Hearne: Scribe Lays Pipe to Andy Reid & This Year’s Chiefs

reidBrace yourselves Chiefs fans, prepare for the worst….

Because everybody’s favorite sports know-it-all Craig Glazer is back to let you in on the awful truth about this year’s Kansas City Chiefs.

“I am so down on this team,” Glazer says. “More so than last year. I think they’re complete phonies.”

No mincing of words there.

“Everybody made a big deal last year out of the Chiefs hiring Andy Reid as head coach,” Glazer continues. “But he was about to get fired by Philadelphia. I mean, Philly wanted him gone. Andy Reid was an out-of-shape guy with deep family problems. You know, he wasn’t a happy guy. I look at him on the sidelines and he just doesn’t have any energy.”

If the Chiefs wish to succeed, they need to lose Andy Reid, Glazer says.

“When you have five All Pros on defense and you go into a playoff game and have a million point lead in the 3rd quarter and you lose – I don’t even know how you do that,” Glazer says. “And that falls on Andy Reid and that’s why we have to get a new coach.

“I think we’re going to struggle this season and the offense is going to be worse. We’re never going to be a great team with just a good coach. Unless we get a monster player like Peyton Manning or Joe Montana.”

chiefsAs for the Chiefs new general manager John Dorsey, “He’s supposedly the guy who found all those players Green Bay used to win a Super Bowl,” Glazer says. “But last year’s Chiefs draft produced nothing. So this year why will it be any better? We’re playing New England, Denver two times, Super Bowl champs Seattle, NFC runner up the 49ersĀ and the Chargers twice. To me that looks like a bunch of losses.

“In my opinion the honeymoon for Andy Reid will end and the Chiefs will end up 7-9 or 8-8 – pretty much what we had last year, but we’re playing better teams. This Chiefs team has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. When you think about everything we need, it’s easier to say what we don’t need – we don’t need a quarterback. But if Johnny Football was available somehow, I’d draft him, because we need something. This team hasn’t had a swagger since Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith and Joe Montana in the early to mid 1990s.

“We’re what they call in sports, also-rans. The Chiefs are good enough to win a game here or there, but overall they’re cannon fodder.”

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30 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Lays Pipe to Andy Reid & This Year’s Chiefs

  1. KC Res says:

    “But he was about to get fired by Philadelphia. ”

    He did get fired by Philadelphia. So much for the “Sports Know it All.”

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    Why do you CONTINUE to have this has been comment as an authoritative knowledge on anything? Let ALONE football? Is it because he was doing blow off strippers backs in the 90s with Marcus and the other jackwagons (perhaps supplying and then hanging around?). I’m amazed that a “man” that can only win gambling wagers by teasing lines and guessing horribly would have any knowledge of what a winning team needs. And as far as family issues goes (per his comments about Reid), brother, this dude’s is WAY worse than a pot calling anything anyone. In fact for most people in KC, his family’s name is about the dredges of the deep. I came back thinking that Leftridge or the soccer dude, or someone that had written an intelligent piece, but there we are again with this wasted space. And I mean that with the utmost disdain. You suck Glazer…..at everything.

    • CG says:

      Well Richard, nice to know I have fans like you who keep up on my every move. Thank you for caring and sharing..fake name guy, I love you brother.

      • CG says:

        PS I never did blow with Chiefs players unlike you I never had to sell any in my life, I already had money.. you would know more about that then me, I hear you were a dope dealer, you and your old lady. Hey everyone has to make a buck, even you. Love you. P.S. I was never accused of selling anything…just so you’ll know my brother.

  3. the dude says:

    This man reeks of football knowledge!!!
    Misinformed and wrongheaded, but he reeks of it!!!

    • CG says:

      Yep, I saw all the free agents we didn’t sign go elsewhere. This team is ON FIRE. We will battle Oakland for last place in 2014.

  4. Hot Carl says:

    And how hard is it to predict a team going 7-9 or 8-8? It’s the NFL…they WANT every team to go 8-8. Once again, it’s Glazer saying “the sky is blue” so he can say later that he’s “always right.”

    Hearne, please leave the sports to Leftridge and only trot Glazer out to talk about the things he’s really knowledgeable about like being in jail. It really does get insulting after awhile.

