Hearne: Reading the Radio Ratings – Life After Xmas, Bridge Out, Christians as Lions & KMBZ Rises

UnknownWere there any surprises in the newly released radio ratings?

Not exactly, but a few observations are in order. Starting with the fact that while country music station KFKF FM remained Numero Uno in listeners 6 and older in January, its share dropped from 11.4 in the Holiday ratings book to a 7.9.

Why the steep drop? 

Because as a certain somebody has noted in the comments section, the station reverted from playing Christmas music back to country. But again, it should be noted that KFKF was No. 1 before and after converting to the holiday listening format.

Not a big surprise since radio rater Nielsen reports that country over took CHR (Top 40) as the top listening format this past year with a national format share of 19.1, up 16% from 2011.

The $64 million question: Will spanking new adult contemporary station KCKC 102.1 FM (formerly known as Alice) go all-Christmas for holiday 2014? The former Star 102 pioneered the holiday listening format in Kansas City at the direction former program director extraordinaire Jon Zellner.

Stay tuned for that likely to go down snowball fight.


lionsMeanwhile, back at The Bridge 90.9 FM, Channel 19‘s new Adult, Album Alternative acquisition, the (lack of) hits just keep on coming.

“They didn’t even show in the January book or Holiday book,” says an insider. “Their last showing was in December where they had a 3400 cume and a 0.0  average quarter hour share with adults 25-54.”

The road ahead, post the demise of AAA station Alice: 

“The history of commercial AAA’s is that they only do well in college towns and state capitols,” says the source.  “It will never work here. Add to that they are committed to focusing on ‘building the local music scene, bringing in new artists, profiling local musicians and bands, and featuring local music venues that make up the fabric of the Kansas City music experience’

“That makes the station a niche within a niche.  It will never be factor in the market.”

To be fair, let’s give it some time with the new signal and stick, but clearly for now it’s, “The Bridge, who?”


Let’s hear it for the Christians!

Give it up, ladies and gentlemen for the radio listening format that kicks butt without so much as giving the slightest outward appearance of being in it for the Almighty Dollar.

Did you happen to notice that KJNW aka Life 88.5 FM placed ahead of KCUR FM, The Buzz, Jack, 610 Sports, Alice and Talk Radio KCMO?

Talk about a giant killer.

The Overland Park based station was sold last year by the Calvary Bible College to the U

niversity of Northwestern for six million smackers.

There’s more.

Remember The Planet 97.3 FM, the station that the WHB boys took a bath on a handful of years back? 

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 12.18.49 PM

Well, it now goes by KLRX FM and plays contemporary christian music as part of the K LOVE music format group.

While it’s not included in the “public” ratings listings, you can bet your last crucifix that it’s a ratings monster that dwarfs Life 88.5 and any number of even heavier local radio hitters.

Just over two years ago, KC Confidential reported that 97.3 was No. 1 in women 25 to 54 with a 9.3 share, nearly two full points ahead of powerhouse station Mix 93.3 FM. The same Mix 93.3 that placed third last month in listeners 6 and older (with a cume of 461,100 listeners) just behind KFKF and KCFX.

“Think about it,” says another radio insider. “here are two stations that aren’t even trying to compete in a ratings war that everybody else is competing in and they’ve got more listeners than all those other stations.  I mean, if these guys wanted to make a lot of money in advertising they could, but they don’t care about that. And 97.3 K LOVE’s numbers aren’t even listed, but I’ll bet you it’s a top three station in women 25-54.”

They say sex sells and that may be true, but make no mistake, when it comes to Kansas City radio, the Christians are lions!


KMBZAbout that leap in ratings by News Radio KMBZ…

The twin-signaled news-talker – AM and FM – leapt from a 4.5 share to a 5.4 share with a cume of 236,300 listeners.

The question being, why?

Think weather.

“January snowstorms typically bring a ratings bonanza to news and talk stations in the Northeast,” reports Inside Radio. “But record cold and snow spread far beyond the Northeast this year. The result was the all-news format came within a tenth of a share-point of matching its all-time best with a 3.0 share in January, up 19% from its Holiday ratings level. (And) Old Man Winter’s impact on news/talk was almost as potent.”

That’s all, folks!

