Hearne: Chris Tucker Headed to Stanford’s Easter Weekend

Chris Tucker Pic 5.17.13This just in…

In barely one week superstar actor and comic Chris Tucker will headline Stanford & Sons comedy club at The Legends in Kansas City, Kansas.

“We just got him booked,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “He’ll be at Stanford’s ¬†April 17, 18 and 19, which is Easter weekend. He’ll be doing one show on Thursday and two each night on Friday and Saturday.”

In addition to Tucker’s more recent role in the Academy Award-winning movie Silver Linings Playbook with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper,¬†he’s best remembered “rom when he was in the Rush Hour movies with Jackie Chan,” Glazer says. “And he played Smokey in the Friday movies. At one point he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood.”

As for what brings Tucker to town on such short notice, “He’s coming back out on the road because he’s going to do an HBO special and one more Rush Hour and one more Friday movie,” Glazer says. “All seats front-to-back both nights are $35 on Thursday and $40 on Friday and Saturday.”

rush_hour_3__2007__chris_tucker__jackie_chan-wallpaperThe $64 million question:

Is Tucker the brightest star ever to grace the stage at Stanford’s?

“That’s a good question,” Glazer says. “I mean, we’ve had Larry the Cable Guy and Kevin Hart, but that was when they were on the way up before they got really big. But yeah, without a doubt, Chris Tucker will be the biggest, established star we’ve ever had when his career was still at its peak. It’s a big honor.”

Tickets are available online, at the club or by telephone at 913 400-7500. Owing to the last minute nature of the booking, online ticketing may not be available until Thursday.


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41 Responses to Hearne: Chris Tucker Headed to Stanford’s Easter Weekend

  1. the dude says:

    No tribute to the Ultimate Warrior hearne?!?!?

    • admin says:

      Eh, I wasn’t an Ultimate Warrior fan, dude.


      Tell you what, I’ll take a run at it in the morning

      • the dude says:

        C’mon Hearne, you didn’t chuckle a little at his bat$hit crazy takes?!?!? Those were classic!

  2. Hot Carl says:

    Dave Chappelle light. No thanks.

  3. Hot Carl says:

    Although, before Glaze comes in here and goes on some ballistic ‘roid rage inspired rant about what a STAR Chris Tucker is, I must admit that Tucker was great in “Silver Linings Playbook” and I’m sure it’s a big deal he’s at Glazer’s club. I just think he’s a minor league variation of Dave Chappelle. Didn’t want Glaze to call me a “hater” or accuse me of being gay because I don’t share his enthusiasm for something.

    • the dude says:

      He was good in the 5th Element and awesome in Friday and Silver Linings.
      Everything else, meh.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    He picked four clubs, we were the last one picked, he doesn’t do clubs, he will be back at Midland or Sprint next year..so like him or not, he’s a huge, huge star. I haven’t seen his standup, but liked him in his movies. It’s an honor to have him here. For us and KC. He at one time was Hollywoods highest paid actor. Can’t wait to meet him.

  5. mark smith says:

    60 million for rush hour 2 and 3. He now has a net worth of minus 11.5 million….That’s 11.5 million in the hole. He owes the IRS 11 million. http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/actors/chris-tucker-net-worth/
    He needs to take his pay from Stanfords and enroll in a Dave Ramsey class.

    • admin says:


      He’s really up the creek Mark, very interesting.

      I doubt he is gonna get rich at Stanford’s though. Big name comics will go out sometimes and do a handful of club dates to tune up for a special or movie or both.

      If Tucker is doing HBO and two movies, sounds like he’s gonna try and dig himself out of his hole that way.

      Although if you look at some of the current photos of him, he may have a hard time cashing in big after so many years and at his advanced age.

      And when’s the last time Jackie Chan had a big hit? Shoot, even he is 60 now.

      After looking at how bad Arnold did at the box office with his new action movie bomb, it’s hard to image that many people wanting to see Rush Hour 4 seven or eight years after Rush Hour 3 and more than 16 years after the original.

