Hearne: Scribe Calls Out Bill Self, KU for Mailing it in

wfDespite the early returns, it was never to be for Bill Self and KU and he knew it…

“I bet against them,” says sports handicapper Craig Glazer. “There was never a sense of urgency. They looked like a bunch of fat cats that knew they would be going to the NBA and it really didn’t matter that much. You could just smell the loss coming.

“They’re just too young and they’ve not been indoctrinated to play at this level. They’re not really a team. They haven’t played together long enough.”

That’s what KU gets for playing the One & Done card.

“The three best teams this year are Louisville, Wichita State and Florida,” Glazer says. “And what they have in common is a lot of juniors and seniors that have played together two or three years.”

There’s more…

“I don’t think Bill Self was very excited,” Glazer says. “If you saw the interviews with him all year he was never very upset when he lost. He didn’t like it, but it wasn’t like in past years.

1581441_orig“Four weeks ago I did think that KU was going to make a run and it was not just losing Joel Embiid,” Glazer says. “It’s because the desire just wasn’t there. I just didn’t feel any killer instinct from them. And so today’s loss was no surprise. First of all they didn’t deserve the No. 2 seed – they should have been third or fourth.”

The future of KU basketball?

“In preseason the two teams favored to win it all were Kentucky and Kansas,” Glazer says. “And Kansas wasn’t a bad team, so I think the future looks bright as it always has. They have some All Americans and Embiid will probably be coming back, so I think they’ll be a better team.

“Bill Self won his 10th Big 12 title in a row and KU really hasn’t had a bad year under Self. Where North Carolina and Kentucky both have had teams that didn’t even go to the Big Dance and ended up in the NIT.”

As for the prospect of next year being Self’s last at KU, “I think if Bill can win it all next year or get in the Final 4, it could be his last,” Glazer says. “He just looks like a guy that’s done. And he wasn’t really that bummed or embarrassed. And for the second year in a row the best team in Kansas wasn’t KU, it was Wichita State. “

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20 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Calls Out Bill Self, KU for Mailing it in

  1. hot harley says:

    wrong again glaze..
    Read my remarks from months ago where I said that because ku plays in the
    big 12/10/8 they really don’t facetough competition on a nightly or weekly
    basis…lots of stiffs.
    and they never had that intense…nail biting games that youneed late in the
    season against really good teams to get you ready for thetournament.
    And with 2 or 3 one and done stars…you don’t have thetime to meld a
    team together. The one anddones are not the answer for bill self…
    they’re not for kentrucky who has 6 or 7 of them…but they don’t play
    together well…..
    so glaze…please apologize for being wrong on the jayhawks….Harley
    nailed it with his prediction right here on kcc where he said
    that ku would not advance because they didn’t have those intense
    hard fought games against top notch teams.
    we see kstate/texas/Oklahoma/ok state all were really pretty weak
    when compared toother teams in the nation in high stress/one and
    done situations. Everyone…again…Harley nails it!!!!!!!!!
    And for self…yeah he looked kind of mellow this time..no tears…no
    sad face…but cbs showing the kidin thecrowd crying was a little
    bit too much.
    self still is one of the best…and he could go anywhere.
    wiggins/black/embiid/ are gone…..but self will
    regain…but he’ll have no big big men losing wiggins and black
    now hearne…would you stop making so many spelling mistakes!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hey, I edited Craig’s column on the fly in the Starbucks in Cape Girardeau on the way back from Memphis with my daughters and only had ONE typo (that I know of).

      Granted that was one too many but…

    • CG says:

      Uh, Harley I didn’t write this I was interviewed calm down.

  2. Jess says:

    Saying “sports handicapper” is a knock on all handicapped people…Wichita just lost.

    • rww says:

      Wichita State lost to a team full of freshmen.

      • admin says:

        Yeah, but that was Wichita State’s only ranked opponent all season.

        They’re a better team probably than I personally gave them credit for, but if they’d played the same schedule KU did they’d have gone into the tourney with four or five losses minimum.

  3. Bob says:

    ““I bet against them,” says sports handicapper Craig Glazer.”

    Handicapper? The feds will be interested in this. Gambling is one thing, but running a book is another.

  4. Bob says:

    I actually agree with most of this and I’m a KU fan.

  5. Spelle Cheque says:

    “And what they have in common is a lot of juniors and seniors that have plead together two or three years.”

    Really? What did they all plead guilty to?

    • admin says:

      I plead guilty to writing this column in Starbucks in Cape Girardeau while flying home with my daughters from Memphis.

      Now let’s hear your excuse for serving up a really lame joke under an even lamer assumed name.

  6. CG says:

    Yes The Shockers lost in a close one, but they had a solid team coming in, we wrote about that as well a few days ago. Hey if I left out anything it was how good Arizona looks, they crushed it…this thing is wide open…there is no dominant team at this point. No I don’t pretend to be a bookie, that was Hearne’s term not mine. I did pick Stanford as of yesterday. But I also picked the Shockers, and yes they lost, tough games to be these days.

