Hearne: KFKF Tops February Radio Rankings…Again

farm_country_kingHere we go again…

The February 2014 Kansas City radio rankings are in for listeners age 6 and older. To be clear again up front, this is the broadest – and thus the most accurate – measure of radio listenership. However, it’s not the demographic used by stations to sell advertising targeting more specific demos like women 18 to 34 or men 25 to 54.

Now let’s get on with the show before you-know-who lurches in with his all-too-predictable “assessments.”

So the No. 1 radio station in Kansas City for February is…

radio1)     KFKF-FM, Country, with a 9 share and a cume of 368,500 listeners

2)     KPRS FM, Urban, with a 7 share and a cume of 326,900

3)     KCFX FM, Classic Rock, with a 6.2 share and a cume of 408,000

4)     Mix 93.3 FM, CHR, with a 5.1 share,  cume of 479.300

5)     KCMO FM, Oldies, with a 4.9 share,  cume of 414,000

6)    Magic 107.3FM, Urban, with a 4.8 share,  cume of 181,800

7)     The Point 99.7 FM, Hot AC, with a 4.7 share, 469,500 cume

7)     Q104 FM, Country, with a 4.7 share,  325,000, cume

7)     The Rock 98.9 FM, Rock, 4.7 share,  261,900 cume

10)    KMBZ AM / FM, News/Talk,   4.5 share, 220,900 cume

11)    The Wolf 106.5 FM, Country, 4.1 share, 318,100 cume

12)    The Vibe 95.7 FM, CHR, 4.0 share, 422,800 cume

13)    Life 88.5 FM, Contemporary Christian, 3.7 share, 118,700 cume

14)    The Buzz 96.5 FM, Modern Rock, 3.3 share, 221,800 cume

15)    KCUR-FM, News/Talk, 2.9 share, 162,000 cume

16)    Jack 105.1 FM, Adult Hits, 2.5 share,  259,700 cume

17)    KC 102.1 FM (formerly Alice), 2.3 share, 266,100 cume

18)    610 Sports, Sports Talk, 2.1 share, 147,300 cume

19)    KCMO AM, Talk, 2.0 share, 92,900 cume


Sports radio station WHB and Contemporary Christian station K-LOVE are not mentioned because they do not subscribe to Neilsen.

And still missing in action with l no ratings read out is adult alternative station The Bridge 90.9 FM.

And for the record, cume is the number of different people who tune to a radio station for at least five minutes between 6 a.m. and midnight during the time period being measured.

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23 Responses to Hearne: KFKF Tops February Radio Rankings…Again

  1. radio dude says:

    If you add up all those Country shares (KFKF, KBEQ, WDAF) they equal 17.7% of all 1/4 hour shares in KC.
    This may surprise some of the faithful who read this, but that makes Kansas City the #1 market in America (Top 50) who listen to Country radio. Even more than Nashville, who’s total share of Country listeners is 15.5% with three stations programming that format.
    Country is also America’s #1 format as far as listenership and # of stations.
    Country truly is King

    • hot harley says:

      go ask the 50 car dealers in kc who are on kfkf how many
      6 year olds buy trucks?
      radio dude…I put you in your place before…yes that’s obvious…
      but remember something (which you should know if you’re
      really in the biz)…..which h I think you’re either a rookie or
      some gopher intern….
      remember …..there is a lot of duplication between those 3 stations
      so really your point is again WRONG….don
      t know exactly but I guess the duplication between q and wolf might
      be 40% or higher…
      radio dude….go back to school and learn about this field!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hot harley says:

    well here’s my assessment of your continued embarrassment in the advertising
    find me one business person who uses those numbers and I’ll buy you
    dinner for you/your wife/your daughters/and Madison the hooker
    at that dump Italian restaurant in Lawrence one night. Maybe we can
    all learn about the finer art of being a prostitute for later in life having
    a wonderful plate of nasty noodles and hetchup with the lovely/charming
    and charismatic Madison (according to glaze)
    Again hearne….I know you love to write this stuff…you know I know
    better…but its getting old…because really no one cares…and since
    whb isn’t included that would really skew those number wouldn’t it…
    maybe to tune of 200,000 cume (guess)….howver you keep writing
    about things you know nothing about and I’ll stick to my
    best areas of expeerttise …thanks…Harley

    • admin says:

      The Italian dump in Lawrence just closed, remember?

      • hot harley says:

        how about Hereford house? your buddy!!!
        or maybe fine dining in Lawrence…taco bell!!!!!!!!
        wherever we go make sure you bring Madison.

    • kansas karl says:

      Actually WHB and KLOVE are included in the total number of listeners that is used to calculate share, those and others who don’t pay are not reported. No one uses share to buy radio, it’s aqh or rating points.