      Time flies when you’re having tax problems, I guess

  6. CG says:

    No clue on his money and savings or not. Again Stanfords has for decades brought this city the biggest names in comedy entertainment. We have worked hard to discover the next big thing and bring in names we all know and enjoy. Not easy. KC is not LA or New York or Chicago. Yet over the years we have almost every super star and talent in comedy come to our clubs, Jerry,Larry, Lisa, Robin, Damon, Ellen, Chong, Jefferies, Lisa,Ron White,Bob Saget, Kevin Hart, Rob Schneider, Lewis Black, Louie CK…the list is endless, I mean endless…often we are their first headlining club of their lives, ala Jim Jefferies in the US or Lewis Black and Larry’s first A club…on and on…yet on this site and others people like to only find fault. How sad. It takes more than me to make it work all these years.

    Stanfords and there is no argument, none, has brought more stars to KC in a local small venue that were huge than all of the rest combined in our cities history. That is a fact. We are proud of that one. Hey nothing lasts forever and I won’t be able to do this forever.

    It’s nice when someone comes up and says “hey thanks man, I saw my first big comedy star at your club, Ron White. It was great” or “Hey my wife and I had our first date at your club in Westport, saw Pauly Shore, will never forget that night”

    That’s all. We have brought 99 per cent of all comedy stars and those who also were funny but never made the big time, to KC. Places like the Midland or Sprint, only bring in comics after they are huge names, like our Lewis Black these days.

    Getting Chris Tucker is a big deal. You all know that, he doesn’t do clubs, rich, broke, happy, sad, he is a major star. Enough said.

    The Improv is a corp. comedy chain, they also bring in name acts. They to my knowledge have discovered nobody in KC. The big name they have we already brought in first, ALL OF THEM, EVEN KEVIN HART. Not their fault we are just out in front of chain clubs…we have to find the next new guy and give you the current names you know..I know some of you appreciate all this, to those I say thank you and you are welcome.

    • doc bonners says:

      If your club really is the tits, you wouldnt have too keep reminding us of its cup size twice weekly.

      • the dude says:

        All I kept thinking about in his response above was the teacher from the Peanuts cartoon specials. Stanfords, WAH WAH WAH WAH.

      • admin says:

        I disagree, doc…

        No matter how big you are, you always need to keep promoting yourself. In part, that’s how you stay on top

  7. Late Breaking says:

    CG is this show 18+ or can I bring a 16 year old (my son you dirty pervs)


    • Craig Glazer says:

      You must be 18 to go on your own, or 14 or over with an adult present…so yes your son can go with you or someone over 21.

  8. words coming out of mouf says:

    Free bag of crazy bread with every half price pass!

  9. hot harley says:

    again glaze you look like the kid who just got the shiny bike on the block
    while the other kids were driving $1000 bikes.
    you seem so stupid with these types of article.
    In football…the coaches tell their players who schore touchdowns not to
    celebrate or pound the football or dance or do come celebratory gestures…
    they tell their athletes “look like you’ve been there before:!!!!!!!
    Idon’t see midland doing this…or the improve doing this kind of
    b.s….or any other venue acting like the world changed when a rather
    old star chooses their venue.
    its nice you got chris tucker…but he’s taking the whole door…so
    for all your work and bravado you probably are lucky to break even.
    If it was Seinfeld…or lewis black…or jay leno…or leterman or
    one of the other first tier comics coming to your place…I could see it.
    That would be significant.
    And according to mr. smith the guy never paid his taxes so maybe
    theres more to this story than we know.
    He’s not that well known…ask 100 kc people who chris tucker and maybe
    10% know who he is….stop acting like a minor league business owner
    in kcc stories.
    its great you got him…nice he showed up….but again theres more to this
    story than youtalk about. Obviously the guy knows nothing about business…
    if he’s id debt 11 million to uncle same and he chooses a small size club
    (what maybe 300 people seating?)…and supposedly accordin to
    glaze turns down sprint and midland for a huge huge payday…the guy
    is not only a terrible businessman but he can’t even count.
    standfords: $10,000 a show x what 6shows= $60,000
    sprint: 15,000 seat sold..what $250,000 (I don’t know his fee)…
    but the guy isn’t what you made him out to be…he cant sell
    tiks at sprint or they would book him and the midland is taking
    all the big names right now….
    don’t know if the guys good on stage…being good on stage and in
    film are 2 differnet things.

    but still wish you well and a big weekend!!! happey Passover!

