Harley: Man of a Million Words Hits on Troubled KC Jeweler, Plaza, TKC & Glaze’s Grrrls

Against my better judgment…

I present you with a “column” submitted by everybody’s favorite punching bag (and edited by moi). Enjoy. May I suggest you take it with a grain of salt (or a boulder)?

My new column on KC Confidential….


AllThatGlittersWhat do KU basketball and the KC jeweler story have in common?

This is getting quite interesting. My tipsters have given me info that nothing really was
taken, but was “lost” including a very expensive watch. The supposed subject
was getting 250k as a buyout and was sleeping at 73rd Street. And that Hearne’s story is probably blown out of proportion.

I visited with key individuals and they felt this story was blown out of proportion and that nobody needed to dress up like a shrub outside the postoffice. And that Paul Wilson didn’t need to play Miami Vice and hide under his dashboard to avoid being seen…. everything is under control.
Unfortunately not all people born with silver spoons trun out as good as
Hearne and Southman (hover that is). Some have problems and hopefully this will blow over!!!!

More to come, but my sources are “in the deal” and Hearne and Paul can go to the late night diner and find some really good diamond deals.

com_the-plazaWhere is all this trouble on the Plaza?

Sorry, I was down there Friday night.

Hearne said gatherings of young kids is not unusual, but where were they
Friday night? Observing Sabbath at the synagogue?

It was beautiful and all the places were packed. People were strolling early but as always
in KC the street rolls up about 11 pm. I never saw a police officer or black hoodlum. There was no violence, no riots, just a great, great spring night.

And no one spoke about these so-called flash mobs.

No one was afraid to walk. In fact many managers told us they had a very good month in April and were looking for a huge May. I was also down there about 10 days earlier and the streets were bustling.

I think the racists use the Plaza as a scapegoat for other problems.

Vile people search the web looking for incidents from “reliable sources” like WND, KKK extension.)

As I’ve mentioned as a data expert, the changing demographics of America
are taking effect. The growing African American and Hispanic populations
will run this nation in 10-15 years.

I spoke with a top analyst and saw details that show that the changing growth patterns are becoming even more evident than had been expected. The racists will continue to make their vile comments, but reality is setting in upon this nation. The older, white male segment is dying off and having less and less power. It’s s inevitable. Either we all get along or it’s going to be a really long haul.

Head-ShotAs the racists on TKC die off they’re being replaced by a more diverse population.

All of you racists have but a few short years to walk the Plaza before you’ll be in walkers.

And Glaze, get serious,- stop bull shitting.

Tuesday nights on the Plaza? I lived there for three years and Tuesday night was always quiet. People don’t go out as much, and being that you’ll soon be getting social security checks you must realize people have many more choices for entertainment
now than ever before.

Once upon a time the Plaza ruled. Now there’s a bar/club/
nightspot on practically every corner. Over four will open in a matter of eight months
near 135th and Metcalf. Why travel and face DUIs?

hsrleyBut many of us still love coming down to the Plaza and yes, your stripper girlfriends might be afraid of the crowds there, but the movers and shakers of Kansas City were out last Friday night and not a peep about any problems there. Just another change in the American geography..

I think guys like Tony and that fuckig bear and Glaze are the only ones I’ve heard mention it. However those were kids on Saturday nigh and you don’t think the kids
in Blue Valley don’t have weapons. As one of my tipsters said, “Go down to the
hood and look at all the JOCO license plates – they’re buying everything from
coke to heroin and bringing it out south. And there’s a big business in hot cell phones.”

cop-with-flashlightThis is not a race problem, it’s a problem with society. Ask any
Overland Park cop. There’s bad stuff happening everywhere.

AS FOR WILSON, good luck. Once the young kids see you they’ll
run like hell. Maybe the cops will let you play with their
big flashlights!!


