Paul Wilson: Finding Meaning & Purpose in the Face of Ignorance & Hate


Adam Hamilton

This past Sunday Kansas City and the nation saw another needless outpouring of hate…

When Frazier Glenn Cross – a white supremacist from Aurora, MO –  shot and killed three people, one at Village Shalom, a Jewish run nursing home, and two in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center a few blocks away..

Most of us have moments in our lives when we reexamine or change previously held fundamental tenets of faith or our belief system – interracial marriage, homosexuality, religious viewpoints and any number of other social norms that evolves with time.

No such nuance existed in Cross.

He’s held fast to his beliefs for decades and it’s a pretty safe bet what was on his mind when he got in his car and made the three hour drive to his own personal killing fields. Seems Cross has had basically but one motivation his entire life, that of racial and religious bigotry. Clearly, he’s no garden variety disgruntled man, merely testy about a few things that rubbed him the wrong way.

No, there simply was no room in Cross’ world for blacks, Jews, “mud people,” or anyone that was not white or didn’t see the world through his horribly clouded vision.

Cross dropped out of high school and joined the military but was discharged for propagating hatred there. He started the White Patriot Party, the North Carolina KKK and unsuccessfully ran for political office a few times – always on the same platform – hate.



So we’re left to assume one of two things as he made his drive to Kansas City.

Either that he was so ignorant in his myopic world view that he assumed anyone in the nursing home was Jewish and anyone at the JCC for any reason was Jewish. Or else perhaps that he followed the Westboro Baptist Church philosophy of guilt by association.

Meaning, if you were there, you were either a Jew or a Jew lover – either way – worthy of killing. With that mindset and his gun drawn, Cross proceeded to ask his potential victims at Village Shalom if they were Jewish. Unfortunately at JCC there was apparently a lot less talking and a lot more shooting.

Let’s look at the outcome of his actions.



Two of his victims were a grandfather – retired doctor William Corporon and his grandson, 14 year old Reat Underwood – who were at the JCC for a talent show audition.

“Corporon cherished his family, and more than anything had a passion for caring for others.”

Reat was high school freshman who “participated in debate, theater and had a beautiful voice, a passion for life and touched so many people in his young age,” his family said.

Corporon was always in the company of one of his 10 grandkids, moving from his practice from Oklahoma to be closer to his family. A man characterized by unbridled love and giving.



Terri LaManno, 53, was making her weekly visit to see her mom at Village Shalom.  

LaManno and her husband Jim planned to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary two days later. Her daughter released a statement that said, “My mom was a beautiful soul. She always thought of everyone before herself. The world needs more people like her. She was the best mother, wife, sister and friend that anyone could have.”

So in his zeal to kill Jews, Cross got two Methodists and a Catholic.

And what’s left in the aftermath of his hate is an outpouring of love for those he killed – good and decent people being honored by family and community.

Hate has many partners, and, as might be expected, the Westboro Baptist Church announced earlier in the week they would protest the funerals.

And how was that met by the community?

Adam Hamilton, the Pastor of the Church of the Resurrection where the funeral for Corporon and his grandson will be held, posted on his Facebook page, “You’ve likely heard that Westboro Baptist Church will be demonstrating across the street. Please ignore them. They love publicity and hate to be ignored. Their greatest disappointment comes when no media report on them, no people acknowledge them, and no one replies to their tweets or FB posts. Pray for them.”

Cross’s acts do not a pretty Easter picture.

Yet as I watched him rolled by wheelchair into the video room, clad in his suicide smock, I was reminded that the picture of evil in this man will not win. In honor of the wonderful lives he took from their loved ones, we owe something in their memory.

We can’t pledge this will never happen again – we know all too well it will.

However we can promise to wipe out hate in our own hearts and carry a message of love to all we meet daily.

