Hearne: Life After Kanrocksas – Crossroads Gears Up for Biggest Concert Season Yet

kanrocksas-headerTalk about the Top 40

With Vampire Weekend, O.A.R., Pat Metheny, 311,  Ziggy Marley, The Rainmakers, Robert Randolph and 33 more acts – and still counting – this summer at Crossroads KC promises to be the biggest and brightest yet at the 8 year-old outdoor venue in downtown Kansas City.

“Yeah, there are way more bigger shows this year and there’s a reason for that – no Kanrocksas”  says promoter Brett Mosiman. “We’re barely into April and we already have 40 shows booked and we’ll probably have another 5 or 6 shows.”


Joss Stone

For example, yet to be announced are shows featuring acclaimed British soul singer Joss Stone (September 7th), Bruce Hornsby (July 26th) and the Under the Sun tour with Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Blues Traveler and Uncle Kracker.

As for the death last year of the local music festival known as Kanrocksas at the Kansas Speedway, “It was very damaging to the local concert scene,” Mosiman says. “That’s why our lineup this year is better than ever – and not just for us – for the Midland and everybody.

“They had Ween, Grace Potter, Sound Tribe and Edward Sharp booked last year when Kanrocksas was cancelled. And some of those fell back into the market, but most of the bands were stuck and didn’t play here. So instead of bands like Fun. and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing to nobody at Kanrocksas, they didn’t play here at all.  If you think about it, if you’re a hard core Grace Potter fan and have never missed her and she’s normally a $25 ticket at the Uptown or Crossroads, she was a $200 ticket out there.


George Thorogood Oct. 5 @ Crossroads

“To a degree, Kanrocksas was responsible for taking the Beaumont Club down. A lot of the bands on that two festival lineup weren’t big enough to play the Uptown or Midland, but they could have put 600 to 900 people in the Beaumont. Kanrocksas really hurt the market here, the music scene.”

New this year @ Crossroads KC: an outdoor Skydeck. 

“The Skydeck is open to rent for private or corporate parties,” Mosiman says. “It’s a raised, New orleans style patio and courtyard at the back of the venue with a private bar and bathroom and concert viewing for 40 to 50 people.”

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22 Responses to Hearne: Life After Kanrocksas – Crossroads Gears Up for Biggest Concert Season Yet

  1. Meanwhile in the real world says:

    There was this shooting.

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    I think your source is mistaking years. They most definately did not book ween at the crossroads last summer in 2013 as ween broke up in May 2012.

  3. Libertarian says:

    Robert Randolph and the Family Band would be worth the fare alone.

    The speedway is a great venue for this event. Seems like a good mix of rootsy and commercial acts, too. Should be a lot of fun.

  4. hot harley says:

    great to see the concert biz is booming again. I don’t know many of the
    bands but will see Samantha fish.
    Hopefully someone big will see her and she’ll skyrocket to the big
    time….super super act….just waiting to get that break.
    Glad mossiman is focusing on music again…because he sure doesn’t
    know much about sports and mu…
    good luck…hope all the shows sell out and the music biz booms in
    this town. We need some risk takers to take over the biz and
    get this city going again.
    lots of great shows coming all over….

    • reynold says:

      this is great!

      • reynold says:

        Sorry but Sam’s voice needs a lot of work. Her picking is incredible! But her voice….I guess most of you overlook that because she wears short dresses and high heels.

  5. KC Res says:

    ““They had Ween, Grace Potter, Sound Tribe and Edward Sharp booked last year when Kanrocksas was cancelled.”

    This is simply not true. Ween broke up in the Spring of 2012. Do you have check your sources?

  6. KC Res says:

    “Under the Sun tour with Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Blues Traveler and Uncle Kracker.”

    I don’t want to begrudge anyone for earning a living, but I can’t imagine more than 200 people show up to see that.

    • PB says:

      Blues Traveler has a pretty decent following. If a moderately priced show and some folks nostalgia for the other acts, I think it may pull 400-500. I dig Blues Traveler’s live show so I might attend.

      • Bob says:

        Yeah, but Blues Traveler fans do not cross over with Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Uncle Kracker fans. How in the hell did Blues Traveler agree to be on this bill? While I’m not a fan of them, I can at least admit that they are much more talented musicians with a more loyal following.