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76 Responses to Harley: Man of a Million Words Hits on Troubled KC Jeweler, Plaza, TKC & Glaze’s Grrrls

  1. mark smith says:

    Little known fact….Harley once got into a sword fight with Studs Terkel or crossed swords with Urkel, maybe both. I digress. Other than this column being slightly more coherent, it was really just one of his uber long unhinged screeds in the comment section. Harley the Hemmingway of KCC. Hearne maybe you can do a Point/Counterpoint column between Harley and Glazer. The Mt Everest of editing.

  2. expat says:

    Hearne that must have been murder to edit. In fact you missed a spot: “The growing African American and Hispanic populations will ruin this nation in 10-15 years.” No need to thank me.

  3. bigtimeharley says:

    crucified in a previous column)….
    to name names and I wouldn’t since I believe having talked to the
    closest people to the situation that you made fools of yourself by
    hiding under a steering wheel…trying to get people guessing who
    was the suspect….by using “hidden clues” that almost ruined the long
    great careers of other fine business people in this town…and by purely
    filling space with speculation.
    the quotes were taken from people very very familiar with what is
    going on in this city..from the bv kids drug of choice being heroin
    to the facts about business on the plaza. Did you see the figures for
    the owners of the plaza…in a terrible winter look at their numbers..
    down a little but stil l very very very strong….despite the vile racist
    calls by the lowlifes of tkc and kcc.
    Have you read any thing about the changing demographics of the nation
    hearne. I said nothing new..its already in every major publication and
    Kansas city is facing the same predicament.
    We walked thru the plaza last weekend without any fear of flash
    mobs…saw no police…saw no violence…only that people were out
    spending money and enjoying themselves. Despite every
    doom and gloom prediction by glaze…wislon…chuckles the sad clown..
    the plaza and now even the west plaza area is still happening.
    I speak the truth and provide the factual data and personal experiences
    that no other commentator (outside glaze…although I don’t date hookers…
    don’t beat women….and pay the bills when they are due).
    I know business…yet you allow guys who went busted to try to
    downgrade a thriving organization and business. Wilson writing about
    the post office was terrible. He doesn’t understand the unequal playing
    field the post office operates under and he doesn’t understand business
    period. ….yet you let him write a piece that has more holes than swiss cheese.
    If you knew even the slightest inside info on the jeweler you tried to
    nail you would already know all the FACTS I PRESENTED WITHOUT
    I’ve always said …prove me wrong or stfu…so far everyone has stfu because
    again Harley knows all.
    grammar and spelling are not my forte…but I know the facts and I
    present them.
    Nimble minded idiots like mark smith will try to use cute words
    just like expat (who I blew away in his previous comments)…
    because you all are fools…
    prove me wrong…then we can talk…til then…as I said before stfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      OMG, you do love to hear yourself think, Harley

      Obviously I know the name of the jeweler in question. Equally obviously the rumors are in greater abundance than the facts. Hence not naming him.

      Nobody hid under a dashboard or anywhere else. We’ll see want comes out when.

  4. bigtimeharley says:

    had I known it was going to get top billing I would have separated the stories
    and done a better job at spelling /grammar.
    I work with some of the top drs. in the nation…and if you think my
    grammar and spelling is bad….see how they do with emails.
    til you can find someone to refute my facts…I suggest you not make a
    fool of yourself.
    I will be entering another SCHOOL THE FOOLS segment….
    and will make it easier to read.
    But isn’t Harleys stuff more fun to read than some down and depressed
    guy writing a dark dark story about death.
    Don’t have time to think about dying…life is too good to give up.
    For guys like wislon…they think death and retirement.
    I think of what is new and exciting to conquer tomorrow…life is
    beautiful….enjoy it. As they say “I’VE GOT MANY MILES TO GO
    again thanks…its an honor to be featured on this blog for the
    first time.
    but never never never never doubt Harley….because every piece of
    info I wrote is correct.

    • admin says:

      There was plenty of spelling and grammar correcting, H Man.