    • CG says:

      Well Carl someone has to do the dirty work. AGAIN THIS FRANCHISE IS ONE OF THE WORST IN THE NFL, EVER…IN 45 YEARS NO SUPER BOWLS, NOT EVEN IN ONE, IN 45 YEARS 3 POST SEASON WINS AND 2 WERE IN ONE SEASON….ONLY THE JETS, LIONS AND CLEVELAND CAN MATCH THAT SUPER BOWL STINK. Hey I’m sorry we are a bad franchise but we are. We are rebuilding again, you know like in 2011. Right after that Western Division phony title, and a tough sched. how’d that go….?

      • Hot Carl says:

        Glaze, we know all of that! Forget the fact that you say it every time you post, do you really think you’re the only Chiefs fan that understands how we’ve sucked for years? Do you really think we don’t realize that next year’s schedule is a lot tougher than the one we just played?

        Tell us something we don’t know. Please! Tell me we’re going to be 4-12 and why. Or tell me we’re going to be 12-4 because the season isn’t won or lost in March. But to sit there and say we might be 8-8 because we’ve always sucked is just plain lazy. My 12 year old could tell you we might be 8-8.

        • CG says:

          Really, ok we will be worse than 8-8 and what’s your 12 year olds name? Can they do a story on the Chiefs? Have at it brother. We love you.

          PS Carl, by the way…most Chiefs fans think we will be back in the playoffs…you saw who we lost today…we have more spots to fill than almost any team in the league. I can see us winning only 5 or 6 games. You are right lets see who we pick up. Riddle me this, who wants to play here, except for money, this team is going nowhere. Right?

          • Hot Carl says:

            So if you see us winning only 5 or 6 games why didn’t you originally say that? That’s a much better position to take than “We’ll be 7-9 or 8-8.” There were 12 teams that won anywhere from 7 to 9 games last year. That’s why any chump can predict it.

            For the record, I’m right there with you at 5 wins next year, barring anything crazy happening between now and September.

            And I don’t know a single Chiefs fan that thinks we’ll be in the playoffs next year. Some wish and some hope but a half century of mostly bad football has made even the most marginal fan a pessimist in KC. You might need to look up the word “pessimist.”

          • hot harley says:

            have youseen who was added…and who
            will be added…
            mccluster is about it…but the team could never
            figure out how to use him…he’s no
            guy like seattle has……4 years…mediocre
            stats…cant break a tackle…but chiefs have
            replaced him with another like player…
            albert….okay …..offensive linemen this
            year are a dime a dozen….who cares….
            the rest…well i’ll go with gibbs and reid
            and the talent scouts on the rest of the team

  5. hot harley says:

    you look like a “god damned fool”!!!!! that sound familiar glaze?
    you look like a “god damned green horn”!!!!! sound familiar glaze?
    pay attention..
    before free agency is done…before thedraft…before the final team
    camps/before the movement of 20% of the players in the nfl/before
    the dollars are spent/before pro days/before camps/before pre season
    the guy with the worst won loss record and the worst on record
    comments about every sport imaginable…comes out and says the
    chiefs arebad.
    way to go…greenhorn…you look and sound like a “god damnedd fool”…
    who does that sound like…you know…
    youor friend

  6. Libertarian says:

    Did you say Gannon fodder?

  7. CG says:

    Harley and other Stanfords fans…its been our week on national tv…we were mentioned by Khloe Kardashian, Chlesea and even Chris Hardwick on his show @Midnight…and TONIGHT OUR COMIC IN TWO WEEKS, IAN KARMEL WILL BE ON WITH CONAN AND THEY WILL TALK ABOUT HIM BEING IN KC AT STANFORDS…KINDA COOL.

