Hearne: A Crime That Could Live (Quietly) in Infamy Forever

smackerIt’s a sexy story that could generate dramatic, bold headlines…

It’s also a tale that could retreat into the shadows of urban legend where only insiders ever fully knew and understood what really happened. Because when it comes to high crimes like drug and diamond smuggling, anything can happen.

Mum’s the word today among law enforcement officials contacted about the reported pending bust of a local jeweler. Documents have yet to be filed and everyone contacted – from Kansas City Police to the Department of Justice – say no news is no news. And that unless or until charges are actually unsealed and filed, they can neither confirm nor deny.

Here’s another possibility.

That the DEA could have offered the jeweler allegedly involved a deal.

“That makes perfect sense,” says one attorney familiar with the story. “Of course they would have.”

Whether such a offer would be accepted remains a wild card, as it likely would entail turning in somebody higher up the crime food chain in return for leniency or absolution of all charges.

“That assumes there are higher ups,” cautions the lawyer.

“I would think they would have worked with him,” says a local business owner familiar with such matters. “That’s how (the feds) are – that’s what they do. I would think they would try to make a deal with him before they do anything else, just to find the source.

“Let’s say they have all the evidence against him and they say, ‘We’ll give you immunity.’ We may never hear anything about it He may have cut a deal and could go to testify in Florida somewhere where they put him behind a screen and nobody sees him.”

lilyhammer2Lilyhammer, anyone?

As for why an esteemed businessman might have gotten mixed up in something this seamy, “Here’s the thing,” the lawyer says. “None of us know how we’ll react when we’re under pressure until we’re really under pressure. You’d like to think that you’d act lawfully and ethically, but if you’re under enough stress it makes clear decision making difficult.

“If he makes a deal, it may never come out, but if he gets busted without making a deal it will probably come out.”

Put in a similar situation, would the attorney cut a deal? 

“It would depend on who’s up the chain from me,” he says. “I mean, if who was up the chain from me was someone I considered a friend, I would never roll on them. But if it was just business, I would have to consider what the offer was and what I would have to do. But ultimately I would consider doing it, of course. You have to, it’s your life.”

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13 Responses to Hearne: A Crime That Could Live (Quietly) in Infamy Forever

  1. Josh Ua says:

    Sad story for the person who did the crime, for the family and for the city

    • the dude says:

      Oh, so, so sad. Look, this guy clearly had the power of choice in the matter and he obviously chose poorly. Jail or stoolie or possibly both.

      So please hearne, stop milking this turkey if we are probably never going to hear about it officially. This is starting to get old.

      • Josh Ua says:

        You are a big Shmuck!!~ If something like Hearne is implying happens to your family I am sure this Blog will return your kindness

        • the dude says:

          Look, if I smuggle drugs and jewels illegally and get caught that is my own damn fault. My widdle tiny fiddle plays the saddest song in the world for this guy who we will probably never find out who he is.
          He deserves every thing bad that is coming to him.
          Including all the bad food and unwanted sex he can stand in jail. Don’t drop the soap!

  2. bubba says:

    DUDE it seems you know a lot about drop the soap sex have you been to prison and practiced that move

    • the dude says:

      For the right amount of cigs and drugs anything can happen in jail.

    • hot harley says:

      come on hearne…name names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • admin says:

        Name names, huh?

        How about we start with you. Email me and let’s get the ball rolling by introducing the world to the one, the only, the REAL Harley…excuse me hot harley.

        Ball’s in your court, dude.

  3. Paracelsus says:

    Still…um…’poised to erupt,’ I guess?

  4. Gassedup says:

    I tuned in to read the “neener neener neener I know something and I’m not telling story” What happened?

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