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25 Responses to Hearne: Reading the Radio Ratings – Life After Xmas, Bridge Out, Christians as Lions & KMBZ Rises

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m selling tickets to the first ever KCC promotional event; MMA / KCC Royal Smackdown at Stanford’s Midtown.
    It’s a one card event pitting 100% Right All The Time Right Always Right Harley against The Undisputed King of All Media Ratings Interpretation RADIO DUDE.
    Wagers will be held by Craig Glazer and paid immediately follow the match.
    NO TEASE BETS, this is one fight, one bet,
    Why would we host a MMA Smack Down at a comedy club?
    Because its going to be FUUUUUUUNY!
    Email me for my tip sheet and early reservations at fights4life@yahoo.com!
    Door prizes given throughout the night.
    First Prize: 2 tickets to JJ WALKER.
    Second Prize; 4 tickets to JJ WALKER
    Third Prize: 8 tickets to JJ WALKER
    Both men will fight in full masks as to hide their identity.

  2. hot harley says:

    I’m getting the ratings to prove hearne wrong again. It gets old trying to
    continuously prove this amateur business guy wrong on all his statements.
    But heres the facts. Radio dud/hearne…they never ran a successful
    My best guess is tht radio dud slings spots at some group ofstations
    for avfew bucks…makes his commission….works maybe 4 hoursaday….
    listens to his owners/managers tell himwhat to do…goeshome dead tired…
    makes maybe 40K a year…thinks he knows everything but is at the
    bottom of the barrel….and will eventually be laid off or fired like
    70% of 5the other radio people in the industry.
    I on the other hand have run several very successful businesses nd still own
    several today.
    Made payrolls…motivated employees….studied business….actually ran a business
    that was successful and put me in a good position. I understand business…
    I understasnd marketing…and this neophyte radio dud thinks anyone in the
    business world…the real business world..not hearnes and radio duds little
    world of ratings that no successful/prominent/business savy owner would
    even pay attention to.
    Hearne pretends to know the media world. Then why does he have to go
    to these so called “expert” who we don’t even know if they’re still in the
    ad biz….and asks them for quotes that even a radio rep with 2 months experience
    could answer. Seriously hearne…the quotes from unnamed media sources..
    what do they offer besides answers that even young upstarts in the advertising
    business could answer.
    then there’s radio dud. Let me school you fool!!!!!
    1. nomargin of error. So 6 plus ratings are essentialy worthless as 25-49.
    Why…go check real polling …look at the sample sizes….1300-1500….
    andthey wilo (if legitimate) give you a plus or minusnuumber for the
    margin of error. Does the radio ratings do that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….so hearne and radio dud are shown
    to be foolish idiots again…As a statistician and numbers guy I study this
    type of information….so to say 6 plus is more accurate than any other
    demo is completely foolish…which I expect from hearne and his little
    buddy radio dud.
    2. how are ratings done…..a meter someone wears. So If radio dud
    goes to buy lets say a used car (whichhe probably can’t afford…)
    and they’re playing rap music….radio dud picks up that signal and
    shows him listening to that station….how accurate.
    then hearne brings ins these so called experts….who I’m sure if they
    were ever really in the advertising business would have many times
    said “oh don’tpay attention to those numbers…they’re a freak
    situation.” If they competed against kfkf they would say “oh the oly
    reason kfkf was #1 was because of xmas music and the carryover into
    January”…..this so called expert has probably dogged the ratings when
    they didn’t go his way a thousand times if he actually worked in that business.
    So he’s ag. hypocrite….and radio dud and hearne and Wilson are wrong. AGAIN!!!!
    so…ever hear about the people who put their meters on ceiling fans?
    ever hear about the old diaries where the respondent used crayons?????
    heanre and rookie radio dud….these things are bogus.
    So now…show me any agency/business/anyone who uses 6 lus ratings to
    make arational business decision where to spend money.
    I’m successful…hearne inherited his money…ran a hippie newspaper til
    they almost went broke…and radio dud is on the streets wearing down
    his shoe soles asadoor to door salesman.
    Nice try Wilson…but after all hese years you know better. Don’t challenge
    Harley….youtried in 2012 with all your heart and youcame out looking like
    a damn fool.
    Radio dud…if you’re in media bring me every proposal you set infront
    of a successful business man to buy your time. Did you use 6 plus ratinggss?
    Did you follow hearnes advice and believe that 6 plus ratings are more
    reliable (which is the stupidest thing that anyones said on here…but I appreciate
    it because hearne has all these so called “experts” who feed him a bunch
    of b.s. to act like they’re experts!!!!!
    So here’s what a successful man would do….look at hisdemographic of
    his potential customers. Evaluate each media/station/etc. on which one
    could most effectively reah his target at the best possible cost. Look at
    the roi….
    Use cost per whatever….but if yousimply rely on those false phony
    ratings (which billions of dollars of spending are based on )….
    yure missing out on the ability to evaluate the market…the competition…
    the placement…and of course the ratings for each particular media.
    Hearne….rookie radio dud….you don’t have any idea what you’re
    talking about so please…radio dud rookieget back to cold calling and
    hearne goback and tell those “experts” that they don’t know much.
    thanks for reading my essay.
    Your friend
    then you’re missing the real point.