      I think anyone who has surveyed your raw writing can recognize that!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Here he is IN PRINT… and let the excuses begin! I work with top doctors, isn’t my stuff INTERESTING, if Id known I was going to get top billing I would have written it different, I have all the facts……. You’ve ached for the attention and now this is going to be the best day of April.
        Standard Harleyisms is all you’re going to see here from J school boy; its hard to write a story, huh? And in your classic style, when people come after you, all you have left is to attack other writers. School yard bullies do what school yard bullies do.
        Write on, “writer,” you couldn’t be any more transparent.
        Oh, 100% right, all the time, no one can prove you wrong, Harley; you have a fact wrong. No vacancies on the Plaza you claim? Ever look in Halls windows while you were down there, fool.
        That makes you = wrong.

      • bigtimeharley says:

        thanks admin….I write fast…no time for grammar and
        spelling because I don’t pretend to be a writer
        but you have to edit wislon and glaze so whats
        another poor writer you have to edit (hahahaha_
        funny part is that I am right..and that’s what upsets
        the guys here.
        Harley knows it all…
        and if ya can’t smile and take all this stuff with a
        grain of salt maybe you should read the new York
        times…or wall street journal.
        lets have some fun…because as wislon noted in this
        story on death “life is a very mysterious event”…
        smile hearne….life is grand.
        and where’s that story on the murder capital of the

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          You have a J School degree, or so you claim, Mr. No Name A$$HAT! First graders use spelling skills and grammar. No one is so stupid as to claim, and no reader believes, you write fast and that causes bad spelling and grammar!
          If my doctor says, he didn’t get it right because he works really fast and doesn’t pretend to be a doctor…….well, never mind. Its like teaching a pig to sing, I guess. You’re writing comes across as it does because you’re a moron! Welcome to comments sections.

  5. bigtimeharley says:

    answer on the jeweler mystery question to come.
    but someone with your news hound style should understand the hidden
    maybe think greatest bball coach in ku history!!!!!!!!!!1
    you moderated the flowmax joke…why????????/thought it was funny
    come on hearne…you know whati’m talking about. Don’t you? you should!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Uh, correction…

      The answer is not to come. Not anytime soon without some serious reporting.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        G-D, you cant make this crap up.
        For weeks he’s pimped KCC for running a NON story, all the slams he’s had concerning the jeweler and the potential story, all the fun he’s made of it.
        Now that Harley is on the scene, its a BIG TIME STORY and he’s got/getting all the answers.
        Which is it, investigative reporter, Harleystein? Leave this kind of investigation to the real reporters, not someone who claims a J School degree but writes like a 5 year old. This is men’s work, go play “doctor,” with your huge clients, ok, little boy?

      • bigtimeharley says:

        thanks hearne.
        my email box has 7 emails from people who read my
        stories….some are very funny..
        maybe do an “outtake” story from theemails I get…
        all of them are interesting!!!!!
        luv ya!!!!!!!!!!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Hey, you’ve never gotten a supportive email as a result of anything you’ve EVER said or done on KCC!! Print the names, tell us who loves you so much they email you with ideas and funny thoughts. You shouldn’t have a problem with that, would you? Tell us WHO these admirers are. If they send you all this mail, they should be honored to be mentioned by you. Until then…. its just another Harley lie.

  6. HarDLYreadable says:

    Weak sauce from a bed wetter. Nothing new here. Poorly written, boring, but has the advantage of being shorter than most of his illiterate comments which is the only positive aspect of seeing this steaming cow piles, ahh, “column.” I can’t say that and keep a straight face. Please tell us this was just for giggles and won’t happen again? He makes Glaze look like a Roads Skollar.

  7. balbonis moleskine says:

    This blog is now the equivalent of an AIDS infected petri dish

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    This is just too funny for words. Better thick’n up that skin, bagel boy and I’d encourage comment people to, ahhh, use protection before doing your deed on the new writer.

