Glazer: Woodside Pool, Mermaid Opens a Month Early

IMAG0182Goose bumps, anyone?

Now that owner Blair Tanner’s completed $3 million in renovations to the pool and outdoors at Woodside Pool, Tennis and Health Club, he’s moving on to phase two and three and stepping up the pace at Kansas City’s number one health, tennis, outdoor and pool facility.

And this just in…

Tanner and his staff have opened the adult pool a month earlier than most other local private clubs.

“Why deprive our members and their guests of their opportunity to get some fun and sun from the first week of May all the way up to October if the weather holds up?” Tanner says.

It’s not a money grab, but rather a convenience to club members.

Tanner lives in LA – although he’s from Kansas City – so he’s used to warm weather nearly year round already. So hey, why not here? 

One of the nicest additions to the pool deck is a 50 foot long outdoor bar loaded to the max with every new-fangled blender, cocktail and food concept imaginable. He’s also added a much larger cocktail, bartending and wait staff to replicate the feel of four star hotels in Hawaii and Miami.

And from my point of view, the hot young, new staffers look like they came out of a Hollywood casting office. They’re sharp, well-dressed and in excellent shape, if you get my drift.

The even larger lower deck houses an Olympic-size, family pool, baby pool and a building for other health needs – oh and fast food – and will open to families on Memorial Day Weekend. 

There’s more.

glqzeBlair’s increased the entertainment budget this summer to showcase more weekend evening events with multiple live bands, outdoor buffets, dancing and live DJ’s. 

The first big affair is in mid-June with – get this – a real, live Mermaid as guest of honor. She’ll be swimming in each of the adult and family pools, day and night.

That’s right folks, from parts unknown, a gorgeous young lady wearing a mermaid outfit like Darryl Hannah’s in the movie ‘Splash’ will be fanning her tail in and out of the pool during this huge event.

Last season they had several small evening events on Friday nights and big ones monthly on Saturday nights. They attracted a Who’s Who of upwardly mobile Kansas Citians.

So just how busy are Woodside’s pools and parties?

So much so, that if you don’t have a reservation you probably won’t get a seat or into the parties because they usually sell out.

I’m often asked what kind of people belong to Woodside these days?

It’s an even mix of age groups, with 25 percent between between 25-35, another 25 percent between 35-45, 20 percent between 45-55 and nearly twenty percent are 55 and up.

While the younger groups dominate the pool scene, there’s no shortage of middle agers hanging out and enjoying themselves at Woodside’s four pools.

Another nice addition are the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders.

That’s right, the Chiefs and Woodside have partnered to help keep the team’s cheerleaders in top shape and they work out with Woodside trainers, swim in the pools and lounge on the decks. They even wearing their cheerleading outfits for sporting events.

One thing that makes it all work inside and out is one of KC’s best management teams of Chris Bell, David  Freeland, Katie McLean and Scott Carr.

How much does it cost ?

glazer1A fraction of old guard clubs like Indian Hills and Oakwood. 

Woodside offers more of everything – sports and health – along with a cast of Kansas City socialites, hipsters, movers-and-shakers and local celebrities like me.

There’s no golf course, but trust me, you’ll get a monster bang for your buck at this awesome facility and you may even get to see me in action at the pool or in the gym.

Hey, what’s not to like about all that?

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21 Responses to Glazer: Woodside Pool, Mermaid Opens a Month Early

  1. Bob says:

    I don’t think any of Hearne’s readers are interested in Woodside. I think Woodside wasted their money with this advertisement. This may have Glazer’s name attached to it, but it is clearly written by a PR firm.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      harley wants to go to the hot naked yogurt sessions there.

      • the dude says:

        Or be on the other side of the freshly made glory hole in the men’s bathroom with the handmade sign that says “stick pee pee in here for succulent surprise ->”.

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Bob actually people do care. Woodside was the talk of the city last year with its evening parties and sold out weekends, means NO CHAIRS….no other pool was packed Friday-Sunday, none…not like that…its really fun. P.S. Hearne can’t resist any chance to make readers want to kill me…I wrote 99% of that story…but I did not put my photo in from Vegas back in the day at the pool, kinda a Tom Sellick deal…hah…

    • Bob says:

      Oh, people do care about Woodside. Just not the ones that comment here.