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Harley he is doing theaters, next year. He is doing four clubs, all smaller than us, to get ready for his HBO special which is already set and then the movies. According to his people all his tax issues are cleared up, I have no clue what thats all about and frankly none of my business, don’t care. He is an A+ star, that’s what I look at doing four clubs in America for this and we are one of them.
      As for our money, that’s my business.

      Yes its a nice deal, I didn’t write this Hearne did after speaking to me, its just a ‘flash’ to let the readers know about Tucker, that’s all.

      Let me clue you in Harley people pay for fame, I have many great comics that are crazy funny and draw ok but don’t sell out cause people are not familiar with them til they get alot of TV or films etc…way it is…Tucker is a household name brand.

      You guys are great, here is rare chance to see a monster name up close and personal and way less money than a theater shot…all most of you do is try and find something wrong. There is nobody I could bring that many of you wouldn’t find fault with..Jay Leno oh he’s old and fat, Robin Williams, he’s past it and not funny anymore, Lewis Black, oh he’s been here too much on and on. Way it is…

      • the dude says:

        No, Williams quit doing lots of coke, that is what made him funny in the first place.

      • hot harley says:

        its not about the act…its the way as asmart
        businessman you handle it.
        announce the guy is coming…play up his attitbutes…
        express his credentials…….but the people are not
        coming to see you perform…they’re coming to see
        sell your product…not yourself. People have either
        a positive or a negative strong feeling about you
        as a person. That’s life.
        sell chris…he’s gonna bring down the house…he’s
        gonna pack in the crowds.
        I was involved in the concert promo business
        with friends and family. Never did the promoter
        come out and exalt himself or play himself up.
        the comedy will sell your shows out. Noone cares
        where chris is playing. He could play the blue room
        or an old warehouse …..be big…you’re not the star
        but you try to make yourself the star and you lose
        chris fritz never said “I JUST GOT THE ROLLING STONES
        it plays easier with your potential customers.
        good luck…chris will rock the house!!!!!!
        as far as his financial situation…the guy had to make
        huge money to still owe our uncle 11m illion….
        I will probably be there. Look for the black guy with
        the smokey the bear hat…i’ll be with pharrel !!!!!!

  10. Richard Cranium says:

    Advertisement for a failing club for an act falling so far from grace you can hear the rumble of the serpents in the depths of hell. It’s amazing to me that Glazer wants to tell us that he’s doing thing for “Kansas City”, yet it’s all about him……not what’s in it for the city. If his club was a successful as he claims, he wouldn’t need to keep harping on it. Finally Chris Tucker has never had ANY stand up specials, and is a niche comic. He doesn’t do comedy, so selecting this club over say a corner booth at Tanners is really about the only option he had. Good luck with that.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      YOU ARE A TOP NOTCH TROLL and nothing more. In fact you are just a nothing. You’ve never done anything in your life anyone cares about. I do more in a week that matters than you do in a lifetime fake name TROLL.

      With a ‘thing’ like you no matter what I do or don’t do you will complain and bitch. Why? You hate yourself, that’s why. Grow up.

      • Craig Glazer says:

        PS We have Carlos Mencia this weekend. Thought you wanted to know, he’s kinda good too. He’s very good one of the best.

        • the dude says:

          Mencia is a known joke stealer glazer and he is not remotely good or funny at all. You being a yuk yuk shop owner should know how comics feel about joke thieves that steal and do not give the proper credit to the comics that made the original joke.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        You are a sad, pathetic man sir. In fact I pity your shallow and narrow life you’ve built for yourself. Someday I hope you find happiness that isn’t between a filthy trollup’s legs or in a baggy of powder. Both “comics” you’ve introduced here are bottom feeders, and we all know it. Pick up your game flabby.

  11. BS says:

    I guess this answers the question of how far and fast a career can plummet.

  12. admin says:

    The Mencia show is a big one.

    I remember seeing him at Westport when he was on the way up.