    • Radio dude says:

      wow…..how wrong you are again. You have no idea of my background …yet you attack my resume.
      You keep saying you are going to prove every statement you make….but you have not proved…..anything.
      I quit reading your rant above after the first couple of sentences. have you ever learned the term ” less is more”.
      I am now totally bored of getting you to rant about my posts. It has been fun to make you look crazy…but the battle of words is over.
      You are now totally. Invisible to me. Have a good life running your multi million dollar businesses. I do hope when you send all of your employees emails you at least can spell and look somewhat coherent…because you look like you never even got a GED.

      • admin says:

        Come on, Radio Dud – I mean – Dude…

        Don’t give up the ship!

        We need a voice of reason here to balance out you-know-whom.

        And Mr. H, let me say this.

        The only reason I say 6-plus are the most accurate ratings – not the most useful to a given business obviously – is that they are the most raw and untampered with ratings. They have all of the meters included.

        When you start breaking down the demos you are dealing with far smaller sample sizes and the larger the sample size, the more accurate the ratings.

        Funny that you don’t get that with all your wealth of experience and knowledge.

        • Late Breaking says:

          Not to be a complete jerk, but the real reason you print 6+ is not because they are the “most raw and untampered with ratings”

          It’s because if you print anything else it would be illegal, and you would get sued. (No doubt a broadcaster with low ratings would turn you in)

          That being said you both (Harley and Admin) are right.

          Nobody has ever bought off a 6+ (unless maybe you were buying Network DR), but the 6+ can give you a good frame in regards trends of CUME to begin a conversation/planning

          • admin says:

            I’ve printed radio demo breaks tons of times.

            I just regurgitated some 25-54 ratings that I reported 21/2 years ago. As a member of the media, if we find out, we can report them. The people at rick are the subscribers who share those numbers if the get caught

        • hot harley says:

          you’re an absolute freaking fool hearne….
          sample size means nothing if the way of polling is
          faulty. Obviously while you were counting your
          dads money in school…some of us were learning
          aboput data..points…polling andfollowed it
          after weleft college.
          The larger the sample size the better the
          findings is both wrong and foolish.
          The methodology of the entire ratings is faulty.
          Hell…put meters on 5000 people…if 100 wear them
          into wall mart where they’re playing your favorite
          station kfkf and they never listenedtoit before…
          its faulty data andskews the entire process.
          if you give 3 African americans a meter then
          weight them up because you couldn’t get enough
          African americans to wear the meter or participate..
          that skews the numbers hearne. Are you aware of
          what weighting is in the ratings? how about latinos
          who can’t speak English…or of course the ratings
          definite discrimination against stations that don’t
          buy their faulty ratings…..example is kprs who
          for years did nto buy into the ratingns..once they
          bought it…boom…they become #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I imagine if whb bought the book they too would
          skyrocket in ratings…it happens in every
          radio market….
          klove…I think they had some books where they
          were #4 in demos…now they’re gone…what
          I could spent hours schooling you and teaching
          you about polling and stats but just go see nate
          silver and his opinions on all these polls.
          And remember ….Harley defied every so called
          polling expert in the 2012 prez election by hitting
          the electoral number range….no one else was even
          so hearne and rooking door to door salesmen
          radio dud…stick to trying to prove me wrong..
          it ain’t gonna happen…
          and hearne…I’d be very interested to hear from
          the so called “experts ” you always refer to to
          have them disprove what I’ve written and said
          stick to the murders in lawrnece…thatr
          ‘s your speciality…but don’t bog us down with phony
          b.s. about subjexts you know nothing about.
          bring on your experts..i’m tired of debating
          you and radio dud. You are no match for Harley!!!!!!