      • admin says:

        In all fairness, Bob, 99.9 percent of the readers seldom to never comment.

        The flip side of that: I’d say a HUGE percentage of the Craig haters do comment.

        Just saying…

        • Craig Glazer says:

          Simply put Woodside is one of the few unique places of its kind in KC, just so well done and the pricing is also fair. Hey if you are into working out, tennis,outdoor pools or meeting some nice folks for a look see that’s all. They are near full up but always room for one more.

  3. hot harley says:

    glaze…what no strippers? hookers? swing parties like they have at touches
    for your people.
    come on glaze…get that place in order….for a guy still chasing
    the hotties I say ….bring plenty of cash!!!!!
    and no it wasn’t the only pool packed!!!! if you want some classy/non hooker/
    beautiful/articulate/well groomed/ working for great money/ females that are
    high society and don’t live with mom and dad and a pool that’s not infiltrated with old guys using Flomax maybe
    try the lifetime pool in o.p.
    dude…you’re working it too hard.
    I was at their grand opening attanner last year….it was lame…not much talent like you said…most girls looked okay but if you want hotties I suggest you get
    out to 135th street asap. My friends are working that area to no end.
    all the hotties haverealized that the action is in south joco…no
    shootings…no old pervs…no wanna bes…just fun people.
    love the new tanners but please…its not vegas…I should know I’ve been to
    more pool parties in vegas than you can count.
    owners say half the people coming to 135th are from the plaza area looking
    for the real party.
    but hopefully the old crowd is still there holding down the pit including
    billy and doc. those were the days!!!!!!

  4. hot harley says:

    glaze…heres the deal…i’ll never say you don’t know anything about sports
    ever again if you can get that hottie with the pink cap on to take a pic
    hugging whit and put it on kcc….
    fair enough…
    you get that pic and i’ll never say another comment about your sports predictions!!!1

  5. realdeal says:

    and local celebrities like me. god will it ever end.

    • CG says:

      Deal guess you can’t read well. I NEVER SAID THAT, HEARNE WROTE THAT TO GET PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO GO OFF, THAT’S WHAT HE DOES….AND I WROTE THAT ABOVE…HEARNE DOES THAT TO CONTINUE THE HATERS TO HATE ON ME, THINKS ITS FUNNY…nobody including me would write that..I never mentioned me in the story at all. I am sorry he does those childish things. Johnny Dare does the same thing on radio…people like to stir the pot.

  6. CG says:

    Look I like Hearne, but when you make things up and put my name on them like the ‘hang out with local celebrities like me’ b.s. its really not right. I don’t do that to others. Hearne does not like straight ahead stories so he likes to do this, not the first time. I wouldn’t mind but my ego just isn’t that big. I am sorry he did that, it kinda messed up a nice update on a fun place. No biggie.

    • the dude says:

      Sounds more like you two just tolerate each other for clickbait but who am I to judge?

      • Craig Glazer says:

        Good point dude. As Hearne mentioned here somewhere, ‘most readers don’t comment.’ That’s true. Each site has its dedicated comment people. I think Hearne’s site has calmed down as far as attacks on each other. That’s a good thing. Sadly readers enjoy attacks, I don’t.

  7. bcm says:

    Are they going to hire the girls from the old Jules restaurant to be in the mermaid suits? GGlad to see them find employment. Hard to get work as a mermaid.

    • hot harley says:

      hope not…most of them are probably in their 50’s/late 40’s.
      take the girl in the pink capand have her swim nude…that’d
      be enough to save the old guys at woodside $50 on Viagra!!!!
      joking…love the pit…will make a reunion visit this summer.

  8. hot harley says:

    if the thepink cap girl…if she wants a successful articulat4e/
    intelligent/smart/gentleman have her contavt me t law4life1000@

    there arent’ many woman I find outstanding but that’s a 10 plus +++++++++++4
    come on glaze…help outthe best guy you know///////////////lets get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. balbonis moleskine says:

    Calm down people, that’s not a harley in the pool it is just a baby ruth

  10. Gene Oakerlund says:

    Any truth to the rumors printed in Variety that you are going to play Rick Rood in the upcoming biopic, “Rick Rude-the sadder, later years”?

  11. freddie mercury says:

    I want my mustache back Glazer.

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