      • Radio dude says:

        No one buys by shares is true. However, it is the #1 most used measurement tool by radio programmers and Managers.
        If you don’t agree with that statement, I would say you have never been inside a radio station when a monthly or more importantly a quarterly is released to a market.
        Radio people look at cume and 1/4 hour shares. Buyers look at rating points to use for value of a station that they wish to purchase advertising.

        • kansas karl says:

          When I started in radio we used arb slide rules to calculate reach and freq, I used to graph hour by hour listening by hand, for each book. Share is great if you are only looking at the radio universe, when put into the real world and a station’s individual listening audience is compared to the city as a whole, single radio stations have a hard time reaching twice the capacity of Arrowhead.

          In the days of the hard book using only diaries too many were single station all day every day, and those that took a minute to fill one out were not much better. While the number of people carrieing meters is small, under a thousand, they give a truer picture of how radio is used which for this group is a zero +/- deal it is actual listening. Many opinion polls are done with about 500 respondants. Time spent listening under the diary method was averageing 2 hours a day per station, now that number is under an hour giving credence to the “looking for the next great song” listening habit, hitting the button repeatedly crossing genre’s. If you buy one country station you will get the majority of country listeners, same for news talk and sports or any duplicated format.

          Radio’s real problem is loss of media time, folks are giving up time with radio for other media, BLC has a post and graph

          • hot harley says:

            thanks Kansas carl…
            your “real world” analysis is so refreshing when
            we have fantasy world guys like hearne
            and radio dud.
            its nice to see someone agrees withme that
            whats in those ratings need to be interpreted
            into real world situations.
            plus this quote
            ” If you buy one country station you will get the majority of country listeners, same for news talk and sports or any duplicated format. ”
            shows you havea great grasp on the real
            world of advertising.
            this comment you made should help hearne
            and radio dud learn something they have
            never known.
            thanks karl!!!! you make sense!

          • radio dude says:

            Finally, someone with which to have an intelligent exchange and healthy debate (which I enjoy).
            KK, you know quite a bit about radio. If you were using a slide rule, then you started selling radio in the 70’s. Vance Harrison from Blair Media reps created the slide rule and was the first metric to measure reach and frequency…true?
            Cume listening prior to PPM was lucky for any radio station to break a 20% cume rating. However PPM changed all of that…..TSL went way down and cume by station went way up. Today many radio stations cume could break the magic mark of filling up Arrowhead more than 2 times. Look at the cume #’s on Hearne’s site and you will notice almost any station in the top 12 has over a 200,000 cume.

            No one ever stated this site should be used by businesses to place ad buys. Anyone with 6 months experience knows shares are not used by media buying companies…but that is all Neilson is reporting..so what else can KCC do but to print those reports. You yourself have stated they would get sued if they reported them here.

            Here is my counterpoint to your comments. The Bottomline Communcations chart is not a media usage report…but a device and Media Usage report. Of course we are all on computers and cell phones more than we listen to radio….DUH. But even in those fuzzy numbers radio is the #2 in specific media usage.

            Neilson and Arbitron before both have reported radio listening at more than two hours each day. Do you want to believe a funky report that is focused on devices rather than media usage? The point of that graphic was how far newspapers and magazines have dropped…but again that is not on Media Usage…but time spent with devices.

            Regarding buying one Country station…in most markets that is a valid point, but in KC when there are 3 stations the duplication is in the 50% range, which would tell us you would need two Country stations if you wanted to reach 80% of Country listeners. That of course depend upon your target market and the lifestyles you want to reach. If you were selling trucks, then you would want to buy at least two Country radio stations. This is were rating points come in…and who gives the buyer the best CPP.

            The bottom line of any media campaign is to reach the most people in your target market with the proper frequency to attain a Reach and frequency goal as well as achieve a CPP goal.
            Karl…thanks for bringing some intelligence to
            this site.

            Maybe someone can learn something from a couple of dudes who have ” been there…done that.

          • radio dude says:

            A very recent article
            New York – Dec. 2, 2013 – Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN), a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, announced today highlights from its December 2013 RADAR® 119 National Radio Listening Report. The report shows radio’s U.S. audience increased year over year, adding more than 700,000 weekly listeners since December 2012. Radio now reaches 241.8 million listeners (91 percent of persons) ages 12 and older on an average weekly basis. Additionally, daily time spent listening to radio among persons ages 12 and older held steady from the December 2012 RADAR report. Those 12 and older who listen to the radio spend approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes a day with the medium.