      • hot harley says:

        you’re just slinging radio spots dud…
        you’ve never been in the real world of business.
        everything I’ve written is common knowledge to those
        who study this b.s…….
        you have no stats…nothing in what you say is provable..
        the lack of margin of error…the fallacy of ratings including
        the 6 plus age b.s. you and hearne mention…
        tell us about yourself…have you ever done anything besides
        go out and go door to door selling radio time…saw
        your pic on this site (I think that was you)…..look like
        gentle ben (hahahahaha…)…..so good luck inyour
        radio craereer…..probably end up like hearne’s so
        called experts …..spewing b.s. about things they know
        nothing about…or are aafraid to verify what I said as
        the truth.
        everything..yes everything said in my posts is provable
        and acted on everyday in the real world…open up the
        booksand see the margin of errors or talk with enayone
        who’s actually seen how these things are done.
        yes billions of dollars are spent based on this stuff…
        but ask any professional pollsteror statistician….if
        they would put out crap like that…and they’d say
        lookat all the political polls…the ones that are correct…
        not ones read by Wilson…see the margin of error….
        and most of them are rpetty close…the margin of error
        for when a listener attaches a meter to a ceiling fan
        so they get a false read…..about 60%!!!!1
        and yes that’s what these people (those suveryed
        by your ratings)…..
        I dont’ like debating a rookie sales person at some
        small station……………….
        thanks…good evening…
        p.s…..Samantha fish is playing at fuel sunday night..
        if you’ve not seen this show…get there…shes with
        johnny lang….wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          It’s Kanza Hall, not Fuel.
          Wilson 1
          Harley 0
          (I was hanging with Samantha at Tedeschi Trucks… Seen Lang multiple times)

          • hot harley says:

            having known the owner shawn for
            20years…they’re all the same.
            I hung with so many big names Wilson I
            can’t remember them….fromoung the super bowl
            winners to the hottest bands backstage at
            concerts (urban: boys 2 men/smokey robinson/
            ..country: Kenny Chesney/young Cheryl crow…
            danced on the stage at caeasars for vip with
            Elton john playing his red piano…..some of the
            greatest athletes…mickey mantle (sat at his
            table atitalian gardens)…..roger maris….
            wayne newton – spent 5newsyears eves at
            his private party……pauly shore at rain in
            vegas….the entire coaching staff of both
            super bowl teams in tempe…..
            president Clinton at a private party…
            knew his staff including his head speechwriter)…barak Obama (before anyone
            knew he’d be presidened
            t)…..jimmy carter stayed the night at my
            cousins house while campaigning…..
            I mean Wilson…you’re always trying to prove
            your up aboe Harley….but everytime you
            get a public put down because Harley
            is king.
            you should have learn ed that by now.
            I could go on and on about the celebs I’ve
            met and worked with….but again…
            WILSON 0
            HARLEY: 1000
            you continue to make a fool of yourself..
            stop the jealousy…..hearne needs you upin
            Lawrence to furnish the one and done
            bball players new digs.
            have agreat day…
            your frind HARLEY

        • kansas karl says:

          When I get proposals it is pretty clear in the disclaimer that the report is subject to limitations stated in the full report, so Harley you don’t read the disclaimers……really? Says a bit about your blow hard bull shit, see below an actual disclaimer from a proposal for an upcoming real radio schedule. When I started in media we used actual slide rules to figure reach and freq numbers using the only 2 real numbers in the book; time spent listening and cume, all other numbers are calculations with inherit +/-. All the bloviating you do is somewhat true you just don’t have the chops to be considered an expert, you lack serious knowledge in the products you claim to know all about, you miss the dis-claimer, the reality is you have never seen an actual radio proposal and would be lost in the ozone without the help of a kind and considerate radio rep like the dude. Get some help, I understand JOCO has a remedial typing course.