  7. Guy says:

    Hot Harley…..Typical old perv who knows nothing but thinks he knows everything. Sam Fish is a “good” guitarist at best! She depends on old pervs like you to get off on her short skirts, despite the fact there are at least a dozen guitarists in town that can clean her clock. Thats part of the problem in this town….dbags like you worship mediocrity. Her drummer is the best thing about that group. GoGo is one of the best drummers in town.

    • hot harley says:

      not really into local music…but family was in the concert biz and I’ve
      seen almost every major act in the world.
      saw her perform and was very impressed. I’m not into the
      science of guitars but she did put on a great show.
      there might be 10 better guitarists in kc than Samantha but she’s
      starting to gert a huge following….starting to play all over from
      florida to California which I would be interested to know
      what other kc guitarists /groups are getting that kind of
      ya gotta start someplace…and Samantha has tons of dates across
      the country……
      and yes…that drummer was excellent.
      again…I believe she will be huge one day…hopefully so…nothing
      better than local people doing well…
      wouldn’t you agree!!!!!!!!
      and come on dude…who doesn’t notice a pretty lady…unless you’re

      • the dude says:

        That doesn’t change the fact that you are an old perv that lives under the Overland Park Sewage Treatment plant #2.

        • hot harley says:


  8. Guy says:

    “and come on dude…who doesn’t notice a pretty lady…unless you’re

    That’s my point right there. I wish we could get to a point where people were judged on actual talent instead of beauty. The music industry would be alot better off. Was is about looks in the 60’s and 70’s? No! A that was some of the best music ever made. Most music today is sh*t. I am all about supporting local acts, but it would be better to send our best to the national stage to represent KC. The exposure she is getting nationally is fairly easy to obtain when you are a white female in short skirts, playing the “blues” scene. Music to me isn’t a beauty contest. Real talent is what moves me.

    • hot harley says:

      let me explain this to you guy. again I have to school another kcc reader..
      its getting old.
      lots of big names out on tour right now who are of lesser talent than
      some of the bar bands we see coming thru kc.
      no doubt some of theselocal bands have great talent…but they don’t
      know how to market themselves.
      The part of music you fail to understand is what the successful
      musicpeople look for. Talent/ability to relate to the audience/and
      the total package which includes looks.
      I love some of the local acts…but I’ve known artists that were
      extremely talented..played their instrument better than the
      big names in their genre…but they played clubs and night clubs
      and never really made it big. It was marketing and the total
      package. One plays regularly and is the most talented piano
      player I ‘ve seen. I seen upfront and close Elton john/john tesh/
      brian crain/billy joel…and this guy was better. But he noever
      produced anythingcommercial. so he plays small bars and

      clubs…a waste of talent.
      I never noticed samanthasbeauty as much as her and her groups
      ability to perform incredibly tight and as one unit. She was
      outstanding…plus her drummer was way in another league.
      she better be more than a hot chick in shorts playing blues…
      she better have some real talent.
      How can you not wish her luck…local girl and band makes good.
      Please…list the 10 local guitarists who are better than her.
      she was great…I would love to gosee these other musicians play..
      I love live music…and not the worthless amatuers we see popping up
      on a stage or pretending to be singers at church…
      thanks for the list in advance. I support local music and wold love
      to findsome new talent to gosee.
      good luck….but even in he 60’s and 70’s ot was abpit the total package
      in music…didn’t see too many bands then but its always been about
      the presentation AND THE TALENT wih the big stars.
      good luck!

  9. Guy says:

    Cool…here ya go

    Tomorrow night at The Levee….Brandon Miller Band. Brandon is in his early 20s and will tear your blues loving face off with his chops. He also fills in the Trampled Under Foot at BBs…And Sam refuses to follow him, for good reason.

    Scotty McBee…..Plays drums for Ida McBeth, but is an amazing guitarist for The Troubadour Retreivers.

    Josh Johnson….Wonderfuzz.

    start with those 3. When you have finished your homework, I will give you more.

    p.s. You listen with your ears…not your eyes

  10. reynold says:

    I’m so sick of reading about the blues people who whine constantly. Samantha puts on a good show but her voice is not very strong. And her show is enhanced by two things which happen to be her short skirts and her drummer’s skills. Without those two things, she’d not get booked for much.

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