We owe it to the victims.
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53 Responses to Paul Wilson: Finding Meaning & Purpose in the Face of Ignorance & Hate

  1. hot harley says:

    the truth is that the old jewish community center on holmes and the
    newer (its not new in todays terms)have been enjoyed by not only
    jews but many not of the jewish faith.
    The old jcc on holmes was home to many catholics/chritisans/ and others
    because it was one of the nicest places for summer fun.
    The ball fields were home to many nonjews growing up…and because
    most of the jews growing up in kc at the time lived in the area from
    95thto 75th…from prospect (the so called troost dividng line had not
    been established yet. the main area was from holmes to oak/ 83rd to 75th street.
    It was agreat day to go to the jcc then to wimpies or racing at king Louis
    east on troost…but yet no one differentiated between jew and non jew.
    Oviously the kiler did not know this…and he probably didn’t know there
    were non jews at the assisted living.
    Unfortunately I disagree with you Wilson. Its like the Westboro church are the
    bullies. I’ve seen them at veterans funerals…I’ve seen them picket other events…
    and they are bullies. Its time for baseball pats and punches. Turning your
    back as if they did not exist didn’t work in Germany or Poland. Turning
    your back to them without a message and being silent and trying to drown them
    out does not stop them. It didn’t save 10 millions jews/poles/Lithuanians/
    gypsys/Italians/Russians/French from the hate of Nazi Germany. It only
    allowed them to continue.
    See hate breeds quickly when there is no resistance. Our friend Chuck used this
    opportunity to preach his continued vile and disgusting hate speech on tkc
    right after this incident.. I will cut and paste his hideous comments not
    just about hating others but including the jews/the media/blacks/….his
    hate continued its just the characters that changed.
    And no one took offense to his vicious attacks and lies….EXCEPT HARLEY!
    No more nice guy…no more turning our backs and playing nice. The other
    side said we should “execute the president”….they have written morally
    rehensible lies and scourge. Guys like chuck keep feeding their own
    full blown anger with hate and more hate…and we all just say…OKAY!
    Its now time to take action!
    Manyblackslost their lives in the civil rights movement. Their vow was
    non violence. But the other side burned down their churches and homes
    and beat them on the buses….and hung them from a tree.
    no more!!!!!!!! silence only makes the voice of these despicable haters
    seem louder.
    Dr. Corporon/his grandson/and Terri (who I met at a wedding) did n’t
    get a chance. They were ambushed. They didn’t have achance. When confronted
    by the killer and asked “are youjewish” they had no time to answer before
    he killed them.
    no more silence. no more thinking the other side wil give up on their
    hate and reprehensible language. Like chuck on kcc we read his rants
    and its filled with hate..and no one (but Harley) calls him out and he
    feels “well maybe all these people agree with what I say…or the low lifes
    on tonys blog belive like I do”…
    no more. The killed at jcc didn’t kill any jews..he killed catholtics and Methodists
    and again we saw that hate knows no color/religion/faith/or background.
    nomore mr. nice guy. Bad things happen to these good people. The people
    left behind will remember this day forever. They did not care that the
    murderedvwere jewish. The didn’t sigh a breath of relief when they saw
    they were Methodists and catholicw. They only knew that another f*cking
    nutcase with a gun with hate in his heart had taken more innocent lives.
    the 26 kids in the grade school…the Sikh temple murders….the Virginia
    tech students….they were innocent lives taken for no reason except hate.
    Hate knows no boundaries. This murderer cold have gone to the
    Islamic temple…or the inncer city church that’s filled with African
    American Christians….he could have gone to the daycare center that
    houses homeless kids…it makes no difference…hate knows no target.
    I have said hateis a terrible emotion to carry. Even Wilson wanted to
    destroy someone who make vicious remarksv about his wife . Glaze
    wanted to tear apartb a writer who said a remark about something
    they wrote…”meet me at suchand such”.
    The time for silence is over. we will scream louder…carry more pickets…
    arm ourselves like these right winger nut cases do (very few jews carry
    guns…violence has not been our forte….we shudder at the sight of
    an ak47 or handgun…we don’t attend gun shows)…but now we
    will understand that we can’t sit idly by watch our children and families
    face the onslaught of this hideous crowd of haters.
    We marched in Selma and rode in the buses up front. When the courts
    came down on the blacks…it was jews who pro bono fought the legal
    On the other side were the racist haters.
    How many websites do you find where jews consistntely scream of killing
    others…exterminating another human. I’ve nto seen them but maybe
    you have. Tell me about them if they exist
    Where do you find jews building militias to take on the government
    and wiliing to kill over the fact that a mans herd of cattle are not
    paying for theirv livestock to feed on governeent property. Remember many
    farmers paid grazing fees…this nut didn[t…and this crzy hater was willing
    to see bloodshed and death over 200 head of cattle.
    So to all the haters/and chucks/and those who shout out hate…we will
    not be silent any longer. have right to speak and harass and protest at a funeral…but
    we’re not taking it anymore!
    its been said before…i’ll say it again…WE CAN FORGIVE…BUT WE CANNOT
    Happy Passover
    Happy Easter
    to all my friends/readers and disciples!!!!
    This must end.

