Paul Wilson: ‘Women’s Day” Magazine Pegs Hypocrisy Meter with Clinton Award

billclintoncigar0212Picture your well-coiffed Scribe  perched in Parterre Box 6 at the Kauffman…

Just as our former President – Male Whore in Chief, Bill Clinton – was taking the podium at the Women’s Day Red Dress awards at the Lincoln Center in New York. The award honors those who’ve made significant contributions in the fight against heart disease.

In the words of my friend, Jim, “It doesn’t get any ironiker than this.”

The magazine’s mission statement: is  to “empower women with smart solutions for their core concerns.” Giving the award to The Bill was the obvious choice.

Bill is no stranger to women’s hearts and it wouldn’t surprise me if there hasn’t been a disease or two involved a time or three. That said, he graciously accepted the award on behalf of his family’s charity, The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, for its efforts in combating childhood obesity.

bill-hillary-clinton-300x268Me, I’m betting that all the way back to that little chunky monkey, Monica, that Bill was obsessed with her cardiac condition and wanted to help her to sweat off a few pounds, while keeping a fine cigar at the proper humidity level.

Let’s review.

Women’s Day – a pro-women zine, empowering the fairer sex with solutions for their core concerns – wanted Bill to accept the award on behalf of the two women he damaged most… not counting the alleged rape victims left in his wake.

Maybe rape and adultery aren’t women’s core concerns any longer.

097442-bill-clinton-and-monica-lewinskyI’m thinking about writing a new column based on one of my characters, called Baby On Board. One where “baby” provides news and current event commentary from the pure, unbiased, black and white view of a child.

This would make a great first story as the liberals would race to Clinton’s defense, while continuing to drool over him and avoiding the 800 pound Monica in the room.

And please, I don’t want to hear, “It was only SEX and Ken Starr spent…”

It’s not even fair to call Clinton’s actions “indiscretions,” because you would expect those to happen once, maybe twice. And then would follow an expected change of behavior. Now if you want to peg the hypocrisy meter look at the rock star, deity status Clinton’s attained in the Democratic Party, specifically, with feminists.

I don’t care which party you’re from, character does matter. If not, then lay the hell off of Craig Glazer!

Take any man, outside Teflon Slick Willy, who’s abused one woman, one time, and your garden variety feminist would have his testicles swinging from the rear view mirror of their Prius. But not this guy; an alleged multiple time alleged sex offender, frequent philanderer and it’s written off with lame excuses.

baby on boardCalling it the “Red Dress” award adds a bit of comedic flair for anyone with vague memories of a certain blue dress.

The best commentary of this award can be found on the Twitter which erupted over night; a random sampling:

  • Lookin’ good, Bubba! We all know how nothing cheers up Clinton like a roomful of pro-women willing to overlook his past “indiscretions” with their gender comrades.
  • Bill Clinton receives the Woman’s Day Red Dress Award, after previously winning the Blue Dress Award.
  • More proof libs are mentally ill: @billclinton sexual predator given Woman’s Day Red Dress Award. Seriously? What. The. Hell.
  • Bill Clinton graciously accepted his Woman’s Day Award. Up next, Kermit Gosnell will be receiving his plaque for Pediatrician of the Year.
  • Congratulations, Bill. Next award, Hitler honored for his studies in population control
  • From a female doctor: #RedDressAwards with Bill Clinton and @ClintonFoundat getting award. Love you Bill for all u do! @billclinton
  • “hey good thing this isn’t the Blue Dress awards. Amirite ladies? Every days Woman’s day in my lap!”

The level of disingenuous, double standard behavior in our society can be astounding at times. And if you aren’t outraged, you must not be paying attention.
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29 Responses to Paul Wilson: ‘Women’s Day” Magazine Pegs Hypocrisy Meter with Clinton Award

  1. Stomper says:

    All your points are well taken Paul. Can’t really disagree but let me offer a few thoughts.

    If character flaws were reason to exclude one from holding office, we’d have no one to run.

    Men telling women what their choices ought to be and then criticizing them for making them is a fruitless, and often dangerous exercise.

    I’ll admit right now I’m a hypocrite. At my age ( I’m past my time as a quinquagenarian) and my years of addiction to politics, it takes a lot to cause me outrage. Sexual immorality is down the list somewhat on what causes me outrage with politicians.