          Schedule Detailed Sourcing Summary
          Market: KANSAS CITY
          Survey: Average of Arbitron June 2013, Arbitron May 2013, Arbitron April 2013
          Geography: Metro
          Daypart: Multiple Dayparts Used
          Age/Gender Population Intab
          Adults 25-54 Avg Daily: 815,800
          Avg Weekly: 815,800
          Avg Daily: 478
          Avg Weekly: 428
          Stations: User Selected
          Additional Notices:
          Estimates reported for dayparts which start and end between 12m and 5a are based on the 5a-5a broadcast day. Estimates for all other dayparts are
          based on the 12m-12m calendar day.
          Encoded stations qualify to be reported if they have received credit for five or more minutes of listening within a quarter hour from at least one PPM
          Panelist and an Average Weekly Cume Rating of at least .495 during the Monday – Sunday 6am – Midnight daypart for the survey period.
          PPM estimates are derived from the PPM technology and methodology and are subject to the qualifications and limitations stated in that Report. The
          TAPSCAN Web software product is accredited by Media Rating Council and reports both accredited and non-accredited data. For a list of the
          accredited and non-accredited Arbitron markets and data available through TAPSCAN, click here:
          Estimates are derived from panelists that provided the listening data for the PPM Service and are subject to the limitations stated within that Service
          Report. The Reach and Frequency Model utilized by Arbitron is formulated on the bases of the Harris Model, a Linear Frequency reach-and-frequency
          model, and the Slide Rule audience (cume) growth model.

          • hot harley says:

            Kansas no karl….read the disclaimer…
            “non accredited data”…
            no margin of error..go ask gallup or anyo hter
            polling firm what that means…its freaking
            you used 25-54….why not 6 plus like door
            to door salesman radio dud?
            yes…seen the disclaimer…seen the
            responses..seen the way its handled….
            if they listened for 5 or more minutes they
            qualify….that’s quite unusual….
            Kansas carlly…..you don’t know sh*t….
            you’re another rookie…only rookies would
            refer to the book itself.
            you know nothing about real life business
            so you try to dismiss successful business
            people and those who are in the real world..
            not in the make believe low dollar income
            worldvof going door to door selling air…
            yes kansaas karl…you sell air….
            and not doing a very good job of it obviously.
            go getbme the limiteation s of thereport..
            or lets het hearne to offer up his
            insider sources or “experts ” to explain that
            I am right again…
            where are they hearne…are they make
            believe like the restof the crap you and
            your buddy Wilson put on thissite????????
            lets get real karl/hearne…..you’re both
            just trying to use every avenue to misdierect
            the fact that you know nothing about this
            or most of the issues you write about.
            at least on tonys blog we know what we’re
            getting up front…here we think the writers
            know something..but in the end they’re
            unable to make sense with their b.s.
            Need any more info….ask me.
            but again..where’s these so called experrts
            that hearnes been using for so many years/
            my guess…they’re phonier than the stories
            hearne puts on his own blog!@@@@@@
            Karl./radio dude…you have failed to
            disprove the real world facts I wrote about.
            til then….sell some air or look for another

      • PB says:

        Harley can attack anyone’s resume as he’s held more jobs and titles than even Walter Mitty could dream about.

  3. hot harley says:

    Kansas karl and hearne….heres more proof to prove again and again…Harleys
    more to come to the prove the fools are even more foolish in their beliefs and
    their ability to decipher real world information….
    here’s more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wobbles are generally caused by inadequate diary returns. Too few returned diaries in a cell results in a large PPDV, and a large PPDV leads to large swings in the numbers.

    PPM was to change all this. Instead of using participants for only one week, participants would become part of a permanent panel. The panel would be carefully recruited to closely match the market’s demographics. Weighting would still be applied, but since the panel was a carefully crafted microcosm of the market, all cells would be equally weighted, and weighted the same each month. This would result in more stable survey-to-survey trends, according to PPM literature.

    As with many things related to PPM, the delivery has fallen considerably short of the promise.

    Wobbles have not disappeared. In fact, in some respects the wobbles have gotten worse. We are seeing the same kinds of swings in the numbers that we see with the diaries. The problem appears to be the panel.

    As we noted earlier, Arbitron is having problems with compliance. Participants are not consistently carrying their meters. As a result, Arbitron is having to employ a dynamic weighting system to compensate for participants who come and go within the active panel.

    Weights The weights are even more extreme than with diaries, and because PPM requires even more complicated weighting than the diary system, swings in the numbers are inevitable.