    • expat says:

      “Where do you find jews building militias to take on the government
      and wiliing to kill over the fact that a mans herd of cattle are not
      paying for theirv livestock to feed on governeent property.”

      Let me guess: Israel?

      • expat says:

        Also American Jews do have their own hate group. It’s pretty much human nature to have these kinds of organizations.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Isn’t there some blog rule somewhere that says a comment can’t exceed the length of the original story?

          • hot harley says:

            don’t really care…but when the writer
            of such a “go nowhere” story that’s been
            repeated 1000 times…someone needs
            to give “real world” details about the
            real story…
            here’s a quote from the story…
            ” However we can promise to wipe out hate in our own hearts and carry a message of love to all we meet daily.”


          • mike says:

            Just for fun, Hearne should let Harley write an article on here and then we could all comment on it!

        • hot harley says:

          expat…sorry dude…get a history lesson…then get
          back with me…..

          • hot harley says:

            mike would love to!!!!!!
            but you can’t stand the truth…and hearne
            would nevr publish what I can talk about…
            because Harley could rock this city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            but thanks for thecompliment anyway.

      • hot harley says:

        expat references a story about Israel from the daily
        news Egypt? are youserious……great job expat….makes
        great sense…
        do a little better research about this then get back with me.
        please….your reference is a joke!!!!
        I’m sure the daily in cairo has no bias!!!!!!!

    • mike says:

      Happy Passover!

    • chuck says:

      Harley, your screed in no uncertain terms, calls for “baseball bats and punches” and states in no uncertain terms, that you believe me to be worthy of same.

      You have me at a disadvantage, you know who I am, I do not know who you are. That said, I am at your service. No doubt, I will take a fearful and deserved beating. I will do my best to get through it. It won’t be the first time I have taken a beating and I hope not to dissapoint you.

      Hearne has my number.

      • hot harley says:

        first off…the bats etc. referred to the westboro church. learn and besides…I would not waste a good bat on you!!!!
        I understand youchuck…seen this type of behavior before.
        If you’re not don’t belong.
        If you’re not Christian…you don’t belong.
        blame others for your misfortunes. Hate!!!!!!!!!!!
        as the Motown group said “its the same old song”….

    • the dude says:

      TL ; DR.

  2. mike says:

    What I can’t figure out are these guys that claim to be Christians and belong to white supremacist groups. Let’s see. Jesus came to this earth as a Jew. The prophets were all Jews. The apostles were all Jews. The Bible was written by Jews. If it wasn’t for Jews, we wouldn’t even have Christianity.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Mike, there you go using LOGIC again….
      Honestly, these guys think its a calling OF God. It just makes no sense.

      • mike says:

        They also don’t want African-Americans to be here and want to be separate from them. So, how did most of the black people get here in the first place?

  3. Diane says:

    Paul, your writing brought tears to my eyes. I know what hate does on a very personal level. My heart aches for the community, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. If you are not touched by this tragedy, then you are a heartless person.

  4. chuck says:

    Nice article Paul.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Thanks, Chuck, there are a few people I appreciate hearing that from, you’re one of them.

      • hot harley says:

        for paul…who adores chuck heres some of the
        rants (the same rants can be found on vanguard news network)
        and for paul who never reads tkc (he reads it everyday)…
        and for chuck..who posts these rants only on tkc. …never see
        this type of hate and code words written by chuck on
        and for all those who adore this type of hate (I have about
        30 more storedthat make this look like a dr. seuss book)…
        “I appreciate your hearing your compliments…says
        wislon…hereit is… the same garbage you can get on
        about 100 hate sites…but this from the much adored
        “Jews DO control Hollywood. I’m ok with it for the most part, sans the blatant politicization of most of the content eminating from same.

