Hearne: Police Van Spotted Outside Jeweler’s Closed Office

alice_tenniel_curiouserCuriouser and curiouser…

On the heels of not hearing back for several days from a jeweler rumored to be under investigation by authorities, intrepid reporter Paul Wilson was dispatched this afternoon to the offices of said jeweler in an to attempt to set the record straight…one way or another.

Here’s what Wilson found.

“I went by the building the jeweler occupies,” Wilson says. “And there was a sign on the window of the office suite door apologizing for being closed and saying they’ll be back Monday.”

There’s more.lost-s5-e7-027“When I first got there I saw an unmarked police van with multiple antennas sitting in the parking lot outside,” Wilson continues. “And right before I was about to leave, it just left and drove away.”

Calls to the numbers on the sign outside the darkened offices were not returned.

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28 Responses to Hearne: Police Van Spotted Outside Jeweler’s Closed Office

  1. Jess says:

    This just in!!!

    The cop in the van was just having lunch at the Chipotle next door.

    Hearne, this story is not even broke and it is old, get back to me when something really happens.

  2. Gassedup says:

    Are we in Jr. High? I know a secret. I know a secret. Grow some balls.

  3. hot harley says:

    now we all know.
    but here’s Wilson….bending over in some jalopy hding from everyone trying to
    see where the jeweler is….stalking the jeweler like a looney toon fool.
    what is it about this that excites you Wilson and hearne.
    you’ve destroyed some great peoples name thru innuendo and games.
    why would you continue.
    and willy stalks this guy’s office.
    you see a police van…wow…imagine that…police waiting and doing
    their undercover work….
    maybe Wilson should quit HIS JOB and become WILSON PRIVATE
    INVESTIGATOR!!!!! maybe he wears one of those black glasses and
    moustache disguises. Or dresses up like a fern bush and waits for the
    or maybe hearne puts on a fedexpress outfit and knocks on the
    jewelers door pretending to be one of those delivery boys.
    Maybe get hearnesvwife to walk in like a copier saleswoman…you know
    the hot ones that walk into the office wanting to sell shit to old white
    guys who drool over a hot woman in the office.
    Or get chuck…he’d be perfect as a ups salesman….bald…old…in
    those brown shorts (oh jesus what a horrible sight).
    maybe glaze….he cuts his facial hair and looks like magnum p..i…
    and cracks the door lock….
    or maybe whinery….serves some legal papers to the office…
    get hearnes kids to dress up like girl scouts selling thin mints door
    to door to get information.
    and last but not least….maybe hearne shaves his head and pretends
    hes’ kojack!!!!
    how ridiculous can you guys be. Have you nothing better to do…\
    than stake out a jewelers office.
    how boring can it be to be hearne and willy….
    life must suck for those guys……..

    • admin says:

      Very creative, H Man…

      Sounds like a made-for-TV movie pilot, only one problem…you wrote it!

      I asked Paul to drop by and try and interview the jeweler and/or his staffer. He went to the office, found it closed, noticed the police van and left. Kinda dull, huh? Your imaginative version was far more entertaining.

      • hot harley says:

        THANKS HC….Coming from you that’s a compliment and I
        dont’ get many on this site.
        but isn’t it kinda dumb to think this jeweler is going to
        do an interview with police (apparently) after him…
        all the media waiting for thing to go down…and he’s going
        to do an interview while the police van waits in his
        hearne…please pleast stop….
        our sides are aching from laughing at this things……
        please..please stop/!!!!!

        • admin says:

          I hate to point out the obvious, but part of journalism is trying to get a comment. That may seem naive to you, H Man, but then again you obviously don’t understand journalism.

          • hot harley says:

            I don’t need to get a comment….I think I
            pretty well nailed the comical work of
            wilward and hearnestein…
            actually got 5 emails saying my stuff was
            pretty funny..
            thanks for the ink hearne…
            I love it when the publisher mentions my
            Wilson seems I need a column….my agent
            is wiling to dicuss financial issues to be
            paid to me ….you can reach him at
            stangreenberg@gmail.com. he’sreally cool.

          • admin says:

            Har, har, har…

    • chuck says:

      Harley, I am not just “bald” and “old”. I am also short and fat with some very serious anger issues. I was let go at UPS after I delivered that box to Brad Pitt.

