Hearne: Power & Light Beer Sales Take Nose Dive Thanks to Big 12, Mizzou

You wouldn't know a guy named, Harley, would you?

You wouldn’t know a guy named, Harley, would you?

As if the Power & Light District doesn’t have enough problems…

Lawsuits claiming racism, diminished business with ramped up competition from Westport, Waldo and South Johnson County.

Comes now more bad news in the form of first time ever beer sales at Sprint Center during Big 12 basketball games and a seriously depleted fan turnout owing to the defections of longtime Big 12 stalwarts like Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado – especially Mizzou.

tuff t“It’s my fourth season working at Power & Light for the Big 12 tournament and this is the first year Sprint Center has been able to sell beer during games because of the NCAA,” says bartender Laurie Cooger. “And our beer sales are down this year because it’s taking away business from us. Our sales are, I’d say, 20 percent down.”

Add to that a falloff in foot traffic.

“The other big difference is the Big 12 is really the Big 10 now,” Cooger says. “So there are less teams, less games and less people coming down here.”

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23 Responses to Hearne: Power & Light Beer Sales Take Nose Dive Thanks to Big 12, Mizzou

  1. Bob says:

    “depleted fan turnout owing to the defections of longtime Big 12 stalwarts like Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado – ”

    Colorado and Nebraska not being here might account for 30 fewer people. It is all because Missouri left. I’d take the anecdotal evidence from one bartender with a grain of salt.

  2. Jim says:

    Ummmm, Missouri, Nebraska & Colorado weren’t there last year either. So, sales are down 20% from last year because they are selling beer in the Sprint Center? All the other factors are EXACTLY the same as last year……with BETTER weather. I find it hard to believe THAT many people are going in THAT much earlier to the games because they can get beer inside this year. Would you rather drink a beer in a bar or outside in this gorgeous weather as opposed to one in the Sprint Center? I certainly would. Might need a little better source than a bartender.

    • mike t. says:

      I agree. I’m sure there are other factors that could be playing into it too. like, well, for one, is it just that bar, or all establishments in the P&L? what about the cost of tickets this year to last year? higher? maybe folks have a less to spend?

  3. the dude says:

    Nobody cares save the crybaby imaginary bird poofters who want to complain and whine about anything and everything.

  4. hot harley says:

    we told you so…but you doubters would not listento us…
    KU IS B R O K E…..maybe pass a hat at tonights game to get the next
    10million to build the taj majal for selfs one anddones….
    ku fans are cheap asses!!!!!!!! that’s why they went there.
    mostly blue vally and Shawnee mission kids too cheap to go out of state
    for a real education!!!!!!
    that’s what you get…lose mu/cu/Nebraska (who brought lots of fans)…
    and soon other schools……….folks looking intothe future is not good…

    glaze you foolish idiot…you said it was a bad move….hearne said it was
    a bad move….wtf were you talking about you blowhard know nothings…
    now all you got left are the farmers from iowa state and the cheap
    ku fans who drink their booze in their cars…or sit around at
    tanner getting taco night specials for 50 cents.
    MU IS ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ca ching…ca ching….
    the pow4er and light sees it….no way thecrowds the saem as when mu was
    last there.
    want the real money…well folks its gone…MU MADE IT HUGE….

    • Jess says:

      Or it is the douche bags that abound at Power and light, or the over priced drinks……you made me stick up for Glazer.. you suck

    • PB says:

      Could you possible be more wrong about your sh!t fanbase that has never even been able to fill the SC when acting as the host school and will probably barely pull 3,000 for your NIT game tonight in Columbia? Maybe if you added some rocks to sit on, you could fool them into thinking it’s football. Easy to mistake the White Trash/Affliction-wearing crowd that typically visits the P&L as MU alums/real fans, but KC should be lucky that for one weekend a year, KU and sh!t, even ISU fans take over and class up that area from the unwashed, MU-centric regulars. Anyway, I’m quite sure that the bars in Atlanta were the beneficiaries this last weekend of all those rabid Mizzou basketball fans decending on their city and apparently raising beer sales there. Should just stay out of these big boy conversations as we’re talking about something you and your inbred ilk simply can’t understand, meaningful March basketball.

      Fact: With or without MU/NU/CU, the Big XII tournament is a rousing success in KC and will continue to be so for many years going forward as Commissioner Bowlsby just said as much last week.

      • hot harley says:

        its big hrer in the mid flyover country. Outside of kc
        ad ames and manhattan its zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring.
        it will move to dallas and be even more zzzzzzzzzzzzz boring.
        and its great for the p and l to get all those iowa state fans.//
        but you would have thought someone died when ku lost.
        once you dudes who pride yourself on a small tournament
        drawing 15k at most to watch iowas state and Kansas you
        can come down to sec country and see 100,000 fans in the
        stands….30,000 in the parking lots…and millions and millions
        of fans watching acorss the u.s.
        the sooner ku realizes that they can win every championshio
        for the next 3 years and still be broke and destititue having
        to finght for a measly 10 million bucks for selfs taj
        majal for his one and dones….the better of they’ll be.
        football is king folks….this bbal team is really good and
        self is good but its not the revenue generating sport that
        ku needs really bad.
        keep dreaming ku fans….the money is drying up….and soon
        you’ll have a huge lawsuit on your hands from the’
        women athletics department.
        sure the tournament is a rousing success in kc…but if
        iowas state loses early its a barren arena unless ku gets
        imagine Baylor and texas playing for the championship?
        you would see a real bad isuation at sprint and p and l.
        and its one month…march when anyone pays attention
        outside the small markets of ku and iowa state….
        MU has sped by and said good riddance to the small time
        action of the big 12/10/8…..they went for the big time golden
        lights and the big money conference where money comes in
        like rain………..we thumb our noses at the big 12/10/8….small
        time schools with nothing to offer.
        oh…wheres all the ku alum to point out how ku is
        growing/exoanding/advancing…haven’t seen it…
        maybe its just another dusty stop on I 70 real soon…..