        Jews DO control the banks and they have done a really great job for the most part of keeping teh American dollar on top.

        So gimme a fuckin break, this is, in no fucking way, the Warsaw Ghetto, it is America, where a horrible thing happened by way of a horrible, but eviscerated ideology.

        The bullshit movies of the week, no doubt now, in the pipeline, will portray Nazis behind every bush in Overland Park and throughout America. This is another straw man red herrign that hypnotizes the chickens while the Protected Class continues to wreak the devastation and chaos that is part and parcel of the liberal narrative.

        By the way, fuck Harvey Weinstein.”

        beautiful writing….print this hearne…let the darkness of
        hate shine thru right here on kcc.
        you could substitute these same word…(they were noted
        on kcc asfrom chuck…as the other 30
        I will have more…in fact if hearne allows it there are
        many more….
        if you need anymore ….you know where to contact me!!!!!!

        • Harley, you ignorant slut, shut up!

        • Stomper says:

          Chuck, did you really write these words?

          • hot harley says:

            yes he did…and I have more that were even
            worse…but hearne won’t allow them on
            his site.
            he’s forbidden me to print the truth….
            I can prove more if you want more
            but hearne is not a free press blog…
            there is more…much more!!!!!
            if I’m wrong…I invite my friend chuck
            to prove me wrong.
            It all over tkc…I have the quotes!!!!

    • mike t. says:

      Ditto, Chuck.

      (Took one look at Harley’s response and saw that I had no time to read and decipher it.)

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Chuck, Harley just used the term “hook nosed Jew.” Harley can do that and NOT be a bigot, apparently. That boy has some fuzzy logic.
          How does he run six companies, says he’s too busy to use proper grammar, syntax or spelling, but I write one story and he can take the time to make 12 redundant comments that are five times the length of my story? That’s why I say he’s my biggest fan, reader and “dis3ple” or else, you know, he wouldn’t have the time.
          He spreads at LEAST and equal serving of hate and discontent, but in his mind, it’s justifiable because (1) it’s him doing it and (2) he’s always right.
          (How does he say that with a straight face?)
          Back to IGNORE.

          • hot harley says:

            sir…I am of the jewish faith…post my comments so the readers understand what is meant.
            the poster of the jews that spewed hate…
            racism…vile thoughts was almost identical
            in comments that chuck posted during
            (durng) the days of mourning for the 3
            who died on the jewish campus.
            please issue a see these
            comments before anyone…you know
            myfaith….do not try to intimidate me…
            I am Harley…and I am right again.
            Your ttempt to discredit my 3 comments
            shows what kind of individual you are.
            MADE…IT S A PUR 100% LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I AM JEWISH….I noticed the pics of the
            hooked noses…another affront to jews
            and a common sign of hate by haters
            including the Nazis and anti semites.
            You lied…..don’t hide the truth or
            you will find out that Harley has muchmore

      • chuck says:

        Lets see if I can put some flesh on Harley’s bones and draw him into the light.


        • paulwilsonkc says:

          There’s 100 more Harley comments hung up in moderation. I write a well intentioned story about the OTHER side of this crime and it gets the same comments that prove he doesn’t read for content. The guy spews as much hate, discontent and ridicule as anyone on here but he wants to attack every one else.
          Jews are a tribe, like Christians, world wide. Harley says Jews don’t have hate sites, expat points them out, Harley responds that its invalid.
          When will you guys learn what I have to RElearn every month or so? His comments are longer than the story he didn’t read. The DOWN arrow is your friend. He can’t stand me but spends more time commenting on my stories than anyone’s.
          Just let it go. You can show him proof, he changes the topic and attacks again. Just not worth it.

