Jack Goes Confidential: Kevin Costner Scores High Marks With ‘Draft Day

draft-day-kevin-costner-636-380Make no mistake, Kevin Costner knows his sports movies…


Meanwhile filmmaker Ivan Reitman of UP IN THE AIR, GHOSTBUSTERS, STRIPES and ANIMAL HOUSE fame knows GOOD movies.

Now they’ve teamed for a solid new sports themed movie called DRAFT DAY.

Think a football version of MONEYBALL.

Costner here plays Sonny Weaver, Jr., the fictional general manager of the Cleveland Browns. And fallowing the recent death of his father – the Browns legendary coach for decades – Costner is now in the hot seat.

It’s the first day of the 2014 draft and things aren’t working out well for Costner who has his sight on Ohio State line backer Chadwick Boseman (from last year’s 42) but doesn’t have high enough of a first round pick to make it work.

Add in a heaping helping of horse trading, bluffing and high-power super agent Sean P.-Diddy Combs and things are beginning to look up—-gradually.

Draft-Day-Movie-Review-Image-2From dealing with the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans to the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs, Costner eventually pulls off a twist that shocks the league.

But getting there: a MAJOR pain.

There’s the team’s owner Frank Langella who is threatening. Head coach Denis Leary who is pressuring. Costner’s mother Ellen Burstyn who is nagging and salary cap babe Jennifer Garner…let’s just say there’s a subplot here.

It’s a race to the finish with cameos galore and the full cooperation of the NFL.

imagesDRAFT DAY is a fascinating insight into America’s favorite pastime. And better yet, you don’t have to be a macho football fan to enjoy this genre film.

Director Ivan Reitman keeps it lively and injects just enough light moments and lines to make this a fast moving and entertaining 110 minutes for ALL types of moviegoers.

What we’ve got here is a behind the scenes look into the world of multi-million dollar players and billion dollar franchises.

Does Costner turn the team around?

Let’s just say that the greatest victories don’t always happen on the field.

DRAFT DAY balancing that fine line between drama, emotion and comic relief all the way to its unexpected conclusion.

I’m giving the citywide release an enjoyable B grade.

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  1. jon says:

    Early buzz for the film seems to agree with your review. We’re seeing it Sunday.

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