than we all get under Glazer’s. Not sure why you give that a$$hat the time of day.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Good point, Hot. He’s just not smart enough to read his own “proof ” that ends up proving him wrong, then he backs up and acts like it didn’t happen !
      And I LOVE how he claims all the readers emailing him telling him what I should do .
      Harley, publish ONE with content and senders address; otherwise, it’s just more Harleyisms.
      I’m done trying, he’s a moron that can’t accept he’s wrong in the face of his own links he offered!

      • harley says:

        hot carl…wislun is fun to play with.
        he is a funny guy.
        you’re right. he’s hot under the collar because I caught him.
        let him go research his story and he’ll be proven wrong.
        I guarantee it!!!
        and yes…he’s a funny guy. hahahahahahahaha..
        PROVE IT DUDE!

  11. harley says:

    October 21sr is the FIRST mention Hesse makes in terms of T Mobile being of interest to Sprint in any way, shape or form and even then, he couched it as a long term strategy,

    long term strategy? of course…with pending mergers…govt meddling in these
    mergers..of course it will take time as all mergers like this do.
    You read articles today..still doubt!!!!
    you have proven me right….but go back even further on hesse’s comments
    and the writngs of equity firms/rating agencies …people in the “know”..
    the real know not some fantasy repeat of information that you used.
    yes…you are a good guy wislun…but now admit what you did and go
    to your room and you’ll get a “time out”.
    thanks wislun…without you this blog is boring!!!! yo make it fun.
    especially when someone catches you in a fabrication and an overall
    shading of facts.
    I will admit that you and hearne were the first to break to readers like
    myself the supposed JEWELRY STORY….but I caught you there too
    with info that I was privy to.
    calm down…don’t have an attack..
    theres no one on kcc more fun to playwith than you.
    I called you no names in my initial comment…I played nice…
    now you should too.
    thanks..i enjoy a good debate.
    now admit your mistake and we will forgive you.

    your friend

  12. harley says:

    wisl un…you need to go back to 2011/2012 and get the CORRECT quotes/statements/writings/releases etc. that point out that you were
    not the first to make these statements.
    do that ..then get back with us. We anxiously await your googling
    the right information and the real facts about this incident.
    you barked up the wrong tree. Until you go back to 2012 and earlier
    and provide us with the “real” documentation of your stand (which is
    wrong) we can only surmise that you were wrong.
    PROVE IT DUDE!!! I think you’re embarrassed and need to attack me
    personally to prove your point (which you can’t)
    til then.. we’ll only rest on Harleys proven and correct documentation of
    good day.
    thanks for your time.

  13. harley says:

    hearne…why do you approve some comments I make and hold up others?
    I know wislun gets to read these…is he giving you the green light to
    approve those he can answer and stop the ones that make him appear
    to be out of line in his comments? interesting.

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