    The passion and intensity in your piece was oozing off the page. Well done.

  2. chuck says:

    Funny stuff Paul.


  3. hot harley says:

    yes…its ironic tghat he got that award.
    But anyone so naïve to think that 90% of these pols aren’t chasing skirts
    is just not woring with a full brain.
    Having worked in politics …and having worked for the Clintons…and knowing
    bill long time going back to his governor days and partying with him in
    kc….lets all be honest…all these guys got skeltons.
    from mcain to dole….all those repubs who turned out gay…all the dems
    who cheated….your buddy from Utah in the airport stalls…
    come on paul….are you indicting a guy for unfounded rumors.
    we know monica…but the rest of them wer probably gold digging
    And don’t think its just national pols….check out the vip at baby
    dolls in Topeka some time!!!!!!!!
    Clintons done more than any other president in history since he left
    office….his work with bush…and other groups has been huge.
    Wheres your buddy George w….doing any charitable work…no just
    painting pics at his ranch.
    what about older bush….nothing outside his position with Clinton.
    Reagan…they all left office and did nothing!!!!!!!
    carter….habitat and other causes have made him huge in charitable work.
    Yes…its a nice attack story but I think if your doing better research you’ll
    find some worse people to go after.
    Having worked in politics for years…lets me explain this to you…
    like stomper said…few of these guys have empty closets…
    like your boy Christie…..once thought of as squeky clean…this fat pig
    is going down like the giraffe at that zoo. None of them are beyond
    And to single one guy out who had a consensual affair (although it was
    bad it was in the white house) I’m sure its not the first or last time
    that happens.
    Men with money and power are magnets for women. They’re all no
    different than nrmal humans.
    nICE STORY….but its kind of old and worn out story about Clintons
    indiscretions. Had hoped you would bring some fresh/updated
    and investigative stories with solid data and details to kcc.
    your friend

    • mike t. says:

      heh… “like that giraffe at the zoo….”. good one Harley. who’s gonna feed him to the lions? and on which side of the aisle will those lions be?

      • hot harley says:

        when all is said and done…
        the tea party will feed him to the lions along with the
        entire staff at msnbc. I mean msnbc must be getting huge
        ratrings right now cause its 24/7 Christie!!!!
        the lions will be on all sides of the aisle….from rand to
        cruz…to the other possible prez candidates…to the dems
        in jersey who know what Christie did.
        come on people…its jersey….corrupt…extortion…
        arm twisting….illegal payments….bare knuckle politics…
        is this really news to anyone? not me…
        so both sides of the aisle are like that lion frothing at the
        mouth to take someone down for their own advantage.
        christies cooked….with that sandy money he’s gonna
        end up in deep sh*t….
        but look at Illinois if you think jerseys corrupt…isn’t
        it like 5 or 6 of the last 10 gvoernors went to jail?
        what kind of people are runnin this country?

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    I am reminded of Jesus speaking to a crowd stoning a harlot.

    Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone, he said.

    The crowd stops, sheepishly looking at their shuffling feet when out of the crowd comes a rock striking the harlot in the head.

    Mom, sometimes you really piss me off, said Jesus.

    I guessing it is a tough day, Wilson. With Imus saying he would vote for HRC.

  5. Paracelsus says:

    Look, attempt to breathe life into the exhausted Clinton-hate blowup doll all you want. Hump away on this long-dead scandal if it makes you feel better. It doesn’t have a meaningful effect on a potential run by Hillary, won’t solve the outstanding issue of the rabid civil war in the Republican party, and won’t give you a viable candidate in a national election.

    Ah, but those were good days, eh? Rush had yet to get truly busted for drugs and was still funny sometimes. Newt Gingrich was taken seriously outside of Georgia. Republican primaries looked like something besides the debarcation of a circus clown car. The crazy underbelly of the party wasn’t trying to run things. A lot of the people who would vote Republican no matter what hadn’t died yet.

    Well, therapy is where you find it. But if your only strategy for the upcoming election is to yell ‘Whitewater’ and ‘Lewinski’, then settle in for four more years of a Democratic president.

    You want funny? Watch Christie flailing away in damage control thinking he’s still got a shot. Now that’s humor.

    • Stomper says:

      + 1

      You forgot to add Benghazi as they assume that will win them votes.