    • hot harley says:

      as they say iin la la land…BFD…big f***king deal…..conan…a
      dud in this town….chelease…..no ones heard of her but you
      and the unknown comics she promotes.
      this is kc….if you wouldn’t have told us these very important
      announcements not one single person…not one human
      in this town would have heard your club mentioned.
      its nice…its cool….but these shows get what 2 viewers…
      no one’s watching them….like the tree in the forest that falls..
      it makes a sound but no one hears it.
      good luck…hope you get a sellout. stay with comedy….sports
      is not your bag bro…
      you sound like a damn greenhorn……
      khloe kardashian? who cares beside the people in la la land…
      won’t seeellll a single extra ticket for you.
      good luck…break a leg…and heres hoping you have a big weekend
      your friend (but ciritic)
      Harley the magnificent!!!!!!!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        You’re so unfair, Harley, I saw the piece on Khloe K, she really did mention him. She said, I wonder if Craig from Stanford’s Comedy Club knows Paul D Wilson; he’s kind of a big deal!

      • CG says:

        Harley you are a nut ball, Chelsea is one of Comedy Central’s biggest stars and makes over 20 million a year, she has more comedy followers than almost any show on tv….she has launched like ten comedy stars including TJ Miller, the chick who owns BROKE GIRLS, even Jim Jefferies was on her show early on the list is long, she is todays Johnny Carson for comics a fact, Conan is still a big late night show…and well I think you got old son…these are bigtime shows…no I’m not a regular fan, but millions are…by the way I found out we were on by KC people texting me about it…

        • CG says:

          PS they, none of these shows or any shows mention ever THE MIDLAND, STAR LIGHT,UPTOWN,or any nite spots here, EVER. A fact..just saying….

        • hot harley says:

          really who cares? comedy central? she doesn’t
          do better than stewart…and those figures are way off.
          conan…flailing…..come on….you act like the kid
          who just found out he was on tv…
          you’re supposed to be this big big time tv dude…
          yet you get so excited when your names mentioned.
          every comic on the wayup promotes his next show..
          they need to sell tickets!!!!!!
          you’re not unique….even ontonight show they plug
          their next stop……
          do you see pauly shore jumping up and down when they
          mention his parents place on tv.
          if you’re gonna try to be a big player in kc…act like
          it…(ya know…when you socre a touchdown don’t
          celebrate…act like you’ve been there before!!!!!)
          YOU’RE SHTICK IS SO OLD!!!!!!

        • morbo says:

          20 mil? Lol!

          No she doesn’t. Go spend some more of your dad’s money Craig.

          • admin says:

            Get a clue, morbo or whoever you are…

            Craig’s the one who has made all the money, not his dad.

  8. Bob says:

    “But he was about to get fired by Philadelphia.”

    He was actually fired by Philadelphia.

    • CG says:

      Yes I know and knew this was an ‘interview’ with Hearne I didn’t write it…it meant nothing either way fired or about to be…some of you hang on anything just to argue…my points are all valid this is a FAILED FRANCHISE as far as winning anything that matters…one of the NFL’s worst…now they do make money and the KC fans still believe in these overpaid, over rated uneducated players, not all, most…some players are sharp like Alex Smith and uh…Alex Smith and uh, well there is that Jewish kid but he’s gone and uh…Alex Smith.

      • Bob says:

        That is, like, your opinion and whatever and that is fine. You are saying that Hearne misquoted you. Shouldn’t you demand a retraction and correction? As it stands now, Kansas City thinks you said that.

        • CG says:

          OK I’ll live with that. I don’t care it didn’t change the story.

        • admin says:

          Easy Bob…

          Craig isn’t saying he misspoke or was misquoted, he’s saying it isn’t germane to the point he was making.. Keep it in your pants, dude.

          I wrote down what I heard Craig say. And my take is he misspoke or perhaps made a minor mistake.

  9. artemmis says:

    hmm.. strange headline.. I always thought “laying pipe” meant either having prolonged, steamy sex..
    or.. perhaps..working on some kind of field irrigation project.

    fortunately, neither was involved in the article about CG and Reid.

    Still a li’l early to bail on the Chiefs.. see who they sign.. see who they draft..
    but..sadly, CG likely will turn out right here. But..there’s still hope!

    • CG says:

      Yes its early and there is always hope..we need a savior, a ‘great’ player a leader..haven’t had one in years and years…a real super star. This team other than Alex Smith has no leader.

      • Bob says:

        Jamaal Charles with the right pieces around him.

        /notices almost the entire line left.

        I’d sell on Charles next year. Superstar running backs have a short window and if there is no line, he won’t even be considered a superstar next year.

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