      On a brighter note, here at kcconfidential, we all suffer fools gladly.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    It’s funny how Harlinator scoffs at not doing REAL investigative reporting, but when you do, he scoffs at doing real investigative reporting.

    And H man, in response to all your insulting comments, not that I owe you clarification, there’s a first floor common area bathroom; I changed into my French Maid outfit and walked down the hall to the suite under the guise of selling exotic office cleaning services.

    You’d bitch if they hung you with a new rope, my pal.

    Do me a huge favor; I went back and counted all your comments on my last two stories. I know you’re one of my most dedicated dis3iples, readers, fans and followers. I know you only exist, when not working out, to read my next words so you can comment and, somehow feel you’re connected to my greatness by doing so, but you’re investing a lot of time in ME that could benefit YOU.

    How, you ask?

    Put that J-School training you got at Wright Business to work and write a story! You’ve got all the facts, you’re right all the time, just pick a topic and pound one out like you do when you’re staring in the mirror!

    It would take less time than all your comments and it would put your intellectual prowess out there, on the record, for all to see! Instead of riding on my coat tails, take your own, much deserved, spot in the sun.

    You say you’re too busy, but you’ve got time to make 20 comments on my stuff, so stop spanking it in my shadow, get out there and do what you were born to do, pound out a story.

    Your endless fascination and adoration of me is, well, a little frightening for a straight guy; I feel like I have to be on guard for the unexpected, unwanted open mouth kiss youre about to get from the special needs kid you know has a crush on you.

    So, step out there and expose us to your award winning MizzWho skills, my friend; take a walk on the wild side. You can dooooo it! Sure, people who can’t get out of their own way will criticize you.

    Sure, people will claim THEY write for “natunal blogs” and that you’re unimportant and can’t write. Sure people will tell you you’re always wrong; they are always right. Sure people will write dizzying comments that go on and on to say nothing, in an attempt to connect themselves to you and look equally important and interesting, but overlook them. Those are just the fools sitting at their blue collar jobs playing pocket pool who wouldn’t have the testiculer fortitude to EVER step out and actually DO this. They are the ones who hide and make up excuses for why they wouldn’t do a story, they are too busy running multinational firms, have to do the dishes, whatever it is, they simply make excuses because they don’t have it in them.

    They are the losers; you just ignore them.

    But you’re NOT that kind of guy and we need your voice and critical thinking skills. I know they guy who owns this smoldering pile of poo; I can get you in! And you’d have to kiss my ass less than you do commenting!

    Come on big guy, lets see whatcha got.

    • hot harley says:

      come on willy….yu know thisif for funand entertainments…
      but let me get this straight…former gossip columnist hearne c.
      sends you out to do a story and interview someone who is under
      survelillance…who all the high society people in the city take
      their jewelry to…..you were sent to interview him? are fyou serious.
      hearne asked you to go interview a guy who apparently is part of
      an empire….under watch by police….rumor flying all over the
      city about this individuals actions….and hearne send you out to
      see if you can interview him??????????????????????????//
      wtf is that about? what is hearne thinking….that this guy wants to
      talk to some unknown rookie reporter who’s written 2 article both of
      which were horrible…..are you serious??????????????????????????4
      and you hid in the car waiting for this interview…who are you
      Geraldo rivera?
      I’m sure the socalled suspect would love to answer your questions…
      and you could make a story out of it. Ths one is even worse…”POLICE
      omg…this is so ridiculous to even attempt that I’m headed to work
      out and find some serious people….
      hearne..have you lost your mind?
      what are you doing…more to say later…
      I mean even glaze has got to shake his head on the keyston cop routine
      of Wilson and christripher private investigators!!!!!!!!!!!omg..hahahaha

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        You know, it’s not lost on readers that you bypass the subject matter, this time a bitch slapped challenge for you to step up to the plate instead of wanking off to your own image, as you pursue another rabbit trail. Ignoring doesn’t make it go away, unless of course, you’re an ostrich. You do share characteristics, however, Harely HeadInTheSand…..