    This graph illustrates the impact. We compared the weights employed in New York’s last diary book to New York’s latest PPM month. We calculated the difference between the metro population and the unweighted in-tab by demo and calculated an average mis-match. We then did the same for PPM.

    With the diaries, age-sex cells were off by an average of 21% with a dispersion of plus or minus 11%. In the latest PPM month, age-sex cells were off by an average of 23% with a dispersion of 18%. Dispersion tells us how far off from the average most of the cells are.

    The PPM panel weighting error is slightly higher than the diary weighting, suggesting that the active panel is no more representative of New York than the diary method was. More importantly, the range of error is almost twice as high as with diaries. That means some cells are being weighted much more severely now with the panel than they were when Arbitron used one-week diaries.

    Put another way, Arbitron did a better job of drawing a representative set of diary keepers than it is currently doing with its New York panel.

    Note that this analysis looked at only discrete age and sex cells. It did not look at ethnic weighting. The ethnic issues are well documented. Had we included ethnic weighting, the differences would have been considerably greater.

    So here are our questions to Arbitron:
    •What has gone wrong with the panels?
    •Why are they no more representative than the diary keepers?
    •How can the problem be fixed?

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    • kansas karl says:

      all this noise and the reality is you have a problem with ARB, then fix them and stop this blaming Hearne for using the standard of the industry, create one yourself, but you don’t have the intelligence to do so, unable to anything other than bloviate. All survey’s have inherit problems and anyone who uses them as absolute is a moron. ARB is the thumb you used as a boyscout to determine the hieght of a tree, just another piece of information to make a decision. Your obsession and lack of facts beyond what you have googled from some unknown blog, you really should source these “facts” , show how ignorant you really are. I won’t spend my time offering my nearly 4 decades years of knowledge to educate you, not worth it. Continue to spew forth slobbering noise, it makes for an amusing time, when readable.

      • hot harley says:

        40 years in that business…
        you sure don’t have much to show for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        good day.
        Harley 1000
        RADIO DUD: uh….wasted!

        • radio dude says:

          OK Harley ……one last response.

          One glimpse into my poorly informed wasted career resume. I spent seven years on the Arbitron Advisory Council. That is a fact.

          Fact: stated in KCC KFKF is #1 in 6+ Holiday Book Harley stated only because of Christmas Music. Harley was Wrong
          Fact Jan report showed KFKF #1 6 plus without any Christmas Music. Harley was wrong again and then went on a rampage of demo.

          Fact: Demos are only available to subscribers unless Hearne had an inside contact that wanted to stick their neck (and job) out. Not likely to happen, because if Hearne did print, then a non-subscriber could show their ratings in Demo and KCC would possibly get a C and D and then a possible lawsuit.

          Fact: Anyone that has the slightest bit of media knowledge knows advertisers don’t look at 6+….so what does Harley do……attacks anyone who responds on this site who tries to share valuable information to help others understand what is going on in the radio world.

          Fact: Advertisers who spend $15 billion a year choose Neilson Audio (previously Arbitron) Arbitron as their #1 and only source for making media buys.
          Harley then begins attack the source of information because of methodology and the many flaws and even makes a comparison to political polling that have simple one comment (favorite candidate) responses.

          Fact: Neilson paid Two billion dollars for Arbitron less than one year ago. Harley says this information is incorect and a waste of advertiser’s money. Harley must be smarter than the CEO of Neilson (not likely)

          Fact: Harley has been proven wrong an it has become obvious he should not be considered any source for understanding radio.

          Fact: Harley is starting to freak out spend waaaaay to much time on the KCC site. Which Harley has stated many times is a piss poor site KCC is.

          • hot harley says:

            40 years in an industry and this is the
            best case you can present.
            40 years in radio and not one single
            factual statement about the real world
            in the business.
            obviously if you wrer in the business of
            radio…you’re one of those wandering
            door to door salespeople…
            getting hired…getting fired..getting hired…
            getting fired….soles of your shoes worn out..
            I don’t know many people with 40 years
            in the ad industry…..
            good luck….in that deal you’re known as
            a dinosaur…
            and since you peddled air for so long maybe
            you should have learned something different!

        • kansas karl says:

          it’s ok tracy no one cares.

  4. Harry Neilson says:

    Who is this lunatic Hot Harley?
    Does he have any life beyond KCC?

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