Whinery: Misogyny, Gun Control & White Male Privilege

1baec43a40fbfa59890ae7c09dc77c9c_XLAnother mass killing in America and the “Usual Suspects” simply must be to blame!

The murderer just has be a  a white, privileged, gun-crazy hater of women. Who else would perpetrate such a dastardly act?
But wait a minute, Elliott Rodger – I guess the name sounds white anyway – is half Asian. For a person crazy about guns- half of the six  people killed, not counting the suicide of Elliott – were stabbed. And while he definitely had issues with women- Rodger killed killed more men than women. Kind of like the moron who killed three Christians when he went “huntin him some Jews” in Leawood. He didn’t quite get the job done either, did he?
Oh well, one should never let the facts interfere with a political narrative.

This is America in the “Post-Orwellian” Age. Where political agendas trump ALL The Truth and the Constitution be damned!
That’s where we’re at people.
What is it that this kid did that has anything to do with white privilege?
Please enlighten me, oh Guru’s of the comments section. I work in Criminal Law and I’m here to tell you that psychopaths come in every RACE, SEX, COLOR and CREED!
And as far as Gun Control, I don’t know that in a nation with more firearms than people that we’re ever going to F!W#$#%#@ STOP GUN VIOLENCE!
article-2638474-1E2F7A1500000578-553_634x375Did he hate women? I will give you that one. 
You want to do something about events like this? How about engineering a system of psychotherapy that doesn’t revolve around pharmaceuticals that don’t work. One which actually analyzes the problems people have and comes up with a solution! If I was this kid’s shrink – call me crazy- but I would have taught him how to talk to girls!
It’s not that hard to do and with a sweet Beemer and invites to all the big movie premiers at his disposal the kid could have found someone that would at least go out with him.
I may be wrong, but political agendas and opportunism have absolutely no place in the coming up to a solution to bats####T crazy.
Nor can we really plan for random acts of violent psychosis.
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14 Responses to Whinery: Misogyny, Gun Control & White Male Privilege

  1. mike t. says:

    I get your point here, sir. but as to ‘teach him to talk to girls…’ that probably was not the problem. he thought they hated him and spurned him at every turn. that’s not a communications issue, that’s delusional paranoia.

    • the dude says:

      From my armchair I spot delusional paranoia with a healthy splash of classic narcissism- this clown expected ‘the babes’ to bow in his presence and fawn over him. Uh, it’s not quite that easy.
      And when they didn’t bow and fawn in his radiance then it was time to prune the spurned ‘babe tree’.

      I guess people would rather have their mass killers poor and living in a cabin in the woods than a trust fund brat.

  2. Libertarian says:

    You cant legislate insanity.

  3. Jim says:

    DSW, I can’t disagree with any of your opinions/observations. Mass killings only require a nut-job and some kind of weapon. Obviously, guns are the best way to kill as many people possible in the short amount of time one has before he has to off himself. My frustration comes from the fact that governments (local, state and federal) refuse to address ANY of the issues regarding guns and/or mental health. One thing is damn certain. If you do NOTHING then NOTHING will change.

    • the dude says:

      I was told that was the definition of insanity Jim. Expecting different results from the same actions.

    • mike says:

      I’m not sure guns are the most efficient way to kill lots of people. Tim McVeigh used fertilizer. On 911, they used airplanes. The Tsarnaev brothers used a pressure cooker full of explosives.

  4. OPKS Jimbo says:

    I doubt that even a week of one on one PUA sessions with this loser would have worked. In my somewhat limited experience it is impossible to get a girl in bed unless one first has a conversation with them. In some cases, it didn’t take much, but nevertheless. This loser expected to be able to sit at his table in the food court and have women kneel before him at the very sight of his BMW key fob.

  5. Paracelsus says:

    It’s a shame that every time one of these horrible things happens, the blood isn’t dry before flags are planted in the bodies. It’s a case for gun control, goes one scream. How dare you even think of even mildly regulating firearms more, goes another. What’s the case for supposing that people are responsible for their actions?

    I wondered how the son of a Hollywood director could not be successful with the ladies. Then I watched the video.

  6. Goose13 says:

    People yelling gun control. Like it was pointed out, he killed half of them with a knife. Is knife control next? In china, a crazy bastard killed I think 18 (could be wrong) with a knife. If this pathetic POS did not have a gun, he would have used his knife on more people. This guy was going to kill people no matter what type of weapon he could get his hands on. Mental health laws have to change. Even his family knew he was sick, called police, and they said they could do nothing. Now, six people are dead. Police are always reactionary, not pro-active.