    • bigtimeharley says:

      7am…you’re already mad…come on wislon….itsnice outside..
      no rain or hail….did you have a tough night…????
      all fun and games!!!!!!!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Mad? You dolt, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen! I’ve laughed my A$$ off since I knew this was coming out! I’m no where near mad, this is the best day I’ve had in months! You’re the gift that keeps on giving; the AIDS of comments. 100 aspirins a day and it still won’t die!

        • mike says:

          + 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

  9. CG says:

    Harley, I wasn’t there, I love the Plaza. I stated that. I got calls from friends and they told me about it. I told Hearne. He checked it out. When large groups of young urban people travel to areas like the Plaza and move in numbers like 8 or 15 together and block sidewalks and are loud, it intimidates those who are not. Simple as that. There were a few incidents reported to me involving the police running here and there to put out some issues. However no it was not a riot or anything close to it. It is what it is…

  10. bigtimeharley says:

    funny comments…
    but hearne butchered up my comments and made a story…
    the facts remain…
    Harley knows all….Harley is better connected than hearne…
    and Harley loves to hear from his fans/readers and disciples…
    my hope is to be as good a writer as wislon….and to get the
    attention of the readers of kcc…
    thanks guys…thanks hearne…
    appreciate the humor..
    but again…no one can prove me wrong!!!!!!

  11. bigtimeharley says:

    What a waste. Bunch of old guys sitting around…who never go to the plaza…
    who complain…complain…complain about a problem.
    you all have talent…maybe you can’t change the world but you can
    change a life.
    GET OFF YOUR ASS!!!!!!

  12. doug tanhope for mayor of bisbee says:

    CG! Check out the new Doug Stanhope Podcast. Recorded Live from the KC Improv…Stanhope and Inman shit on Stanfords and called you that crazy guy, not in an endearing way..said you are moving the club to Broadway because they are raising your rent.

    They do go on to say playing the Improv is a bit sterile because everything starts on time and they dont try to milk the audience for drinks by starting late and playing long….doesnt sound like they think Stanfords is a big time club though!

    http://stanhope.libsyn.com for the episode

    • CG says:

      Doug played our club several times in the 90’s and maybe a bit in early 2000’s cool guy, we had fun. He was not a huge draw here unless we played up GIRLS GONE WILD he hosted and he never liked that, so he started doing some local bars. Inman was a regular at our clubs over the years, strange guy but I liked him, helped get him an agent, Roger Paul years ago. Hey when you are the big dog you catch hell sometimes, happens. I wish them both well.

      • doug stanhope for mayor of bisbee says:

        Inman seems to indicate on the podcast that he isnt welcome at Stanfords anymore and that you are moving the club due to rent issues.

  13. NorthlandGal says:

    Hearne, Wilson, Expat, Dude et al… Shame, Shame, Shame… You know better than to make fun of the mentally challenged among us.

    Harley… You are ‘special’ dear. You just keep right on writing your little columns. I’m proud of you.

    • bigtimeharley says:

      northland gal….come on down south and see how we live. Lots different
      than the northland.
      maybe you can take back some stuff to your gals up north
      in liberty.
      take care..thanks for the compliments. smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • expat says:

      You should read Without Conscience by Robert Hare. It’ll give a lot of insight into Harley’s mental problems.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Expat; problem ONE, Harley thought NorthlandGal was COMPLIMENTING him. I’m not sure that has a definition, other than, “special” as in special ed.

        • bigtimeharley says:

          wislon…read my comments thoroughly.
          “smile”….come on dude….get real.

  14. paulwilsonkc says:

    Watch always right Harley bob and weave on his.

    Harley; Plaza has no vacancies
    Paul; HALLS – EMPTY, there’s a BIG ONE. Harley is WRONG

    Harley; IRS will not be a story past Labor Day
    Paul; Its still in Congressional hearings; I don’t care why, or by whom, I don’t care if its crazy a$$ republicans that have it there, Harley said it wouldn’t be a story past Labor Day; 11 months later its still in the news…. no matter how.
    Harley is WRONG

    Don’t go down a rabbit trail, just tell us you missed those two. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Having fun yet, Bagel Boy?
    Thats all the time I have for now, too many boxes to sell.

