Jack Goes Confidential: Scathing ‘BAD WORDS’ Delivers On Title!

bad-words-movie-poster-2If  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body count in SABOTAGE or the mighty screen spectacle of NOAH doesn’t float your boat this weekend, then a subversive comedy may just be the ticket…

And count on  BAD WORDS getting pretty dark when it comes to laughs.

Not only did Jason Bateman direct and co-produce this mean-spirited comedy, he stars in it as well.

In BAD WORDS Bateman plays Guy Trilby, a 40 year old with a photographic memory who finds a technical loophole in the rules and promptly enters–and HIJACKS—the National Spelling Bee.

All the while reporter Kathryn Hahn tries to get to the bottom of his true motivation—while HE gets to hers. Hahn’s determined search leads to sporadic and spirited sexual maneuvers with Bateman throughout the movie in the Bee’s convention hotel.

And then there’s 10 year old fellow contestant Chaitanya Chopra who goes out of his way to befriend Bateman only to be beaten down with stinging racist insults like to “Shut your curry-hole.”

You get the picture.

bad-words-movie-poster-10The kid is played perfectly by Rohan Chand.

So it goes in a fast-moving 89 minutes of mean-spirited, sexist, foul-mouthed attacks.

The big question though is WHY? Why is Bateman’s character such an SOB?


But you’ll have to wait ’til the fat lady sings…..

It’s a vulgar, scathing comedy for BAD SANTA connoisseurs— at a spelling bee no less!

Jason Bateman’s dark directorial debut also features Philip Baker Hall and Allison Janney.

BAD WORDS scores a savage C+.

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2 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Scathing ‘BAD WORDS’ Delivers On Title!

  1. PB says:

    While your review might scare off some folks, it actually had the opposite effect on me, decidedly un-PC and deliciously dark, I’m in.

  2. admin says:

    Hey, I went and saw it in one of AMC Twon Center’s newly remodeled auditoriums last Friday (while waiting for the MacBook to be fixed) and I’d give it a B+ (Enterianment Weekly gave it an A-).

    Definitely worth checking out.

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