        • hot harley says:

          not Scooby doooo…
          the keystone cops and three stooges combined!!!!!!!!
          great entertainment reading this jewelry stuff from
          and yes…Wilson..I’ve thought once of asking to
          do a byline on kcc…just not into it…
          don t need the big paycheck that comes with it…
          you do well…what papers is your column
          now appearing in…I’m sure you can go
          I’m just a small time commentator who writes
          stuff fast because I knw so much about the
          people/businesses and happening things in
          this town…
          as you know…I know it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      Amazed how much valuable time can be taken up trying to keep up with the losers and never-was here. So many words, so little syntax, or facts, but lording over the unwashed and unholy is a job someone has to do.

      Now got to take the cans to the recycle place so I can buy booze for the snow.

  5. chuck says:

    Harley, I am not just “bald” and “old”, I am also short and fat.

    Maybe you should do some “research”.

  6. snappietom says:

    When did Paul become a investigative reporter or obtain the background? I just thought he was a retired Sprint guy who smokes cigars, drinks wine and entertained the idea of buying Jardines once upon a time.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Oh, SnappieTom, I’m so much more than that! I ran my own consulting firm for ten years after that doing ultra high end corporate competitive intelligence. I’ve got a substantial background in all things investigative; just might have to renew my Kansas license….
      Email me some time, I’ll fill you in with the facts so you don’t have to be troubled with rumor.

  7. hot harley says:

    omg willy….did I read y ou right?
    investigative intelligence. sorry….hahahahaha.
    you’re sent by hearne to the scene of the crime to see if the suspect has returned?
    seriously…..you wentto this guys office who’s under police investigation to see
    if he returned to the sceneof the his crimes. That’s like a bank robber returning
    to the bank he just robbed to make a $20 deposit so he could get a free toaster?
    investigative intelligence…
    and all you come back with is thtatthere was a police van that sat and left this
    guys office.
    “unmarked police van with multiple antennas” are you serious….is that
    what you learned in private investigator school?
    this notorious suspect of a major jewel theft leaves a phone number to call
    for information and you call it thinking the suspect is going to answer the
    phone? are you serious??????? that’s like crazy!!!! did you expect him to
    pick it up and talk with you????? seriously…..the guys running from the
    dea/fbi/ and he leaves a number to call and you expect him to answer and
    chit chat with you about his suspected crimes?
    then…you say you went there to interview him. of course the subject wants
    to give outall the info…he’s probably lawyered up (according to your report)
    and he wants to talk and give an exclusive one on one interview about his
    actions to a guy who looks like morley safer from 60 minutes? seriouslyz?
    He wants a one on one with the renowned investigative reportr from kcc..
    with its 20 readers so he can explain his story. Forget Barbara Walters/Oprah/
    Brian Williams/Laurie Everett/Gary Lezak/Mike Thompson/Frank Boal/
    jack harry/the Chinese girl on fox 4 mornings/the hottie on fox 4 at 9pm/
    forget larry moore/chris ketz/ann Peterson/Michael the dude on kshb
    morning show/the former kctv girl Jones/mr. shanin/parks/the red headed
    at kmbz/Geraldo/john stossel/Hannity or bullreilly/Rachel “lez” maddow/
    ted nugent/rick perry/brownback/dan rather/walter kronkite (oh..he’s dead)/
    len dawson/kk on whb/danny clinksale/randy “I’m still a star” miller/
    glaza/colonel billy/boots Williams/rufus r jones/the incredible hulk/
    Hawley on 41/marria antttttonnnnniiiiiiaaaaaaa/gary coleman the
    sports guy on kctv (is it gary?)/I mean this suspect says screw all these
    profestionall I only talk to …………………………WILWARD!!!!!!!!!
    please…please….its too much…I just ate jack stack and heading out
    to see Lonnie…please save me….my stomach is aching….
    where do you and hearne dream up this stuff. Its like the keystone coppers…
    the three stooges/ralph cramden/Lucille ball/don knots who was barney
    of mayberry/ and jerry Seinfeld all in once incredible funny story.
    Noone couold make this up. Call clint eastwood…he’ll pass of glazas
    thriller king of sting and move this made for tv story before he makes
    another movie……writers could not write this…dreamers could not dream
    this….this entire deal of WILWARD AND HEARNSTEIN IS SOME
    FUNNY FREAKING SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    remember…its all in fun and entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Hold on, let me properly word my response; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      • mike says:

        Harley is showing us he is more versatile than we once thought. He is now using ////// to punctuate and not just…………….

      • hot harley says:

        emails sent to me said it was one of the funniest group of comments
        on this site. I write satitre too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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