Hearne: Christmas Music-less KFKF-FM Tops January Radio Ratings

Kelly Urich The Point 99.7 FM

Kelly Urich
The Point 99.7 FM

Let’s get something straight right up front…

The following January radio ratings are for listeners 6 and older, Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. These are the broadest measures – and because of that – the most accurate ratings.

What they do not address are the specific demographics stations use to sell advertising. For example women ages 25 to 54, men ages 18 to 36, etc. Those numbers are made available only to subscribers – like ad agencies and radio stations – who pay tens of thousands of dollars and more to access those specifics.

Now on with the show:

ChurchCross-350x200The Top Kansas City Radio Stations in January 2014

1)   KFKF-FM, Country, 7.9 share with a cume of 358,900 weekly listeners

2)   KPRS-FM, Urban Contemporary, 6.9 share and a 330,900 listeners

3)   KCFX-FM, Classic rock, 5.8 share with 453,800 listeners

4)   Mix 93.3 FM, Contemporary Hits, 5.4 share with 461,100 listeners

5)   KMBZ AM & FM, News Talk, 5.2 share with 236,000 listeners

6)   WDAF FM , Country, 4.9 share with 325,000 listeners

7)  The Point 99.7 FM, 4.8 share with 455,500 listeners

8)   KCMO-FM, Oldies,  4.7 share with 400,500 listeners

9)   Q104 FM,  Country, 4.5 share with 341,800 listeners

9)   The Rock 98.9 FM,  4.5 share with 262,200 listeners

10)   KMJK-FM, Urban AC, 4.0 share with 175,400 listeners

10)  The Vibe, Contemporary hits, 4.0 share with 416,600 listeners

11)  KJNW Life 88.5, Contemporary Christian, 3.7 share w/ 120,000 list.

12)  KCUR-FM, News Talk, 3.4 share with 162,100 listeners

13)  The Buzz, Modern Rock, 3.3 share with 229,300 listeners

14)  Jack FM, Adult Hits, 2.7 share with 277,000 listeners

15)  610 Sports, Sports Talk, 2.3 share with 173,600 listeners

16)  Alice, Adult Alternative, 2.1 share with 243,200

17)  KCMO-AM, Talk,  2.0 share with 95,700 listeners

18)  KANU, Classical, 0.6 share with 44,700 listeners

19)  KCMO-HD2, Sports, 0.4 share with 43,200 listeners

20)  KPRT, Black Gospel, 0.2 share with 14,800 listeners

                                   kf christmas*******

Sports Radio WHB is not a subscriber to the ratings service, thus its numbers are not published.

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28 Responses to Hearne: Christmas Music-less KFKF-FM Tops January Radio Ratings

  1. radio dude says:

    Note to Hot Harley: I am going to send you a plate of crow so you can eat your own words that were wrong about kfkf being #1…that’s complete b.s. on your part…
    I will prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!te to Hot Harley
    KFKF is #1…has been and didn’t need Christmas Music in Jan to stay in the # 1 position.
    Please don’t dodge this HUGE mistake on your part by asking for Demos. Can’t quote demos without a huge risk of fines from Neilson.
    You didn’t prove squat, as you said you would. The only thing you proved to me is that your don’t have any idea of what you speak when it comes to radio….and probably a whole bunch of other topics that you claim you know all.
    You are nothing but a total windbag of useless and for the most part incorrect information.
    Can’t wait for the reply of tirades that will come from your keyboard.

    • hot harley says:

      i’ll take care of that…
      again you and hearne have no idea how to runa business…
      if you think those demos are correct you are mistaken……
      g o ask any ad agency…any media buyer…any advertiser….any
      one in the business with any idea of what they’re doing (except for
      the old “experrts on kcc who have failed to correct these areas)…
      so here’s the deal…I will show you the numbers…and I will
      prove that this worthless trash that hearne puts out mean nothing..

      I will have to school you and hearne (who’s never held a job
      in marketin or advertising…never ran a successful company (and neither
      has radio dude who’s stuck in a worthless career that’s about to
      go bye bye!)……
      do I need to say more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • admin says:

        Well, I did run in-house marketing for an NYSE member firm, ran a small ad shop for a couple years, did the advertising marketing and ad sales for the Pitch in its formative years, so…

        Moreover, I’ve covered radio for years, reporting on and working with the top stations and executives in the marketplace.

        But whatever you say I guess, H Man.

