Hearne: Scribe on Michael Sam, Tonsil Hockey, Gay Athletes & Sam’s Low Draft Pick

michael-sam-boyfriend-kiss-after-he-gets-drafted-02There’s such a thing as decorum

And in the case of Michael Sam, the Mizzou footballer who planted a wet one on his boyfriend after being drafted near the bottom of the NFL barrel, it ought to have been observed.

“It doesn’t bother me, but if I were Sam I probably wouldn’t have done it,” Glazer says. “Why put that in everybody’s face? What’s to be gained? I mean, maybe if they were getting married or something, but it’s still unsettling to most people.”

Let’s see if turnabout is fair play.

Were Glazer standing before the cameras in a momentous moment – and say he was dating a stripper – would he have gone tongue fishing and copped a generous feel?

“Well, I am dating a stripper, but no” Glazer says. “When I won my federal case several years back, I came down the stairs from the federal courthouse and gave my fiancee a kiss on the cheek.”

tony-gonzalez-wife-october-russell-gonzalez2That’s decorum.

“Given that Sam got drafted in the last round,” Glazer continues. “I mean, he didn’t not get drafted higher because he was gay. It was because he didn’t play very well. Auburn ran right over him – Sam got killed.”

Glazer’s take on how Sam will fare as an openly gay player in the NFL:

“It just comes down to whether he can play well…There have a number of professional athletes that are gay – even here in Kansas City – they just never came out.”

How Glazer can tell the other players were gay?

“I have a rule,” he says. “If you are handsome – one of the hottest guys on the team and you stand out like Tony Gonzalez did with the Chiefs – and there’s no women around, you’re probably gay…

Missouri v MississippiJoe Montana, Tommy Morrison, Marcus Allen, Neil Smith, Johnny Damon, Andre Rison – you could tell they were straight because there were always women around them,” Glazer continues. “And they would talk about women, like say they were hot. You know, because guys discuss women. Guys who are not straight may make an uncomfortable comment, but they’re not comfortable about it.”

Glazer’s pièce de résistance:

“I could name 10 famous athletes that are gay but they’re not out.”

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8 Responses to Hearne: Scribe on Michael Sam, Tonsil Hockey, Gay Athletes & Sam’s Low Draft Pick

  1. the dude says:

    Eh, the PDA on camera felt like it was a little bit forced but who cares.
    I am not a fan of PDA in general of any kind.
    If the guy can earn his keep on the team and contribute to wins I could care less.

    • admin says:

      I don’t disagree, dude

      Amazing how all the cable news outlets bit on this one so hard. As if to act like it really didn’t matter – was no big deal in an era of gay marriage, etc – all the while milking it for the controversy they knew it was

  2. Jim aka BWH says:

    I can hardly stop laughing. Let me get this straight. A guy who measures his self-worth in the number of strippers he bangs assesses other guys’ sexual orientation in their desire to do the same? Do I have that correct? It might be possible, just maybe, that other guys don’t adhere to the same low standard for themselves. And decorum? One might consider writing stories ABOUT banging strippers might fall outside the parameters of said decorum. But hey, what do I know?

  3. Libertarian says:

    Lee Judge’s cartoon in the star today pretty much sums it up.

    Hearne, are you allowed to display it here without nasty reprocussions?

  4. hot harley says:

    now glaze is an expert on gays. He knows everything. He knows with his
    radar who is gay.

    well the truth is that guys who f*ck strippers can’t get it up for normal
    relationships. That’s from Dr. Phil. then the stupdiest comments by glaze:
    ” It was because he didn’t play very well. ” WTF….the guy was SEC defensive
    player of the year….hardly a low award…he played great…..I think the lowest
    sec def. player of year was drafted ever was maybe second or third round.
    get real glaze..this is another major mistake.
    look at all the defensive players from the sec drafted and in the nfl now…
    that award is not a slouch…
    where do you come up with this crap????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Keroauc says:

    [ Dah da da da ~ dah da da da dah ] . . . the story you are about to read is true, the valediction is not in order allow Kerouac poetic license

    Sometime in 1968, I heard a report on the radio that a current pro football QB was homosexual. The story came with an exclamation point – he was so associated with being a skirt chaser would shock the public his identity & preference come to light.

    Considering the referenced year, who came to mind? One name immediately entered mine, based on his ‘ladies man’ reputation news sources of the day. ‘Say it ain’t so, Joe’ morphed from thoughts of an acquitted ‘Shoeless’ Jackson baseball, to an not believed unless admitted predilection, Broadway.

    I needed reassurance.

    I looked in the mirror – aware of my reflection, perhaps I was not trying hard enough to go blind. I looked at my poster of Raquel Welch from ‘One Million Years BC’ before recalling she reportedly had dated the Homosapien now haunting my imagination and threatening to collapse my pedestal.

    I thought of The National Enquirer & wondered how they felt having been scooped by another source. I considered becoming Amish since I knew they didn’t listen to radio; unable to grow a beard and unable to spell it let alone locate Pencilvaneyah, I relented.

    To this day I hate the media.

    Still love Raquel.

    And Joe.


  6. CG says:

    One I never said I was expert at guessing who is or isn’t straight. Just been around it for years here and in LA, that’s all. As far as Sam and being gay, I don’t care really. Hearne asked what I thought of the kissing on TV. I didn’t know he was going to write anything, but I did say it might have been smarter to do it off camera that’s all. Kids watch this stuff and it does confuse some folks.

    Harley and gang, I don’t just date strippers, I have dated some. I date a girl now who is a mom with little kids she loves and due to past issues danced that’s all. Doesn’t maker her evil. I’d rather she stopped dancing and I believe she will. I have dated many different ladies, many of whom were very nice. Like my ex wife. Etc…

    I don’t really care about all this stuff. Harley like you mentioned being on the attack, ‘can he play’..that’s all. His stock FELL DUE TO HIS PLAY slowing down at seasons end no argument there, not because he was gay. I wish him the best.

    • hot harley says:

      again glaze….stop counting those dollar bills…the only reason he
      fell was because they needed excuses not to draft.
      look at who was draftedbefore him…guys who went to schools
      with 500 students and played essentially against other high
      school draft rejects.
      one was from stowaway state or something like that.
      no one wanted the heat….or the coverage that he would take
      away from the resto f team.
      I heard that hard knocks tv show hadn’t decidedwho to feature
      this year for their show. no team volunteered….but if they want
      record viewership they follow the rams…what a circus that will
      it s made for tv ratings….mob/gays/poor draft choices/lockeroom
      talk/rookie pranks/mics hidden in secret places….this is a reaity
      show directors dream come true.
      sex sells and nothing will chane that this summer.
      sams gets Arthur ashe award at espys….how does that play in
      s.e.c. land…omg….this is going to be a circus.
      the only thing greater and funnier will be the repub race for
      prez in 2016…
      no matter what…a bunch of clowns on tv….ringling brothers would
      be salivating to havethis cast of jokers on their tour!!!!!!
      sorry glaze…wrong again…
      but nice try

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