Whinery: Reading the Tea Leaves in North Carolina & Beyond

There was a Republican primary election on Tuesday to see who gets to face incumbent Democrat Senator Kay Hagan in the Fall…



I don’t want to get carried away being always aware of how Republicans can screw up a sure thing, but thus far it looks like the GOP will be taking this seat from the Dems.

Why you ask?

First off, the winner, Thom Tillis is a solid candidate – no Todd Akin here. As the Speaker of the State House., Tillis is a somewhat moderate and congenial fellow. And even though the Dems spent $6 million trying to destroy this man he still got 45% of the vote in a crowded primary. They were so desperate that an ad was produced in which Tillis said ObamaCare was a “great idea,” even though Tillis said he was being sarcastic.

The Democrats are toast this fall,  mark my words. 

That said, what I fear most is that the Republicans are likely to make a bigger mess of things than the Dems.

malaysianAs a side note, I haven’t been writing much as of late.

To be honest, I’ve been very stressed out. This World we live in is on the brink of economic, environmental and social disaster. Between watching World War III unfold and trying to maintain a law practice, I’m wiped out.

I’m going to try and slowly return to writing, but it’s very hard to do with an absence of hope. I’m going to try and find a fire within and somehow regain whatever vestiges of hope I may have.

I do have a full-fledged, tinfoil hat theory on what happened to the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and will try and put it in essay form for you.

In the meantime, good luck and godspeed.

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18 Responses to Whinery: Reading the Tea Leaves in North Carolina & Beyond

  1. mike t. says:

    fatalist. for those of us who really need the hope, we need smart, insightful people like yourself, to help shine a light, be a beacon. don’t leave us to the Harley’s of the world! (or fox news.)

  2. Ha ha says:

    How’d that “Mitt Romney will certainly be the president” prediction from October 19, 2012 work out for ya?

    Whinery: My Prediction is Looking Safe

    Back in May I called the presidential election 53-47 Romney and everything is starting to fall into place…

    In short, your political predictions suck.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Both parties campaign on the issue the other party is unfit to serve. And both are often right.

    The power of the two parties keeps the game going with no chance for someone outside of the two circles to ever stand a chance.

    While we differ much, we probably have more in common than opposing points of view. Unfortunately there is no room in the Democrat or Republican party for people who think for themselves.

    We are third-class citizens, subject to The-Beast-With-Two-Heads (the Ds & Rs who only want to be THE party of special interest monies).

    The courts have decided telling lies on news broadcasts (Fox) is not illegal. That FCC rules are merely “suggestions” and not laws. No different at CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC.

    They ride into DC on half-a-horse apiece. Both on the south end of a north bound horse.

    • chuck says:

      “The courts have decided telling lies on news broadcasts (Fox) is not illegal. That FCC rules are merely “suggestions” and not laws. No different at CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC.”

      Orphan, the Feds are at the door.


      “Government officials, reacting to the growing voice of conservative news outlets, especially on the internet, are angling to curtail the media’s exemption from federal election laws governing political organizations, a potentially chilling intervention that the chairman of the Federal Election Commission is vowing to fight.

      “I think that there are impulses in the government every day to second guess and look into the editorial decisions of conservative publishers,” warned Federal Election Commission Chairman Lee E. Goodman in an interview.

      “The right has begun to break the left’s media monopoly, particularly through new media outlets like the internet, and I sense that some on the left are starting to rethink the breadth of the media exemption and internet communications,” he added.””

      What the heck, lets let the Feds figure out if reporting on politics is unbaised. I am sure, they will, as always rule in an unbaised manner. The most powerful institution in the United States, the IRS has led by example. Then, if there is a problem, our Attorney General, whose dedication to the law and Constitution is beyond reproach, will see that offenders are brought to heel.

      There may indeed be a Democratic/Republican chimera in the fevered dreams of what used to pass for reasonable, middle class Americans, but they are, if not now dead (As so many hope for.), dying.

      While it is true, that Congress has NEVER been more reviled by the American public, the representatives we send to the District of Corruption, are in fact, supposed to have SOME power with respect to the executive and judicial branches. What a fu*kin joke. The Attorney General laughs at subpoenas, insults personally members of Congress to their faces and brags about his ability to selectively enforce the laws he sees fit, arbitrarily and capriciously to any who can stomache his leprous, facist filth.

      The idea that the Federal Bureaucracy, filled with hive minded liberal apparatchiks looking for the next IRS target to skewer, would be qualified to discern offensive political rhetoric is a “New Amerika” dream come true.