        • hot harley says:

          you don’t know crap..
          get your media buddies opinions on what
          advertisers look at 6 plus demos…NONE!!!!!!
          you’re a fool….
          a nyse member firm…maybe daddy’s company?
          stop trying to undermine the king…Harley….
          $1000 bet…we send out 5 questionaires to
          top advertisers in kc…ask them what they do
          wuith 6 plus ratings…
          lets see:
          gail worth…you think she looks at 6 plus ratings…
          Nebraska furniture mart…youthink they look
          at 6 plus ratings or do they maybe look at
          25-54 women…maybe adults 25-49…..but 6 plus…
          of course Iforget….10 year olds re buying a ton
          of recliners this time orf year…
          go ask bob Bernstein….6 plus…maybe mc donalds…
          but did blockbuster…wal mart…I’m sure they
          bought on those demos…
          how about glaze…6 year olds love jj walker…
          I’m sure he buys those 6 year old demos……
          lets take any auto dealer in the entire nation…
          if you walked in and tried to sell them your station
          on6 year old demos pus…they’d laugh you out of
          the dealership…
          and any rep/manager/gm that doesn’t agree with
          me is a freaking idiot….
          lets make the bet radio dude or experrts…or
          hearne….or anyone of these so called experts….
          give me a break….hearne….you never read a
          ratings book…don’t know the sample size…don’t
          even know the margin of error in the book….come
          on ….stop….go back to randy miller…ask him..your
          hero….ask him if he ever or if his bosses at the
          stations he worked cared what the ratings 6 plus were.
          they wanted to make money…they knew the sweet
          spot of 25-54.
          go to internet and google NETWORK RATING
          RANKINGS….and in every one of them they
          always refer to the “highly coveted” 18-34/ 25-49/
          hearne you’re just too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Radio dude says:

            Up front the article stated these numbers were 12plus. In your past slams you said KFKF was never number one except for Christmas. The jan report proved you were wrong. In that post you never stated a demo. Now that you were shown you mistake you use the demo debate. If this site could display demo ratings KCC could charge radio stations millions of dollars for that information.
            Advertisers will always use specific demos to make media buys…but I don’t think anyone is using this site to place advertisement.
            The info posted is in the overall listener ship of KC stations…
            I am sure if you are all knowing you can post stations ratings by demographics.
            Until then will you please STFU.
            Even if you can produce demos, it does not diminish the fact of which stations have the overall most listeners in KC.

        • hot harley says:

          great success that pitch newspaper was…
          a 21 year old ran it!!!!!!!! my dog could have done
          a better job.
          where ddo you come up with on your phony resume..
          you never worked a day in your life..
          MORNING PAPER”…..hahahahahaha….
          then: mr. star editor….will you give me my job

  2. Paul says:

    Hearne, does K-LOVE not subscribe either? I remember you writing they pull in the female demographic.

    • kansas karl says:

      K love is a religious non comm, generally non comms don’t buy the book and thus don’t show up, however I notice KCUR is beating commercial stations, who knew objective, local talk and reporting could be successful, they must be paying more than the non comm rate to get demos.

  3. radio dude says:

    Here is the deal on non coms versus non profits
    K-love or KLRX is not a non-com. It is located at 97.3 .Non-coms are typically below 92.1
    Very few of EFM’s station (owner of the K-love formats) are non-coms. This frequency was The Planet and Max FM prior to EFM purchasing the license and frequency.
    Because it is NOT a non com (even though they don’t peddle commercials) they would need to buy the book to be printed for non- subscribers to see.
    Note that KCUR at 89.3
    KJNW 88.5
    KKFI 90.1
    KWJC 91.9
    Are listed…because they are non-coms and are not allowed to sell commercials. They do however sell sponsorship’s (kind of a fine line).
    Neilson Audio ratings are used to sell commercials. If we wanted to see KLRX, we would need to buy the book, same as WHB. All subscribing stations see every stations ratings in every demo. However, good luck on seeing those numbers published unless a subscriber or their employees wants to put their neck out

    • mike t. says:

      the biggest difference, unless the rules have changed, is that sponsorships or underwriting on non-coms prohibit you from making claims or having a strong call to action. limited also in language such as not being able to use the word “free.” I don’t know if it’s still like that or not. “…information available at…”

    • hot harley says:

      you don’t know sh*t about shinola radio dude.
      give it up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mike t. says:

    man, Harley, all the hate for what??? freakin’ station ratings. anyone who’s ever bought radio time knows that the stats hearne posted are the widest possible and not terribly useful for someone, say, wanting female 35-54, homeowner. jesus, lighten up.

    • hot harley says:

      no hate…Harley is proving again that hearne is wrong again…
      how many times do I have to prove with facts/data/stats etc.
      that the people on kcc are wrong!!!!!!!

  5. hot harley says:

    radio dud and hearne….just got this from major media media:
    read and weep!!!1

    rocky ratings just took another dive for CNN. On Tuesday, the Brit’s 9PM show had its second worst result ever in the all important adults 25-54 news demographic. With a total audience of 270,000 watching, Piers Morgan Live drew a mere 50,000 viewers in the demo. The only time the stumbling CNN show has fared that poorly since its January 17, 2011 launch was on May 15, 2012. Then the show, then known as Piers Morgan Tonight, pulled in a just 39,000 viewers in the demo. In terms of overall viewers, February 18 was the ninth worst Morgan’s talk show has done. The all-time viewership low for Piers Morgan Live was on February 7 this year when just 235,000 tuned in. Morgan’s cable news rivals The Kelly File on Fox News Channel and The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC did far better last night. The 9PM shows got 354,000 and 227,000 in the demo respectively and 2.068 million and 906,000 total viewers – pretty close to what they both had last Tuesday with the FNC show even getting a tiny rise in the demo.

    do they mention ever ratings 6 years and older. Oh I get it…..its not
    the muppets!!!!!
    hahahahahahaha….Harley takes the cake agina…Harley is right!!!!!!