  15. Stomper says:

    First, a few disclaimers.

    Harley’s slash and burn, take no prisoners writing style doesn’t earn him many fans. He’s quick with the insult and uses a 2 x 4 with exposed nails as opposed to the “velvet hammer” that I would prefer, when he calls someone out. Finding common ground is not his goal.

    The lack of correct spelling, punctuation, and length of his missives makes it difficult for all but the most devoted reader to make it all the way through his efforts. This often serves to mute his points.

    As opposed to Harley, I enjoy Paul Wilson’s style and his choice of topics. Paul admits that much of what he writes is just to “stir the pot”.

    Probably a few other issues but, with all that said,

    Harley and I share our view of the role of government and his political opinions are dead on from my perspective. He supports his position well and doesn’t hesitate to point out the flawed statements of others.

    Harley and I share our religion and he is correct that KCC has a good supply of racist and anti-semitic commenters. Very troubling but that’s an accurate reflection of our society.

    He has a knack for hitting exposed nerves. Good for the volume of comments.

    Just sayin’

  16. Jim says:

    Far be it from me to be the grammar police, but good God. Just trying to slog my way through the grammatical mass-murdering of the English language that H-Man cobbled together has exhausted me. I’m sorry. If you can’t articulate an opinion without taking a cleaver and a machete to commonly understood practices for the written word, I know everything I need to know about your intellect. Wow.

  17. Orphan of the Road says:

    We are here and it is now. Further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.

  18. Nick says:

    This is an edited article? Hilarious…

    As was, in its own special way, the article itself.

    • admin says:

      Well Nick,

      You’ve seen his unedited copy in the comments section. He had a few tidbits to offer. Another (minimal) take on the jeweler. I’ve been letting that one rest until something of substance surfaces, but there is definitely something afoot.

      I know it’s frustrating for many readers not to get the absolute skinny – as in the name – but I think you guys understand why at this point that’s not possible.

  19. CG says:

    One thing is for sure Harley is entertaining as hell. He makes me laugh and enjoy.

  20. mike says:

    That is the best story I have ever read. You haters will all be embarrassed when it wins a Pulitzer prize. I am waiting with baited breath for his next one!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The third person perspective is the most telling sign of a psychopath.

    When speaking of anonymous comments what’s the take on anonymous contributors? Especially those race baiting and playing detective on the non-story of a jewelers business dealings.

    Based on your previous admission of IP snooping and fessing up to Harley’s multiple IP trail I think it only ethical to pop the cherry on your anonymous scribe if you are going to play “anonymous commentors” are haters card. You should practice what you preach.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Anonymous; Harley is a “man” short on testicular fortitude. He will never state who is he because there are too many lies behind the image. He’s in his element, he can sit in the shadows, call names, question peoples backgrounds, call them losers and extol his own virtues, all he’s done, fabulous body fabulous wealth, all while no one knows the truth of who he is, what he does, nothing. He’s a coward. You make a great point. I love my editor, he’s a personal friend, but even I questioned the intent behind letting someone write how doesn’t have the nerve to do so under who he is.
      You made one other observation, in part. Harley has made fun of the jeweler story from day one, positioning it as a NON story. Now look, Harley has ALL the facts, all the news and he’s going to break it wide open. I ask you, how do you break a non story? He gets involved and its suddenly a “story?”
      I think you get the point….
      Nice comments, nice thoughts, but you’ll see me on the cover of GQ before you see that. By the way, you are 100% right in your comment, from thrid person dialogue to every last word you wrote.

      • mike says:

        One thing you will never see mike do is write in 3rd person!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Mike, Paul says you have over commented on this story and Paul was already unhappy with you finding my Jardines blunder. Paul isn’t happy, but dont you love reading what Paul writes? Paul thanks you while remaining slightly pissed.

