Hearne: How Embarrassing to Live in Kansas

home of the braveFew Kansans embrace the word “flyover” when referencing our corner of the earth…

And rightly so; it’s a pejorative term used by east and west coasters to describe the vast wasteland we losers are stuck living in. A wasteland that cool people on the coasts must transverse in order to strike civilization on the other side of the country.

That said, college basketball aside, it’s not like we’re doing ourselves any favors image wise by enacting, or trying to enact embarrassing, goofy laws that let people know that we think…

  • the earth is flat
  • was created in seven days
  • is only 6,000 years old
  • that gay folks should be treated differently
  • that minorities and poor folks should face voting restrictions

yupAnd more recently…

That kids should only be taught sex ed if their close-mined parents say so.

Or how about the proposal (by a Wichita Dem, no less) that would allow teachers, parents and babysitters to spank the you-know-what out of children “hard enough to leave marks.”

That sounds enlightened.

Who wouldn’t want to fly past (or out of) Kansas after some of this stuff?

Of course we have congressman Kevin Yoder who skinny dipped in the Dead Sea. The same dude who voted last October against reopening the federal government.

And what about the bill the Kansas House passed recently that would allow individuals, groups and businesses to refuse “to provide goods, services, accommodations or employment benefits to a (gay) couple.”

Say what you will about some of these beliefs, the fact that our elected leaders keep trying to spin these creepy straws into gold and make them the law of the land, is a head shaker to many outsiders…as well as insiders.

Then again, maybe that’s what we get for dropping anchor in Flyover Land. 


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43 Responses to Hearne: How Embarrassing to Live in Kansas

  1. Jim says:

    It’s embarrassing just to be in the state next door to those buffoons. It’s one thing for an individual to have whacky/ridiculous ideas. Lord knows we all have a few. But to think there are entire districts of people that actually support and condone these outrageous ideas is just flat out scary. They deserve every single negative comment that they get from people around the country.

  2. Stomper says:

    Not to pick on republicans but what does it say about your party when Pat Roberts is regarded as the liberal.

  3. the dude says:

    This state is a total joke, when you make Missouri look good you know you are doing something horribly wrong.

  4. chuck says:

    Great comments and comforting indeed as most Americans now acknowledge the irreversible coming hegemony of the Democratic party, who, in conjunction with the new demographic, will ascertain the political sinecure of Liberal wallahs bringing “Hope and Change”. As Americans suffer through the implementation of the most pernicious legislation (Obama Care) since the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, knowing full well, that the President of the US lied repeatedly in order to effect that same legislation, knowing full well the galactic cost now and in the future, of that legislation, knowing full well the wealth-transfer-socialist-Marxist pinnings of that legislation, knowing full well that the charade of delays and obfuscation which accompanies said legislation is to assure the elections in 2014 and 2016 are secured for liberals, we can take comfort in the knowledge that there will be little required of conservative Americans for quite some time, if ever again. The Democratic president could take a dump on the desk on the Oval Offiice and a Democrat would still be elected to the office in 2016. Democrats chutzpah in conjunction with Democratic victories is on the menu for all Americans for the forseeable future. If you guys have any salt left after pouring it into our wounds, please pass it when you’re through laughing.

    It’s a party with One Party America at the helm.

    Today’s character assasinations will include an entire state and will be served with sanctimony, sarcasm and self righteous-holier-than-thou-you-uneducated-red-neck fools for not thinking the same way that your “Thought Leaders” on MSNBC do.

    We will come around, just give us time. “Outcome Based Journalism” from Pravda knock offs suffuse the media landscape and revisions are underway which will guide young Americans into our future unburdened with traditional, patriotic lessons and tired worn out ethics and morals from a bygone age, now useless in the New America and the New Demographic. Multiculturalism, diversity, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Disability, Sexuality Studies, Imperial, Transnational, Postcolonial Studies, Genre Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies and, of course, Critical Race Theory will now be taught to our students in order to prepare them for jobs in the Government which will be the engine that drives the New Economy of Hope and Change in the New America.

    In fly over country, we provicial rubes are uneducated pigs, starving for the pearls that fall from our new over lords.

    This was a good start. Thank you for the much needed correction. May I have some more?

    • Stomper says:

      Geez Chuck. Just when I was starting to think you had an open mind. It’s just that we want moderation, on both sides.

      • chuck says:

        This cliche is the truth at this point, “It is your world, we are just breathing in it.”