    • chuck says:

      I am thinking Repubs will shut up and let Obama Care in all of it’s glory speak for the Democrats.

      • Paracelsus says:

        Yes, the Republicans can be expected to milk the I-hate-Obama-but-I-pinky-swear-I’m-not-racist teat as long as possible. But I’m not sure how well legitimate concerns about the Affordable Care Act will be heard in what promises to be another sad but hilarious primary season.

        At least it’s a policy position of some kind. But how hard has it got to be today to be a sane Republican? Struggling to remain relevant, weathering the ongoing die-off of an elderly base, and constantly being undermined by elements of your own side. It’s the Whigs versus the Know-Nothings in a race to see who can be the most tone-deaf, clueless, and unelectable.

        Trying to turn back the clock to 1955 is just not possible. The strategic problem is that it’s the only plank in the Republican platform. Look at Brownback today, doing his damndest to try to force the gay rights genie back into the bottle. Doomed to fail, strikingly stupid, and only begun in order to motivate the votes of bigots who might otherwise stay home on Election Day. Puttin’ Kansas on the map, is the good Senator from Koch.

        I used to think the only way Democrats could lose the next presidential election was to nominate Hillary. Now I’m not so sure. It’s that bad.

        • Stomper says:

          My money says Hillary has the next 8 years in the White House. Not to be funny but Vegas has her at 2-1. No other democrats in the picture. Rubio best GOP shot at 6-1, Jeb Bush at 9-1. Obviously it’s a long way off and lots can change. Despite Chuck’s dreaming, GOP should be scared. Ted Cruz is the democrats best friend.

          • Paracelsus says:

            Interesting. But I have to think that the odds in Hillary’s favor are more a reflection of where Republicans are than who she is. She has all the charisma and warmth of a cheese grater.

          • hot harley says:

            don’t underestimate jeb bush..he has
            access to capital…fundraising…could make
            the tea party at least feel a little comfortable
            and hecan ben the anti Washington candidate.
            just one problem…his last name…
            huge fatigue factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            but now that Christie is gone…watch jeb
            make a move by next fall…..

  6. Rich says:

    “I don’t care which party you’re from, character does matter. If not, then lay the hell off of Craig Glazer!”


    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Rich, I meant that in total support of Craig. Commenters want to riddle him full of holes, picking at who he is. It’s troubling when the same people, when it comes to Willy, character DOESN’T matter any more.
      They can’t have it both ways…
      If they want to sing the praises of Billary, given his frequent lapses, those same people need to cheer Craig on as well!

      • Rich says:

        Absolutely. There’s actually no comparison between the two. The commander in chief dangerously exposed himself and our country to blackmail.

  7. Monkey says:

    I’d vote for Hillary, although I’d prefer Elizabeth Warren. But you can smell the desperation of Republicans when they drag out Lewenski, nearly two decades later. Why not go back 50 years and attack JFK for boinking Marilyn Monroe? There even a picture of Bill shaking Jack’s hand!

    All politicians are driven by ego. The meme “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people” rings true.

    I’m ready to drag out Rand Paul’s long-ago and totally irrelevant “Aqua Buddha” incident.

    • Paracelsus says:

      What bothers me is that Hillary’s nomination seems a fait accompli. The atmosphere is that it is ‘owed’ to her somehow. I have many, many reservations about Hillary, and I would love to have Warren run.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Para, what you will notice is, Harley is sometimes wrong (even though he says hes ALWAYS right), but hes NEVER uncertain.

        I would side with you, the Repubs have NOT A CHANCE at a presidential seat for some years to come. Maybe 3 elections or more. They dont have a candidate solid enough to make that happen and they are too busy eating their own.

        Now, you earlier accused me of figuratively, blowing up the Clinton doll to beat it again, and thats not at all what I meant. I didnt think my lowly piece from a pretend writer (as my punk brother calls me) was going to kill all comers and the Repubs would win; hell, they dont DESERVE to win!

        What I dont like, is when, as you said, the “fate” seems to be this HildaBeast is all they’ve got too! This is a vile female, her husband is a troll…. and thats all we have to look forward to? Why is it that the worst of personal life disasters is the best we have to look forward to?

        He’s humping anything that will stand still, shes, alledgely, doing her female aid, not that theres anything wrong with it, but this couple is an evenly matched pair of reprobate book ends.