  7. Stomper says:

    Good piece, counselor. I agree with your point that each situation is unique and we shouldn’t make generalizations. Lots of good points made by commenters as well. There should be personal responsibility for one’s actions. There should be greater focus on mental health issues but then there are those that will say the government needs to stay out of any healthcare situations and God forbid that we should put some sort of gun control on the books that prevents mentally ill or felons from acquiring firearms. The gun lobby is so powerful that even a passing use of the phrase “gun control” causes many to conclude that the government is trying to take their guns away. Saw where that beacon of political acuity, Joe the Plumber, said that “your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional right to have guns”. That’s the mindset we are up against. It took SCOTUS over 230 years before affirming that the constitution did permit an individual right to own a firearm but even then, with limitations.

    I agree that crazy people will kill with whatever they can get their hands on to use but can’t we start somewhere? Maybe a law that restricts the ability of felons and mentally ill to acquire weapons. Maybe a requirement that we start looking at individuals with mental issues a little closer with regards to treatment and restrictions.

    Much to your dismay, counselor, it unfortunately does come down to a political narrative in today’s national climate.

  8. hot harley says:

    felons can own guns…theres a loophole!!!!!
    mentall disturbed people can get guns…just go into any pawn shop or go
    visit that gun show they have at 115 and Metcalf.
    And yes…this is not about guns. It’s about mental health in this nation.
    We screwed over the vets…I know one who took 3 ied attacks…can’t get
    any help from the VA….with the end of Iraq/afghan war we had hundred of
    thousands of veterans flood the va system that was already in shambles….
    no mental health professionals to help these kids….a time bomb waiting
    to explode. Hey …how about those 41 repubs who voted against upping
    money to va for wservices….it was bound to happen…bring an extra
    300,000 kids from war into the system and it was bound to go haywire!!!!!
    we screwed over the insureds…many policies have never covered outpatient
    mental health needs…its not obamacares fault…just the insurance companies
    never wanted to pay for shrink visits….
    we screwed over those in deep problems…gov. cut cut cut the mental health
    community and its resources…MAMH was eventually nothing but a
    holding cell for prisoners in Missouri…no room for mental care….
    The young kid was in need of serious care. What happened. He slipped thru.
    family had money…but it couldn’t buy thekid the right medical help to
    straighten him out.
    Cut..cut…cut….mental health services and you’ve got a world turned
    upside down.
    Its not guns people…its how low our society has gone.
    We just spent trillions on weapons when our own kids are getting
    butchered (black and white) on the streets.
    and the politicians could give a shit….its the money grab that took
    money away from their campaign financiers…
    90% of America wants some type of gun control…congress is too
    chicken sh*t to do anything.
    maybe its common sense background checks…I don’t know.
    I do know its time for a revolt to bring America back to it’s senses.
    either we realize the world has changed or we bask in our own
    cesspool of sh*t and watch ourselves go down in flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hot harley says:

    whinery said
    “How about engineering a system of psychotherapy that doesn’t revolve around pharmaceuticals that don’t work.”
    whats wrong..half the kids in blue valley are on Adderall or some other kind
    of drug. I talk with a psychiatrist last week…half the kids under 18 are now
    being given some kind of drug. We never got them and got along!!!!!!!
    WTF are we thinking….pain patches are killing kids all over the nation..
    heroin is more popular than pot…and whinery is right.
    Maybe we spend some of the trillions on helping our own people than
    spending it on some dictator or weapon we won’t use.

  10. Land baron says:

    There is often a massive difference between one’s heritage and how one chooses to identify. You cite this kids asian heritage, but it there is no evidence that he identified as such. I would imagine some sort of a revealed preference test would show that he more consciously identified as “white”.

    Think about it–assume your heritage is roughly split mexican and american. Which will you choose to identify with more? Location is important, right? And ultimately its kinda up to the individual. But if you’re in the burbs in most of america, you’re probably going to gain more access to opportunities if you can be identified as the socioeconomically dominant group (even if said group is numerically speaking closer to a minority).

    Also, if you accept that this can be a decision and is not up to heritage, then the concept of “white” becomes alot more complex.

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