        It is a one party system now, with the pretense of a two party system and folks who believe in old time traditional values really have no place in this country anymore where they can express their ideas. What is the problem Stomper, you guys own the field.

        Democrats are the Borg, it is useless to resist.

      • hot harley says:

        STOMPER..don’t worry about chuck….he’s off work on Friday..hit the booze early…
        chuck will be out like a light by 7pm on the lazy boy recliner.
        He’s another right wing nut with a never ending racist attitude.
        don’t bother wasting time on him….hethinks he’s
        a college English professor when he’s really just another
        shlepper in the world.
        happy shabbas…….

        • Stomper says:

          Thanks Harley. I’m sorry to admit I’m still chuckling at your opening there. Your slash and burn, take no prisoners journalistic style is a bit over the top and people give you a rationing of shit because of it but I will say one thing for you. Your politics are spot on. And yes, Chuck has written what I would agree are pretty disturbing things when the topic turns to race. However I’m a glass half full guy. There is some good there. If I can co-exist with John Altevogt and Dwight , I think I can keep working on Chuck. Heck, I got Ex Pat to send in a check to the DNC. 🙂 🙂

          Chuck; Yeah, there is some piling on going on here but Hearne’s piece did make it easy. The Kansas Republican Party is way over the median line when compared to the National party but I would trust John’s and/or Dwight’s perspective there over mine I hope they jump in here as this topic is right in their wheel house. Your party has a problem when you allow the wacko Ted twins ( Cruz and Nugent) to speak for you but I think it’s no where near as bad as you say. I think the country as a whole, is generally a little right of center. It really shouldn’t be that hard for you but you guys are badly misplaying your hand. The GOP insults women and insults Hispanics and then you wonder why they have an uphill battle for the White House? If you don’t drive off the road, the 2014 elections should be good to the GOP. I’m going to avoid any comments on your ACA opinions because we are obviously dealing with a completely different set of facts.

          I will try to make one last point. This continental divide you paint is not really there with most Americans in my opinion. Recognizing that the federal government has a role to play in America does not make one a socialist. Democrats have the same traditional values you seem to think that the GOP owns alone. You say it’s currently a one party system? I say it’s a three party system. Tell Boehner and McConnell to take back control of their party and you guys wouldn’t look too bad. A big chunk of independent voters and moderate republican voters are being driven left because they can’t stomach people like Akin in Missouri or Murdouck in Indiana There are several other examples on a national basis. Getting back to Kansas, when guys like Kris Kobach and Adam Taff won in the primaries, the voters actually went left and elected Dennis Moore. The GOP needs to move to the center. Compromise IS and traditional value !!

          Ok, gone on way too long. Sorry.

          • admin says:

            The S Word is what sent you comment to moderation, wild man

          • chuck says:


            You mischaracterization of my politics is understandable but implications of my allegiance to Ted Nugent and Ted Cruz are in error. I have, as do we all, an opinion which is not wedded to a specific party, in every circumstance. Nugent is currently the target de jour for his “subhuman” remarks. I like Ted Cruz and his whole schtick for the most part. If Ted wants to audit the Federal Reserve and get to the bottom of the IRS scandal,he is “dangerous”. If Maxine Waters, Barney Frank or any Democrat want to increase entitlments till we choke and die, they are “feisty” or “committed”.

            Ted is down on gays, but I actually don’t care about the gays, I get along with them great and don’t care if they get married. The entire gay conversation has never found traction with me in any way. The gays don’t want to kill you, they are great customers and usually good citizens. I do think it is interesting that as the multicultural American weltanschauung tears itself asunder like Dali’s “Premonition of Civil War” under the auspices of the forced immigration policies of the Federal Government fostered on an unwilling populace, that gays want to “mainstream”.

            Democrats are bad winners, I hope, by way of guilt. Poe said the scariest monsters are those that lurk within your soul. Now with a politically unemcumbered view, they must still insist on looking over their shoulders and hurling insults at the vanquished. It is so smarmy, so comme il faut, so peurile. Leave Kansas alone and effect the destruction on the entire country that you have effected on the Health Care System.

            We dissagree on your take on the two party system. The Bread and Circus Democratic purchase of votes from those “citizens” who vote for a living will continue, dictating the obsolescence of the two party system in everything but name. The demographics so joyously procalimed throughout the land with respect to the coming death of “Old White Men” is true.

            Here is hoping I havn’t dissapointed you in what I believe is your expectations of my benign acquiescence at the approach of this transformation, this American death. I have nothing but contempt for those children of the Greatest Generation who have, are now and will squander the treasure left them by the founding fathers in an ethnomasochistic suicide.