          • hot harley says:

            who are you to talk????????
            the jdl has been confirmed by the jewish
            community itself as a terrorist organization
            and that it despised them. Go read something
            beside the crap you write yourself. We have
            publicly separated ourselves from that
            group…but find me a site from America
            where the hate of blacks/Hispanics/gays/
            lesbians/ Where are chuck and wislon to say they
            disagree with chucks statement…no where.
            the jdl has never been a representative of
            the jewish community…the jewish community
            has shunned them and 5their tactcis and
            even the ADL has said they want nothing
            to do with them.
            Had wislon looked and one some research he
            would again see that he and expat were wrong.
            and quote Egypt daily news seems hardly
            a non biased example for reference.
            But now..look at the picture hearne put up
            with the Sutherland article …anti semitic…
            with the pictures and words and hate of
            anti Semitism. Notice the hateful tinge.
            matrches up with the disgusting/vile poster
            that hearne put up with sutherlands article.
            coincidence or maybe just that hearne
            thought it would fit the story…then someone
            posts the rant and it matches up in tone
            and verbage.
            I do not hate chuck…I don’t hate the man…
            your message is forgive the sinner.
            I do…I’ve been subjected to more hate than
            most of you on here…been called names
            based on my religion….I don’t hate chuick…
            although he continues to use vile language
            against an entire group…now entire groups
            of people. That’s hate.
            the same hate you had when someone used
            strong horrible language to describe your
            wife…you wanted to beat them up.
            I’ve never threatened violence..never asked
            to fight anyone….because all the people on
            here have nothing to lose..and I have everthing
            to lose. Wislon wanted to kill someone…
            he was out of control….not Harley…
            WISLON IS.
            I’ve got dzoens of emails sent to me about
            you. YOU’RE NO SAINT!!!!!
            I’M NO SAINT!!!
            But your defense of hate and vile language
            is out of line.
            tell hearne to stop playing games and print
            my comments.
            Because Harley tells the truth!!!!!!!!!!
            and if youdoubt me…b ring the facts/
            data…all you use is the one way of
            communicating you know…worthless
            words which mean nothing.
            I am waiting for someone to debate the
            issues. Expat made a factually incorrect
            statement…I corrected it with facts that
            can be vound on other areas.
            again wislon….you lose!!!!!!!

            if someone took the feelingsand words from
            the anti semitic poster and used that to
            hate…and I wonder who that may be? (hahaha)
            what about that iwslon? I didn’t change the
            tacics …you say you’re afanof chuck’s comments.
            You should apologize tov the entire
            community for that statement.
            you read chucks comments as does everyone
            you read the hate….but you quote “I appreciate
            your saying my story is good”….
            lets hear your response instead of you and
            hearne playing games with my responses.
            Why do I responid to your stories…they’;re
            full of bull and incorrect. You’ve never been
            right oon anything…and worst of all you
            are jealous…of those who made it!!!!!!
            This one is nothing new…but then you
            come out and agree with the comments…
            I will post more if hearne lets me…

          • mike says:

            There are haters in ALL groups. There are racist white people. There are also racist Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, etc. People are people.

          • mike says:

            By the way, I have also found that the people who are the quickest to call someone else a racist are often one themselves.

          • expat says:

            Yeah but it’s fun to see him get all worked up.

  5. Libertarian says:

    Nice write , Paul.

    I can’t begin to imagine what kind of demons Cross has running around in his head.

    It just pains me bad to even imagine that much hatred.

    And to think he made his living off hate. Wow.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Lib, the guys got a great looking home, by Aurora standards, nice car, lots of firepower and no job. Hmmmm.
      Thanks, as usual, for the comment.

      • Libertarian says:

        According to one report, he recieved several donations to his cause when he ran against Blunt, one of them alone was $200,000.

        Somebody out there likes the nasty bastard.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    I try not to think about this. According to KC Mayor “Sly” James being shot at is just the sacrifice we make for living in the city.

    Lets honor those who died but lets not get all Boston tard here and spend a week marching honor guards down 119th street.

    This guy has been arrested and Kansas will make sure he never sniffs free air again so good on them for that.

    Holder and Sly are coming in today for the photo ops. So like a sick kid at a Jerry Lewis telethon, prepare to feel a bit exploited.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Balbo, I have an issue with that too. I dislike the photo op thing as well. I’m also not a proponent of “hate crime” laws. Not many murders are done out of love and devotion, most are heat of the moment, hate, or some form of disdain. I’m very uncomfortable when murder or crime needs an interest group to be more incideous, more wrong, more crimeish. Black, Jew, gay, crime is crime. Murder is murder.