    • admin says:

      I don’t know which is worse; the way a couple of you comments section dudes revel in pimping Craig, or his falling for it and defending himself needlessly.

      Let’s see, handicapper…

      “a person who determines the handicaps that will be placed on competitors”

      Guess what? The shoe fits. Did I write that he’s a bookie? Uh, no.


  7. Monkey says:

    Ah, well. “Any given Sunday…” and all that.

    I thought the ‘Hawks might go all the way if they survived the first week without Embiid.

    And I thought the Shox might have trouble once they started playing *boys* teams.

    Bottom line: the one and out format of the tournament is not a real test of college basketball. Dayton might be that good, I dunno. (they cost me a billion dollars in the first game)

    And Florida may end up the tournament champ. I’m not sure if that means they’re the best players, or best team, or just the luckiest.

    • admin says:

      Journal World reported that Embiid would have been back for the Sweet 16.

      What a way to go

  8. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The B12 flat out faceplants in the first weekend of the tournament, with Texas, KU, KState, Oklahoma, & Oklahoma State all losing. Meanwhile, the moribund SEC has yet to lose a game in the tournament. While only getting 3 teams in, all 3 are in the Sweet 16. Quality over quantity I guess?

    Thank God Southern Miss finally buried the stinking corpse of Mizzou’s 2013/14 season.

  9. hot harley says:

    the sec is going to wake up and realizethey have the money to control
    basketball like they do football.
    it will be interesting to see what mizzzoudoes..with all that cash…and
    haith looking horrible…can they be the first sec teamthis year
    to go out and pay 5million for a new bball coach?
    if they do…other sec teams will follow.
    alden better get going…the clock is ticking sir.
    we’ve seen enough clowns there since Snyder and now we wnt
    some real winner to take over.
    and look…3 of thetop 16 teams…and probably 2 potential final
    4 teams in the mix still from the sec.

    • admin says:

      Mizzou better do something pretty dramatic if they want to help the SEC control basketball

    • PB says:

      “the sec is going to wake up and realizethey have the money to control
      basketball like they do football.”

      And still, nobody down there will care.

      “Read my remarks from months ago where I said that because ku plays in the
      big 12/10/8 they really don’t facetough competition on a nightly or weekly
      basis…lots of stiffs.”

      The No.1 ranked conference in RPM with 70% of its teams making the tourney, but yeah, you get to play alot of stiffs in that league. Just like with bowl games in football, the one-and-done concept of the NCAA tournament proves absolutely nothing when it comes to conference strength, but unfortunately, there will always be folks like yourself that place what happened yesterday above what was accomplished in the days, weeks and months prior. Kudos though Harley, your idiocy truly knows no bounds.

      • hot harley says:

        I was right….losing to Stanford….ku freaked out because
        the so called great teams of the big 12/10 aren’t so good
        after all.
        I’ve alsways been a big fan of self but he’s getting anxious
        for a new home….but yet if you knew anything pb ( paper
        boy)…the tournament is the ultimate master….they don’t
        the refered to lousiville as the national champion…auburn
        as the national champion…even the mules as national
        champions…so the entire year may have had some highlights
        for this ku team…but in the end…its just another season
        because they failed just like all the other 120 teams…
        when Kentucky or florida or whoever is crowned national
        champion in the tournament…that’s the final/official/
        authoritative champion….not abunch of teams who lost
        in the 32 team scramble.
        sorry paper boy….wrong again….you’re new so you’ll
        soon learn that Harley is always right.
        listen to the exper5ts…all that season and games were for
        naught…ku is no different than all the rest of the teams
        who’se season ended in a loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        good luck loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hot harley says:

        hey pb…Harley was right again….yes sir…he was right…
        and this year half the final four are sec teams!!!!!!!!
        its been a whilte since 2 teams from same conference
        were in the final four.
        sec is about to embark on a major effort to build
        their bball programs…..its gona happen.
        even tenn. made it deep…
        but it takes time…eventually money talks and the
        big 12/10.8 falls on its face in the tournament.
        paper boy….again…Harley proves himself right
        never doubt me…as far as the final champion…its
        a tough draw …but I’m rooting for the ku team (that’s
        Kentucky paper boy).
        in the tournament rpi/rankings etc. mean nothing
        as we’ve seen since Kansas was #2 and fell to a
        much lower seed.
        what matters is the ability to play one and done games
        aginst consistently tough opponents and get hot at the
        right time.
        calipari has his team streaking…but florida may be the team
        to win it all.
        again…when you get knocked out early….that’s it…no
        we now hope mu wakes upand lets haith go. Theres talent
        there to compete….just need to right general to lead the
        as of today….what happened in November/December/January/
        February/and the first 2 weeks of march mean nothing
        except to maybe the downtrodden ku fans in Topeka/
        Eudora/spring hill/joco/Ottawa /etc. because no one else
        care about ku.
        now…just go hibernate while your football team embarrasses
        the entire state of Kansas as THE WORST TEAM IN AMERICA!!!!! i’msure we’ll be seeing you post again
        after Charlie leads his troops to another great year…hahahahah1

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