  3. Radio dude says:

    Harley….if you are smarter than me…prove me wrong. Tell us what market is number 2 in country lisenership.
    You have and will never put me in my place….you are always right…but only in your own mind.
    Would love to see the demos….please share.

    • hot harley says:

      radio dud….you soundlike you just got a new job in radio this month.
      You put out words like you’re a robot…the words companies give
      you to say without knowing what they mean.
      In your make believe world you’re a rookie without any real world
      experience except being one of the thousands of failed salespeople
      who tried to be in the media business but failed. You obviously
      failed quite often. In fact ….I’m guessing you’re probably not real
      successful at this.
      in the real world…which you have never been no one cares about
      shares (except the people at the stations I guess)…or the number o
      f 6 year olds listening to a station. But in your (and hearnes) make
      believe world of fantasy island…you still think that info makes
      any sense for any businessman to look at.
      Obviously you’ve not sold much…. or you would know that those
      numbers are so ridiculous it makes you look like an idiot.
      Why? go ask any advertiser on any station if they advertise if they
      really care about listeners 6 years old. In your make believe world
      its pure stupidity because you’re not the brightest bulb in the socket.
      In fact….those numbers aren’t the most accurate numbers as ipointed
      out…and if you listened to kfkf you probably realize its a ton of
      older (55 plus) who make up that group of listeners.
      Now let me school you in the facts……because you don’t get it.
      1. when advertisers/companies look to advertise they have a group they
      want to reach. Male/female 18-34/25-54/35-54/25-49. I’m sure Bob
      Bernstein would kick you out of his office if you tried to sell him numbers
      for adults 6years and older. Don’t cut it dud. And shares mean nothing
      to advertisers…which you admit after I pointed it out (you’re now catching
      on to what Harley says…which is good…because you have much to learn)…
      Cume audience…well that’s not that big anyway….other factors…
      time spent listening (heard of that dud?)…or ratings (you don’t understand
      ratings…and probably don’t know how many listeners a single rating
      point equals…dummy!)….or the areas of best coverage by a media (do they
      do well north/south/how far out does signal reach/makeup of audience
      (male/female/minority/)….in the real world those are things that matter..
      NOONE PAYS ATTENTION TO!!!!!! yOU just don’t get dud!
      Then its price comparison…station A charges $50 a spot…station b
      charges $80 a spot…but station A has 90% of the audience of b….so
      its a better buy all things considered. But you wouldn’t know that in
      your little cubicle of make believe alice in wonderland fantasy worl..
      So since you’ve never owned a business (or it failed) or since you
      never had to be on the other side of the business (as a business person
      buying media) you can’t be good salesman. In fact I estimate youre
      a rookie with no training or experience. Because if you really knew you’re
      stuff…you shut your mouth and let the real business people tell you
      how things go!!!!!!!
      And most importantly …the owners. Do they care about shares/
      listeners 6 plus/all the garbage you and hearne deem “impossible to
      overlook”….yeah maybe somewhat…but they care if their revenues
      are good…..so they can pay off debt (do you understand that or do I
      have to school you in that also?).
      Problem radio dud is you sound like a newbie in the media business.
      You got trained for 1 hour and now you’re an expert. You think that
      now you work for a radio station (which is dying) that you’re a big
      time “numbers dude”…well I’m into stats and data and if you ask
      Wilson or the regulars…I have na outstanding record on analyzing the
      crap some people like you put on here and I prove you wrong.
      Sometime i’ll take you into the real world…show you how its all done
      from the real business side. Not some video training program you watch
      or the short ttaining you get now to go on the street and sell advertising.
      Its a shame that stations put guyus like you out on the street to compete
      with some very intelligent/busiesss savy sales people who will eat you
      up…..but that’s how business is today.
      KC is a changing market…if I had 3 hours I canould probably educate
      you with the tools to be a better salesperson (truth is you need it) and
      how to sell to real live business people and corporations that know
      advertising and not your mush mouth ideas on radio advertising.
      You can contact me at law4life1000@yahoo.com and I’ll be happy
      to gie you a quick hour in how to sell and how to do a better job
      representing your boss.
      You seem like a good young kid…I just think that toay companies don’t
      invest the needed resources to train boys like you in how to be
      successful in the radio business.
      In fact…you’re writing on here lead me to belive that you need a
      good 6 hour course on radio advertising to be even close to some
      of the real pros in the industry.
      I’m not here to show you up…that was obvious from the start…
      I’m here to help you understand how the real world works.
      You can’t depend on some book to give you details on how to
      sell this product…you need hands on real life world experience which
      you can only get from following the truly successful guys in your
      Put yourself in the placeof the buyer…do discovery to see what they
      need (don’t depend on hearne’s stupid blogs because hearne doesn’t
      understand anything) then contact me and I’ll show you how to
      be a superstar one day and make some serious money.
      Son…its all about the money…How do you get the sale made and get
      revenue to the station. The rest is useless information that no one cares
      about. Bring up 6 plus listeners/viewers in a major presentation and
      you’ll be thrown out the door….they don’t care and you waste their
      time and intelligence and they’ll think you’re way off base and know
      nothing about what you’re doing (which I agree with).
      But good luck…I help a lot of your entreprenuers in their ventures
      and I emphasize that you can’t learn business lessons from a book
      or video. It takes months and years to learn a skill and from your
      comments I can’t see you staying in media for too long.
      But that’s okay…maybe you can’t grasp the data/numbers needed
      to compete with the big boys….but as I said…I can give you a
      crash course on selling because I come from the other side of the
      table and can give you as a rookie some pointers on how to clos
      e a sasle.
      Good luck. As far as #2 country station…I don’t really follow that…
      but i’ll guess Nashville since you mentioned it before.
      And learn how to present your staton better….you need to look
      professional…speak the lingo of the client and stop trying to
      cram some useless worthless stats down a businessman’s throat
      who doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with rookies
      like you.
      Contact me…would love to help you understand how it all works…
      and I’d school you on the real world…not the fantasy world you
      now live in with hearne and his stats of b.s.s
      By the way…hearne Harley did not get bitch slapped…you did!!!!
      Bring in 20 business people and ask them to decide who know more
      about the industry…betting most would say Harley.
      But be carefull….its you mess with Madison…you might be getting
      ‘lucky and get bitch slapped by a real woman!!!!!!!

