Sounds Good: Split Lip @ Bottleneck, Radkey @ Replay, Nathaniel Rateliff @ Czar, Love Garden B-Day @ Granada

Colfax cover artNew Record of the Week
:  Colfax by The Delines.

This Portland group was formed recently by novelist/songwriter Willy Vlautin, of the legendary alt-country band, Richmond Fontaine.  It features road-weary lead vocals from Amy Boone (Damnations), and band members Sean Oldham (Richmond Fontaine), Jenny Conlee (Decemberists), Tucker Jackson and Freddy Trujillo.

Vlautin wrote all the tunes specifically for Boone, in a style that they’re calling retro-country-soul.  It’s a mournful album that tells stories about the down-and-out, the never-were, and other kinds of assorted, broken characters.

And, oh yeah, you can listen for free right here.  I recommend I Won’t Slip Up.  Do it, you’ll feel better.

Friday, May 2nd

Screen shot 2012-01-30 at 11.48.35 AMSplit Lip Rayfield and Drakkar Sauna at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

OK, if you’ve never seen SLR then please take a step forward. Really?  C’mon guys. They’re legends. Punk-billy legends.  Seriously, they kick some serious ass and have tons of good songs about drinking, ex-girlfriends, Skol Bandits, trucks, punching people in the face.  You owe it to yourself to fill up your flask and head on out to catch one of the best live shows that you’ll come across.  Oh, and Drakkar Sauna is cool, too.  They are a two piece with weird mustaches usually, and they do the whole put-one-mic-in-the-middle thing.

Kristie Stremmel early, Radkey late at the Replay in Lawrence

Something old and something new.  Stremmel of Frogpond fame outside on the patio at 6 or so, then once it gets late Radkey is inside to tear apart the bar with the dirtiest bathrooms this side of hell.  Kind of the same thing as with Split Lip – if you haven’t caught Radkey yet, what are you waiting for?  They blend Nirvana’s spirit with a DIY punk thing, and the best part – their musicianship is outstanding.

Saturday, May 3rd

Nathaniel Rateliff at the Czar Bar in KC

A folk troubadour with an unbelievable baritone voice, I caught this this Denver-based singer-songwriter a couple years ago and was impressed with his tunes, even though some dude in a David Byrne suit was talking loudly through the hushed moments of the set.  Since then he’s scored some opening slots with The Fray and the Lumineers, among others.

Sunday, May 4th

Love Garden Birthday Bash at the Granada in LawrenceWOODS.showmoved

If you’ve ever wandered along Mass. Street and stumbled into a record store only to be greeted by a friendly cat and the hipster-est clerks ever, then you might want to come out to this show celebrating 24 years of the area’s favorite record store.  On the bill are some pretty national-type bands, surprisingly, like Woods and Blood on the Wall.  Sprinkled in, of course, is some local talent. Come for the music, stay for the scenester-watching.
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  1. legendaryhog says:

    I love Nathaniel Rateliff, but this picture you posted looks like he got punched in the dick….twice.

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