Hearne: All Quiet Along The ‘All That Glitters’ Front

il_570xN.210784959Still no return calls from the KC Jeweler alleged to be in dire straights with the law… 

Which is understandable in that while it’s believed something is going down behind the scenes, as experts have explained, these sorts of things can unfold in many different ways over considerable periods of time. And were KC Confidential to literally barge in, in the middle of things, who knows what direction the situation could spin off into.

As for how the story came to light, another Kansas City jeweler claiming to be owed money by the jeweler in question was the source.

“It just seems weird that the DEA would tip their hand to another jeweler,” says an area police chief who asked not to be named. “But maybe the other jeweler assumed since the DEA contacted them that drugs were involved. I would be shocked if the DEA would say how they came to know what they know. They would probably be more inclined to ask leading questions.”

dea-police-460x258Could the jeweler in question be trying to cut a deal with law enforcement?

“Of course, that’s sort of TV stuff, but that happens all the time at all crime levels,” the source says. “So yeah, that’s entirely possible if he had information he could provide them and he’s not the head guy and there’s some supplier. Of course the DEA is going to look at taking out the biggest fish.”

The chief’s hunch?

“I think if the DEA is truly involved and they’re questioning people, there’s something going on. So I would say, there’s something going on.”

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  1. on the outside says:

    I understand that eviction proceedings have been started on your guy.

  2. hot harley says:

    “all that glitters”…is that a hintas to the suspects?

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