            “Disturbing things” indeed.

          • Stomper says:

            Thanks Chuck, I do reduce everything here to liberal vs. conservative, democrat vs. republican, active government vs. silent government so I apologize if I have mischaracterized you as a conservative/republican/silent government kind of guy. It just seems that you always argue for that side of the debate. Cruz’s schtick will make him a lot of money on the speaking circuit, as it has for Palin but he has disrespected the office, disrespected the Senate. Absolutely nothing wrong standing up for your position and being as vocal as possible but in the end, the people sent you to DC to do their business. Compromise and legislate; each side gets and gives.

            You have a passionate hatred for the healthcare act but I see access to healthcare as a civil right, not a privilege for the healthy and wealthy. Don’t see that we’ll ever have common ground there. The “galactic” cost you refer to above has been an achor around the neck of our economy for decades. Almost 20% of our GDP. What you refer to as a pernicious, wealth transfer, socialist, and marxist piece of legislation I see as the necessary act of the federal government to address a threat to our economy that the private sector had years to try to fix but couldn’t ( or wouldn’t).

            I think you are predicting the end of the two party system a bit early. Reach across the aisle and come up with piece of legislation to address immigration and you come a long way back.

            Always good to trade opinions with you Chuck.

      • hot harley says:

        chuck…an open mind?…stomper theguy has comments that
        made the SS and hitler look like children!!!!!
        have you read this guys horrible horrible rants….
        they make the kkk look like the VFW.

  5. chuck says:

    Harley, get back to taking pictures of your dick on your cell phone and sending them to yourself.

  6. Truman says:

    Hearne, both of the bills you mentioned have been killed by either the Senate leader (the stupid bill allowing businesses to not provide services to gays) or the House leadership (they will not even take the spanking bill up in the general assembly, which means it dies in the committee).

    Honestly, do your research before mocking an entire state. In a democracy, any nutjob can introduce a bill and some will even pass one house of the state congress like the anti-gay bill did in the house. Although, a majority of people in Kansas are honest, kind and loving people, which is why both of these bills did not become law. We could find wackos from every single state and make broad stereo types about those states based on crazy state representatives but that does know good.

    So Hearne, I suggest you educate yourself on the political process and let it run its course before insulting an entire state. Better yet, get involved and help change the environment by running or office or helping get someone elected who shares your value system.

    Again people, these bills did not become and will never become law. Take a deep breath and move on, nothing to see here….Off to spew hate and anger at another group of people. I hear white guys over 40 are an easy target, go after them.

    • Rich says:

      Be glad we’re not residing in Oklahoma. If these bills had been introduced there they would have passed. Easily.

      • Truman says:

        I doubt that or they would have already passed similar bills. Nothing good can come from stereotyping or making broad hateful comments.

        • Rich says:

          Nope. I grew up in Oklahoma, I know the place. I’ll never tire of pointing out what a crazy, fundamentalist hell hole the place is,

      • admin says:

        Good point, Rich.

        Guess that constitutes the cup half full

    • admin says:

      I saw that the bills failed, Truman. That’s why I wrote – and I quote – “by enacting, or trying to enact.”

      I’ll do my research, but I suggest you read more carefully before you pounce.

      Allow me to explain: it’s not just the laws we enact, it’s the ones we attempt to enact that are just as embarrassing. The very fact that we are kicking this kind of stuff around.

    • admin says:

      There’s plenty to see here, Truman…

      The fact that we’ve got a state teeming with narrow-mined citizens and pols running around trying to pass these kind of things (combined with the ones that do get passed or implemented by Brownback and others) does not go unnoticed by the rest of the world.

      And again, I know the bills didn’t make it, that’s why I wrote “enact or try to enact”

      Try reading more closely.

  7. Stomper says:

    Hearne; You’ve been holding my comment for moderation over two hours.

    WTF ???

    • John Altevogt says:

      Same with mine. We gotta stop swearing so much, I guess.

    • admin says:

      Comments with bad words – F, S, C, to name three – go to moderation.

      They pretty much always get approved, but it’s just a means to try and keep things halfway clean cut.

      Since I’m not always staring at the computer, sometimes some time can pass.

      Chuck figured this out long ago and works around it. Like f*ck.

      Get the picture?

  8. balbonis moleskine says:

    Now that we have a democratic president and a democratic congress it is the media’s job to distract from the non-production of his terms.