    • kansas karl says:

      National numbers who gives a shit? No one. And your effort to prove Hearne wrong only show your Kansas House of Reps craziness. You don’t have the ability to provide local demos, you don’t have the chops to prove your point that advertisers use demos and Hearne can only print 6+. This is reality, something you and the Kansas House are unable to fathom. Who’s number 1 in demo is not relavent to the consumer, they just punch the button for the next best song, with time spent listening under an hour putting your dollars on the top station is a waste of money, cause the consumer is gone looking for a new best song on whatever station they can find it. Rock, country, AC, AAA does not matter, the consumer only wants the next best song. Reality thinking is not something you excell at, Harley got shit. Must be a bitch when the slobbering big mouth makes promises that cannot be filled. Harley still unable to perform as he has squawked about, there are no blue pills for stupid. SHOW US THE NUMBERS HARLEY.

  6. Radio dude says:

    Put up…or shut up.
    You promised to prove it before…never happened.

  7. Radio dude says:

    Are you OK.? I am starting to wonder if you have any idea how irrelevant your postings are. What the hell does your above post have to do with proving you are right regarding the point of KCRadio ratings?
    I am curious…if this site is so worthless, why do you comment on every article?
    You are embarrassing yourself .
    I am starting to get bored making you look so stupid.
    I am still waiting for proof ( as you stated you will provide).

  8. average KC radio listener 21-49 male, white says:

    I listen to 98.9 with a thumb up my ass while I drive to work and cry big ole tears when Dare makes the white trash beg for their Christmas presents. DID YOU HEAR THE SEGMENT ABOUT THE DILDO? OMGWTFBBQ

  9. kinder says:

    grown men fighting about radio? who gives a shit?
    nobody listens to the damn radio anymore.

    • admin says:

      Au contraire…

      Read it and weep because according to the Pew Research Center:

      “The percentage of people who listen to the AM/FM radio each week remained essentially unchanged in 2012, compared with figures from a decade earlier. In 2012, 92% of Americans age 12 or older listened to the radio at least weekly, essentially the same as it was a decade earlier (94%).”

    • radio dude says:

      In reality, radio listening has increased along with the population increase. Radio in 2013 reached more than in any other previous year. Only 8% of Americans never listen to terrestrial radio.
      Regarding fight…I feel like a bully. Harley really has no idea about the radio industry

  10. kinder says:

    i cry BS, does listening to the radio count when you’re at the Dr. Office and they have KLOVE blasting in the waiting room? to claim that 90+% of 12 and up y/o listen to the radio would mean that somebody polled somebody, and just how do they do that?
    calling unlisted cell phone numbers? unsolicited emails? standing outside HyVee with a notepad? where are the mexican demographics? when I’m driving down SWBLVD all I hear are accordians and I don’t see any mariachi stations on your list. Could it be because nobody is bothering to poll the latino community? they sure as hell ain’t listening to anything on that list. I think I heard some Urban Contemporary at Great Clips when I was getting my hair cut the other day, does that count as bonus for them? Every business in town that has a radio means that everyone that goes into that place is a radio listener? BS BS BS. your data is skewed.

    • radio dude says:

      Not my data……numerous studies show the same thing.
      And yes, listening in a doctors office and Great Clips do count…why should’t they?
      Advertisers spend $15,000,000,000 per year based on this quoted data….please don’t tell them the tool they use to place advertising is skewed.

    • Radio dude says:

      You sent a link that is about one year old that Eric Rhodes published in his magazine. He said GM was about to discontinue Both Am/Fm receivers in their cars by 2014.
      Within a week after this article the GM spokesman stated that GM had no plans of discontinuing radio in their cars. He went on to explain that GM buyers were passionate for radio and that any reports of GM discontinuing radio In cars was a fabrication and totally false.
      Eric Rhodes issued an apology letter to all of his subscribers that he was wrong in his article and quoting the GM spokesperson. He had to eat crow

    • Radio dude says:

      Article #2 is from 2003…..11years old.
      How relevant is that?

  11. mike t. says:

    late to the party here, but to the comment about ‘grown men fighting over radio, no one listens’, I think all the posts here attest to the obvious fact that, for some, passion about radio still abounds. terrestrial, sat, whatever… I, for one, listen to both. I can’t imagine the radio not being on at least part of the day.

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