Sounds Good: Neutral Milk Hotel @ Uptown, Afentra’s VD Party @ Midland

At least Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year….

Which means you can go out, buy your significant other some food, a few drinks, then go hit up a band or something. But the really cool part is that you’ll be able to blend in with all the other people that are just out having a typical Friday night sans the rose petals, poetry and chocolate.

If it was a Tuesday or something, you’d inevitably make eye contact across the dining room with another dude, and you’d both feel the shame that comes along with plunking down $40 on some stupid stuffed bear or something.  Then you’d spend the rest of the evening staring down at your pasta because you’re a sucker.  

Thursday, February 13th

Neutral Milk Hotel at the Uptown in KC

Indie-rock god Jeff Mangum rolled through the area last year, playing a sold out show at Liberty Hall in Lawrence.  And while the faithful were happy just to catch a glimpse of the reclusive frontman, most agreed that the subdued show would have been better off with his whole band in tow.  Well, now’s the time for old fans and new discoverers alike.

“Are there people, like actual music fans, who still don’t know who Neutral Milk Hotel is?” asked Philadelphia City Paper‘s Patrick Rapa recently.  I would say yes, given the band’s lengthy, 15 year hiatus.  But apparently good things really do come to those who wait.  Back then they were playing clubs and now they’re selling out theaters.  Go figure.


Friday, February 14th

Afentra’s VD Party – Kitten, New Politics and Man Man at the Midland in KC

This annual free show put on by 96.5 the Buzz is an 18+ affair featuring three bands that are somewhat under the radar.  That is, unless you listen to the Buzz, in which case you can’t go more than three or four songs without one of them being mixed in.  Hey, it’s solid logic leading up to a big show, I suppose. Of the three, the most interesting act to me is Man Man, a Philly-based experimental group that uses a lot of piano and keyboards, and has a guy named Pow Pow on the drums.  Their recent single Head On (Hold on to Your Heart) is a pretty damn catchy minimalist little ditty that is tough to forget once it burrows in there.
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  1. Absolutely cannot wait for NMH tomorrow night.

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