Whinery: The Week in FUBAR

Saddam HusseinWhat a week for Murphy’s Law

If something could go wrong for the “Powers that Be” it did! First and foremost, in my humble opinion anyway, Iraq has gone straight to hell. If you have a strong stomach- go to Live Leak and checkout the videos of the absolute indiscriminate killings of civilians…

It’s brutal.

ISIS, the moniker of the rebels taking over Iraq, are just driving around with AK-47s hanging out the windows of their SUVs, gunning people down in cold blood. I hate too say “I told you so” but I TOLD YOU SO!

Violence begets violence…

And I’m just gonna come out and say it, Iraq was a relatively peaceful nation before WE  decided to level the Country and take out its leader, Saddam Hussein. Look what we’ve got now. We spend 20 years and a trillion dollars and the place is in utter chaos.

Sen. John McCain Holds News Conference On SyriaWill the United States learn from this fiasco?

Probably not.

Dear Leader Obama – with cohorts, Lindsay Graham and John McCain – are the only three people in the country still up for war and will inevitably get us back involved. I can’t wait for the US to have to fight side by side with Iran in order to “save” Iraq.

What a hoot!


imagesThen there’s my Jewish Brother, The “Honorable” Eric Cantor, getting blown out of the water in the primary election by an unknown economics professor, a Mr. Brat. Great name.

Hopefully this will put the Republican Establishment on notice that it’s time to stand for something. That it is no longer acceptable to do nothing but stand for big business while the middle class gets snuffed.

I hope Boehner is next.

He’s more worthless than Nancy Pelosi– at least she got stuff done.


Bruce-SpringsteenHearne wanted me to review the Monkees concert we saw last week at the Uptown

They were minus Davy Jones, of course, RIP.

I thought they were really good and they played almost 30 songs. Something a lot of younger bands should learn how to do – play for at least two hours.

If guys in their 70s can rock that long why can’t kids in their 20s play longer?

I saw Vampire Weekend last week also and they played for a paltry 90 minutes, nelecting a lot of their catalog. I remember seeing a 65 year old Bruce Springsteen play for 3 hours and 20 minutes… with no intermission!

Now that’s a ROCK SHOW!

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2 Responses to Whinery: The Week in FUBAR

  1. the dude says:

    TRILLIONS of Dollars wasted in Iraq for what, LIES?!?!?!
    I hope you greedy, dirty, slimey bastards are happy your war of terror was profitable for you checkbooks!
    God I hate chickenhawks like Cheney et. al., they make my stomach churn with hate and bile.

  2. Stomper says:

    Counselor, sorry I waited so long to comment and now your piece has been pushed down the list.

    I wouldn’t necessarily lump “dear leader” in with Graham and McCain as far as their appetite for war but I get your point. Interesting that many conservatives who completely disdain any sort of government spending in this country ( stimulus ??) that might create demand and motivate OUR economy, seem to have no problem with the government spending enormous sums in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. for whatever benefit there. Just seems to me that dollars spent in this country would benefit us more than dollars spent in Iraq.

    Concerning our “Tribesman” Eric Cantor, I think this is a great case study. Just a few thousand highly motivated tea partiers in a very conservative district in Virginia have sent shock waves through the GOP nationally. Cantor won the seat by echoing the views of his district constituency but his rise through the ranks in Congress won him the leadership role that required him to take on a more national constituency. That movement away from his district base spelled doom for him. Typically, only the highly motivated voters come out in primaries and that was Cantor’s death knell. Was it Tip O’Neill that said all politics are local? On a national level, whomever is entrusted by the Congressional GOP to try to build consensus between the tea party wing and the more moderate wing has an impossible task.

    Thanks Counselor.

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