          • mike says:

            You can’t be pissed at mike. mike was merely pointing out another business that was closed. He didn’t know if anybody on here knew that Jardines was no longer open. As usual, mike is all ways write.

      • bigtimeharley says:

        wislon…was at an event. Someone starting tell me a story.
        I found out some facts. I was not researching for information
        on the story. Found the source was close to the situation.
        Found out information I never knew and never really
        cared to know. It was a fluke conversation and not intended
        to lead to information.
        In fact I had really forgotten about this issue since you
        and hearnestein had hit a dead end in your reporting.
        I don’t know what the future holds on this deal.
        I really don’t care. Its a sad story. Whenever things go
        wrong in someone’s life its sad.
        That’s how I feel for wislon.
        No big deal. Just trying to create some buzz. I know
        after people read that dark story about dying they needed
        to be cheered up…and Harley did cheer them up.
        I’m not a pro writer. Don’t get my comments carried
        is such big markets like chiilicothe or Nevada. NOt my
        Just having some fun during the day while working.
        Truth is I never imagined hearne would make it out to
        be a story. I was really joking.
        I probably could make a pretty good writer but itsnot
        my thing.
        Glaze needs editing and if you read glazes comment
        he enjoys reading my comments.
        Heres the choice…deep/dark/dreary stories about death
        and retirement or some fun stuff about life and lving.
        I’m sure chuck and wislon love the deep dark stuff..but
        I love reading about positive ideas and thinking.
        Hearne says he appeals to a wide range of readers with
        his blog. That’s true. He gets the star and the wanna be’s.
        And that’s what makes it fun.
        take care…
        heading to dog pound for todays special hot dog.
        excellent dogs!!!!!!
        stay well and wislon don’t drive and text. What would kcc
        be without that birght fresh commentary you provide.
        And who would I have to joke with?????
        luv ya

        • admin says:

          Let me get this straight:

          You bumped into a single source who told you his or her version of the jeweler story, you accepted it as the absolute truth and now smugly assume that others who have several sources and have done some actual groundwork are clueless?

          Got it!

          • Orphan of the Road says:

            You are an enabler, Hearne.

            I see a Pull-it-zer prize in the future.

          • bigtimeharley says:

            hey hearne…relative of the owner!!!!!!!!
            I think that’s pretty good for an amateur
            investigative reporter who really didn’t
            give a damn about the story after
            wilward and hearnestein ran out of fables!!!!!
            not bad…and I didn’t have to dress up like
            a fern or hide under the dashboard.
            Whens my next story due?

          • bigtimeharley says:

            let me make it clearer…my source was
            as close as any source could get…I mean close.
            And lets be honest…not a real big deal
            now …..maybe it will be later…but lets
            drop it.

          • admin says:

            And you suspect that my sources were not?

            Well, if they weren’t pretty good, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation that you only very recently stumbled onto as a result of our reporting.

            Of course your single source is better, he’s your source. Makes perfect sense.

  22. bigtimeharley says:

    53 and counting…and still wislon can’t find anything to contest my
    story. Sorry wislon…once a loser…always….
    I asked you to prove that my story was factually wrong…and I made
    you look like the damn fool.
    sorry..i know it gets old and people say I should take it easier on you.
    but why? You’re not a celebrity. You don’t get the women like
    glaze. You don’t own anything. You’re not really into working out
    or training. You usually have shallow opinions with no facts…BUT HERES
    ” Harley and I share our view of the role of government and his political opinions are dead on from my perspective. He supports his position well and doesn’t hesitate to point out the flawed statements of others.”

    SO the winner again is Harley!!!
    and thanks for going over the 50 comment mark. I think this bodes a
    great future for the new star of kcc and his new bright fresh
    and cool column “SCHOOL THE FOOLS”…
    thanks guys…its been a treat. I will be publishing my next column soon.
    got tons of events this weekend…wish you all a safe and happy weekend.
    the one and only

    • NorthlandGal says:

      Janie is amused. She thanks you all for the entertainment.

