Sounds Good: Split Lip @ Knuckleheads, Jim Jeffries @ Midland

Ok, sit down.  Seriously.  It’s for your own good.  scott-stapp-barbudo1_jpg_630x486_q85

Ready?  Scott Stapp is coming to Lawrence on Tuesday, March 25th for a solo show at the Granada!  Yes, the lead singer from Creed, one of the most hated bands in recent memory.  Did I mention that he’s sold north of 50 million records?  And that was when you could actually make money selling records.

Yes, he’s from Florida.


Saturday, March 15th

Split Lip Rayfield at Knuckleheads in KC

This shindig is dubbed Half Way to Winfield, and it features a bunch of grass-y, folky bands from the area.  Split Lip’s the headliner, but there’s also some other worthy acts lined up, like Truckstop Honeymoon, Tyler Gregory, Loaded Goat (mmmmm, Loaded Goat), Whistle Pigs and more.  This party starts early at 5:30, and the cost is just $19.50.  The sun should be shining on this Saturday afternoon, so why not come watch the trains roll by, enjoy some pickin’, and sip on a cold one.


Jim Jeffries at the Midland in KCPromo 8

First off, this foul-mouthed standup is Australian, so that means he’s pretty filthy and probably a criminal.  He’s done a bunch of standup specials, and has a pretty twisted tv show on FX (and now FXX) called Legit.  It’s about a dude that lives with a paralyzed buddy, and it’s pretty clever and completely tasteless, which is cool.
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