    You guys just love to mess with Craig, don’t you? Ah, well

    • the dude says:

      No, Mencia sucks old man sweaty balls.
      I don’t know about Tucker’s act to comment.

      • hot harley says:

        forthose who are like cranium and the dude…freaking
        shut the f*** k up.
        Glaze is the front guy. His job is to sell tickets.
        He needs to take himself out of the equation and move the
        spotlight from himself to his comedians.
        one this is for sure…you wont find a better selfpromoter
        than glaze…good or bad…he knows how to get the
        free pr and get the word out!!!!!
        another thing to realize…whether you think mencia or
        tucker are funny….glaze is gonnavpack the house.
        honestly never seen either…but the place in legends will
        be rocking..
        and aint that what glazes job is…sell tickets.
        no need to get personal Richard….glaze is just a man
        running a business.
        I’dbe interested to know if mr. no brains cranium ever
        ran a business or owned one. Did he ever have to make
        payroll…deal with employees…worry about talent…
        paying bills…I doubt he has.
        so mr. cranium….go f*ck yourself. It’s not about glaze..
        its bout mencia and tucker. They’re the acts…people
        buy tickets to see them.
        I hope the house is full amnd cranium and dude eat
        print that hearne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • CG says:

          thanks Harley Mencia was full tonight…nice

          • hot harley says:

            that’s got to rip the hearts of dude/cranium and
            wislon. Maybe they all get together and
            drown their wrong doubts about you and
            your acts and your club by drinking some
            kool aid. All of them are shlepper haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CG says:

        Dude Mencia is one of the top ten of our time, no argument, right in that group just behind Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lewis Black and so on, anyone in the biz will agree. ‘Stealing jokes’ well if he did he ain’t the only one.’ I like the man. He always sells out or is damn close. He’s been a top draw for over two decades, enough said. I have never heard from anyone that matters that ‘he sucks’…if you saw him on TV today or heard him on radio, he was master funny man, top shelf killer comic. He just is. Proud to have him. Again anyone we brought you two or tree trolls would dislike. How funny are you?

        • a lil baggie with a pool ball on it says:

          Good thing he doesn’t steal carrot top jokes he would end up with a trunk full of babies nailed to boards…


          because we all know you’ve seen your boy steal em

          yuk yuk factory half off crazy breads

        • the dude says:

          OK, putting that material stealing hack up there with the Carlin and Pryor means you are mentally defective or you are just pulling my leg completely off. Watch the video baggie posted above, even his friend Bobbie Lee calls him out for stealing his material!!!!!! He gets owned by Rogan and Ari ONSTAGE no less when they call him out when he stole a joke from Ari. And Lopez choked him out for stealing 13 minutes of his material. Ask your boy Kramer what he thinks of Mencia, I would like to see what he thinks about him.

        • Jess says:

          “Dude Mencia is one of the top ten of our time, no argument, right in that group just behind Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lewis Black ‘

          How do you own a Comedy Club? Seriously?

          • CG says:

            Mencia is one of the top ten maybe of all time. I think I know ‘a little’ more bout comedy than you guys. He may have borrowed a joke or two, all of them have, but he has written a ton, and I do live radio and TV with him, he is fast and damn funny, as he was this morning…I don’t have to defend the man, he is a star.

          • Jess says:

            For a guy that does not have to defend, you are doing a lot of defending….

  13. hot harley says:

    was at bloom last night and 2 people saw mencia at glaze’s place.
    Said the guy was not only one of the funniest comedians they’ve
    seen…but its only the third time they’ve seen a live comedy show.
    They said they can watch a lot of comedy on tv so they don’t
    get out muc with 2 kids.
    But they said …it was one of the funnest nights they’ve had in years.
    If glaze can make his customers happy (and of course there will
    be detractors)..he’sdoing great.
    Maybe the losers on here who just attack the guy should spend
    $20 and go out there and experience it. report back.
    the real business world is very tough these days…its hard to
    make an impact…but stop bitching and moaning about what
    happened 30 years ago and move on.

  14. CG says:

    No I don’t Mencia sold out all weekend shows and close on Thursday. End of story.

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