      • radio dude says:

        Wow Harley….you really do look foolish. Looks like I am getting to you and making you a little crazy. You sling insults at everyone who posts an opinion.
        Go look in the mirror and kiss yourself. If you look anything like you sound or write you must really be UGLY.
        I really don’t think I have ever come across a more puffed up chicken (or person) than you.
        Anyone who has to tell everyone how smart they are has deep insecurities…you Harley have many.
        And no it’s not Nashville…just wanted you to share your wisdom…but all you do is guess again.

      • admin says:

        OMG Harley,

        Did someone slip you a ton of meth? Are you paying yourself by the word to write endlessly long diatribes here in the comments section?

        Ever grapple with the concept of less – at times – being more. You make me seem succinct and that’s going a ways.

        • hot harley says:

          you write like you’re lackingsleep.
          1:00 am onasunday night and you’re trying to
          come back onmy comments.
          dude…get some sleep…I have to keepcorrecting
          you and the rest of the kcc guys constantly..
          it gets old.
          1 am and you’re up trying to bag on Harley.
          now that’s going a ways!!!!!!!!

          • radio dude says:

            Word of advice. Slow down, or take typing lessons.
            Your run on sentences, misspelled words, poor grammar and poor punctuation, make you look stupid.

  4. Radio dude says:

    Harley, one more thing ……those shares are unduplicated listeners. Cume numbers are duplicated.
    STFU on an area you don’t even qualify as a rookie

  5. admin says:

    Wow, radio dude pimp slapped the H Man speechless!

  6. Taylor says:

    Country is actually higher than a 17.7 share, most of the western part of the stateline can listen to 94.5 out of topeka and most of the 435 belt has access to 92.9 out of lawrence or osage city or wherever there towers are.

    • radio dude says:

      Excellent point…..but we will never see those ratings unless someone who buys “The book” reports them. There are actually 6 Country stations from Topeka that can be heard in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties. Topeka has over a 25 Share of Country listeners (Market rank 200). Don’t know for sure, but that has to be one of the highest Country shares in America.

      • hot harley says:

        zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…boring again radio
        you are a dud!!!! sorry but I’ve seen the top in the media
        biz and you’re just at the bottom of the barrel.
        who care about Topeka/Wichita/st. joe stations…lets
        get serious…add up those shares with your finger and
        see if it equals 100%….I’M GUESSING THIS RATING
        MAKE A BOOKd..
        ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…you[‘re a very boring dude dud!

  7. hot harley says:

    Kansascarl gets it….he understands…maybe radio dud should get with
    Kansas carl for some training since he’s had none and writes like it.
    No one uses share to buy radio, it’s aqh or rating points.ou

    for crying out loud….radio dud….you’re withter getting alzheimers or you
    aren’t real sharp. Igo with that your like a dull dul blade with nosharpnes.
    now go to the library and learn about radio radio dude for christs sakeour.
    Where do you work? Y our managers should be fired for not preparing you
    for the real worl of advertiinsg….

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