Hearne: Whatever Happened to the Bill Self Scandal?

BillSelfBeautifulA year ago KU was suffering from a bad case of, is Bill Self‘s marriage on the rocks…

Here’s what I wrote about it last summer on Lawrence Confidential:

“That Kansas basketball coach Bill Self allegedly had been kicked out of his seven-figure Lawrence home by wife Cindy and was holed up in one of the town’s ritziest condo buildings.

“And that – almost more astonishing than even that – he allegedly had been seeing one of my nearby neighbors in West Lawrence.

“That’s the talk anyway and it’s the talk of the town.”

Talk of the town, indeed.

Even the former editor of the Lawrence Journal World told me recently that the newspaper was well acquainted with the Self marital rumors but had passed on writing about them because the entire thing had been started by jealous Missouri Tiger basketball fans.

That’s preposterous, laughs a Lawrence businessman familiar with the situation.

mgo_selfs_3k_col_2-9_t640One particularly astute sounding KU fan weighed in on my story last summer:

“Kudos for taking on a sacred cow, but–Lots of debate about whether or not its anybody’s business but theirs. I say yes. I’m a big Self fan and KU is where I went to college. As a journalism major and former newspaper editor, I would have reluctantly run such a story. But our local established media won’t touch this, except occasionally on sports talk radio. After all, he’s the Teflon Man…My understanding is the Selfs have reconciled and no divorce is imminent.”

That indeed was the talk later last year, but the question that was never truly answered was did it actually happen. Was there any fire to go with all that smoke?

Comes now a trusted source in the construction trade who swears there was.

That fellow workers on the site of the upscale Bella Sera condominium in Lawrence – where Self was rumored to have been holed up after being kicked out of his Lawrence mansion – say they allegedly saw Self leaving for work in the mornings during the period in question.

If true, that’s about as close to an eyewitness account as one can get.

AndrewWiggins-2014-Kansas-Committed_634_336_rot270_s_336_634_sha-100_d55cea6faa381163_rot90Today things are quiet and back to normal in the little cowtown. Meaning the ongoing worship of Bill Self is back in full swoon. Although there is yet talk that at some point he might leave for the head coaching job with Sacramento Kings of the NBA, with whom Self reportedly has ties.

After all, how much fun can it be coaching college basketball in the era of One-And-Done? An era where teams are lucky to keep top players for more than just one year (Andrew Wiggins, anyone?) and it’s essentially like coaching an NBA all-rookie team.

Such being the state of college basketball today…

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15 Responses to Hearne: Whatever Happened to the Bill Self Scandal?

  1. hot harley says:

    more filler today hearne. come on…this story is as old as dirt.
    so why go over it…you already tried to play it like you had an exclusive.
    everyone (including selfs hair stylist) was awareof it.
    and remember that self mightbe pissed that he didn’t get his
    taj majal for his one anddone players. that had to hurt him because
    coaches like him are hard to find. Probably bored with Kansas and
    having to deal with one and doneplayers who disrupt the good
    things self can do such as developing players over time. And of
    course…why would self want to live in the murder capital of the u.s.?
    just saw embid? might not play rest of year…gong for dr. in California.
    would make a huge difference.

    • admin says:

      You’re so slow on the draw, H Man.

      I’ve reported here that Self is getting his Taj Mahal. It’s the Lady Jayhawks that are getting, you know, dicked.

      • hot harley says:

        reports are that all the money isn’t in thebag (or wasn’t the
        lasttimei read about it)…
        they got this great bball team and they don’t wantto
        pay for it…whats wrong with these kids at ku…don’t
        they understand without bball Lawrence is just another
        bus stop on I 70

        • admin says:

          This isn’t the first time KU students have tried to get rid of the fees.It barely raises $1 million a year, a blip on the athletic department’s radar screen. They’re voting on it this week.

          • hot harley says:

            blip…read the article from the paper….
            its a million dollar out of 90 million…that’s
            not seeming like much but remember that
            money was spent on non revenue producing
            sports ala female sports according to the
            for $50 can’t these rich joco kids stfu and pay
            the money and go about business.
            that’s inadditionto the cuts the pols will take
            when the law is ruled on finally.
            1 milliondollars….a blip…wait til the athletic
            department sees the vote how loud they
            whats the matter with ku students…spending
            money on sports is the onlything they do
            besides buy birkenstocks and sitaround
            smoking hookas on mass street.

          • admin says:

            Good point…

            I remember paying athletics fees at the University of Arizona a million years ago. For which we had the option of trying to get free tickets to a few football and/or basketball games.

            The students voted it down before, so we’ll see. Headlines are headlines, nothing more.

            If anybody in Lawrence had any balls about sticking up for women’s sports and taking on the athletics department they’d have at least reported what Self and his moneylenders are doing to the women’s basketball team, freezing them out of the new $265,000 per apartment basketball player’s digs.

        • admin says:

          You’re correct, they still need to raise more money for the $10 or so million for the dudes basketball team, but they cut the cost in almost half by freezing out the women.

          Which nobody is reporting outside KC Confidential.

          Funny how that works…

  2. KC Res says:

    Does Mark Potts not want you to refer to him by name?

  3. Gerald Bostock says:

    Another pearl from Hearne’s Journalism Master Class: Third-hand anonymous hearsay originating from construction workers is “about as close to an eyewitness account as one can get.” Case closed.

  4. Kyle Rohde says:

    What ties does Self have to the Kings, other than Ben McLemore? The only two destinations I’ve ever heard of for Self are the Thunder, since he’s an Oklahoman, and the Spurs, which have RC Buford as the GM, whom Self has a great relationship with.

  5. hot harley says:

    whataboutall those murders inyour hometown…you canbagon
    all GLITTERS butyou you can’t report on the surge in murders and
    crime in larrytown?
    get deputy dawg (wislon) on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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