    That means easy to cherrypick stories about obscure kansas bills that won’t pass so people who read the NYTimes can clutch their pearls and cluck about those poor poor unenlightened people.

    Fuck em. They don’t like us. They can’t even disguise their contempt.

    • Stomper says:

      We have a democratic Congress ? Appropriations start in the House. If Boehner say no , non production results.

  9. John Altevogt says:

    the earth is flat
    was created in seven days
    is only 6,000 years old
    that gay folks should be treated differently
    that minorities and poor folks should face voting restrictions

    Thanks for all the straw men. If it was as bad as you claim it is you wouldn’t have to exaggerate.

    1. No one in Kansas is claiming the Earth is flat.
    2 and 3. These are part of the beliefs of young earth creationists, they are held by only a tiny sliver of those participating in the origins debate. As such they are no more ludicrous than the faith some evolutionists have in their response to the fact that Darwin’s theory doesn’t add up mathematically and so they postulate that some species came here in a space ship (and that proposed by the father of DNA).
    4. This bill was a highly flawed attempt to address the conflict between civil liberties (the rights of the individual) and civil rights (the rights of the herd over the individual). It came about as a response to several court decisions that forced people to violate their sincerely held beliefs, or go out of business. In one case a homosexual couple went to a baker who advertised himself as a “Christian baker” simply so they could cram their beliefs down his throat. Where the hell do liberals get off forcing people do provide cakes, or anything else for them if they don’t wish to?

    This is the struggle of our era as liberals claim everything is a civil right so they can trash our civil liberties and impose their totalitarian beliefs on us.

    5. The law is the same for everyone. However, you’re probably correct in that there is far more vote fraud in the inner city than there is in Mission Hills.

    As for educating kids, again, it’s none of your business what people teach their kids. That’s just more of the totalitarian crap that liberals bandy about as enlightenment. Let’s teach 5 year-olds what rimming is so they can be open-minded. Bullshit.

    • admin says:

      1) Was trying to be (ever so slightly) funny on the flat earth, big guy…
      2-3) I’ve got my reservations about Darwin as well. Seems the 6,000 number defies science tho
      4) Dunno, seems like this opens a window into discrimination. People didn’t used to have to provide services to blacks once, too
      5) Do we really need to enact laws that seem pointed towards people with little means?
      6) I dunno, teaching children the basics, including human sexuality and the risks is everybody’s business. Because we all pay for it, one way or another.

  10. John Altevogt says:

    What the hell is going on with “awaiting moderation”?

    • Stomper says:

      I’m with you John. I put up a comment at 8:45 last night and still waiting.

      • John Altevogt says:

        Hey Hearne, I think you need to give Stomper and I a pass on moderation. We always swear responsibly.

        • Stomper says:

          Thank you John. I could handle a short wait but HC was delinquent.

        • admin says:

          I trust you guys implicitly and without question..

          However to keep the bar at a certain height, I added a bad words screen…actually smartman and craig were the inspirations for it.

          The smartman is long gone but I still have the words “tnuc” and “reggin” in there from when he started signing off under “reggin tnuc” in protest for my filtering the N word and the C word.

          If you don’t know what the C word is, Paul Wilson can help you with it.

          The basic wordpress setup included a default on the number of links because that’s often a sign of spam.

          Your comments all go thru untouched pretty much – i might ding Harley now and again – but would you rather have “anon,” “anon,” “anon” ad nauseam alongside the babblings of the depraved?

          In honor of Craig at his fighting best, I added the word “gay” to the list…to prevent him from calling other people in the comments section and using that word as a slur.

    • admin says:

      Come on, guys…

      This is hardly new. Comments with bad words or more than one link go into moderation. As you can see, 99.9 percent of the comments get approved w/o changes, it’s just a means of trying to keep things on the up and up.

  11. chuck says:

    I guess you two reprobates are persona non grata on this blog now.


    A few more Athenians and a few less Spartans.


    Ok I will stop.

  12. Jack Springer says:

    Kansas has always been embarrassing … nothing new here.

  13. expat says:

    This is where the left pats itself on the back for liking ‘science’, and then denying that humans are also subject to natural selection and that human populations who had vastly different selection pressure have different characteristics. Because that science gets in the way of their political worldview. See: Liberal Creationism


  14. chuck says:


    We agree to disagree.

    There is, in my opinion, nothing more American than that.

    God bless you.

  15. Jimmy Cliff says:

    Chuck,as qlways is in your face, but–Chuck FTW.

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