        Do you look forward to 8 years of that, as Stomper predicted? I sure dont, on that basis alone.

        • Paracelsus says:

          God no. I think we have had far more than enough of Clinton drama. No more Clintons, no more Bushes. I agree with Harley in that by being low profile for a while, Jeb can come to the fight with ‘outsider’ cred, as well as providing name recognition that might mean a lot of votes. Rubio would sweat himself into a puddle in a debate with a goldfish.

          • Rich says:

            We’re still two years away from the primaries and the same doubts that drove Dems from Hillary to a little known, two year senator will resurface again. Senate and party leadership may quietly urge someone else to run against her, like they did with Obama. Rumors were they didn’t want Hill to be the nominee because Bill’s ongoing behavior, details well known to Beltway insiders, would come up in the general election. There are fresh faces out there like the governor from Maryland or Senator Warner who could make an entry in the summer of 2015. By then a lot of Democrats will have asked themselves whether they want a really tired looking 71 year old, reject from the past to be their candidate.

            As far as the Republicans, I expect Martinez to be on the ticket. It won’t make up for the party’s entrenched nativism turning off Hispanics nor overcome their increasingly draconian views on women’s reproductive rights.

      • hot harley says:

        Hillary will wipe the floor with any repub in 2016.
        For the old guys on here…there will never be another
        republican president in your lifetime.
        get used to it.
        demographic tsunami and repubs fight against soc. security
        and medicare pretty much makes repubs a dead carcass after

  8. Stomper says:

    As a political addict, I love this stuff. Thank you Paul, from bringing this back to the forefront. Buckle kids, it’s going to be a bumpy post and I’m confident this will piss off a lot of people.

    First, as usual, I’ll set the stage with where I’m coming from. With me, it is strictly about what I see as the role of government. It is NEVER ( or very, very rarely) about the individual. To me, the absolute worst democrat is ALWAYS better than the absolute best Republican. OK, that had to make at least a few of you go apoplectic. If that didn’t, this will. Ted Kennedy is my all time favorite legislator/politician. I think he and I were on the same page 99% of the time and he was a guy that had no problem reaching across the aisle to work with Republicans. And he was respected by Republicans. From a moral perspective, the guy was a complete degenerate. Couldn’t keep his pants on and of course, Chappaquiddick will never be forgotten. Ok, we are off and running.

    With regards to the GOP getting the White House back, I think it is driven by a very large degree on the Hispanic vote. Because of the electoral college rules, there are only a few states that make a difference. Because the GOP has it’s head up it’s ass on the immigration issue, they are effectively giving away that vote and in states like Texas, Florida, Arizona, among others, the Hispanic population is increasing. I agree with a point made by others on previous posts that from a religious, values perspective, Hispanics line up with conservatives much better and GW did relatively well with the Hispanic vote when he ran. However the immigration issue trumps the “values” issue in my mind. If the GOP gets to the point where they can’t count on Texas, they are in a world of hurt. The GOP is solid with regards to the House in my opinion as the red state legislatures have done a masterful job of gerrymandering the districts to their favor. The democrats have a huge uphill battle to get the House back but the presidency should go blue until the GOP figures out how to appeal to Hispanics, ( and women) . Yep, old white men don’t like Hillary but old, white men don’t elect presidents anymore. And yes, I would prefer Warren over Hillary as well.

    Bring it on !!!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Stomper, while we battle immigration reform, you indicate, accurately, the Hispanic vote may be the deciding factor. Makes me wonder; if they cut our grass, serve our food, build our homes, and, do all the other jobs we ‘mericans won’t do, including getting off our collective asses and VOTING FOR OUR OWN President, what’s left to “reform?”
      They now do it all, top to bottom.
      Reminds me of the poster, four Indian Chiefs side by side, arms proudly crossed with the caption;
      Soon, that’ll be you, me, Hearne and the dead CiCi’s pizza owner on that same poster, as we repeat the phrase, “Would you like that super sized, Senior?”

    • Stomper says:

      Chuck, I at least expected you to jump in and give me a hard time. Guessing you’re still busy going through the American Thinker archives to find a piece critical of Teddy.

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m glad I can provide fodder! As a small thank you, go over to my Bring It On review. The snide, nasty comment under “Undisputed Inside Critic” is my reprobate brother; go black one or both eyes for me!
    Thanks, duuudes!

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