    • the dude says:

      Yes, please do not go all bostard on this.
      Agreed +10,000.

    • expat says:

      Well put.

  7. Jim says:

    Gods and politics. Serving up death since the day someone invented both.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Jim, I get that, but the fault lays with humans and mankind. We have seen the enemy and he is us.

      • Jim says:

        Pretty much my point, PW. As humans, we create crap to kill each other over. Religion and politics have both morphed into something that divides and alienates mankind rather than benefits and unites them. “My” God and “my”political party is better than yours. Period. End of story. No debate.

        Worshiping the sun makes alot more sense given there is no debate about there only being one of them.

  8. Goose13 says:

    Why is Sly involved, it happened in Kansas. Has the O.P. mayor got involved in photo ops????

    • the dude says:

      Hey, first rate dirtballs like Sly and Holder never pass up a good tragedy like an alleged “hate crime” to take advantage of to push whatever agenda they have to push.

  9. hot harley says:

    come on hearne…is it a coincidence that the anti semitic poster and hate
    sheet you used to illustrate sutherlands story (the one with the hooked
    nose jews) mirrors many of the comments made by chuck.
    come on print my comment…..I knowyour not anti-Semitic…but it
    shows how close the hate just happens to be…
    PRINT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks.
    oh and wislon…when you read this while hearne is moderating
    the comment…go look and see for yourself…its quite interesting!!!!!!!

  10. P Bear says:

    Mr. Wilson,

    The Bear would like to commend you on a very well written article.

    While the Bear takes great joy in pulling the strings of several minions that frequent Tony’s blog, it seems that some have no understanding of how parody works. Regardless, the events of last weekend were tragic and were committed by a sick man. A man totally eat up by beliefs that most cannot come to understand.

    I have come to this realization. The internet can be a dangerous weapon. It is easy to type something, in a attempt to get a cheap laugh or just to pull someones chain. The Bear is guilty of that, to the tenth degree. Unfortunately, not everyone reads thru the lame attempts at comedy and allow cheap words to consume themselves. It is becoming increasingly clear that there people on the web that perhaps should not be on the web.

    The Bear will continue to rail on black grifters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Alonzo, Jermaine Reed, the Plaza criminals that are in the process of destroying a Kansas City treasure, a mayor that has from the beginning sold out to big business, and ANY white, latino, asian, or any other race of person that tries to cheat the system and grift taxpayer money. One of my favorites being George Guestello at Union Station. But then that’s a story for another day.

    Our country is in trouble because there are too many people that accept these grifters, cons, and pimps that are bleeding the country dry. When someone speaks up, even in a comical attempt to call these clowns out, they are branded a racist or bigot.

    Forgive the Bear as he digresses. Mr. Wilson, excellent article.

    Merriam-Webster definition of “parody” – a bad or unfair example of something

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Bear; no apology needed and that was not a digression. And might I say, you’re words of wit and dare I say, parody, are most welcome. They would be far more appreciated here than over on the dark side of that other blog.
      As for the grifter comments, we are aligned on that one. Different topic, different set of rulers used to measure the man.
      Appreciate your comment.

  11. 911 OPERATOR: “911 Can I help you?”

    HARLEY: “Yeah, some guys broke into my house, drank all my beer and raped my wife.”

    911 OPERATOR: “I am sending help now sir.”

    HARLEY: “I can’t beleive those guys f*cked my wife after only 5 beers.”

    911 OPERATOR: “Was it 5%?”

    HARLEY: “Yes, I am in the 1%.”

    911 OPERATOR: “No…, Ok, whatever, you can buy more beer if you are that rich.”

    HARLEY: “I am gonna need it, they are killing me on kcconfiidential today.”

    911 OPERATOR: “Why don’t you just shut the f*ck up and they will forget about you by lunch tomorrow.”

    HARLEY: “I graduated from “J” school at MU, I feel a responsibility to share my genius.”

    911 OPERATOR: “Trust me, even the Lannisters think that debt is paid. Give it a rest.”

    HARLEY: “The cops are here.”

    911 OPERATOR: “Give them your real name JoJo.”

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