      • bigtimeharley says:

        wow 63….hearne please tell us what number of comments
        I need to break the first time writers comments record.

        • admin says:

          No such record exists, wild man

          • bigtimeharley says:

            A DECENT RESPONSE.
            maybe you should sign up KC Cremation as
            an advertiser. I hear they’re dying for new
            customers hahahahaha

    • Stomper says:

      Stomper thanks you for the shout out regarding his endorsement of your politics but with most here that is the kiss of death.

      Now that you are a contributor, Stomper understands you have a key to the plush and exclusive KCC writers lounge. Is it as nice as they say? Will there be any bridge building with your fellow journalists?

      You should now be at 70.

      • bigtimeharley says:

        stomper…this is fun and games…nothing too crazy because
        hearne won’t allow the raunchy filthy racists on here with
        their crap.
        They’ll write some of the most disgusting stuff at tkc
        then write comments meant for English experts.
        chuck is an example.
        I never realized I wold get my own byline but
        I have some incredible ideas for stories. Don’t know
        if hearne will print them but there’s lots of stuff
        out there going on that needs to be said.
        hopefully we hit 80!!! thanks for the support.

  23. huffpost says:

    Incredible ideas? Let’s see Harley you claimed to have written for the Huffington Post yet never produced one article or headline to validate such a claim. Hearne can likely search the site for that claim. Now you claim you have great stories to share but either Huff Post isn’t interested or your lying. I’ll go with the latter. In addition I can assure you that Huff Post would not “edit” a submission for grammer and spelling may be content but nothing else. And yet here you claim your “no writer”. Although you’ve claimed you were previously.

    You are a fraud starting to get wound up in your own claims and lies that your beginning to contradict yourself and be entangled in your own web.

    2 Corinthians 11:30 ESV / 38 helpful votes
    If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.

  24. bigtimeharley says:

    wasn’t huffington post sir….its was daily kos….I do comment in
    huff post…but during the 2012 election I had a large article printed
    in the late night subject area.
    please correct yourself.
    And it again was right on.
    AS I have said I’m not a pro writer. But as even stomper said my
    comments and commentary are spot on .
    Examples are my analysis of elections and just recently telling the
    kcc readers about the problems with gov. brownback and his
    taxing policies and how it would/was not only hurting ku but
    going to really affect the budget overall in the state.
    I warned of this quite early…because I saw that the numbers weren’t
    working out. Plus the rise in state government costs were going to
    kill the revenues and the fact that the repubs turned down aca money
    for Medicaid and those costs were going up.
    The jeweler story comments came from a very very very close relative of one of the owners of the store in question….so I think that’s about as close as you can get. I’ve
    left clues as to who it was but even wilward and hearnestein couldn’t figure it
    out……with alltheir contacts and close details while hiding under the
    dashboard while a vehicle with antennas was outside (could have been one of
    those stormchasers_….they’ve come up with nothing new.
    I boast…but I am always right. Sorry “huffpost” if you readwhat I write
    (which many pe0ple do…especially wislon) you’ll see how really
    good I am.
    no boasting…just the truth.
    we’re to 73…lets hit 80!!!!!!

  25. radio dude says:

    Harley,,,half of these comments are yours.
    Dude…your 100% out f your friggin mind.

    • bigtimeharley says:

      its okay…half of wilsons are his own.
      no big deal…just having some fun dude….at 8:42 at night
      youshould be going over adults numbers and getting
      your radio pitch straight.
      have a great day.

  26. huffpost says:

    Your a liar Harley. Below is the stated proof that you said you wrote for Huffington Post which isn’t true. And before you flatter yourself about 10 seconds and a knowledge of google gets the results in about 4 seconds.

    7/2/2013 you state the following:


    Your in print quote is as follows: (July 3, 2013 @ 9:05AM)
    Story: Hearne: Scribe Debuts as Pitch Cover boy Tonight@10
    It would be cool for glaze’s story to be made…but having written for major blogs its
    probably too late. I’m on huffington post…daily kos…

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