Sounds Good: Lorde @ Midland, Spoonfed Tribe @ Bottleneck

If you can rip yourself away from your TV and the college basketball tournament that’s currently sapping this country’s GDP by billions per second, then you’re a better man than I.

We’ve already had several OT games, and a bunch of upsets.

This might be the best long weekend of college sports of the year, aside from, perhaps the World Cup that’s taking place this summer in Brazil.  It’s pretty close for me.

Here’s a few non-sports items to check out this weekend…

Friday, March 21st

Lorde at the Midland in KC

It was hard not to notice this Kiwi teen’s rocket ride to stardom over the past year, mostly on the strength of that catchy as hell single, Royals.  You know, the one that was supposedly inspired by a picture of George Brett in his uni.  A month ago she picked up some Grammys for her efforts, and so now she’s bringing her dance-pop show to a few venues in the US, before heading to South America, Mexico, then back to California for Coachella, then on to Australia.  This show has been sold out for some time, so you’re going to have to get into weasel mode to join the party.


Saturday, March 22nd

Spoonfed Tribe at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

This veteran, genre-bending band has been a staple of the festival circuit for years and years now, hitting up Lollapalooza, Wakarusa, Joshua Tree, and many others over the years.  They’ve got a new album out called Enjoy the Ride, and it’s being touted as probably their best effort to date, while still sticking with their usual percussion-heavy rock-funk with tripped out vocals.  Plus, the guys in the band have weird names like Egg Nebula, Sho Nuff, Jerome 57 on bass, and percussionists Kaboom and Goofahtts.
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  1. the dude says:

    If you want to see a real version of Royals done right youtube ‘Puddles Royals’.

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