Starbeams: Weather Channel Love, Royal Bust & Cool Crest

maxresdefaultThe Royals have been a great symbol for Kansas City this season.  They’ve been completely shot on the road.


A string of warm days finally reached the metro last week.  I made some extra money by renting myself out as a caddie at Cool Crest.



ALC-Uniform-KCThe Weather Channel is returning to DirecTV after a long contract dispute.  Finally!  A break for those of us who like 24 hours of commercials.
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2 Responses to Starbeams: Weather Channel Love, Royal Bust & Cool Crest

  1. Shhhhh says:

    wow, the biggest story to hit KC in years, and…


    • expat says:

      Is it really the biggest story? A nutjob went and killed some innocent people in a rich suburb for dubious reasons. On the other hand three murders is only 1.5 weeks worth of murders in KCMO. Maybe the real ‘big story’ is how blasé people are towards crime when it takes Godwins Law to make a murder notable.

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