Hearne: Trouble on the Network

smallEver had a hard drive go out?

Apparently I’m one of an elite few that this has never happened to…until recently. Whereupon the excellent staffers at the Apple Store on the Plaza totally made things right in mere minutes, before my very eyes no less.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t end there.

Because I apparently inadvertently elected the incorrect option on my back up drive  – an Apple Time Machine – setting in motion a complex correction course that even the geniuses at the Apple store took days to unravel. And thank goodness I didn’t take the computer back home and try and do it myself, because if it took the Apple experts three days to fix things, I’ll count the $99 it cost as money well spent.

macStill even now, my desktop and files are a bit of a mess.

How long and how many computers have I owned and never faced this apparently not uncommon phenomena? Too many to count. From an Apple IIFX – from the early days of the modern/post hippie Pitch and a Powerbook 170 from my early column writing days at the Star – to today, I’ve been lucky.

Anyway, here’s to me getting back into action, I’ve got lots of stories to tell.

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5 Responses to Hearne: Trouble on the Network

  1. hot harley says:

    okay…your computer has problems….that’s what you blame some of the
    worst articles in your journalistic career on.
    Using disgusting phrases like “golden showers”…articles on hookers…
    a story about a club in Lawrence that serves underage drinkers….
    this last inane story about Jason….the jewel thief article that went
    nowhere….the story about the rape in Columbia….
    you can blame your computer for some problems…but its those typing
    fingers of yours hearne that have been putting out some really bad
    you need Harley…Harley knows all…Harley has the facts and the
    knowledge to make all these people know the truth.
    don’t blame the computer…blame the messengers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. mike t. says:

    when I first started reading this blog, I wondered ‘why all the hate on Harley?’ I’m beginning to see why now.

    meanwhile, hearne, nothing worse than computer issues. this is why god made geeks.

    • hot harley says:

      tell the truth and people will dislike you!!!!!
      glaze tells the truth…and people dislike him.
      don’t b.s. us…we know better….hearne can do better.
      we’ve been faithful readers for the long haul. Hearne has talent..
      we’ve seen it…we want to see it again.
      theres a market for this type of blog…people readingabout other
      people…people stories…..theres none in kc…and hearne
      when at the star had a huge audience and it was a blast reading
      hius column.
      maybe he’s gotten tired of the work …maybe he’s gotten
      to the point where its not as fun anymore.
      hearne can do better…we’ve seen it.
      maybe get some new fresh investigative reporters with contacts…
      maybe stop depending on one guy to get your info…
      we loved to read hearnes column and the fun stuff he posted…it
      was cool and fun and different.
      maybe hearne needs a break.
      hearne can do better….no doubt about it!!!!!!!

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