New Jack City: Fasten Your Seat Belts for Non-Stop Thriller

maxresdefaultForget those damn snakes on a plane…
That was eight years ago and things have gotten even more frightful up in the clouds.
In the movie NON-STOP, worldwide, geezer action star Liam Neeson plays a troubled U.S. Air Marshal. His next assignment: a routine New York to London transatlantic hop during which he’s charged with keeping his eyes and ears open for any trouble or possible hijacking. His assigned seat on the jumbo jet is in Business Class next to Julianne Moore’s.
But make no mistake about it, this flight is anything but routine.
The suspense kicks in when Neeson begins to receive cryptic texts from inside the plane?
With demands.
Demands to instruct the airline to transfer $150 million into an offshore account—and FAST! Because until the money is secured a passenger on his flight will be killed every 20 minutes.

UnknownIs Liam being set up? Are the calls really originating from inside the aircraft? Worse yet, is it all a ruse with Neeson actually being part of the plot?

A nail biting cat and mouse game ensues, with the lives of the passengers  hanging in the balance as our air marshal uses every known skill, resource and nuance of his training to uncover the killer who most likely is sitting close by.
All that plus a passenger mutiny, military jets flying alongside, and…
Suffice it to say, those damn snakes on a plane back in 2006 were child’s play by comparison.
NON-STOP—a fast moving one 1 hour and 47 minutes long airborne suspense thriller that’ll definitely satisfy fans of the genre.
New this weekend—citywide.
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  1. jack p. says:

    Take note! Hearne’s infamous jeweler was NOT the one taking the plane hostage!!!!

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