  5. hot harley says:

    thanks hearne for the caption…..no I don’t know the man…
    but he’s flipping off you and glaze for being wrong on thebiggest decision
    made at mu…to leave the woe and weary teams of the b ig 12/10/8/
    and move to the golden mountains of the sec.
    truth is glaze was 100000000% wrong on this decision and none tht he
    make from now on will make up for his complete idiocy on this huge
    glaze…come to Columbia sometime…and see a real college town that’s

  6. Kyle says:

    I wouldn’t say the attendance is way down – this was just taken in P&L and I’m thinking there’s some beer getting consumed: https://twitter.com/VisitKC/status/444582105054330880

    • Jess says:

      So there are more people than just at P&L??? Wow…..*sarcasm font*

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      well you guys certainly ARE LEGION down there

    • admin says:

      I’m sure there is plenty of beer getting consumed, even with two less teams, however many less games and however many less fans, Kyle

      But I’d be more inclined to go with the word of a bartend who has worked that beer garden area (or whatever they call it) for four years straight.

  7. newbaum turk says:

    If P&L weren’t so damn greedy they could charge $4 a beer instead they are right in line with the absurd prices or the Sprint Center. They should stop complaining since the problem is easily remedied.

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    The tourney just isn’t that important anymore. Now 6 or 7 teams out of the big 10/12 get bids.

    It used to be really low-key. You could walk up for the second round games and buy tickets for below face. Then there were some years about 10-15 years ago where it seemed to be the most popular tournament in the country. It seems to have slipped back to where it is before.

  9. CG says:

    Thanks Harley yes we were wrong about MU, they made a good move due to the football team coming of age and being close to an elite team. I am glad for them and can admit when I was wrong….good for MU. KU was a big downer in basketball this year…I was wrong on that one too, no final four, no elite 8, no sweet 16, they were 4 to 1 and favored to win it all 3 weeks ago…today they are 30 to 1…nowhere land..got jacked again tonight…bummer…thank God for Iowa State of the tournament would be a bust, they love KC and Westport and Kellys so they will make the weekend happen..KU is toast and damn no tournament run lucky to win two…should be a 3 seed but because of Bill and eilite status a 2…

    • hot harley says:

      the reason no one takes you seriously glaze in sports is you change
      your mind every day.
      Just a few weeks ago you said KU was a shoe in to win the national
      championship….and self would be the greatest coach in college
      bbball…that they were the best team EVER at ku….that they
      and self would glide to the national championship….that
      self would win two or more national championships than be
      compared to coach k/roy/even ucla teams.
      NOW LOOK WHAT YOU WRITE….a crybabys reaction to a
      loss….a total mash up of nonsense without analyzing the stats/
      data from the two previous I state – Kansas games….you fialed
      miserably to take into account that the middle wasn’t clogged
      up with embed…youdidn’t look at the shooting percentage from
      the previous 2 games andthat I state shot like 38%!!!!!
      no you just cry me a river without any ability to analyze the games…..
      that’s not a knowledgable person….that’s a fair weather knownothing
      sorry…but if you’re going to act like you know sports (which you’ve
      failed at) you need to do a better job at looking at the big picture
      and not groping and crying like a kid after something goes wrong!!!!

      • CG says:

        Harley nobody cried. KU was my pick and Vegas pick for final four just a few weeks back. Understand in sports, like life, things change. They had a bad injury of a top player, the team just in the end couldn’t find consistent good play. That’s all. Tons of talent. KU is a great program and will be better next year. They won their 10th conference title so not a bad year just not a great one. I was not the only one who felt earlier in the year KU was a final our squad. Happens.

  10. hot harley says:

    whoah….not so fast glaze…ku is still agood team…remember the years
    they won the championship I think they failed to win this tournament.
    someone check on that….
    once embid gets back they have a inside power….iowa statejust
    ate them up inside…
    embid makes a huge hugedifference…hopefully they can come back.
    Why isn’t Jeffries playing in your place…is he doing midland?

    • CG says:

      Well Jim gets much more money in a theatre. He is booked nation wide in theaters this year. We gave him his first full week of headlining a major club 4 years ago. He worked at Stanfords 4 times. When they get big and get a shot at the big bucks, they go to theaters. Jim, like Lewis Black, will come back and do a show at Stanfords, as a favor at some point. IN a club you work four shows for tops 25,000 over a Friday and Saturday. Midland paid Jim that and more with bonus for one night. Way it works. Always has…Jim is a good guy, I wish him the best.

    • Bob says:

      KU beat Texas in the finals of the Big 12 in 2008.

  11. jack p. says:

    Let’s see now. $8 for a beer inside Spring Center. $4 in Power and Light.
    Smart drinkers still did it BEFORE going in….

  12. jack p. says:

    Spring Center–appropriate? Better change my spelling to Sprint—at least for the time being….:)

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