  4. hot harley says:

    OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! THIS CAN’T BE REAL!!!!!!!!
    was the stupidest prediction of all time…2 noodle heads listening to fox
    news and buying the medicare rip offs the promote on there…and
    predicting Romney wins the election.
    TOM TILLIS: wait…more skeletons in this dudes closet than akins…
    just wait. Saw the background notes on this guy. Will make Romney
    look like mother Teresa!!!!!
    yes..this fall will be tough for dems…but if you read the republican
    talking points they’re dropping obamacare as an issue …why…because
    it is so successful with 80-90% paying premiums. And just wait…its
    gonna be a tough campaign…but if dems get their people out in a
    mid term election (which is crucial) it will be a very very close race…
    then bumble head says economic…social collapse. watch world war 3…
    (just exactly where is this war going totake place…Ukraine? )….what?
    Russia taking on Ukraine…the russkies are already getting ready to pull
    out…the sanctions will kill them financially and America is ready to
    ship them natural gas to fill what the Russians lose. Ifthat happens…
    Russian disintegrates …and remember Ukraine has nuclear missles
    also birdbrain.
    dark dreary death march stories nad your negative doom and gloom
    writings…you should be on fox news 24/7 to make all those old men
    watching who are on Flomax get excited…especially when they
    see sterlings hooker broad.
    Benghazi…the head of the committee already blew that?????
    the irs story that wislon hounds about….read the stories…both left and
    right organizatyions got screwed…
    and who’s left…Christie will be jailed/cruz could get about 30% of popular vote
    with todays comments….paul..omg what an idiot…..theres second chance
    texas looney governor….maybe the indian from Louisiana….
    or maybe the bushs pull out the third son who’s got skeletons in the closet..
    please…please…please whinery…keep these articles coming hourly…weekly..
    daily….because they are the funniest sstuff ever!
    please…you make our day.
    however…you are right…environmental disaster is staring us in the face.
    we’re in real real trouble….read about parts of texas stopping fracking…
    heat waves…earthquakes in Oklahoma…I agree with you sir…we
    have ruined mother nature….have a great trip…gets some anti
    depressants and keep the stories rolling…rolling…rolling.
    roflmao…….luve ya!!!!!!!

    • Lois Lerner says:

      Hey Harley, I thought you said I would be off the hook by last June.

      • hot harley says:

        keep trying issa….wislon is another phony….by the time
        this whole thing is done Obama is writing his memoirs
        and Hilary is picking out drapes for the oval office.
        How stupid are these republicans? don’t they get it.
        this is so old..so blown up…is this the best you seniors
        lets get real….the head of the committees are even tired
        of going over the non partisan work done on these
        “scandals”….and just wait…you screw with the irs
        and you’ll get audited…
        have a great weekend watching fox news repeats.
        I’m sure wislon and whinery (the two worst predictors
        in the nation) can’t wait for those Hannity/huckleberry
        and no’reilly reruns on sat/sun.
        Haven’t you been watching how john steward has literally
        torn any sense of credibility these clowns have to shreds.
        what a bunch of losers.
        also…wheres all that charity money Hannity raised?
        now that’s a real low life scandal.
        BEYONCE…BENGHAZI…the repubs need to stock
        up on depends and Viagra to make it thru the weekend.
        old…senile…dying off….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. chuck says:

    By the way Whinery, quit bitching, step into it and start throwing some fu*king lead right hands.

  6. hot harley says:

    attention wislon (the swami of stupid statements) and whine boy (voted most
    likely to jump off bridge in high school) see todays reports.
    after taking over the worst economy since depression government has
    huge surplus in april.
    please keep up your “great” predictions…they make the rest of us
    laugh and wonder what kind of tin foil hat you’re wearing.
    wislon…be sure to remove your foil hat before talking on cell phone.
    could really screw things up seriously according to center for diseased
    old men control.
    hava a great day…
    before itsover…obamacreates more jobs than raygun…your phonyhero with
    over a dozen tax increases!!!!!!!

  7. hot harley says:

    didyou unload that pathetic pic of you with “the winner” Romney that you paid
    3k for? what did you get on ebay …maybe $2.00? hahahahahaha

  8. Stomper says:

    Counselor, good to see you back although this was a pretty shallow effort that doesn’t reflect accurately on your intellectual ability. Hearne already has Kelly Urich offering a variety of snippets, no reason for you to do the same. You touched on three really fertile areas for discussion. Pick one and go deep.

    The chances for the Dems this fall are slim and I agree with your prediction. Off year elections are traditionally bad for the winner of the previous presidential election and the republican state legislatures did a masterful job of gerrymandering districts to favor the GOP in House races. Nothing wrong with that as it’s good political strategy. If you want to write about the fall elections and what you think will occur, do a little research here and offer up a view point with some facts to support you.

    The situation in Ukraine is also a great topic of discussion. I think it should scare everyone as Putin is a dangerous player with no person or institution in Russia to counter his view. He is not doing any favors for the Russion people, banks, or businesses. Offer up some solutions or paths that Europe or the US should take. Plenty of KCC commenters would jump in to respond to whatever you put forward.

    Finally, everyone else out there has put forward an opinion on what happened with Malaysian Flight 370. I’m anxious to learn what you think.

    Probably the only time I have agreed with Chuck but he’s right ( way right as a matter of fact). Get out there and write something meaty, with some attitude tossed in. You’re not one to jump back in and respond to comments but I promise you a stronger effort on your part that focuses on a single topic will generate at least 50+ comments.

    Show me what you got, counselor !!!

  9. hot harley says:

    no…counselor…don’t show us what you got.
    You’ve already made a freaking fool of yourself along with wislon with
    your predictions and doom and gloom stories.
    save us having to rebut your ridiculous comments. go over to tkc.
    Those guys will love you. Because they have no brains!
    good luck….
    p.s….waiting for you and wislon to give us your opinions about “the kiss”!!!!!hahaha

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